The Meeting Ch. 02

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Sandy had been thinking of Tom ever since they parted. She found it hard at times to think of anything else but him. Her mind kept going back to how his hands felt as he touched her body bringing it to life. As she dreamed her hands roamed to the very spots he had touch not so long ago. She fantasized about what the next time would be like, and hoped that it would be very soon.

At the same time Tom was also thinking of how his body had responded to her touch. She had brought to life a part of him that he thought was forever to remain dormant. He to began to fantasize about how it would be the next time.

Sandy had tried on a few occasions to contact Tom via the net but had so far been unable to. she decided to try again and this time JOY! he was there. All of the feeling of longing and lust she had been feeling spilled out to him and she could almost see his smile. He returned the feelings and they both longed to arrange a time to see each other again.

While chatting they and dreamed of how it would be the next time. soon they discussed when he would be in her town again and found that he was scheduled to go to a conference in 4 weeks that would last for 3 days. Sandy got out her planner and found that her husband would be gone on one of those days and she could meet him then. In Fact she could meet him the day before for drinks and maybe a quickie. She had a late meeting that day and could tell her husband that she would be working very late so he would not be suspicious.

With that decided they both signed off with the promise to be together soon. Sandy continued to dream of what the next time would be like and soon found that her hand had found her most private spot and was quickly bringing herself to a very satisfying orgasm. Tom also was so worked up from their conversation that he had to go into his private bath and get himself off with fantasies of her.

The weeks quickly past and it was finally the day for them to meet again. Both had enjoyed reliving the memories of the first time and the effect that those memories caused. And now they were both very ready to create a new set of memories to overshadow the previous ones.

Sandy was nervous as she entered the bar they had agreed to meet. The music was at just the right volume for conversation but loud enough that people at the next tables would have to strain to eavesdrop on conversations. As she walk further into the room her eyes found the object of all of her longing and desire. She stood for a moment and just watched him as he looked around the bar not expecting her to be there yet. Sandy smiled as she saw his face light up when he finally saw her. The joy on his face made all her fears and nervousness fade away. To her he was the best looking and most sexy man in the whole place. From the look on his face he felt the same way about her. It was as if everyone else just disappeared and all that was left were the two of them. It had been so long since either of them had felt this way and it was a feeling that neither of them wanted to stop.

Sandy made her way over to Tom and he stood as a gentleman should as she approached. He pulled her chair out and then in as she sat down. Once seated Tom bent and ever so gently kissed her on the neck sending a shiver through her body.

The two chatted for awhile and then decided that they needed to go someplace a little less crowded. Since they had come in separate cars the problem of where to go and in which car to go in arose. They finally decided to leave her car and go for a drive.

It was a beautiful night, just the right temperature for driving with the top down. As they made their way to the edge of town the sky opened up as if to say welcome to an exciting experience. They were soon outside of town and driving on a road that saw very little if any traffic. Tom pulled over on a field road that lead into a group of trees and turned off the engine. This seemed to be a good spot to sit and listen to nature and see what strange delights might come up. As they talked they soon were reaching out to caress the others arm. They found themselves leaning closer and closer till they were locked in an embrace. As they kissed and nibbled each other their hands found buttons to unbutton and zippers to let down. Soon their clothes were abandoned and once again they found themselves joined in a lovers dance. Tom had moved over until he was sitting in the middle of the two seats and this was becoming uncomfortable. He kissed Sandy and suggested that they get the blanket he kept for emergencies out and move to the soft grass. She thought that was an great idea. Soon they resumed their dance as if it had never stopped. Sandy’s hair tickled Tom as she rode him. He loved the look on her face, it was as if she was in heaven and he was her chariot. The joy he saw in her face was worth every moment they were apart. As she rode him all he could think of was how lucky he was to have found a woman that wanted to please him as much as he wanted to please her.

As Sandy rode him the heat was beginning to get unbearable and they both sought release. Sandy rode güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri harder and faster until Tom felt about to pop and he could tell that she was about to cum also. And with a scream of joy they came together and collapses in each others arms.

Reality began to set in and they realized that in their haste to find a spot to enjoy each other they had parked next to a house with only the tree row to hide them. This brought a laugh to both of them. So like wild teenagers they gathered their clothes and quickly dressed. still laughing and trying to be quite they started the car and drove back to town and to Sandy’s car.

Once back at the bar they found it hard to say good-bye, even knowing that in a few hours they would be together again. They had planned to meet for breakfast and then go to his room and enjoy each others pleasures. With the promise of the next days pleasures they found the strength to part and head to their beds for the night.

With the dawning of a new day Sandy arose and went to shower. As the water cascaded over her body she thought back to the night before and the giddy feeling she had acting like a teenager in heat. Her husband in the other room heard her laugh and yelled out a question as to why she was laughing. To this she replied that it was a good day and she felt like laughing. He shook his head and went about getting dressed. As Sandy stepped from the shower she heard her husband leaving the house and going to work. She wondered to herself why she stayed with him. Once again he had left without a word of good-bye or a kiss.

Tom was also standing in the shower and remembering the night before. He knew that the heat they had started last night was nothing to compare to the heat that would consume them today. He started to get hard just thinking of what lay ahead.

Sandy was finding it hard to wait. It was 8:00 and they were to meet at 9:00. She decided to surprise him and drove to the nearest bakery and then to the motel Tom was staying at. Stopping at the front desk she inquired as to which room he was in and then proceeded to his door. Suddenly nervousness overcame her. She had no idea how he would react. Tossing caution to the wind she knocked.

Tom having come out of the shower and deciding to air dry was sitting on the edge of the bed watching the morning news when he heard the knock and wondered who it could be at this time of the morning. Grabbing a towel he went to the door and looked out the peep hole. There standing looking worried stood Sandy. He chuckled and opened the door, grabbed her and pulled her into the room. Sandy

was so startled that she almost dropped her rolls. Once he had her inside he wrapped her in his arms and gave her a big kiss while still laughing. Sandy began to laugh also and they fell on the bed rolls and all.

Once recovered Tom asked “What brings you here so early on this BEAUTIFUL day”

Sandy replied ” I was hungry and not just for food, and I know you have just what I am craving”

“You can have all you want. It is all for you, and there is plenty of it.” Tom remarked. He then looked at her shirt and noticed that she had gotten glaze all over it. He told her to go wash it out and hang it over the shower door and he would see what damage the rolls had sustained.

The rolls were salvageable and he set them out on the napkins that were in the sack. Just then Sandy stepped out of the bath and Tom hearing her, looked up. Standing there with nothing on, and the light from behind, she looked like a goddess and he knew that she was all his for the day. He smiled as he walked to her and let his towel drop.

The rolls were quickly forgotten and the dance had begun. Tom kissed Sandy gently at first and then with hunger. She returned the feeling and they soon were on the bed kissing and touching each other.

Sandy stopped for a moment and moved to take him into her mouth. Looking up at his face she stopped and said” I told you I was hungry” and then went back to nursing on his cock.

Sandy love to suck cock and was good at it from what she had been told. She continued to nibble and suck on Tom enjoying the way he would jerk when her tongue hit that sweet spot just under the head. Her tongue slid along the underside of Tom’s cock and then she would suck gently on the head and then back down his length. Over and over until it was getting to be too much and Tm made her stop. This almost brought a tear to Sandy’s eyes. She was so engrossed in what she was doing that she had forgotten that there was a body attached to the cock.

Tom stroked her cheek and beckoned her to move up on the bed. Now it was her turn to receive. Sandy lay back and Tom moved to kiss and nibble his way all over her body. soon he had found her core. He stopped to breath her scent. The muskiness of her that was all her own. He found that she was already starting to drip and he ran his tongue up her V to catch a drop that was about to get away. Sandy shivered with the feeling, and lay back to savor the sensations. Tom was a master at what he was doing. He seemed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to know just where to touch and with just the right degree of pressure. His tongue slid up and down, sometimes dipping in to drink her juices and every once in a while he would suck on her clit. He nursed on her clit much like she had nursed on his cock just a few moments ago.

Sandy couldn’t take it any more and she started to grasp at him trying to get him to move around so that she could show him with her mouth just how much pleasure he was giving her. Tom got the message and without stopping or breaking contact moved to where he was straddle her face and she was able to once again feast on his body. Soon the time came that they reached a mutual orgasm and Tom rolled to the side still licking, gently now, on her and she still sucking softly on him to get the last drops.

Sandy let out a laugh and said ” that is the best breakfast I have had in a long time” Tom laughed also and nipped at her clit making her scrum and then went to get a washcloth to clean up the residue from their bodies.

Sandy meanwhile followed him in to the bath and wrapped her arms around him. She suggested that he call room service and order some coffee to go with the rolls and she would jump in the shower to rinse off the sweat their bodies had caused. Tom agreed and went to make the call. Sandy stepped into the shower and adjusted the water temperature and started to rinse off her body. Tom quickly made the call to room service and thinking ahead told them to bring the coffee in as he would be in the shower and didn’t want to come out to open the door.

He then went back in the the bath stepped into the shower and proceeded to start all over on his caresses. Sandy responded to him by leaning back against him and then turning around to face him reaching up to put her arms around his neck. He could feel her heat and was amazed at how hot she could get. He thanked his lucky stars that she was his, at least for day.

She started to nibble on his neck sending shivers up and down his back. He responded by doing the same to her. Tom, kneeling down, licked at the drops rolling down her body and then licked his way back up to suck on her breast. Sandy moaned and stretched much like a cat in the sun. Sandy gave Tom a slight push and bent to suck on his nipples and licked a path down his body till she found his cock. Taking him into her mouth she sucked until he was hard and then turned with her back to him and with her body begged him to enter her. He obliged and quickly rammed his cock with one stroke to the hilt. Sandy moaned again in ecstasy. He knew that she liked it like that. Grabbing her hips he became to pump into her and with ever stroke tried to go a little deeper. Sandy was on the edge of cumming and couldn’t control the feeling any longer. With a great gush she came and feeling her release so did he.

Spent they fell apart and once again laughed at the fact that they couldn’t seem to keep their hands and mouths off of each other. They quickly soaped up, rinsed off, and dried each other off. Dropping their towels on the floor they walked naked back into the bedroom.

As they entered the room they saw that room service had been there and wondered if they had heard any noise from the bath. This brought a new round of laughter from both of them. Taking a break to replenish their energy they sat down and ate a roll and drank some coffee.

As they were eating Tom noticed that Sandy had dropped bits of roll on herself and he decided to add to the mess. Just as she went to put a piece of roll in her mouth he threw a piece at her and it being covered in glaze slid down her bare skin. Sandy screamed in surprise and Tom laughed. He then leaned over to lick up his mess. As his tongue licked Sandy leaned back to give him a better angle and also to enjoy the sensations that his tongue was causing. Once all of the glaze was removed Tom continued to lick in bigger circles. Soon he was sucking on her nipples and then on down to her navel. As he licked and sucked he found that his objective had changed and he was becoming aroused. Never in his life had he had this kind of reaction to a woman. He had always thought of himself as a good lover but never had he recovered so quickly before.

Sandy was enjoying how Tom’s tongue felt as he licked her body lower and lower. She was starting to get very wet and there was an itch starting to creep into her most private parts. As she lay back to enjoy what Tom was doing her hand found her nipples and began to stroke them ever so gently.

Tom was lost in her body. It felt as if that was the place he needed to be to survive. His tongue licked lower and lower on her body, lingering once in awhile to savor the taste of her. His hands reached to grasp her butt and pull her up to his mouth so that he could burry his face in her heat. Sandy moaned and this sent Tom to a new height of enjoyment.

He had begun slowly and now was licking and sucking with a fever. It felt as if he was starving and she was his food. His tongue slid güvenilir bahis şirketleri up her petals until he found her little button and then he sucked on it like it was a tiny cock. Tom felt her clit getting hard and knew that she was on the verge of cumming. He too was almost to that part and wanted to cum as deep in her as he could, so with no warning he quickly moved up her body and with one quick stroke entered her. This was too much for Sandy and she came with an explosion so intense that all the blood rushed to her head and for a minute there was no sound but the sound of her blood in her ears.

Tom had just begun and continued to pump into Sandy’s body. Sandy quickly recovered and with a smile she tucked her left leg in and bent her right so that she could roll them over without breaking stride. This maneuver so surprised Tom with it’s execution that he almost lost control.

Now Sandy was on top and enjoying the deep penetration of this position. It was her turn to be in control and she took advantage of it. Grinding her hips down she pulled as much of him inside of her as she could and then rose up till he was just about to be released. Up and then down each time almost to a release and then down to the hilt, every so often changing the angle just a little and bringing all new sensations.

This was proving to be too much for Tom and with a move of his own he disengaged, flipped her over and rammed back into her. Now he was in control and he was going to give her what she wanted. Thrusting into Sandy’s body as hard and fast as he could he heard her moan that sweet moan he was quickly growing to love to hear. His hands on her hips he pulled her to him with every stroke. He could hold it no longer and with a thrust so violent he was afraid of hurting her he began to cum. He thought it would never stop as he continued to thrust into her. Where was all of this coming from his thought to himself and them decided it didn’t matter as long as there was plenty for her.

Finally spent they collapsed on to the bed with Tom still buried deep inside of Sandy. Sandy’s orgasm had rivaled Toms in intensity and once again was having a hard time hearing. As they lay there both began to laugh. Neither could believe that at there age they could act like teenagers in heat and not drop dead of heart attacks.

Tom soon had shrunk enough that he slid from Sandy’s body and rolled over onto his back. Sandy looked over to him and saw that the object of all her pleasure was dripping and without a second thought bent to lick him clean. Her licking was not meant to arouse but to clean, and despite the erotic feeling that is all it did. Tom felt a little let down strangely. Sandy was enjoying the taste of him and glad that he was not getting hard again. She really didn’t think she could go again, at least for awhile.

Soon Sandy had Tom cleaned of all her juices and Tom decided that he needed to return the courtesy of cleaning up his mess. He pushed her off of him gently and rolled her over so that he could get to her pussy. With long lazy strokes he licked until she was clean of any residue, and then with a kiss to her core he moved to lay beside her and rest.

The two of them drifted off to sleep and after about 2 hrs Sandy awoke to hear Tom softly snoring. She propped herself up on her arm and just watched him for awhile. Soon he must have felt her looking at him and he awoke. Smiling he reached up and pulled her down to kiss her lips. They lay like that for awhile kissing and stroking each others bodies, enjoying just being together.

Soon they found that they were hungry and not having any thing in the room worth eating decided to be safe and go down to the restaurant and eat. They quickly showered, got dressed, and left the room. When they arrived at the restaurant door they noticed a clock and was surprised to see that it was 4:00 in the afternoon and their time was quickly drawing to an end. As they sat down at a table they talked about trivial things so as not raise suspicion. While under the table their feet were caressing each others legs.

Their meal finished and their coffee drank it was time for them to part. They couldn’t believe how hard it was to go. Tom walked Sandy to her car and was so glad that it was parked away from the crowd and offered him a chance to take her in his arms one last time and kiss her with all his passion. They promised each other that they would get together again soon but had no idea how soon that would be. If only there had been more time. Time to enjoy each other one more time, but it was not to be this time. With a final kiss Sandy drove off and back to her life and he went to his room to prepare for his meeting the following day.

When Tom opened his room door the smell of sex hit him and he instantly became aroused. He walked to the bed and laid down to savor the smell. Soon his cock was grow uncomfortable and he stood to take off his clothes. As soon as his cock was feel he realize that it was not going down and was getting to be almost painful. Laying back down on the bed he wrapped his hand around his cock and started to stroke. Closing his eyes he thought back to all that had happened that day. How Sandy’s body had responded to his and how her mouth had felt on his cock. Soon he was on the verge of explosion and he stopped to enjoy the exquisite feeling before sending himself over the edge to satisfaction.

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