The Monkey’s Penis Ch. 07

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See No Evil: Contains sexually explicit and politically incorrect material. If you shouldn’t be reading this, or if it might offend you, simply stop now.

Legalese: All actors and actresses are over the age of consent. Proof of age is on file. Any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental. This is all fantasy, and the actors are all professionals — do not try any of this at home.

Archiving: You are welcome to discreetly repost or archive this, just do not change it, steal from it or claim credit for it.

Author’s Rambling: This story comes in two parts, a yin swing and a yang swing — the acolyte at the beginning of the tale will tell you that this is the way of the universe.

Live well!

* * * * * * * * * *

Yang Swing

Chapter 7: The Python of Love

Lydia was dreaming about work. David Gillespy, the attorney that had originally hired her at the law office, had recently hired a young oriental tart named Min Li. Lydia did an excellent job, precise and rapid, and really did not need any more help. Certainly not from a girl that she considered nothing more than eye candy for the men in the office. They were careful, being lawyers, but Lydia could still see that they just wanted a pretty young thing that would smile and bat her eyes for them.

In the dream, Min Li had gotten Lydia her coffee and was trying her best to be friends with her, but Lydia still just acted extremely cool toward her. Finally, Min Li came up behind her where she sat and began massaging her shoulders.

Try as she might, Lydia could not shrug off the younger girl’s attempts at friendship. The massage just felt too good. Lydia closed her eyes and leaned back, letting Min Li’s fingers work their magic …

After a few minutes, Lydia felt that something was off and realized that Min Li’s hands had wandered to her breasts!

“I– What?!” Lydia asked, starting to sit up.

“Just relax and enjoy, Ms Moreno. Lydia.” Min Li whispered in her ear. “Let yourself be absorbed by the pleasure. Be absorbed INTO the pleasure … you WANT this.”

Lydia wanted to make a fuss, wanted to protest, wanted to tell her that this was not at all appropriate, but the massage had just relaxed her too much. She couldn’t bring herself to push the younger woman away, couldn’t bring herself to tell her to stop. And every moment that she didn’t, the younger woman’s ministrations sucked more and more of the resolve out of her. Unable to resist her, Lydia leaned back with a sigh and let Min Li have her way and continue.

One by one, Min Li unbuttoned most of Lydia’s blouse, then parted the front and snuck her hand lightly inside to dance around on the older woman’s bra-covered breast.

The office door opened then, and Francine, one of the receptionists, walked in and saw the two women engaged in something … something definitely inappropriate.

She screamed.

Lydia startled awake, then rolled over in bed, not entirely sure that the scream had been only in the dream. She sat up, checked the time — 10:15 P.M. — then put on her robe and walked out into the hall. David’s lamp was on, so she went to check on him.

“Honey?” she asked softly as she neared his door.

“Mom! Don’t! Give me just a minute before you come in!”

“What is it, honey?” she asked, entering his doorway, then halted, her jaw dropping.

Her son sat there on the bed, eyes wide with stunned guilt, sporting a raging erection.

But the tip of his penis was at eye level!

Her son’s penis was three and a half feet long and as thick around as her elbow!

“David … what?!”

“I don’t KNOW, Mom! I didn’t MEAN to! I just woke, and here it was! Like THIS!”

“David, it’s …” she swallowed hard “… it’s ENORMOUS!”

“I know, Mom. But I can’t help it!.”

“Does güvenilir bahis it … hurt?”

“No … no, ‘hurt’ isn’t the word for it.”

Lydia got a concerned look. “What IS the word for it, then, David?”

“I– it– look, I can’t tell you.”

“David, you can tell me anything. I’m your mother.”

“No, I– I can’t!”

“David! This is not normal. Now, please, tell me what you’re feeling so we can try to figure out what happened.” She reached for his member to gently see if there were any clues as to how this occurred.

“I– it feels good, okay? I mean, it feels really, REALLY good! And … and you NEED to stop touching it, Mom!”

Lydia frowned. She discouraged masturbation in her son, since she was sure that it led to the demeaning of women. But under these circumstances — she wasn’t sure it was David’s fault that it felt so good to him. Something extreme had happened. Really, he was just so enormous now!

“Mom! Please! Don’t!”

Lydia realized that her mind had become a little excited, and that her hands had subconsciously tightened and squeezed his huge member. She released her grip, took a deep breath and refocused.

“David,” she said calmly, “I’m just trying to see what has happened, to see if we need to take you to the emergency room or what. And I’m quite baff– David, it just twitched.”

“I know,” David said, trying to breathe deeply and think of sex-repelling things like his grandmother pulling out her false teeth and then vomiting all over him. “I need … I need to calm down. You really can’t touch it, mother. Not at all.”

“David, it’s leaking at the tip.”

“It’s just pre-cum, mother,” David said, still trying to breathe deeply and visualize repugnant things.

“David! Your language!” she said, then reached for the head.

“Mom! Do NOT!”

She pulled the stiffie to bring the tip toward her while David shut his eyes and prayed for horrible repulsive thoughts to make him limp. She wiped a little of the pre-ejaculatory liquid with her fingers, then rubbed it between them, looking closely for any signs of bleeding or other abnormality.

Her nose started wrinkling as she did this, and she sniffed, bringing the pre-ejaculate toward her nose. “David …” she sighed, feeling quite heady, “This smells … strange … not entirely … bad …. sort of … goo-o-ooo-oood ….” She shook her head to clear it. This was her son, this seriously affected his health, and she had to concentrate! She subconsciously wiped the pre-cum off on her robe, near her crotch.

“Mom, maybe we should both go back to bed and see how it is in the morning. It might be all better.”

“No, David, we need to determine how bad this is — how immediately we need to seek help for it. Now angle your pelvis down to get this thing more horizontal so we can examine it.”

David did as he was told, but his cock twitched again, pushing out another cup of pre-cum.

Lydia tried to examine her son’s member, but, God!, the SMELL of that liquid!

“David (deep breath) you say that this (deep breath) was just here (deep breath) when you awoke? Mmmm … something is making me feel funny … (deep breath) … woozy ….”

“Yes– yes, ma’am.”

She moved nearer to the tip, toward that liquid, that pre-cum. “David, I need (deep breath) to ask — did you touch yourself last night (deep breath) before going (deep breath) to bed?” She shook her head, feeling almost intoxicated somehow.

“Mom, I– no, no I didn’t,” he lied. But how could he tell his mother that he had masturbated a few hours ago?

“David, I think we should– aaawwww, fuck it!” She stood from her squatting position and threw one leg over the hard cock, straddling it, then began sliding her pantied pussy up and down the position near the head.

“MOM!” David’s eyes grew in terror. “Mom! You CAN’T!”

Lydia had türkçe bahis a death grip on his pecker just below the head and was sliding her pelvis back and forth on the top surface of his erect cock. It wasn’t the sensitive underside, but then the whole organ seemed to be super-sensitive since growing like this.

“Wheee-hah!” she said, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. “Ride’em cowgirl! The pussy on a pony!”

“Mommmmmrrrrrrgh!” David clenched as a gallon-sized squirt fired across the room into his closet doors, which sounded like they’d been kicked by a mule.

Lydia’s eyes flew open in time to see the second gallon-sized squirt fire and hit the closet slightly above the first splat. She immediately stuck her hands down in front of the cannon she was riding, aimed to intercept the next artillery round.

The third squirt was about three-quart-sized, and Lydia caught much of it in her hands, which she brought to her mouth and began licking frantically.

The next three squirts got progressively smaller while Lydia cleaned her palms of jism.

She stepped off his deflating member and turned to him. “David!” she said in a loud whisper, her eyes wide and glittering with excitement. “That ejacu– fuck it, your CUM tastes … INCREDIBLE, David!”


“Shut up and get hard again for me, baby!” she said, walking over to the closet door and wiping up fingerfuls oozing from the impacts, then inserting them in her mouth.

“Mom! We can’t– “

“David mmmmpth mmmmm don’t you sass me! Quit being mmmmmphth such a mmmmmm candy-assed pussy! Get that fuck-tool nnnnnmmmphth mmmmm hard for me! Again!” She was licking the wooden door directly now, and when she finished getting most of it, she slid over and began licking it off the floor. “Ohgod! You taste GOOD!”

David looked down in astonishment. Already his member was beginning to stiffen again.

“Mom! Try to think straight! We can’t be DOING this!”

Partially sated, Lydia sat up. She realized that she had been kneeling, her face pressed to the floor to lap up her son’s ejaculate. Her own SON’S! “I– forgive me, David! I can’t believe– I can’t believe I just acted like that!” She stood and buried her face in her hands and rushed out of the room.

“Mom!” David called, feeling horrible that he had made his mother cry. “Please don’t!” He would have followed her, but he was hard again and would just bump it into everything if he tried running through the house with this four foot pole.

He laid back on the bed, his erection going vertical, and tried to think about anything that wouldn’t excite his crotch.

Fifteen minutes later, his attempts to distract himself were disturbed when his mother re-entered the room, looking extremely contrite. “David, I am UTTERLY sorry for my behavior earlier. I do not know WHAT came OVER me, but I just lost control in a big way. It WILL not happen again. I assure you of that. Now we still need to check the … changes … that have occurred in you and get an idea as to whether they are dangerous or what.”

She walked over toward him. “Please sit up to position it horizontally, David, and we’ll keep things MUCH better in hand this time.”

Hesitantly — keeping things in hand was exactly what David was afraid of — he sat up and slid to the edge of the bed. “It doesn’t really hurt at all. It is EXTREMELY sensitive, though, so be careful.”

“I will, David.” She knelt at the head and lightly felt back up the shaft from there.

“Mom! Please! Be careful there!”

“I am, David,” she said in a clinical voice. “This is wholly unnatural, though, and I need to see if there are any soft or weak spots that we have to be especially careful to protect when we take you to the emergency room.”

“The emergency room? Are you sure? Can’t a doctor help? Maybe make a housecall?”

“Maybe,” she said, standing. güvenilir bahis siteleri She untied the belt of her robe and removed it to reveal that she was wearing a red corset with black trim, black hose that attached to a garter belt and black high heels. Her nipples and pussy were fully bared for him to see. She gave one evil smile, then sank back to her knees, positioned the cock to aim it at her face, and began stroking the extra-sensitive underside.


Keeping full eye contact and giving a second evil little leer, she whispered, “David … your juice just smells so … yummy! … and tastes so … gooo-oo-oood! … oh, David, I just can’t THINK straight! SQUIRT me, honey! Squirt me in the face and down my throat!” She leaned forward and licked the slit in the head with her tongue. She shivered, then began sliding her tongue inside the slit from time to time, her hands working their unstoppable magic on the underside.

“Mom! Do not do thi– uuuuuurrgh! UNGH!” He tensed.

Blat! The first squirt coated her face and hair. The second squirt found her mouth positioned firmly around the slit in the head, and she swallowed all of it that she could, three quarts or so still running down her chin and onto her bare breasts. The next five squirts or so, she aimed at her chest. She couldn’t swallow fast enough and she figured it would be easier to clean it off her chest than the floor.

She continued to work his sensitive area with her hands, milking every last bit of jism out and onto her bosom.

“Ohgod! David! This is WONDERFUL! BABY!”

“Mom! This is CRAZY! We can’t DO this!”

Lydia stood, momentarily sated with cum. She looked down at her soiled corset. “Well, this is useless,” she said and unzipped the back, then let it drop to the floor. Her garter belt, hose and high heels she left on, though.

She clasped her hands behind her head, then pressed her elbows back to thrust her little breasts forward. “Well, David? What do you thing of your mother’s body? Do I turn you on?”


“Baby, I just can’t HELP myself! Your juice just makes me ready to … POP … with lust!” She reached for his reinflating erection. “And you apparently just can’t help YOURSELF! Oh, just let it happen, David. Did you like what I just did? What do you think of your mother’s slutty little mouth? Your father always loved the way that I could be a vacuum cleaner — a HOOVER — for him.” She grinned, delighted that she had shocked him, causing the erection to swell noticeably. “He always said I could suck his toenails out his cock!”

David’s eyes widened at that little tidbit of revealed information. “Mom! For chrissakes!”

She positioned the head of his woody at her crotch, then held one hand to her cheek in mock amazement and puzzlement. “Oh, MY! How will I EVER fit this thing IN?!” She wriggled her pussy around on his cockhead.

“Mom, you’ll get PREGNANT!”

“Sweetie, you just shot your jism so far down my throat that I think I’m pregnant from that ALREADY.”

She kept rubbing her pelvis around on his head.

The doorbell rang.

Lydia moved her hands to the underside of the shaft, to stimulate him some more.

“Mom, we have to answer the door.”

“Fuck the door,” she said, leering and caressing. “This pecker and its juice are mine, all mine. No other whores allowed.”

“MOM! Stop this!” He pulled his erection from her and back toward himself like a cadet shouldering a rifle. “Go and answer the door. Now.”

Lydia put a pout on her face and stood. “But– “

“Go. Answer the door.”

Lydia stood and started walking naked toward David’s bedroom door.

“Mom!” She turned around to look at her son and again exhibit her pout. “Put a robe on first, Mom.”

Lydia picked her robe up off the floor then put it on and belted it. “Let me go get the door for you, sir,” she said sarcastically, then shook her head. “If you didn’t have that wonderful cock, I WOULDN’T let you order me around like this, young man!” She spun around and waltzed out.


(To Be Continued)

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