The Morrisons Ch. 27

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FIRST: I want to thank all the readers who sent me messages over the past – almost 2 years, wishing me well and asking for more of The Morrisons. I am happy to say that things are a bit better, (health wise) but I won’t be able to publish chapters like I used to. I hope to have another chapter done soon so you won’t be left hanging because of the ending of this chapter.

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**Author’s Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you read the previous chapters prior to reading this one. Please enjoy!

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**Before you read this chapter, be advised that it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex and/or love-making between two or more consenting people. IF such depictions upset you or make you lose sleep, PLEASE don’t read any further. You may not enjoy reading a particular portion of the story; that doesn’t mean other readers will dislike that same portion. It’s a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of story.

For the sophisticated intellectuals who read incest/taboo stories on Literotica expecting to find professional authors, including perfect punctuation, spelling, dialog, characters with only sophisticated actions, etc., please pass this chapter by, you won’t find that here! We do our best to correct all typos and spelling errors but some may still slip past us.

I want to thank Fat_Dad for editing chapter 27 of “The Morrisons.” Fat_Dad contributed the section of this chapter where Marsh, Becca, Ted and Mary take the emergency flight home. (oops, I didn’t mean to say that) Fat_Dad knows more about the assets of Turner Company than I do. I believe he gave us a wonderful abbreviated overview for this chapter but there will be more information in his chapter.

I appreciate hearing from readers, and I want to thank all those who took time to send me a public or private message. However, please don’t leave a derogatory comment, if you willingly overlook THIS WARNING.

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For the record: All characters engaging in sexual activities are of legal age!

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Chapter 27

The night was way too short for almost all of the visitors and some of the resort residents and staff of the private North shore Hawaiian resort. It had been a long day and night filled with many pleasures and life changing events. If there were any complaints about the previous day’s activities, they weren’t being shared.

My internal alarm clock didn’t let me sleep in, waking me up at my normal time based on my hometown time zone. The first thing that got my attention was my morning wood pointing skyward reminding me my bladder was full and needed to be emptied.

The only problem I had with taking care of business was the fact that Beth had her arm across my chest and her leg draped across mine. Her lovely round tits were mashed against the side of my chest and her pubic mound was mashed against the side of my thigh. Oh, I am a very lucky man.

I tried to lie still but my bladder told me if I didn’t get to the bathroom soon, there would be a puddle to clean up on the bed. However, with the way Beth was positioned, there was no way to escape without waking her. Finally I reached up and lifted her arm and scooted my upper body sideways. Beth’s eyes opened and the first words out of her mouth was, “If you wanted to get up sweetheart, all you had to do was ask me.”

“But,” I said while looking at her bright eyes and shining smile, “I thought you were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake you.”

“See what thought got you? I’ve been awake for almost a half hour. I have been enjoying myself being this close to you, while you slept.”

She held up her left hand and looked at the wedding ring before she said, “Dan Morrison, you are mine. I love to be near you, I love to snuggle up next to you and most of all, and I’m willing to do anything to make you happy. This marriage thing …. it …. ain’t so bad after all.”

“If I don’t get to the bathroom soon, I’ll piss on you. Then you’ll be mad at me and we’ll have our first fight in less than twenty-four hours, after we tied the knot.”

“That’s really kinky honey, I’ve heard about golden showers but I’m not sure I want to experience one. Hurry up, go to the bathroom and I’ll be right behind you. I want to hold your cock while you pee.”

I rolled over until I was at the side of the bed and then kind of slid off until my feet hit the floor. I looked over my shoulder and Beth was right behind me as promised. I stopped and held out my hand to her. The second she had both feet on the floor she took off running. When I walked into the bathroom she was sitting on the toilet and tearing off a piece of toilet paper. “Would you do me a favor and wipe my pussy, when I finish peeing?”

“You know I’ll do almost anything to assist my girls.” I said.

When Beth finished fetiş escort I tenderly wiped her pussy dry as I admired her beauty. When she started to stand up it stopped my daydream and I stood up with her. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock as I stepped up to the toilet. She is almost an expert at aiming my cock at the toilet bowl. I had to pee so bad that it only took less than a second for the first squirt of urine to reach the end of my cock and blast out. I think I pissed a gallon while Beth moved my cock around and said, “Look I can spell your name as you pee.”

I watched as she was able to get the “el” in Daniel before I ran out of pee. I told her to hold my cock still because I still had a little bit left. With a few lower abdomen muscle contractions, I forced the last few squirts. Beth shook my cock vigorously and then turned me to herself and pulled me into a hug.

“I love you Dan. I always have. I was afraid to tell you, because you were my boss and I didn’t want to lose my job. But now as Mrs. Beth Morrison I can tell you that I love you all I want.”

“Beth, I cherish all those times we worked late, sometimes into the early morning, and we accomplished the task at hand. Back then, it wasn’t that I didn’t notice you as a very beautiful young woman, but we had a job to do. Besides the loves of my life were Kim and Jenna so there was no way I was going to do anything at the office, to ruin what I had at home.”

“As for being your boss, I’m not sure how I would have reacted if you had used your feminine charms on me during those long hours we worked together. I know I wouldn’t have fired you because we became a team and no smart person I know, would cut off his nose to spite his face.”

“Now that you’re my wife, you know, in the office, nothing can change. I will still rely on you for information so I can be prepared to do whatever is required of me.”

“I know Dan,” Beth said softly, “You don’t have to worry, and I’ve had a stake in what we’ve done since I came to work for you. You will always get the best effort I can put forth.”

“You know,” I said as I turned on the shower, “There is going to be some gossip between the other secretaries when they find out your name is Beth Morrison.”

“Do you want me to tell them we’re married,” Beth asked, “Or do you want me to let them guess when they see this beautiful ring?”

“On that point …. it’s my opinion,” I said thoughtfully, “You can do as you wish. I know you’ll have an urge to tease them, so you can wait for them to marvel at your ring or tell them outright. The only people who will know immediately are the staff in HR. You’ll have to change your name with them. Maybe we can have a meeting in my office with the head of HR and your name change to be handled with discretion. Tom told me he’d run interference for us with the board.”

“Or, I could tell the secretaries involved in the rumor mill that my lawyer has helped me change my name to Morrison and then let them wonder why I’m wearing this beautiful wedding ring.”

Beth stood up on her toes and planted a passionate kiss on my lips even though our faces were directly under the spray. I figured if we were going to drown, we’d go together. I kissed her deeply as my hands roamed over her body. We had to break our kiss when both of us needed to move out of the spray and breathe. We looked at each other as we started laughing.

“HEY, what’s so funny?” Kim asked as she and Jake walked into our bathroom.

I replied, “Beth almost caused both of us to drown, in the shower no less. She kissed me under the spray and we stayed as long as possible and then we had to back up so we could breathe.”

Kim stepped closer to the shower before saying, “Beth, please don’t kill our husband yet, we might find him to be useful for something.”

Beth leaned out of the shower and kissed Kim. As they looked deeply into each other’s eyes Beth said, “Don’t worry my dear, I love this man as much as you do and I’m going to make sure he’s well cared for, as I’m sure you will. What a lucky man he is.”

Kim backed up into Jake’s arms before she reached out for a towel and wiped the water off her face. Beth was only slightly distracted, talking to Kim, as she washed my body, but she made sure I was squeaky clean before she was finished. Their conversation carried on as I lovingly washed every part of her body. Neither Jake nor I could get a word in, so both of us remained quiet and just listened.

Finally, the question came up, “So how did your wedding night go with your father-in-law?” Beth asked Kim.

“Last night both of us were so tired, we took a quick shower and then went to bed. I shouldn’t kiss and tell but my father-in-law rocked my world this morning when we woke up.” Kim replied

She continued with, “How did your wedding night go?”

“We were so tired we came back here and cuddled and fell asleep. I know it doesn’t sound like a bride’s wedding night but I know this man will take care gaziantep fetiş escort of me when we are ready. Right now, I want to finish this shower and then dive into the coffee.” Beth replied.

“I’ll go make the coffee because we haven’t had any either.” Kim said as she turned in Jake’s arms and kissed him. “Let’s go Jake; we have an important job to do.”

Beth and I finished our shower as the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing, filled our nostrils. We hurried with the rest of our bathroom rituals and rushed out to the kitchen where we found Kim sitting on Jake’s lap and Kathy sitting on Jordon’s lap.

As we walked towards the coffee pot Jordon was saying, “Kathy and I had an amazing night. She was like the energizer bunny, she kept going and going. I think she drained me completely.”

“Under other circumstances,” Beth said, “A daughter would say eeewwww TMI if she heard her mother was an energizer bunny, but in our case, I’m going to congratulate you if you were able to keep up with her.”

“That’s the other thing that makes this situation so strange,” Jordon said, “Jake, your wife is sitting naked on my lap, she tells you we had sex, her daughter congratulates me. Am I the only one messed up or what?”

“A while ago,” Jake started, “If my wife was on your lap talking about how much fun she had during sex with you, I would have thought she went man hunting for a permanent replacement for me. However, our family has learned more about love and sexual encounters. Son, what you’re having with my wife is only a sexual encounter. Sometimes a person just has to explore the options. And Jordon, you are an option.”

“Well, since you put it like that Jake,” Jordon said with a laugh, “I feel so used. Don’t get me wrong, this kind of used is a good thing. I wish more people had ideas like all of you. To tell you the truth, I haven’t been with a woman in about six months. I’ve had to handle it myself, with the emphasis on hand.”

Kathy smiled as she said, “See Jake of all the studs running around here, I chose one who needed a real sexual encounter. Jordon, I’m glad that I was able to satisfy your needs.”

“Kathy, you proved to me I need to seriously consider finding a woman who is looking for someone who will come home and take care of all her needs.” Jordon replied

I smiled and said, “We need to move this little group outside where we can enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.”

Beth picked up the full coffee pot while Kim picked up the donuts and joined the group headed out the door. As the new group approached the lounges in the coconut grove they discovered there was already a large group of bleary eyed people sitting or standing around, sucking down coffee.

There were three pots of coffee sitting on the beach table. After her second cup, Joanna stood up and said, “I think I need to take a run so I can wake up.”

Others in the group who were runners spoke up and said they’d like to go as well and ambled off to get their running shoes. Before long they were back with their shoes. They joined the lively conversation between everyone, in the coconut grove.

Frank was trying to talk Audrey into running with him and the others. He listened as Mary and Shelly tried to convince Joe to run with them. They both made him an exclusive incentive that no smart man would turn down. Joe carefully considered the offer before he agreed. His profession didn’t require him to do manual labor so he wasn’t the athletic type however; the exclusive offer outweighed any embarrassment he’d feel, if he could only run a short distance.

Hearing Mary and Shelly’s offer to Joe, Frank turned to Audrey and offered her something similar but more in line with her being a woman instead of a man. Audrey smiled, hugged Frank and kissed him passionately before she pulled away from him and started putting on her shoes. The two of them were the first to have their shoes on. Frank showed Audrey how to stretch before going on the run. As the others finished putting on their shoes, they started stretching. When everyone had some time to finish stretching, Joanna stepped in front of the group and said, “Let’s start by going around the compound and forget running in the sand this morning. We have a few new people with us and running is the sand is very tiring.” Everyone mutually agreed without taking a vote. Joanna turned immediately and led the way towards the paved roadway.

After the group left for their run, the remaining people sat around and enjoyed the great conversation. Slowly, the members of the Thompson and White families arrived and joined the conversations. Tony’s sisters wandered over and stood next to Patty. When the rest of the Thompson family arrived, they brought with them plenty of joy and laughter. Their lighthearted conversation spread rapidly through everyone gathered on the beach.

As Ken, Amy, Angela and Brian White approached the group, Ken said, “Good morning everyone. It’s nice to see everyone gaziantep fetiş escort still partying this morning. WOW, yesterday was the best weddings we’ve ever attended. Dan, Kim and Beth, I want to congratulate you again and thank you for allowing us to be here to witness such a great event. I also wish you many years of happiness.”

As I was saying thank you to Ken, we heard more loud joyful laughter coming our way. I immediately recognized the loudest male voice which belonged to Bob. Within seconds we saw Bob, Tom, Sam, Linda, Jenny and Jerry approaching the coconut grove. They are the wonderful group who staffed the flight for Dan and Tom’s families to Hawaii. Company secretaries, Kelly and Allison were also with the flight group. All of them greeted us with a chorus of “Good morning.” Everyone momentarily stopped their conversation and greeted the newcomers.

Colleen and Rachael were the last to arrive in the coconut grove, walking proudly with the man they had chosen to spend the night with. Again, the newcomers were warmly welcomed by everyone saying good morning.

Patty jumped up and ran over to her mother, hugged and kissed her, then leaned back and eyed her mother’s catch. “Wow mom, he looks yummy.”

With one last squeeze for her mother, Patty stepped over to her mother’s man and opened her arms for a hug. When he accepted the offer, Patty stepped into his arms and pressed her nude body against his. She intentionally rubbed her nude body side to side a couple of times to let him feel her tits on his chest. She also wanted to feel his cock press against her pubic area. During her final squeeze, she kissed him on the cheek and said, “Oh momma, you got a good one.”

Colleen was relieved her daughter accepted the fact that she’d spent the night with a man other than her husband. All night long, while she enjoyed the most fantastic sex she’d had in years, a little part of her brain wondered what the girls would say. Now she knew at least Patty was ok with her having sex with another man.

Patty wasn’t finished; she stepped over to Rachael and hugged and kissed her, followed immediately by giving Rachael’s man the same treatment she’d given her mother’s man. When she was finished hugging the men she said to both men, “Please take care of both these women. They deserve a little pampering.”

“Oh honey,” Colleen said, “You don’t have to worry about that we had a wonderful night. Thank you for being so supportive.”

“I love you mom and I only want the best for you.” Patty countered.

A few minutes later, Holly strolled into the coconut grove with a man on each arm. She was greeted by Patty, Colleen and Racheal who rushed over to give her a more personal greeting. Both guys received hugs from all three nude women. The rest of the people in the coconut grove voiced their greetings as well.

After the greetings, Holly asked, “Have the Simpsons come over with the children yet?” Kim heard the question and told Holly they had not seen them yet.

“Oh wow, those kids are going to remember this trip for a long time.” Holly exclaimed, “I have all of you to thank for inviting me to your party. I think Terri had a lot to do with me being invited. I can’t wait to see her, when she’s not busy, so I can thank her properly.”


Earlier at the marina, there was some early morning activity. Jeff and Tina were still on their own time zone and their internal alarm clock didn’t let them sleep in. They lay in their bed and snuggled for a little while before Tina said she had to pee. They slipped out of bed and while Tina went to the bathroom, Jeff checked on the kids to make sure they were ok.

Jeff met Tina coming out of the bathroom and told her all of the kids were still sleeping. Tina followed him into the bathroom and carried on their conversation as she watched him drain his bladder and then wash his hands. As he was finishing up, Tina suggested they make some coffee and then walk up on the deck to watch the sun come up.

“Making coffee sounds like a great plan.” Jeff replied.

Both of them walked over to the galley and made a pot of coffee and took two cups out of the cupboard. Tina made one more check on the kids before they walked softly away headed for the upper deck. Unlike at home there was no morning chill in the air. They stood near the stairs so they could see if any of the kids came up on the deck below. The two of them stood side by side, leaning on the railing, drinking their coffee, enjoying the gentle motion provided by the small waves that rocked the boat and the peacefulness of the morning. They talked quietly and sipped their coffee as a small sliver of the sun peeked up over the darkened ocean water.

Jeff set his cup down on the table and stepped behind Tina saying, “This is a dream, it has to be a dream. Good things like this don’t happen to families who are poor, like us.”

“I know honey.” Tina responded, “It’s been a nightmare living with the potential of danger 24/7 but with the help from our friends, we’ve survived so far. Now look where we are. We are at a private resort; we slept on a yacht that costs more than our home, a few times over. Here we are standing on the top deck alone watching the sun come up with the sweet smell of the ocean. I know you went through so much shit from Harold Gordon but I’ll bet neither of you would have imagined you’d be here right now.”

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