The Movie Lovers Ch. 02

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As Chapter I ended I had just discovered that Nick, the man I was beginning to fall for, kept a collection of porn videos. Given my uptight Catholic upbringing and inexperience with watching porn, I was deeply troubled that my new flame might, in fact, be a pervert. You might want to read “The Movie Lovers: Chap.I” before reading this one. It was posted on 2/10/08.

By the time Nick was out of the shower, I was dressed and soon we were on our way to brunch with nothing more said on the subject of porn. Afterwards we planned to visit his friend Ken’s sailboat, which was docked in Sausalito.

When we got to the boat, Ken and his wife Liz were already there. Introductions could have been slightly awkward since Ken was sort of leering at me, waiting to see if I would acknowledge our previous ‘encounter,’ I suspected. So I seized the initiative giving Ken a quick, “Hi,” and then turning to Liz, mentioned that I remembered meeting her at Rita’s party.

“Yes, I remember,” she said adding, “I hear that I have you to thank for the greatschtuping Ken gave me last Sunday morning. I couldn’t figure out why he wanted to do me in our workout room until I extracted the truth.”

Nick caught my eye and, remembering his comment, I had to breakup laughing. Wanting to somehow match her ‘ballsiness,’ I responded, “Glad to have been of help. I assure you that Ken was very well-mannered for a voyeur.”

Ken turned a well-deserved beet red as the rest of us laughed.

Up until that moment all of my very slight experience on boats had been on powerboats. This was something entirely different. I’ll describe it as Nick has instructed me. It’s, oops, SHE’s a 40′ wooden sloop; cutter rigged, with a 40hp auxiliary, and a full keel, built in 1948. Some of you may know what all that means. I now know some of it; but basically, she is a beautiful old wooden sailboat with one mast and an amazing need for attention and money. Of course, the guys explained, that’s why she’s a she. I praised their success at keeping her in such great shape.

“And I can assure you this old bitch gets more attention than a lot of wives I know,” Liz interjected. “Let’s put the boys to work and I’ll show you around,” she added. Nick looked unhappy that he was not going to be my tour guide but he and Ken went off to work on their project.

Liz was something else. Although I knew from Nick that she was 45, two years younger than Ken, she had the body of a 25 year old. She was just slightly shorter than me at about 5’7″, a platinum blond, and, while she possessed not the slightest trace of cellulite or wrinkles, she did have one of the most amazing sets of knockers I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t just that they were large; the halter-top she was wearing was cut for the maximum possibledécolletage and revealed their perfect shape. It seemed unbelievable that gravity hadn’t taken its toll over the years. In fact, it was unbelievable; unreal would also be fair.

Liz immediately discarded the tour concept and led me back to the cockpit where she had a bottle of Champagne chilling on ice. Soon we had the cockpit cushions spread out and were catching the afternoon rays, flutes of Champagne in hand. Clearly my visit was expected.

Liz started right off by telling me what a great guy Nick was. She and Ken had known him since they had moved into the neighborhood five years earlier and had been friends through his wife’s illness and eventual death. She said that the boat had become his refuge in recent years and that she was actually quite happy that he and Ken spent so much time working on her.

“It keeps them off the streets and if this solves their mid-life crises, it’s far better than some young bimbo,” she said and then stopped. “Of course, the bimbo line refers to Ken; I’m really happy to see that Nick’s found you. Oh, and bimbo doesn’t apply to you. I didn’t mean that!” she added quickly.

I laughed and said something about Ken having to look pretty hard to find a bimbo that could match her looks.

She laughed as well and said, “I have no intention of letting that happen.”

I learned that Liz was a psychiatrist and her practice was focused on family counseling.

“I firmly believe that some form of mid-life crisis occurs for nearly all men and many women. It’s really just natural that as the kids are leaving and the mate is starting to look a little frumpy, a man – or a woman – might seek something new and exciting to help them feel young again. That’s why I decided to become the thirty-year old that Ken might be lusting after in his fantasies. What do you think?” she asked as she turned, showing off a great pair of thighs below board shorts cut so short that they barely covered her ass.

“A little work on the eyes and the thighs, a little butt lift here, a tummy tuck there, and these!” she added, cupping a breast with each hand.

“I think you overshot. You look more like 25 than 30.”

She laughed and we toasted, clinking our glasses together.

“I know there’s more to life than canlı bahis şirketaleri just looking sexy but my breasts were smaller than yours to start with and after breast feeding two kids, they had almost disappeared. I like looking hot and I like the response I get from Ken – and other men.”

“Well I can’t argue with that. An admiring look always helps make my day and I have to confess, it was quite titillating being caught by your husband. Oh, and I’m so glad it paid off for you too.”

“Of course it takes more than just a fresh young body to keep these guys interested,” she continued. “I think that for men of any age, but especially as they get older, it’s all about sparking the imagination. But Ken and I have always communicated pretty well, so once I decided that routine sex just wasn’t doing it for us anymore and I got this tune-up, it was easy to start exploring our fantasies together. And ever since, well, it’s been great.”

I was really enjoying Liz; her honesty and openness were so refreshing. So I decided to go for it and ask her the question that was troubling me.

“I’m curious, this morning I noticed that Nick has some adult movies by his TV.”

“So? Honey, I doubt there’s a man in the world that doesn’t have a little stash of porn somewhere and if there is, the guy’s probably some religious freak you wouldn’t want to know! Ken has his collection. In fact we watch them together. I guess I should be bothered when he’s humping me while watching some nubile 19 year-old do two guys but, hey, I’m getting the benefits too. Besides, I insist that he pick movies where the studs are young and well hung.”

I had to laugh. “So, I shouldn’t worry that Nick’s a porn addict.”

“Nah, you should watch some with him; you might learn something; I sure found some of them inspiring,” she said with a wink.

I laughed, a little nervously this time, but it did set me to thinking. I couldn’t picture Nick as more of a pervert than I could handle; moreover, I was growing very fond of him. But I was afraid there was some awkwardness left over from the morning. I would have to think of something to defuse it.

We passed the afternoon getting tipsy on champagne while she regaled me with stories about nutcase shrinks and I shared some of my adventures in New York.

Eventually the guys joined us and after they had some beers we headed off for a late afternoon pizza. The three were old friends but they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Liz and I were buddies already and Ken was quite sweet, although I did catch him checking out more than my face. It surprised me as I wasn’t wearing anything particularly revealing and his voluptuous wife was sitting right next to him offering a great view of those amazing boobs jutting out of her halter-top.

After the pizza we headed home separately and as Nick drove, I pondered whether to broach the subject of porn again.

Earlier Nick and I had planned to watch a movie at his house and I’m sure both of us were looking forward to more hot sex. Nick had mentioned some old movie just released in a collector’s edition but, reflecting back on my conversation with Liz earlier, I decided to seize the moment and see if I could defuse the porn issue that I’d come to be embarrassed over.

“If you’ve decided what your favorite adult film is, why don’t we watch that? You and Liz have gotten me curious.”

“Liz?” he asked sounding surprised.

“Yes, she was telling me how she and Ken watch them, it sounded like fun”

“They do huh? Well sure, why not.”

“So have you decided on your favorite movie?”

Well I was thinking about this “Best of the Old” DVD I made. It’s a compilation of scenes from some VCR tapes that I transferred when DVD’s became the standard.”

“Well, if it’s some of your favorites, it sounds perfect.”

He lived close to the pizza joint so we were home very quickly. I began to feel frustrated that Nick was acting so calmly while I had been obsessing over this issue all day. He made it seem as if watching porn was going to be the most natural thing in the world while I was on pins and needles in anticipation. Then an inspiration hit me.

I cuddled under his arm as we walked to the house, and purred in my sexiest voice, “It would really be exciting if we could watch it the way you would watch it, if I weren’t here.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean don’t you masturbate?”

“Well yeah, of course I jerk off; that’s the point.”

“So I want to watch. After all, you had me playing with myself, remember.” I couldn’t believe myself. I’d never talked like this with a man before.

“But that was because I couldn’t reach your love button myself,” he answered.

“So wasn’t it even better watching me strum my clit?” I challenged. (Can you believe me?).

“Well, yeah.”

“So it would really get me going to see you, you know, doing it … puhleease,” I wheedled.

“Uh, well, so what are you going to be doing?”

A negotiation. canlı kaçak iddaa Wow, I hadn’t thought about that. But I suspected he was hoping I’d play with myself again. “

“I don’t really know. Like I said, I’m pretty much a virgin at this porn thing. Maybe you’ll inspire me,” I said with the most salacious grin I could muster. (Well that sure worked. I swear I saw his prick jump in his pants when I made that comment).

I was really starting to have fun with the brazen babe role so I asked, “So what does one wear to a jerk off session?”

The moment I said that I was really afraid that I’d stepped over some boundary. I didn’t want to demean his interest but rather show I was curious – and at least potentially – accepting. Fortunately, he laughed.

“Well, usually I jerk off naked,” he said as he continued chuckling.

“That sounds just delightful but perhaps I shouldn’t give away all the goodies too soon.” I said batting my eyes in an absurdly coquettish fashion that soon gave us both the giggles.

Nick said he needed a quick shower after his afternoon of boat maintenance and I agreed that sunbathing in the cockpit with Liz had been hot work. Not surprisingly, he suggested we shower together but I demurred citing feminine hygiene needs. Actually, I suspected we’d get all hot and bothered if we showered together and I wanted things to proceed much more slowly.

After very quick showers we met in his home theater/TV room: i.e. a big flat screen TV with surround sound and a comfy couch facing the TV. He brought out a bottle of cognac and glasses of water. After settling down at one end, he gestured for me to relax at the other so that we somewhat faced each other as well as the TV. After inserting the DVD he fired up his pipe. The combination of the sweet smoke, cognac, and oh yes, I forgot, chocolate, was deliciously decadent and I was quite high quite quickly.

“So as I said, this is a compilation of my favorite scenes from some video tapes that I wanted to get rid of. Don’t want too much of this stuff lying around; women might think I’m weird,” he said with a silly grin.

“Making it sounds like a lot of work. I don’t know about making DVDs but for me just finding the place where you want to start copying an audio tape is such a pain.”

“It was a tough job but there was a great deal of satisfaction every night that I worked on it,” he said with a smirk.

I was slow but I got it eventually. “So show me your ‘hard’ work. I expect perfect cuts and fade-ins and, oh yes, I expect the guys to be handsome also.”

He stopped. “Uh, well I guess they are. I don’t really remember the men; except they generally have large cocks.”

“Well that’s a start,” I replied as he started up his movie.

I was wearing just my mid-thigh length kimono, bright red, with nothing underneath. As the DVD began, I was sitting demurely with my legs folded under me and Nick was sprawled at the opposite end in a robe also.

The first scene began with a beautiful brunette with large but natural breasts welcoming her hunky husband home from work. She was dressed quite provocatively, obviously hoping to get laid, but it turned out that all he wanted was a beer and Monday night football. Of course she wasn’t happy with this and began trying to seduce him by nuzzling his ear and rubbing his neck and chest. He told her not to bother him but she wasn’t about to give up.

She then moved around in front of him and began a striptease. As she removed her bra and started playing with her nipples you could see the hunk was beginning to be severely distracted as he attempted to watch both his wife and the game. No surprise, the young woman was stunning; in fact, having so little experience with the genre, I remember being surprised that a woman so gorgeous couldn’t use her body to find something better to do for a living.

Pretty soon she was lying back on the floor in front of the TV playing with herself through a tiny g-string. That got hubby’s full attention and, I noticed, Nick’s. I found myself fascinated, watching as she slid the strip of fabric aside to reveal a completely shaved crotch. It surprised me a little as I always assumed that we women leave at least a little patch of fur.

She wasn’t content with just holding the g-string aside and in one smooth move she lay back and by lifting her legs up and bending her knees, slid it off. Then, spreading her knees, she gave us a full shot of her pussy as she dropped her feet to the floor. “She certainly seems to know what a guy wants to see,” I thought, as I glanced at Nick and noticed that he and the hunk on screen were both giving her their rapt attention.

“See how wet I am,” she said breathily as she spread her lips and slid her fingers between them. Well we certainly could – her fingers and outer lips were glistening with her excitement. The hunk on the screen shed his shirt and pants to reveal a great body and a half-hard cock, which began growing impressively when he started stroking canlı kaçak bahis it. At that point the camera abandoned the hunk and moved in to focus tightly on the brunette’s crotch. She teased her swollen lips and spread them apart. Then she plunged first two then three fingers deep inside. Each time she withdrew them it left her ever more stretched and we could see well up inside her.

I don’t know about the hunk but her efforts were certainly appreciated by Nick. His cock had emerged from the opening in his robe and with a sigh he threw it open, allowing me a full view of his naked body as he began stroking himself contentedly. It occurred to me that there seems to be a strong connection between a man’s eyes and his cock when the sight of a pussy is involved. And why not I realized, weren’t my nipples hardening and my pussy responding as I watched him stroke his turgid tool only a few feet away?

I decided to let him know that I was enjoying the whole scene as well and eased my hand under my robe to squeeze my nipples. “Let me see,” he whispered. Happy to distract him from the voluptuous woman on screen, I let the kimono fall open as I stretched my legs out on the couch.

“Looking at your dick has kind of gotten me going,” I said as I cupped my breasts and showed off my nipples.

“Anything I can do to help?” he responded.

“No way, stay where you are. We’re watching a movie,” I objected and turned my attention back to the TV.

Meanwhile the woman continued to slide several fingers in and out of her hole while now massaging her clit with the other hand.

“Want to watch me make myself cum,” the woman said to the hunk. Hunk presumably agreed, for the fingers on her clit began strumming it ever more rapidly.

“Oooo baby, I know you want to suck my hot wet pussy soon,” she moaned as she removed her fingers from her pussy and sucked on them. Yum, I taste so good. Oh, I’m getting so hot.”

Her hips were bucking clear off the floor as she jammed those fingers back in and her other hand became a blur as she vibrated her clit. When the orgasm hit her, the camera pulled back so we could see her writhing body and her face contorted with pleasure.

When I glanced over at Nick, his dick had, if anything, grown even more impressive as he stroked it more urgently. When he noticed me staring, he said, “You know, the old boy gets a little sore without lubrication.”

“So what do you use for lube,” I asked.

“Usually Vaseline.”

“That wouldn’t taste real great,” I responded.

“Maybe you could just slick him up with a little saliva,” he said hopefully.

“I could, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the movie,” I said as I slipped off the robe and crawled across the floor to his lovely member.

“Here, this should do it,” I said and then took him as deeply in my mouth as I could several times. When I withdrew, I paused to study its mushroom-shaped head and noticing a little cum leaking from the hole, I licked it up before spreading my saliva all around.

“Check it out,” I suggested. It was an incredible turn on watching him stroke his hard-on just inches from my face; but I knew that I’d better get back to my side if we were going to keep watching the movie.

Feeling totally decadent I lay back and let my legs fall open to offer a bit of my pussy for his viewing, if he were so inclined. By this time our hunk was between the brunette’s legs lapping up the juices left over from her cum. Hunk then went from licking all around her pussy to sucking and pulling on her swollen lips. We could see that he was shoving his tongue as deeply inside her as possible as she wiggled her hips in appreciation. Wow, I knew exactly what she was feeling but I hadn’t been able to see much when Nick had had his head between my thighs. Knowing how a tongue feels and now seeing it do the job: I swear my pussy was juicing up just like hers and I hadn’t even touched it. You could call it voyeurism, I guess, but I’ll call it empathy.

I’d never thought of my vagina – or vaginas generically – as beautiful, as some feminists insist; but, looking at that girl’s with those inflamed lips leaking her lust, I had to admit it was incredibly sexy – if not exactly beautiful. Soon the hunk moved up to play with her clit but first he pulled the hood back to expose it fully for the camera, which must have been just inches away.

“God, it must be weird to have a camera so close to your privates,” I commented.

“Maybe she enjoys it, exposing herself. Some people do, I hear.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on in this direction. I certainly didn’t want to admit that I was actually wondering how I would feel in her position and was finding the idea not just weird but also arousing.

Meanwhile, hunk had gone to work on her clit with his tongue and the brunette, who seemed to love wildly humping anything available, whether it be her fingers or in this case his face, was making it tough for him to hang on. Finally he finger fucked her with one hand while strumming her clit with the other and that finally sent her into another frenzied orgasm. The camera angle shifted slightly so that we could see her heaving chest and rapturous expression as well as the floppy lips around her slightly gaping pussy.

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