The Neighborhood Ch. 01

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This is a work which is not based on any real persons or events. If you are not of legal age to read erotic fiction, please leave now and do not continue reading. For everyone else, I hope that you enjoy it and have fun.

All materials presented herein copyright the author.


Sweat dripped off his forehead and sizzled on the hot engine of the lawnmower as he pulled the cord one more time. It caught and the motor chugged to life for a moment then it belched a cloud of black smoke and puttered out. Cursing under his breath, Elliot stepped away from the ancient grass cutting device and then leaned back with his hands on his hips trying fruitlessly to ease his cramped lumbar and shoulders.

He rubbed the back of his hand over his brow and cursed again as he realized that he had just smeared grease across his face. Sighing with disgust he shambled over to the front step and sat down heavily. Listlessly, he surveyed the street that he had been living on for three weeks, reminding himself again why he was trying to mow the Goddamned lawn. The yards of the surrounding houses were immaculate emerald strips shaded by tall, leafy Elm trees, with Mercedes and Acuras nestled in their driveways or tucked into garages.

They had moved into this exclusive suburb on the west side of Milton Vale because his wife thought it would be good for her interior design business to have a high-end home in an upscale neighborhood to show off to customers. Her younger sister, a landscape architect and partner in the company, had also moved in and now the two women were hustling to expand their client list. Elliot was an accountant and was now splitting his time between doing the company’s books from home and his regular clients from his office in the strip mall. His sister-in-law’s boyfriend was supposed to be cutting the lawn, but he hadn’t shown up yet and it was already three hours past the agreed upon time.

Across the street and two houses down, a young couple were hosing down their black Lexus SUV. He was standing up and moving towards the front door when he noticed that the man had turned the hose onto his girlfriend and was chasing her around their truck while she squealed in delight. Elliot grunted to himself as she gamboled into his line of vision, her white t-shirt, now little more than a translucent film, clinging to her large swinging breasts. Elliot felt the blood racing to his member and he realized he was now sporting a visible tent in his gym shorts.

The boyfriend skidded into view, shirtless, the wiry muscles in his arms flexing as he caught the young woman and pulled her to him. They embraced and began kissing deeply, their hands roaming over each other’s sun bronzed bodies. He whimpered a little when the girlfriend hitched her legs up over the man’s hips and mashed her round chest against his. He reached down and adjusted himself in his shorts as the couple walked back towards the house clasped together like fighting insects.

Elliot stood and turned towards his front door, his mind racing with fantasy images of the couple tearing off their clothes güvenilir bahis in the front entry, of the man’s long hard cock slipping up past the woman’s shorts and into her wet cooze. He was already reaching into his shorts to stroke himself when he noticed that his next-door neighbor was standing on her front porch, obviously having just witnessed the same scene he’d been gawking at. She smiled slowly at him as he hastily tried to cover his crotch.

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, don’t you think?” she asked casually.

Elliot could feel his face flush as he dashed for the door. The neighbor was a couple of years older than himself, probably around forty five, but she was in excellent shape, with high, round breasts capped with nipples that were currently on prominent display through her pink tank top. She wore dark sunglasses and both arms were full of grocery bags. He gurgled out a choked response to her question and slammed the door behind him.

The idea that his foxy, red-headed neighbor had caught him about to pound his pud was embarrassing, but it also sent his hard-on into raging overdrive. He and his wife, Rebecca, had been to the Sandersons’ house for dinner a few times and Rebecca had taken up jogging with Evelyn two or three mornings a week. He had watched football with Bill a few times, but they weren’t more than casual acquaintances.

The Sandersons were an attractive couple. Bill, a former police officer that had made several saavy investments was now retired and spent most of his time on the golf course. He was tall and barrel chested with thickly muscled arms and legs, and a generous belly earned from his daily pints of home-brewed beer. Evelyn was an analyst with a local marketing firm and was often home during the day as she worked from a home office, not unlike the one Elliot now entered in the converted attic of his new house.

Rebecca had put her finishing touches on the office space, but it was primarily Elliot’s private hideaway, with a large window that overlooked their yard and afforded a view of the Sanderson’s pool. Still charged up from his afternoon voyeurism, Elliot rubbed his pulsing meat through his shorts and turned on his computer, idly looking out the window as he waited for his favorite porn site to load. All thoughts of “” vaporized as Elliot saw Evelyn standing at her kitchen island through the large glass doors that opened onto their patio and pool.

It wasn’t just his neighbor’s beautiful tits cupped in her tight shirt that caught his attention, it was the way she was fondling a large cucumber that she had unloaded from her grocery bag. Her left hand held one end in a businesslike manner while the right slowly slid up and down the length. Elliot’s jaw dropped as he watched Evelyn slide the tip between her lips, letting her saliva drool out over the vegetable phallus. His own hand went to his cock and rubbed the pooling pre-cum over the tip and he started to jack its length in time with Evelyn’s rhythm. His lips were dry and he licked them as his neighbor slipped the cucumber türkçe bahis from view below the kitchen counter. He moaned and could feel his orgasm building as he watched her arm work back and forth. He knew he was watching his neighbor fuck herself on her improvised dildo and he groaned loudly, spraying his jism all over the window and his lap when she freed her right breast and pulled hard on the nipple.

Evelyn continued banging herself for several minutes and Elliot could feel his manhood stirring to life again by the time she had both her breasts out of her shirt and swaying mesmerizingly over the marble counter top. He had started to stroke again when he heard a discreet cough from the behind him. Elliot froze and slowly turned his head to see Bradley, his sister-in-law’s boyfriend grinning at him from the doorway.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?” Bradley sneered as he moved up behind Elliot’s chair to take a peek out the window. Elliot was frozen in place, cock still in hand as Bradley leaned over his shoulder. He was very aware of the crotch of Bradley’s jeans rubbing against the back of his head. “Ooohh, sweet Evelyn. That’s right bitch, fuck yourself hard for Bradley,” the interloper hissed, his hand now squeezing the rapidly expanding bulge in his jeans.

Elliot knew from what Rebecca told him that her sister never dated guys unless they had impressive tools, and Elliot was getting an eyeful of the pulsing contours of Bradley’s trouser snake through the faded denim fabric. His heart was racing as if he’d just spent an hour an the treadmill, confronted with the erotic scene in his neighbors kitchen on one side and on the other the palpable heat emanating from his sister-in-law’s boyfriend. He gulped and began stroking again.

At forty-two, Elliot had had his share of adventures and up until a year ago, many of them had been with his wife. But then she’d had a miscarriage and their sex-life petered out as they both mourned their loss. They grew further apart as each threw themselves into their work as a distraction. He still loved Rebecca a great deal, but he’d found himself fantasizing about his past experiences more and more, while inserting new people into his dream scenarios.

He was medium height, with a medium build and thinning brown hair that was beginning to show gray at the temples. His career in office work had made him quite sedentary and his middle-age spread had become noticeable enough that he’d taken up going to the fitness club twice a week. The one thing that hadn’t diminished in his forties was his cock’s tendency to get hard at the drop of a hat, and he was still quite proud of his thick, circumcised seven inches.

Elliot snapped back to reality when he heard Bradley unzip his jeans, and he turned in time to see the other man reaching into his underwear and releasing his erection. Elliot gasped at the size of it, easily nine inches long with thick veins running down its length and capped by a large purplish knob. Bradley smiled at him and began jacking quickly as they watched Evelyn finish herself off in the kitchen. Neither güvenilir bahis siteleri of them had cum by the time she had pushed herself off the counter and left the kitchen with the rest of the groceries still in their bags.

“Shit!” Bradley complained, now turning his full attention to Elliot. They looked at each other, gripping their members, waiting for the other to make a move. Finally, Bradley shrugged and stepped closer to Elliot. “Guess, we’ll just have to make do, huh?” He brushed the tip of his cock across Elliot’s lips, leaving a trail of saliva and pre-cum. Elliot reflexively opened his mouth and flicked the underside of the huge mushroom head, tasting the salty mixture of fluids. “Mmmm, I always thought it might go this way with you,” Bradley said as he pushed his penis between Elliot’s wet lips.

It had been a few years, but Elliot’s skills came back to him quickly as he eased more and more of the fleshy pole into his mouth while his hands went to work on Bradley’s balls. The younger man groaned with pleasure as Elliot increased his rhythm, sliding his left hand up and down the shaft as he took more than half of Bradley’s cock down his throat. His nose neared the neatly trimmed pubic bush on each down stroke and he could feel the increased urgency in Bradley’s thrusting hips. He backed off the whole way and put three fingers of his right hand into his mouth, still gripping the turgid shaft in his other hand. Then he looked up at Bradley and slid the entire length down his throat while his right hand snaked between the younger man’s ass cheeks and began to finger his rosebud.

“FUUUUUCCCK,” Bradley shouted and rammed his pelvic bone against Elliot’s face, his hairless balls slapping against his chin. Elliot now had his middle finger lodged in Bradley’s rectum and was thrusting in time with the other man’s tempo. His own cock was as hard as he’d ever felt it and he began to stroke it as he sensed Bradley’s orgasm approaching. He slipped a second finger past the tight ring of muscle into Bradley’s asshole. The blond stud gurgled something incoherent and Elliot’s mouth was flooded with thick, salty semen. His own load was only seconds behind, spraying his stomach and Bradley’s inner thighs with his seed.

He kept the slowly softening cock in his mouth until Bradley pulled it out with a wet popping sound. He rolled back in his desk chair and watched as the other man regained his breath. Sweat now plastered Bradley’s t-shirt across his hard pectoral muscles and ridged abdomen and Elliot understood why he could hear his sister-in-law’s exclamations of mewling delight emanating almost every night from the bedroom down the hall.

Bradley shot him his lop-sided grin as he slowly tucked his meat back into his pants. He pulled his damp shirt over his head and draped it over his shoulder as he sauntered out, then paused and looked back over his shoulder.

“I’ll return the favor next time,” he crooned and then disappeared down the steps of the attic. Elliot sighed and slouched back into his chair, turning for one last glance at the Sandersons’ kitchen window. Evelyn had returned and was now chopping the cucumber into thin slices and tossing them into a salad. It was then that he remembered that he Rebecca were supposed to be going over there for dinner that evening …

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