The Neighborhood Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: Emily seduces Dad and Stepmom finds out


Ever since we started this family thing, I wanted to bed dad. I think most girls have a thing for their fathers. Not a sexual thing, necessarily, but a special relationship. Your dad is the first man in your life, so of course he’s going to be special. But for me, once the possibility of family sex opened up, I’d been thinking of sleeping with dad.

I mentioned it to Chris, but he shot me right down. Too dangerous. But I figured if I made a pass at him, the worst that would happen is that there would be a really awkward time between us. Dad didn’t need to know about the rest of what was going on for me to jump his bones. And if I hooked him, once he was committed I could bring him in on the rest.

It wouldn’t be hard to orchestrate. Dad had gotten a big condo, one where Chris and I both had our own rooms. Even though we were technically adults and the court-ordered visitation following the divorce was over, dad wanted us to have a place to stay at his place. Chris and I rarely stayed there though. We were at the condo a lot, but it was only across town and it really didn’t make much sense for us to sleep there. But the option was there, and I figured it was a good in. I’d get dad worked up, and them jump him.

Laura, his new wife, would be the tricky part. I obviously couldn’t do it with her around. And there is no way I wanted her in on this, as if that would be a possibility anyway. She’s attractive enough and any guy, or girl who was inclined in that direction, would be happy to bed her, but I didn’t really like her. There’s nothing wrong with her. I mean, she’s nice enough, and she’s always going out of her way to make Chris and me welcome. But she broke up my parents’ marriage, so there was no way I was going to like her. At least not this soon. I thought that maybe Chris could seduce her, but that wasn’t going to happen. Chris had flat out said he wasn’t playing, and besides, he felt about her the same way I did. And it would be safer to leave her out. Me making a pass at dad would just be inappropriate. If both of us did it, that would obviously be a plan and that would require a lot of explaining, and that we couldn’t afford.

So the next weekend I decided to make my move. I went over to dad’s condo Friday evening, just to “hang out.” We watched TV, nothing special. Just a daughter hanging out with her dad and stepmom. I made sure to snuggle up to Dad when we were watching the tube. Nothing really sexual, just affectionate, my body close to his. I was hoping to get him worked up so I could hit on him in the morning. I knew that Laura and Chris were going out to play tennis early Saturday morning. It was part of Laura’s efforts to get closer to us kids. Once she was out of the house, I’d be alone with dad.

Sure enough, it worked. Chris showed up at about eight, and he and Laura went off to the tennis courts. Dad was still in his bedroom, so I waited until I heard the shower running, then I slipped into the bedroom. I was so excited, between the fear, the desire, and the prospect of getting screwed by my dad, I could barely walk across the room. Without even touching myself, I could feel that my pussy was soaking wet. It was even running down the inside of my thighs. I wanted to stop and just masturbate. And I nearly chickened out. Then I was inside the bathroom. I opened the shower door and stepped inside with dad.

“What? Was the tennis game cancelled?” asked Dad, obviously thinking I was Laura. Then he was like, “Emily! What are you doing?”

I just smiled and dropped to my knees and took my first good look at my dad’s cock. It was a lot like Chris’s, good-sized, only circumcised. I knew I didn’t have much time before Dad stopped me, so I just popped it into my mouth.

Dad was flustered and kept trying to say something, but he couldn’t get a complete sentence out of his mouth. Meanwhile his cock grew hard in my mouth. It tasted good. After a bit I took it out of my mouth and ran my tongue along the shaft down to his balls, popping one of those into my mouth, then the other. Dad just groaned, mumbling something about it being wrong, but he wasn’t stopping me. So I went back to sucking his cock. About a minute later he moaned, grabbed my head, and escort kartal spewed semen into my mouth. I took a moment to swallow, and kept on sucking, knowing that if his dick were anything like my brother’s he would be supersensitive right after coming. Evidently he was, emitting a few yelps of pain mixed with pleasure. I finished up by looking up into his eyes while I continued to run my tongue around the head of his cock, scooping up the last drops of cum.

“What the fuck, Emily?” was all Dad could manage.

I decided that talking would be a mistake at this point. I had him hooked, but I hadn’t landed him.

“That’s just the first act, now you’ve got to take care of my needs, Dad.” I reached over turned off the water, took him by the hand, and led him out of the shower.

I thought about using a towel to dry us off, but that would take time. And in time he would calm down and start thinking clearly. So I just kept walking us into the bedroom, figuring that if the sheets got a little wet, no one would care. Besides, if we did this right they’d have to be washed anyway.

When we got to the bed that he and my stepmother slept in, I pushed him onto it. He was like putty in my hands. I straddled him and lowered my pussy onto his face. He went to town, alternating between sucking on my clit and thrusting his tongue into my vagina. He had a way licking my clit from the inside that was just to die for. I haven’t had all that many partners, but Dad was the best pussy licker I’d experienced, except for maybe Rachel, who is totally into it.

It didn’t take long. I just closed my eyes and thought that this was my father pleasuring me, and I started bucking and gushing.

I was tempted to just slide off dad and curl up, but I knew I needed to stay in control. So I lifted myself off his face, stopping the orgasm before it went too far. I slid down, laying on top of him, and started kissing him, tasting my juices on his face. My God, this was so hot. Finally, I spoke.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while.”

“But we shouldn’t have, you’re my daughter.”

“That’s what makes it so hot. Now I know where Chris gets his talent from.”

Dad was silent for moment. Then, “you mean you and your brother…”

“Yeah, we’ve been fucking for a few weeks now.” I figured it would be best not to mention what we’d been doing with Mom, at least not yet. That could wait that until later.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. I just want to find out if you’re as good at fucking as you are at licking pussy. Are you ready to fuck your daughter? Oh, you almost are,” I said as I reached down and grabbed his cock, which had become semi-erect. I stroked it a few times, getting it rock hard.

I rolled over on my back, pulling my father on top of me.

“C’mon Daddy, fuck me.”

That’s all it took.

“So you really want to be fucked?” he asked me.

I nodded, biting my lower lip.

Suddenly Dad pinned my shoulder down with one hand, and he positioned his cock at the opening to my pussy with the other. Then he thrust forward violently. My lips resisted for a moment, then opened up to him and he thrust deep.

Dad fucked me hard. I couldn’t move my upper body because he had me pinned down by the shoulders, but I could thrust back with my hips. I knew I would be sore later, maybe a even a little bruised, but I didn’t care. It felt so good to have my father plowing into me. Dad was like a wild man. I think I had three orgasms; he just kept going. I was screaming my head off with pleasure. Finally, I noticed that he was tensing up. Dad let out a few grunts and came into my pussy. He rolled off me.

I took a few moments to just breathe, and then leaned over and started kissing him. I’d kissed my Dad before, of course, but never like this. Before it had been affection; this was intimacy.

“I was going to ask if it was good for you too,” I said, finally breaking the kiss and the silence. “But it’s pretty obvious it was.” I could feel his cum running down my thigh. I shivered with the thought that it was my Dad’s cum.

Dad suddenly looked worried.

“Dad, I know what you’re thinking. But it’s cool. We’re just having some fun. I’ve discovered this whole new thing that is sex, and I want maltepe escort you to be part of it. It doesn’t change the fact that we’re father or daughter. And it doesn’t have to be weird.”

I told him about how I had begun to fuck Chris. And I told him about the Giamattis and the Taylors, leaving out their names for the moment, just saying they were “neighbors.” I mentioned that Mom was fucking the neighbors too, and I think Dad made the connection and guessed that Chris and I were fucking her too. I’m not sure whether that reassured him or frightened him more, maybe a bit of both. I told him that I didn’t know where this was going, or if it would be a good idea to continue. Maybe I could introduce him, or him and Laura, to the neighbors. I said I didn’t expect him and Mom to begin fucking again—although I think I secretly hoped that. I mean what kid doesn’t want her divorced parents to get back together. And I also said that if he didn’t want to do this again with me, that was cool. I had kind of jumped him. Hell, I damn near raped him. But that I really wished he would continue to fuck me. It was a really good talk, probably the first my Dad and I had as equals.

All the while we were talking, we were running our hands over each other’s bodies. I took to stroking his penis, and sure enough, after a bit it started to get hard again. We were ready for round two, only I wanted it slower this time. So I went down, took him in my mouth to get him really hard, and then climbed on top.


I’ve always been very open sexually, but incest was never something I thought much about, except that it was something abusive creeps did. I’ve had my share of wild sex, but nothing near as wild as what I experienced after I discovered my husband in bed with my step-daughter.

I never considered myself a slut, but had slept with a fair number of men casually. I’d even been in a couple of threesomes. One was with two gay friends in college who wanted to see what it was like with a woman. That didn’t work out so well. I mean it was okay, but really awkward. They did their best, but it was clear that they just weren’t turned on by me. We remained friends but never tried sex after that one time. Then before I met Jason, I was a third in an poly relationship, a married couple who invited me into their bed on occasion. That was great. They were very loving and respectful, but the sex stayed casual. No deep emotional bonds other than the pre-existing friendship. Even the sex with a woman was good. I discovered that I was a bit bi, although definitely preferring men. That semi-regular threesome ended when Jason and I got serious. (But we’re all friends still.) I figured that I’d be up for doing something like that with Jason in the future if he wanted to. But for the next few years I wanted him all to myself. I had no idea I would be getting into swinging or polyamory or whatever you call it so soon.

But that didn’t prepare me for what I saw that morning.

I’d finally gotten to a place where Jason’s kids were accepting me. That was important to me. I knew that I’d broken up his first marriage—yes, there were troubles before I came along, but I’ve got no illusions about my role in the break up. Jason and I were in this for the long haul, and I really wanted his kids to be okay with me being in their father’s life. I didn’t want to be the bitch-monster who stole their father away.

But anyway, the kids were hanging around our condo more that summer. I’d even started a regular Saturday morning tennis game with Chris. The women I usually play with in the winter aren’t around in summer, and with Chris being home from college he could fill the gap.

I will admit the evening before I’d been a bit weirded out by Emily. She was awfully close to her father—I mean physically close. It seemed a bit strange and inappropriate, the way she was pressing her breasts against him while we watched TV, but I didn’t say anything. I guess I figured she was just an eighteen-year-old girl who wanted some affection from her daddy. I understood that. Besides, I wasn’t about to say anything that might reopen the rift that had been starting to close.

But that Saturday when Chris and I got to the court, it was just too hot to play. Even at eight in the morning. pendik escort bayan The day would be a scorcher. So we played one set, that Chris handily won. (He really is much better than me, but we still have fun on the court.) And we headed back home early.

When we got there, Chris headed into the kitchen to get some water, and I went upstairs to take a shower. But when I opened the bedroom door I was greeted with the sight of my husband fucking another woman. I was stunned. I was about to say something, to scream at him, to tell that bitch to get the hell out of my bed, and how dare she fuck my husband in it. (I said I was open to the idea of sex with other people; I was not open to Jason fucking around behind my back.) But before I could get any words out, I recognized the other woman was Emily. I was dumbfounded. I knew how to react to another woman. I didn’t know what to do when that other woman was my step-daughter and my husband’s daughter.

I just stood there, not saying anything, unable to move. I just watched Emily grind away on top of Jason. Then I noticed a familiar warm feeling start to well up from my gut. I was starting to get turned on. This was wrong in so many ways, but it was exciting. My hand, as if of its own accord moved over and started rubbing my pussy through my tennis skirt and panties. I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be turned on. But I was. If I wasn’t going to step in and stop this, I knew I should leave before I was spotted, but I couldn’t move.

Then I’m pretty sure Emily saw me. She was riding cowgirl on top of Jason and facing the door where I was standing. Jason couldn’t see me unless he craned his head back deliberately to look, but Emily only had to open her eyes. She looked in my direction for a moment, and a slight smile crept over her face, but I couldn’t be sure he she had actually recognized me standing there.

Then I felt two hands on my shoulders and Chris’s head leaning into mine.

“If you’re not going to stop them, maybe you should let them be.”

“What?” I wasn’t thinking clearly. The words came through but I didn’t process them.

“Come with me,” said Chris, taking me by the hand and leading me into his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

“We should talk,” he said.

“What’s going on? I did see Emily and Jason fucking, didn’t I? Did you know about this? How long has this been going on?” the questions just streamed out of my mouth. I didn’t give Chris a chance to respond.

“Hold on. Hold on. I think this is the first time that Emily and Dad have … fucked.” Chris almost couldn’t get that last word out. “She said something to me earlier this week about wanting to sleep with Dad.”

“So you knew they were going to. Did your father plan this too?”

“I didn’t know they were going to. Emily just told me she wanted to. I don’t think Dad knew anything about it. I’ll bet that Emily just jumped him. It’s kind of hard to resist her when she does that.”

I started to read between the lines. “So you’re sleeping with your sister too.”

“Yeah…for about a few weeks now. It’s all pretty new for us. I told Emily that sleeping with Dad was probably not a good idea, but she doesn’t always listen or think things through.”

“I’m going to put a stop to this right now.” I said it, but I wasn’t sure if I meant it.

“Well, you can, but maybe it’d be better to wait, calm down, and talk this through later on. Besides, from what I saw you were pretty turned on by it. I’m not saying that this should continue, but maybe you want to leave the door open for exploring the opportunity.”

“What do you mean? It’s just wrong…”

“You were the one with your hand down your pants while you were watching them.”

I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there.

“I’m not saying that you have to approve,” Chris continued when it was obvious I wasn’t going to say anything. “Just don’t freak out and fly off the handle. Talk to Dad about it first. Let the two of you, and maybe Mom, decide what to do.”

For a nineteen-year-old kid, he made a lot of sense, although the prospect of talking to Jennifer about my husband cheating on me with their daughter didn’t thrill me. So the two of us waited for the pair to finish up in the bedroom. It was awkward, sitting there with Chris, knowing that he was fucking his sister and his sister was fucking their dad, my husband.

Emily was the first to come down the stairs. Chris quickly spirited her off before I could say anything to her. Then Jason came down. We had a lot to talk about.

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