The Neighbors

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My wife and I moved to a this neighborhood with our daughter about 2 years ago now. It’s a very nice area and overall we’ve enjoyed it here so far. Late last year a group of three young, collage aged girls moved into the house next door. They get a bit rowdy sometimes, a lot of cars coming and going at all hours of the night, but other than that they haven’t caused much issue.

Last month my wife Holly and I made the decision to have one of the young ladies, Marcie, start babysitting our daughter when she had to work late hours, I had to go on a business trip or even just for us to go out for the occasional date night. I really liked this because until this time, Holly and I almost never got to go out and enjoy ourselves as young, healthy couples should. Lately Holly has really been spicing things up by wearing some very sexy, satin outfits out on our dates which drives me mad! I’m a lucky guy to have such a sexy wife that indulges me so much, she even wears satin blouses and skirt occasionally to work to give me a little something to think about all day while I work from home and she’s out at the office. She is quite the tease.

It wasn’t long before we decided to trust Marcie with a house key, our daughter really liked her and Marcie seamed to do nothing short of a great job watching and playing with our little one, so we figured it just made things easier. Not long after this something a bit odd happened. One weekday I needed to leave the house to meet a client for lunch, this happened fairly regularly with the kind of work I do. I wasn’t gone more than an hour in a half, but when I came home I noticed that the door was not locked. I entered the house with caution and began to look around, searching each room to assure no one had broken in. As I searched, to my relief there was no sign of force entry or anything missing. That was until I noticed a bottle of vodka sitting on the counter of the liquor cabinet with a empty shot glass. This heightened my concern as I continued through the house.

I finally made it upstairs to the master bedroom when I heard something that sounded like someone going through our dresser drawers. I slowly pushed open the door to find Marcie standing in front of our dresser wearing my wife’s lingerie, admiring herself in the mirror. She was wearing Holly’s favorite black, satin full slip that had several inches of black lace at the hem and bust. As I stood there for a moment wondering what to do, Marcie saw me and jumped with a startled look on her face. That’s when we exchanged words…

“Oh my god, I am so sorry to intrude like this!”
“Wow, you must be wondering what I’m doing in here, let me explain.”
“I really needed a drink and we are all out at my house, so knowing you all had a stocked cabinet, I thought I’d come over and ask you for a drink.”
“When you weren’t home, I just hoped you wouldn’t mind if I used my key and just had a quick drink.”

“Ok, but that doesn’t explain what you’re doing in our room?”

“Well, after I had a couple shots I was feeling a tad tipsy and I started thinking about how much I have always admired the way Holly dresses and then that led to wondering what might be in her closet and well, curiosity just got the better of me.”

Looking her up and down…
“Ok, well my I ask why you are wearing my wife’s slip?”

Glancing down at the bulge in my pants…
“Well you know, I was just looking through all that wonderful shiny, satin in your wife’s closet and I just couldn’t help but try something on.”
“I saw this little, black slip and I just couldn’t help myself.”
“By the look of your crotch, you don’t seam to mind too much?”

Blushing from embarrassment…
“Yeah, well you do look really hot, but this is not appropriate!”
“If Holly knew she would freak the fuck out! Holy shit, I don’t even want to think about it!”
“I am sorry, but you need to take that off and go home.”

Beginning to slide the strap of the slip from her left shoulder…
“Oh, that’s too bad. This soft satin feels so good on my tight body, I was really hoping to wear it a little longer.”
“Oh well…”

I found myself staring at Marcie, mesmerized as she slid the straps of the slip off her shoulders and slowly begin to pull it down her young, curvy body. As the slip came down she exposed her tight, b-cup breasts which only made my cock twitch all the more. Giving me a naughty grin as she took notice to my reaction. Now the slip was down to her waist, and she used her thumbs to hook around the bunched up satin and pull it down over her hips. While watching this I almost gasped as she then revealed that she was also wearing my wife’s black, satin, fullback panties with the lace trimming, they were my favorite.

Enjoying my reaction as the slip fell to the floor…
“Oh yeah, I also went through Holly’s dresser drawers and wow she’s got a huge collection of beautiful satin undies!”
“You must really have a thing for silky satin huh?”
“When I saw these pretty black, shiny panties, I just couldn’t help myself, I just needed to feel them against my shaved pussy.”
“Mmm, they feel just as good as I hoped they would!”
“You like them on me don’t you?”

Trying to keep a serious composure…
“They look very nice on you, but again, this isn’t appropriate!”

Now hooking the sides of the panties with her thumbs and beginning to pull them down…
“Ok then, I guess I need to take these off as well.”
“That’s too bad, I was really enjoying how soft they feel against my wet pussy.”

Not being able to take anymore, I turned away from here and walked toward the door. Before walking out, I turned to her, seeing her standing there now completely naked…
“Get dressed, it’s time for you to go.”

Once downstairs, I pored myself a shot of the vodka Marcie had neglected to put away in hopes of clearing my head a little. I was still a bit in shock at what had just taken place. A few moments later and Marcie came down the stairs and entered the room where I had just pored myself a second shot.

She had an almost evil smirk on her face as she entered the room…
“You mind poring me one of those before I go?”

I pulled out a second shot glass, pored her a shot and handed it to her…
“I’m not sure what that was all about, but I’m a happily married man and let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

With a naughty smile on her face…
“Awe, well that’s too bad.”
“I was actually sort of hoping we were going to have some fun today.”
“I didn’t know you were such a goody-two-shoes, that’s really unfortunate.”
“Oh well, I guess I’ll just go home and play by myself.”
“I hope you’ll let me know if you change your mind?”

Trying to keep a somewhat professional composure…
“It’s flattering that you…wanted to play with me, but I’m a one woman man and I won’t cheat on my wife.”
“I am sorry.”

With a wicked grin on her face, she slams down the empty shot glass and picks up her purse before heading toward the front door to exit…
“Alright sweety, I’ll see you next time I’m needed for babysitting duty!”
“You have yourself a good afternoon!”

She then blew me a kiss and shut the door behind her as she took leave. I gasped, that was actually quite stressful I thought. I don’t think I had felt temptation like that in my whole life. Now to put things away before Holly comes and try to forget this ever happened.

…to be continued.

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