The Networking Event

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Ryan was ready for the meeting to end. His last of the day. The customer was complaining about a tenth of an inch placement of some graphic in the marketing material, and he had heard enough. Plus, he had plans tonight.

As the meeting finally wrapped up, he looked at his phone. There was a text. “Enjoy your networking event tonight. I will enjoy mine!” Summer, his lover had sent this about 10 minutes ago. He chuckled. It was going to be an incredible night.

Summer and Ryan had been having an affair for the past 3 months. Ryan commuted to Detroit for client work. In the evenings, he had client dinners. Most often it was the same client. Summer. They had enjoyed their time together, and something deep and meaningful had grown. More than just sex, they were in love. Not the kind of love where you turned your life upside down, but the kind where two people found happiness and pleasure.

Ryan realized that he was spending more time in Detroit than he figured. So he decided that he needed to meet other business folks from the city. Both for business – and for cover. So he did research and found the Detroit Economic Club. It looked like a good group to get involved with. He had attended a lunch meeting and now it was time to attend one of their evening networking events. It was being held at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center – the hotel he was staying in that week. He was excited for the opportunity to meet more people in Detroit, even if that meant he was not having dinner with Summer.

Ryan drove from the client’s office downtown, and got to the hotel. A quick stop at his room where he dropped off his briefcase. A quick brushing of the teeth, mouthwash, and a splash of cologne. A quick look in the mirror to straighten his tie – he smiled. He was fighting the coming grey – but everyone told him it made him look distinguished. He hated it.

He headed down the elevator to the lobby and walked into the main restaurant area. Volt, the main establishment in the hotel, was the location for the event. He saw a table with a young man and woman, what looked like registration. He checked in, put on his name tag, and took a glass of red wine from the waiter standing just inside. Taking a sip, he looked around the room. Ryan scanned the attendees, about 60 people. Most looked 40 and over. Most were in business wear. This looked like a group he should get to know.

Over the next 30 minutes he worked the room. He introduced himself, chatted about the Lions and the Red Wings, and the revitalization of downtown. He met everyone, Afyon Escort but noticed one person the most. A woman about his height in her heels. Brunette. Well dressed. She was drinking a cocktail with a lime – clear. Vodka soda he wondered? They seemed to circle the room opposite of each other. But they both noticed each other. A quick look at her as she chatted with the leaders of the group. He caught her looking his way and he turned back to the group of lawyers he was engaging with. This went on for another thirty minutes until Ryan was introduced to her. The President of the Group, a woman, having learned that Ryan owned a boutique agency, decided to introduce him to the other marketing folks in the room. They shook hands and the three of them talked for a few minutes. As the president went to speak to someone else, Ryan offered to freshen her drink. She smiled and said please. “Vodka Soda with a lime.” He smiled as he had gotten it right.

Ryan walked over to bar and ordered another glass of wine – a better one. And her drink. He turned to look back at the room and watched as the brunette engaged with another group of women. She smiled and small talked. But she kept her eye on Ryan. And when she saw him watching, she smiled. And then turned around. Ryan noticed her dress and jacket were well tailored, but her legs got his attention. Well defined. Muscular. Tanned. This woman worked out. She also understood her own sexuality. A professional yet sexy heel. His eyes went back up – and she caught him. Her eyebrow went up. Like what you see was telegraphed across the room. He heard the bar tender put the drinks on the bar and he turned around. Whew saved. Ryan put a twenty dollar bill on the bar, quickly adjusted himself, and took the drinks over. He handed them too her. A smile and a thank you.

The networking continued for another sixty minutes. Ryan and the brunette continued to talk with the group. Sometimes in the same group. A smile. A wink. Ryan couldn’t care less about the rest of the room at this point. He wanted to be with Summer, but this woman was driving him wild. He had to see her more. As people started to file out of the room over the last thirty minutes of the event, Ryan ended up back at the bar. Since he wasn’t driving, he could have a third glass of wine. He sat at the bar and ordered another glass. He thought about getting dinner as well. He felt someone slide next to him, and there she was. “Can I buy you that glass of wine? I am going to have one more as well.”

Over the next 30 minutes, Afyon Escort Bayan they chatted. They laughed. She touched his arm. He moved closer. The banter was wonderful – the chemistry was electric. He put his hand on the back of her chair and turned towards her. She put her feet on the bottom rung of his. They were leaning closer. Ryan decided it was time to see where this was going. “Hungry? I was thinking of ordering something here at the bar.”

“I am, but not for food” and with a grin telegraphed exactly what she wanted. “The bill is paid.” And looked at him with the ‘your move’ thought telegraphed on her forehead. Ryan got out of his chair, held hers, and helped her out of her seat. “Let’s take a walk” was his only response.

That walk led to the elevator. Not hand in hand, but close enough that someone might notice something. Ryan pressed the elevator button and they waited. They looked at each other. The energy. Almost animalistic. The door opened and they got in. ‘please no one else walk in – please’ as he hit the button to his floor – the top. They got lucky. As the door closed, Ryan moved the distance between them. He took her face in his hands and kissed her. Not a gentle kiss, not sloppy. Strong. Passionate. She returned it. One arm of his around her waist. One of hers around his neck. Their tongues touched and began to intertwine. ‘Ding’ – they door opened.

Ryan pulled away, took her hand, and let her to his room. He quickly got out the key and opened the door. He held the door open and let her enter first. As he entered and closed the door, he turned to her. She moved quicker than him and was back in his arms. The kiss reengaged. They melded together. Both of her arms around his neck. His hands around her waist. He pulled her close. One hand slid down her back and rested on her ass. He squeezed firm and pulled her close. There was no way she could not feel how hard he was. She moaned and moved closer to him. They continued to kiss. He moved her slowly against the wall. Her hand slid around to his front and slowly down his tie. She stopped at his waist. He pulled her closer.

Ryan decided to see how far this would go. He moved his mouth away from her mouth, and over her cheek. He found her earlobe and softly nibbled on her ear. And then down to her neck. At that point, she became the aggressor. A moan, her hand moved lower to feel his erection. As she squeezed it he moaned into her neck. He stopped kissing her and looked directly into her eyes. No words were spoken. The next thing he noticed Escort Afyon is the zipper of his pants being lowered. A soft but sturdy hand reaching in. Found the opening of his boxers. And quickly his cock was outside his pants. A slow but steady hand job for a few seconds. She looked right at him. She kissed him. He knew what he needed to do next.

His next move was to push her against the wall. His hands slide down her body and down her legs. He moved them back up and pulled the bottom of her dress up. Up and Up to find she was not wearing panties. He groaned low and guttural. He slide two of his fingers in her mouth … she sucked on them. He then slide them down her body to find her wet. He slowly slid them inside her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. A quiet moan. He could not believe how wet she was. She was ready. He was ready.

Swiftly, he lifted her legs and pushed her up the wall. He moved forward, and put his cock at the opening of her pussy. Slowly, he lowered her enough so gravity forced his cock inside her. This time they both moaned, and it wasn’t quiet. Ryan looked into her eyes and said ‘I want to fuck you’ … and he began. Her ankles locked each other behind his back. Pulling him close. His cock bottomed out. He could not believe how warm she was. How tightly her pussy gripped his cock. Deep inside her. It felt so damn good. They kissed as Ryan began to slowly pull out to the tip, and push back in. Ryan proceeded to fuck her. Slow, steady, full strokes. He built up his pace with every thrust. This woman had teased him all night. Now it was time to show her what she had done.

Over a few minutes, they worked up to full speed. Ryan was fucking her long and deep. She was screaming for him to fuck her. “Hard. Deep. Don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Ryan could barely speak “I … am … fucking … you … you … are … mine” as he lifted her as high as she could. And then he lowered her and slammed into her deep. Over and Over. Ryan heard a shoe drop on the ground.

Deep down he felt it. He was going to cum. It was deep down. Ryan was ready. He screamed “I am going to fucking cum!” and she screamed back “fuck me … fill me up with you cum” and that set him off. He felt her pussy clamp down and he felt his balls release. One deep push and Ryan came. A big first blast deep inside. She threw her head back and he felt her pussy clamp down tight. They both screamed and came together. Another thrust. Another shot of cum. This continued for a few more thrusts, each shot of cum smaller. Ryan slowed down. Finally he just pushed inside and held her. He kissed her again.

Finally Ryan was able to speak. “So Miss, Thanks for the interesting evening. But before round two, can I learn your name?” Her eyes twinkled as she said “It’s Summer … pleasure to meet you.”

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