The New Game Ch. 07

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Chapter 07 — Resolution

When I arrived back home on Sunday, my mood was sour. All remnants of Vivian were now gone from the house. I was not at all in the mood to talk and pretty much kept to myself unless answering a question that Penny was asking me directly. The house was too quiet and lifeless for me at the moment. There were times when I wanted the house to be quiet, but on the whole I liked the energy and activity that Vivian and Penny provided. Even if they weren’t doing anything that involved me, the combination of the two of them always seemed to create a buzz in the house.

With Vivian gone and the adjustments to the new weekend rules still settling in, being home now felt a little awkward. I tried desperately to ignore the awkwardness as I got ready for work on Monday morning. That week at the office was as normal as ever. It was as if Vivian’s leaving had not had an impact on the vigor of business. The distraction of work kept me sane, which I appreciated. As the end of the week approached, I occupied more and more of my time wondering when the decision of whom I would spend this weekend with would be revealed to me.

On Thursday afternoon, Nikki tapped lightly on my office door. I looked away from the computer screen in front of me to see her smiling at me from the doorway. She pointed with her right hand in the direction of the conference room and turned to go. I watched as she stepped away and out of sight. I had a distinct feeling that my questions were about to be answered. I hoped that was the case as I made my way into the conference room and took a seat at the already full table. The waiting game was wearing me out.

“So, where am I going this weekend,” I asked bluntly before anyone could say anything.

“Everything is not always about you,” Emma chastised me.

“I know,” I admitted humbly. “But this is.”

“Yes, it is,” Leslie confirmed with a smile.

“You will come to work with me tomorrow,” Penny interjected. “Then you will be spending the weekend with Nikki.”

I looked at her sideways. Nikki and Monica had a baby and enough things going on at home that they did not need me in the way. Plus, I was not 100% sure that Nikki was over what had happened between us at Leslie’s house, even though we had spent a lot of hours together in the office. I wasn’t sure they had thought this through.

“Are you sure that Nikki is the best choice,” I asked gingerly.

Nikki snapped her head around and glared at me intently.

“You don’t want to spend time with me,” she attacked me.

“That’s not it at all,” I replied softly, though I was immediately on the defensive. “Between you, Monica and the baby, I just don’t want to be in the way. You have a system and a routine at home; I don’t want to interfere with that.”

Nikki sat back in her chair and relaxed. She smiled at me wide and then winked. I had no idea what the hell that was about but I rolled with it. It was the most comfortable gesture she had given me since I had been back.

“I think we are all pretty confident that Nikki is the right choice for this weekend,” Brooke confirmed.

That surprised me. Brooke usually stayed quiet during these meetings, unless she had something very poignant to say. It felt like this was a direct message that she was sending to me. Whether or not it was, that is how I was taking it. I smiled at Brooke and then at Nikki. I nodded my head in response and the meeting was adjourned.

I finished my day Thursday and was very quiet at home that night. Penny and I were cordial but I was distant and I knew it. I loved her and I didn’t want to upset her, but adjusting to this new set of rules was taxing me. I wasn’t sure how to feel at home anymore. It was clear that the balance Vivian had provided in the house was not only for the game but for me as well. I missed her and still felt responsible for her leaving. I was working through it, but I was being very hard on myself.

I grabbed my bag the next morning loaded it with stuff for the weekend. Penny smiled at me during the entire ride to the office. When we arrived, I got out the car, but Penny did not. She simply blew me a kiss and turned the car back out of the office parking lot. I made my way to my office and threw my bag on one of my guest chairs before starting my day.

The day passed quickly though the office was very quiet. It was after 5 when Nikki knocked slightly on my office door.

“Almost ready to go,” she asked.

“Sure, just let me know when you are ready,” I confirmed.

“Ok, I’m ready,” she snapped.

I watched as she spun around and headed back to her desk. I shut down my computer and grabbed my bag. As I arrived at Nikki’s desk, she was on the phone. She quickly put the receiver down and smiled at me. She shut her computer off as well and grabbed her purse. Without a word I followed her out of the office and to her car. I tossed my bag in the back and Nikki handed me the keys.

“Take me home,” she instructed me.

I did as I Beylikdüzü Escort was told and climbed behind the wheel. We drove mostly in silence, with Nikki adding directions here and there. I pulled into the driveway of the quaint, brown townhouse where she and Monica lived. I shut the car off and looked over at her. She seemed annoyed and distracted.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her.

“For what,” she asked simply.

“For disrupting your life this weekend,” I admitted. “I will try not to be in the way of you or Monica.”

“You won’t be,” she informed me. “Monica and Brian are staying at my parents’ this weekend.”

This was certainly news to me. I hated to be an inconvenience. I had totally become a disturbance to their routine and I was angry with myself for that.

“Nikki, I didn’t mean for this to happen this way,” I clarified.

“Of course not,” she giggled. “You had nothing to do with the decision.”

She opened her door and stepped out of the car. She stopped when she got to the front door and turned to see that I had not moved. She smiled and gestured with her index finger for me to come inside. I grabbed my bag and exited the car, heading up the small walkway with a heavy heart. I wished this situation were resolved already.

I followed her into the house and dropped my bag in the living room. I took a seat on couch and really tried to become invisible. Nikki excused herself and went upstairs as I flipped the television on and drifted away in my mind. I looked around the room, not having spent any time in this place since Penny turned it over to Nikki and Monica.

There were a great many pictures of the two of them and even more photos of the newest addition to their family. He was such cute, chubby little guy. I could easily see why these two women were so in love with just one man. It made me smile and feel less of a burden as I moved my eyes from picture to picture. This place suddenly felt very comfortable and loving. I knew that must be a good feeling for young Brian.

Nikki returned, now in sweat pants and a t-shirt. She was wearing her glasses as well. I had only seen her wear them once before and I knew she disliked them very much.

“My eyes were bothering me,” she informed me, noticing my fixated glare at her glasses.

I smiled at her as she took a seat next to me on the couch. She instantly grabbed the remote and found something that she wanted to watch. She looked at me cautiously and then laid her head in my lap. Nikki looked up at me and I saw calm in her eyes.

“I did miss you while you were gone,” she admitted.

“I missed you too,” I replied.

“I have to ask you something serious,” she prepared me.

“Go ahead,” I urged her.

“When we were at Leslie’s and I was being so very hard on you, you said something” she recapped.

“Nik, I said a lot of things that night,” I acknowledged. “Any you had every right to be hard on me.”

“Not that hard,” she disagreed. “I was hurt and angry and very scared you would leave again. I still am. But I have to ask you about something else. You said you were not doing this without me. I have not been able to forget those words. Would you have stopped playing this game if I had checked out instead of Vivian?”

I sat there silent, digesting her question and trying to find the truth within myself. I looked down at her and began to hurt inside. I needed to find the words to express the truth inside without insulting anyone in this game, but most of all I needed to be honest with Nikki.

“If I answer that, you have to promise to never repeat it to anyone else,” I requested. “This will have to stay between you and me. Agreed?”

“I promise I will not say a word to anyone,” she agreed quickly.

“The truth is, that I would not or could not have played this game without you,” I explained. “If you had checked out then it would have been game over. Coming back was tough but I was not going forward without you. In my mind and my heart, there are certain players I would go on without and certain players that I refuse to do this without. I won’t name names because I don’t want anyone else to feel slighted, but honestly, without you, I would have been done.”

“Thank you for being honest,” Nikki said to me.

“That night at Leslie’s you said I need each of you women for different things,” I reminded her. “That is very true. I need you for your passion and fire. You are a great barometer of right and wrong. Plus, I love being your friend outside of the game. You are a great woman Nicholette Barns. That fact has never changed for me.”

Tears ran down Nikki’s cheeks as she smiled up at me. I knew we were back to good.

The rest of the evening was uneventful as we watched television and joked around until Nikki went up to bed around midnight. I slept on the couch out of respect. When morning came, I was relieved. Nikki came downstairs pretty early and I could hear her messing around in the kitchen. I got up off Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan of the couch and made my way into the kitchen to find her with her robe on and bright smile on her face. She had made a pot of coffee which was well needed. I had a cup and then went and took a shower. When I returned, we watched a movie and shared a lot of talk about young Brian and how he had changed Nikki’s world so much for the better.

Sometime around noon, Nikki excused herself so she could finally get dressed for the day. I sat there, taking in more of the house and how much it felt like a home. I was looking at the picture on the wall of Penny holding Brian in the hospital shortly after he was born. She looked like a natural. My mind was off to the races until my train of thought was broken.

“Can you come and help me,” Nikki called to me from upstairs.

Her voice shattered the far away place my mind had gone to. I turned from the picture and climbed the stairs with no urgency, taking in the full environment around me. This place was peaceful and healthy; I wasn’t sure why I felt that way but I was very at ease. As I reached the top of the narrow staircase, I was not sure which room Nikki was in.

“Nik,” I called to her as I reached the landing.

“In my room,” she responded.

Obviously her room was not the one with Brian’s name on the door in multi-colored blocks. I was sure that was a safe bet. I entered the other of the two bedrooms, pushing the door open slowly. There was a desk to the left, whose chair had been pulled out into the center of the room. On the right was a dresser with a television on top of it and further right was a large, I am guessing king size, bed. The room wrapped around slightly, between two closets to a bathroom that was connected to both bedrooms. I still did not see Nikki.

“Nik,” I called out again.

I put my hands on the back of the chair and leaned on it, waiting for a response. I noticed that on the floor in front of the chair were three shoe boxes. I couldn’t figure out what Nikki was up to but I hoped she would explain it to me.

“Have a seat,” Nikki called out to me from the bathroom.

I did as I was told and sat myself in the chair. I waited patiently until I felt Nikki hands on my shoulders. She massaged my shoulders lightly for a few moments before lowering her head and placing her chin on my right shoulder.

“I wanted to clear some things up with you,” she whispered.

“Ok, I am listening,” I allowed.

“Now, after some further thought, I was probably too hard on you when you came back,” Nikki explained. “So I apologize. I am part of this game and I want you. I want you for all the things you mean to me and how you make me feel.”

“I’m yours,” I responded.

“Do you remember when we were in Las Vegas,” she asked.

“Of course I do,” I confirmed.

“Do you remember what I told you,” she pressed.

“You said you were scared to become a mom,” I recounted.

“Yes I did,” she agreed. “But that’s not what I was referring to. Do you remember me telling you that I save my mushy, girly side for Monica?”

“I do remember that,” I again confirmed.

“That is still the case,” Nikki revealed. “When we were at Leslie’s I admitted that I was angry because I let myself become an over-emotional prototypical girl. Today, I am hoping you can help cure me of that.”

“What did you have in mind,” I questioned.

“Well, do you remember how hard you fucked me in Vegas,” she asked.

“Of course,” I cemented.

“Do it again, today,” she requested. “Please. Treat me like a filthy slut. Forget that we are friends, forget that I am a mother, and forget everything. Fuck the shit out of me and cum all over me. Make me feel like the naughty, dirty girl that I used to be and not the vulnerable mess that I have turned into. Please, please do this for me.”

“Wow, that’s a hell of a request,” I acknowledged. “Are you sure?”

“I am so sure that I am begging you,” she moaned. “Use me, abuse me and make me feel the rush I used to feel when you fucked me.”

She licked my earlobe and stuck her tongue in my ear. My cock spasmed in my pants as she did that.

“Anything you want,” I surrendered.

“Good,” she giggled. “Now pick a box.”

I looked down at the floor in front of me. The three boxes stared back at me.

“What’s in them,” I asked.

“My three sexiest pairs of shoes,” Nikki disclosed. “I will wear whichever pair you pick. And you get to cum on them. I remember how hard you came on my shoes the first time we fucked. That carnal force is what I am missing.”

I exhaled a deep breath, trying not to let my mind run wild but it was too late. Nikki had me wrapped around her finger and willing to give her whatever she wanted. I extended my right arm and pointed down at the center box.

“I’ll take the middle one,” I announced.

“Oh good,” Nikki expressed. “Now get up and get undressed.”

I rose from the chair Esenyurt Escort and turned around. Nikki was completely naked behind me. Her body looked as gorgeous as ever. Her milky white skin and her long blond hair made her the picture of beauty and sexuality. She was almost statuesque.

I discarded my shirt as she moved around and sat in the chair. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants while Nikki picked up the box on the right. She sat in the chair holding the box as I tossed my pants and underwear aside. My stiff erection stood firm in front of me, pointing at Nikki. She glared at my dick before looking up at me.

“I have been looking forward to this part,” she said lustily.

“What part is that,” I inquired.

“The part where we see which pairs of shoes you didn’t choose,” she informed me. “It’s a little foreplay, a little teasing and a lot of getting you ready to fuck me raw.”

My cock twitched hearing her words as precum began trickling out of the tip. Nikki lifted the lid of the box and pulled out one of the shoes. It was a red, patent leather pump with a very thin 5 inch heel. They were hot shoes and would have looked awesome on Nikki. She showed the shoe to me, turning it to both sides before reaching out and running the thin heel along the length of my shaft before returning it to the box.

She set the box down and picked up the box on the left. She removed the top and extracted a black leather pump with extremely pointy toe and steel 5 inch heel. I groaned just seeing it and felt a massive rush of blood to my crotch when Nikki seductively slid it onto her foot. She slowly extended her gorgeous leg and pressed the pointy toe of the shoe to my ballbag. She massaged my scrotum gently for a moment and then turned her foot upright to run the steel heel along my rigid member. I closed my eyes and gasped.

Nikki withdrew her foot and removed the shoe. She placed it back in the box and returned the box to the floor in front of her. She grabbed the center box that I had chosen and placed it in her lap. She glared at me playfully as she sat there.

“Ready to see what you chose,” she asked.

“Very ready,” I grunted full of lust.

“Good,” she approved. “That means that I have you just where I want you.”

She lifted the lid of the box and tossed it aside. She pulled out both of the shoes in the box and placed them on the floor in front of her. They were sandals with a very thin, high heel and lots of straps. I watched as Nikki slid her right foot into the shoe and collected the multitude of straps hanging around her foot. She began to weave the straps around her ankle and up her sexy calf. It became clear that these straps went very far up her leg. Finally she tied off the straps just below her knee.

The sight of her sexy leg all wrapped up in straps sent waves of desire and lust through me. I watched her slide her left foot into the other shoe and repeat the process of lacing it up her leg. I groaned as fluid leaked consistently from the tip of my pecker. When she was done, Nikki crossed her legs in the chair and smiled at me.

“I don’t mean to be shy,” Nikki giggled.

She then uncrossed her lovely legs and spread them very wide on the chair. She moved her right hand down to her pussy and spread her lips apart. She massaged her clit with her index finger and teased me heavily. I watched in sheer delight as she touched herself. She grinned at me as she stopped and slid her ass to the edge of the chair.

She gestured for me to come towards her with her index finger. I moved to her and stood over her as she lifted her legs off the floor. She grabbed her well wrapped calves with her hands and pulled her feet very close to her face. Nikki was very flexible and I was very turned on. She licked the heels of her shoes seductively while I watched.

“Fuck me,” she growled. “Jam that dick inside me right fucking now.”

I did exactly as I was told. I positioned my cock to her opening as she was almost folded in half beneath me on the chair. I entered her flooded gash very easily and it felt like heaven. Nikki put her shoes on my shoulders and smiled at me, and then her look turned deadly serious.

“I SAID FUCK ME,” she yelled.

I knew what she wanted and I was more than happy to give it to her. I retracted my rod from her snatch and reinserted it as forcefully as I knew how. I began ramming her box aggressively, enjoying every second of the pounding I was giving her. I slammed into her over and over as she groaned louder each time. I injected my rock hard pole into her again and again with all my energy and Nikki could not seem to get enough. She gasped and grunted with each crash of my flesh to her.

The intensity of each meeting of our bodies was too much for me and my first batch built quickly. Nikki pushed me off of her and presented her shoes to me quickly. I loved when any of the women did this, but at this moment, I was glad it was Nikki giving me the thing that they all knew made me cum the absolute hardest. I exploded violently all over her sexy, strappy sandals. I grunted and growled as each jet jumped from my organ onto her feet. The orgasm was mind-blowing. I buckled at the knees as I finished.

I stood over Nikki, staring at her cum soaked sexy feet. She glared at me lustily.

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