The New Office Ch. 02

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Rachel had left me alone in the office, exposed and unsatisfied. With no small amount of resignation, I tucked myself back into my pants and began considering the recent turn of events. Yes, Adrienne had agreed to coax Maria from the room long enough for Rachel to abandon her impromptu blowjob under my desk and run to the door. But at what cost? I had texted her an exceptionally compromising photo, the release of which could derail my career–not to mention Rachel’s.

Maria came back a few moments later, alone. She paid me no more attention than usual, again focusing immediately on paperwork. In reality the stormy demeanor suited her Catalan looks–her dark eyes, full lips, and naturally bronzed skin conveyed an imperious mien. I suddenly realized that I had literally never heard her laugh in our three weeks of sharing an office.

“That was quick. Did you and Adrienne resolve the issue with Operations?” I asked innocently.

“I think Adrienne must have eaten something for lunch that didn’t agree with her,” Maria replied as she looked more closely at something on her desk. She often bent from the waist rather than the knees, which had the effect of highlighting the seat of her well-defined ass even further. Doing so at the moment, she continued, “We were about only halfway there when she excused herself and ran for the restroom.”

“Do you think she’ll be okay? Should I ask Rachel to check on her?”

The brunette brushed a trailing lock of thick hair out of her eyes as she looked up at me. “I think it would be best if you didn’t ask Rachel to do anything for the time being. Or have you forgotten how the ‘health exam’ ended last week?” She raised her eyebrows but added, not without sympathy in her voice, “I understand that you were just following their instructions, and ended up with a mess on your ha–“

Maria realized her unintentional double entendre and paused, closing her eyes. She stood up straight, put her hands on her hips and took a deep breath. A thrill of arousal ran through me, unbidden, at the knowledge that she was mentally picturing my accidental release onto Kelly’s face.

“What I mean is, it’s not you. It’s really not.” She walked over to my desk and reached out a hand to gently touch the sleeve of my jacket. “You’re doing great work and I can tell that you’re not letting yourself be distracted anymore by Adrienne, despite the fact that she continues to wear those ridiculous tops.” She paused. “I really need to take the poor girl shopping.”

“All that said, I expect Rachel to know better, and until I feel like I can trust her judgment again, I just don’t want to see her.”


The rest of the day passed uneventfully, although Adrienne did not return. Given her apparent illness, I questioned whether her cryptic final message, in which she had demanded that we meet upstairs at 8pm, was still in play. Not wanting to further antagonize her, however, I decided to work late and head up to the bar on the off chance that she was still counting on my appearance.

I exited the elevator a few minutes early and again went straight through the empty bar to a small table against the window in the back. A candle flickered in contrast to the twinkling city lights outside. The ambience was as atmospheric as ever, the tables cloaked in tranquil shadow and the music carrying an air of ineffable melancholy. I struggled with the sense of unreality that comes when one is peculiarly aware of one’s surroundings, as if the world had been somehow blurred or shifted.

At 8pm sharp Adrienne entered the bar. Above a pair of stylish jeans she wore a form-fitting red thermal, the corded fabric stretched thin over her unwieldy chest. Her green eyes, thick dark glasses, and high messy bun bespoke a mousy intelligence. She sat down across from me with a hesitant look. Her breasts were resting heavily on the table in what seemed like a commonplace position for the girl.

“Thanks for meeting me up here,” Adrienne began slowly. “I didn’t want to talk downstairs. Maria works at weird hours sometimes and the last thing I wanted was for her to overhear us.”

“It’s no problem at all, especially after you, um, covered for me earlier.” I gave a small, embarrassed smile as Adrienne ordered a diet soda from a nearby server. “But I thought you had gone home sick?”

“Oh, that was a cover story. I just needed to get out of the office for a bit.” With what appeared to be some difficulty, the tall brunette forced herself to look me squarely in the eye. “You probably already know what I want to talk about. What’s going on between you and Rachel?”

I hardly had to think before answering. “Rachel and I are just friends.”

Adrienne immediately creased her brow skeptically. “Oh really? Hm. Why do I find that hard to believe? Oh, right. This.” She pulled her phone from her pocket, scrolled for a moment, and turned it to reveal the picture I had sent her earlier.

Together we looked at Rachel’s Afyon Escort lips stretching around my erection as her brown eyes lit with excitement. I was struck by a sudden reminiscence of all the things the picture could not capture: her tongue swirling back and forth on the underside of my cock, her right hand pumping up and down in perfect synchronicity, her left hand rubbing the inside of my thigh. I remembered just how close to orgasm I had come, and how I had been frustratingly denied.

Adrienne looked back up at me. “Well?” she asked, her eyes pleading.

I realized I would have to do more explaining. “You probably noticed that I was just as surprised as you were when she darted under my desk. And once things started moving, I tried to stop her but couldn’t with Maria right there.”

The buxom girl paused, thinking. “I guess you did seem pretty nervous the whole time…”

I looked at her seriously. “I’m telling you, there’s nothing going on between us. She’s been all over me but I’ve been trying to cut things off. I’m sorry you got roped into it.”

Adrienne looked at me sheepishly for a moment and then broke into a small smile. “I was worried that she had, you know, stolen you.”

I looked into her eyes. “What do you mean?”

She had moved in closer to me over the small table, her face only a few inches from mine. “Oh, I don’t know… I was so nervous in the office before you got here. I had only been here a few months before you started, you know, and I hadn’t really met anyone I could talk to. But I feel like with you around, I have a friend…”

With that, Adrienne moved her hands onto mine. “Maybe even a friend I want to get to know better.”

She then caught me by surprise with a tentative kiss, our mouths opening only slightly. The moment felt surreal. She ended it with a gentle, teasing bite on my lower lip, a small act of graceful adventurousness that told me I had perhaps written her off too quickly as an awkward wallflower.

Just as I was wondering how to explain that I thought inter-office dating would be a bad idea, as I done with Rachel, a server carrying a large glass of soda discreetly appeared at Adrienne’s side. She, meanwhile, had returned to the topic of the photo and was describing her feelings in some detail. “Now I feel so silly. Here I was imagining all sorts of things–“

She gestured aggressively outward with her left arm, as if to emphasize exactly how wild her imagination had run, but inadvertently upended the proffered beverage in the process. The glass’s cold contents spilled out in a rush, the vast majority landing directly on her red top in an unsightly mess.

A pouting look appeared on Adrienne’s face as her shirt darkened with wetness. She clenched her fists and closed her eyes, tilting her chin upward. “Ugh! And things were going so well!”

I stood and came around to other side of the table as the server rushed to get napkins. “It’s okay!” I tried to console her with a smile. “Come on, we’ll get you cleaned up in no time.”

She looked up at me and groaned. “But my shirt is soaked! I can feel it soaking into my bra… This is so gross. I’m really sorry.” With that, she stood, ignoring the returning server’s towel and grabbing my hand. “Come on. Maria keeps spare clothes in one of those wardrobes downstairs. I need to change this minute.”

I looked at her, surprised. “You’re going to borrow one of Maria’s shirts? And you think it’s going to… fit?”

“We’ll make something work.” She smiled with yet another flicker of the adventurous spirit I had just seen for the first time.

After taking the elevator back down, we returned to the office. Adrienne immediately rushed to the large wardrobe perched to the left of the door, not far from Maria’s desk, and opened it, revealing the contents to me for the first time. A row of women’s shirts and pants draped on hangers, shoes lined the bottom, and a number of scarves, gloves, and other winter apparel hung from knobs on the inside of the door. On a higher shelf I saw several bras.

“Turn around for a minute,” Adrienne announced. I complied, facing the window and trying to imagine how Maria’s tight clothing would possibly accommodate the much taller, bustier Adrienne. In my peripheral vision I saw a clumped-up red top fly across the room and land behind Maria’s desk. A moment later a conspicuously large bra followed.

Knowing that Adrienne was topless behind me was almost too much to take. The manner in which her heavy teardrop breasts sat incongruously on her tall, slender frame had been a source of daily fascination for me since our introduction. Even the partial sight of her bare chest downstairs in the locker room had been enough to send me toward orgasm as Rachel had stimulated my cock between her toned thighs.

Adrienne snapped me back to the present as she at last called out again. “Okay. You can look now. But remember I’m trusting you to be a gentleman.” As I turned, Afyon Escort Bayan I was shocked to see that she had not yet put on a shirt–instead she fiddled at the center of her bust with what appeared to be the closure mechanism of a white front-clasping bra. The bra’s band size looked to be more than sufficient but the actual cups were in the process of being comically overwhelmed.

The brunette looked down with concern as each of her pale, melon-sized breasts protruded from the top of its designated cup like an enormous cupcake rising over the ridge of its wrapper. Her nipples, though not visible, apparently sat high enough on her breasts that the edges of pale pink areolae rose above the cusp of each undersized cup, fading outward into white, delicately veined skin.

At last she finished clasping the bra. Although her breasts’ natural shape had caused their soft mass to collect in and above the cups, enough breast tissue was forced inward and upward to create a line of deep cleavage almost a foot in length, rising from the bra’s clasp nearly to her collarbones. As Adrienne modeled her effort for me, her hands clasped demurely behind her back, each breast rippled, jello-like.

I gaped openly, my eyes pinned to her chest, which sat heavily over her narrow rib cage, slender waist, and flat stomach. “That can’t possibly be comfortable,” I marveled.

Adrienne shrugged at me, a bemused smile on her face. “I’m a 32F and this bra is a 36C. You do the math. Let’s see what else I can find in here.”

She turned back to the cabinet and took out one of Maria’s white button-down shirts, her breasts bobbling wildly as she put her arms through the sleeves. She then began buttoning the shirt from the bottom upward, looking up at me periodically through her glasses with a twinkle in her eyes. She plainly found this entertaining.

The shirt at last began to resist as Adrienne strained to clasp it at her bust. With her wrists and forearms she pushed her breasts up and in, lessening the circumference of her chest enough that she was able to fasten the button. She did the same for the next point of attachment, manipulating her breasts within the shirt as necessary. After some effort she was able to affix a third button over her chest.

The young woman at last looked up, proudly displaying her handiwork to me. The shirt was stretched well beyond capacity around her breasts, the fabric pulling back from the points at which the shirt clasped to reveal sizable windows of cleavage between each north-south pair of buttons. Her breasts also billowed upward invitingly from the topmost button.

Adrienne sat down in Maria’s chair with an exaggerated thump, as if tired by her effort. At last I broke my gaze from her chest and walked toward her behind Maria’s desk, remembering something important.

“Adrienne, can we talk about maybe, um, erasing that picture on your phone? It makes me a little uncomfortable to have that sort of thing floating around.”

In response she again took out her phone and looked at the picture, seeming to think about the question for a moment. “If you want me to delete the picture, I will.” She paused. “But I’m sure you’d understand if I still felt a little jealous of Rachel… maybe you could replace the picture with something I could see for myself…” She trailed off and looked down meaningfully at my pants.

I had recently begun to feel as though every time I tried to extract myself from the sexual antics that seemed to follow me throughout the workplace, I in fact became only further embroiled. This confirmed it.

Still, I knew that getting rid of the picture was one big step toward ensuring that I would remain in Maria’s good graces.

“Deal,” I said. I removed my belt and unzipped my pants, pulling them down along with my underwear enough to expose myself only feet from Adrienne’s attentive gaze. I was already quite erect from her earlier display. My audience of one had leaned back in her chair, crossed her long legs, and clasped one arm beneath the shelf of her breasts, emphasizing them further. The other hand she raised to her lips, as if evaluating a piece of art.

“Good enough?” I asked, confirming that I had upheld my end of the bargain.

Adrienne hesitated for a moment. “Not quite. I think I want…” She bit her lip, suddenly once again a nervous twenty-two-year-old with little sexual experience. She continued in a small, hesitant voice. “I think I want to see you cum. The way you did for Kelly and Rachel in the health clinic.” She paused, looking around. “Here, use this.” She pushed forward a bottle of hand lotion that Maria kept on her desk and leaned forward, getting a better view of my exposure.

I mentally groaned, already knowing that things were getting out of hand, but decided that there were worse things in life than being asked to masturbate in front of a busty young coworker. I took the bottle, squeezed out a generous amount of lotion, Escort Afyon and tentatively began to stroke myself.

Adrienne peered closely as I pumped, twisting along the length of my shaft. After a moment she arched backward and unbuttoned her jeans. Not taking her eyes from my erection, she lowered a hand into her underwear and began rubbing.

The sight aroused me even further. I stroked more quickly, the upper halves of the tall girl’s breasts jiggling in time with the pulse of the hand between her legs. We continued for a moment or two, reveling in the sight of one another’s arousal.

Still a few feet away from my seated officemate, I moved to adjust my footing. I had failed to notice, however, that Adrienne’s discarded bra rested on the floor at my feet. Between that and my pants, which were now wrapped around my ankles, I somehow tangled my feet and lost my balance. As I stumbled forward against her, she reached out with her free hand and helped me stabilize.

We both looked down to see the head of my cock resting only an inch or two from one of the openings between the straining buttons in Maria’s shirt, a large drop of pre-cum glistening on my tip. Adrienne glanced up at me, her eyes urgent. I suspected based on our earlier conversations that she had never touched a penis before.

As I held still, Adrienne moved herself forward on her chair. The tip of my member slipped through the opening between the buttons and pressed against the fleshy cleavage created by her constrained breasts.

As she began touching herself again, I slowly pushed forward and watched as, with little effort, my slick cock was engulfed by her chest.

I began to thrust myself in and out of her cleavage, her shirt still clasped around my shaft. I then lowered my hands to the sides of the shirt, pushing inward against Maria’s defeated bra, to enhance the degree of tightness.

Toward the end of each thrust I felt my cock brush Adrienne’s breastbone and deflect slightly upward. Such was the depth of her cleavage that only the tip of my head emerged from between her breasts, poking up briefly and then disappearing with the timing of each thrust. The sensation was qualitatively different from vaginal or oral sex–her breasts were endlessly soft and receptive, and the view of my long, thick cock slowly disappearing into a small gap in the beautiful girl’s top and then emerging again as I pulled out, inch by inch, was intensely arousing.

Adrienne’s eyes remained locked downward on my cock thrusting in and out of the makeshift entrance to her chest, her hand pumping more and more quickly between her legs as she began to moan quietly in what I presumed was a prelude to orgasm. An unknowable amount of time passed as I focused on the girl before me: her glasses, her thick brown hair, her pale, perfect breasts jiggling about in Maria’s undersized shirt and bra.

Knowing that Adrienne wore Maria’s clothing made it all the more exciting as I momentarily pictured the Spanish supervisor pleasuring herself before me. Given that Maria’s chest was not large enough to engulf my length the way Adrienne’s had, I instead imagined her flashing dark eyes locked upward to mine as she rubbed my cock lovingly against her cheek, her sensuous lips casting about until at last they wrapped around me and took me in.

I was pulled back to the present as Adrienne began to shudder and shake wildly, her arms trembling and breasts jiggling emphatically before me. I could barely distinguish whether she was in the throes of ecstasy or having a seizure as I too began to climax, my cock still pumping at a slightly upward angle between her confined breasts.

A small geyser of cum spurted upward from Adrienne’s cleavage as the head of my cock emerged, spurted heavily, and again retreated. A bevy of similar eruptions followed, the strands of warm semen reaching even the underside of her chin. The pulses eventually decreased in magnitude, finally slowly to a modest bubbling of thick white ejaculate that pooled in her cleavage. I released my hands and withdrew my cock slowly.

Adrienne continued lightly touching herself as she looked up at me, her breathing heavy and eyes unfocused. Without breaking eye contact, she ran the fingers of her free hand along the underside of her chin, catching a considerable amount of semen in the process. The girl parted her lips and made a show of using her tongue to rake the cum inward from her fingers, one by one, swallowing delicately after each. From time to time she again shuddered from what I presumed to be aftershocks of her orgasm. I had never felt so desired by a woman as I did at that moment.

Apparently unsatisfied, Adrienne then cast her eyes downward to her white breasts and the tablespoon or so of ejaculate resting between them. I was amazed to see the girl lower her face toward the high plateau of cleavage and lap her long tongue outward, scooping much of the thick substance up and into her mouth.

This time she made a point of demonstrating that she had not yet swallowed by circulating the semen back and forth in her mouth, savoring it, still touching herself below all the while. At last with a visible gulp she took it downward and trembled for a final time.

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