The Night Before

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Big Tits

The weight of your toned body presses against mine as you pin me to the wall. Your hands are gripping my face, keeping it close to yours as we kiss hungrily. Already I can feel your erection rubbing against me and I long to be sat upon it, riding you hard until you come. Just the thought leaves me breathless and I frantically start clawing at your belt, loosening it, desperate to feel your hard dick in my hands again. You let out a moan as I open your jeans to free you and you pause to gasp for breath at my first touch before winding your hand into my hair and pulling my head back opening my chest out. You are grinding against me as I stroke the end of your cock, your teeth sinking into my neck, your tongue running along my collarbone and I can feel myself getting wetter by the second.

Suddenly you pull away and, grabbing me by the hand, drag me into the bedroom and throw me down upon the bed. Dropping your jeans and shedding your t shirt you tear at my clothes, pulling at my trousers and tugging my top over my head until they are in a heap on the floor with yours. Then your body is above me, your lips are back on mine and your tongue is busy exploring my mouth once more. All the time you are grinding your hips to mine, the end of your cock rubbing my clit through our underwear, making me buck beneath you with each jolt it sends through my body. Pulling me up towards you, you unclasp my bra and cast it aside before laying me back down. Once again you start biting at my neck, moving down my chest before reaching güvenilir bahis my now exposed breasts. You are being driven by pure lust and you hear me cry out as your fingers pinch just a little too roughly at my nipple. You replace your fingers with your mouth and lightly suck at my nipple to sooth it and you let the other hand pinch more gently at the other one.

My hand is gripping the back of your neck as you pinch and lap at my breasts in turn, my body writhing beneath you with the delicious sensations running between my nipples and clit with every stroke. I want to take you in my mouth, I want to lick and suck at the end of your dick till it drives you wild but you won’t let me. As I try to lift myself you push me back down and, standing up, hook your fingers into the sides of my thong and pull it away from my body. You quickly remove your boxers giving me a full view of your pulsing cock standing proud, waiting to be inside me. I sit up on the bed and start to reach for you but you give me a warning look and I stop. Then you lightly run your own fingers up your shaft, gripping and rubbing as you reach the tip, teasing me, almost daring me to move.

‘You want it don’t you?’ you ask me through panting breath.

‘Please don’t,’ I reply as my eyes widen imploringly.

‘You want it.’ You repeat as your hand starts stroking the whole length. Sliding down, pulling the skin back you know this is killing me and its getting harder for you to keep control.

Letting go you lean towards me türkçe bahis and, gripping my head in one hand press your lips to my ear.

‘You want to be fucked don’t you?’ you whisper in my ear sending a shiver down my spine.

‘No,’ I begin but you stop me from going any further.

‘Tell me,’ you ask, and then I feel a gentle suck at my ear lobe, a light brush down my neck and over my cheek and suddenly we are face to face. Your eyes are staring straight into mine as you let go of my hair and stand upright again.

‘ Tell me,’ you repeat more forcefully, your hand once again gripping your dick but harder this time.

I pull myself onto my knees and, kneeling on the edge of the bed in front of you, start stroking and kissing my way over your stomach, moving my way up, brushing your nipples briefly, continuing up your chest until I am knelt upright. You don’t stop me. Your eyes are closed now and your breath has deepened as you stand there stroking the end of your straining cock. I put my arms up around your neck and draw your face towards mine, my lips lightly brushing against yours.

‘Fuck me,’ I say, and instantly I see your eyes open. ‘I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock pushing deep inside me over and over again, harder and faster until I’m screaming your name and you spill your cum inside me.’

Your mouth presses hard to mine, sucking, biting at my lips and tongue before you drag me off the bed and push me over the dressing table. Parting my lips you watch as you slowly güvenilir bahis siteleri nudge the end of your desperate cock into my warm, soaking pussy. I almost cry out as you push your way inside, filling me up, making my legs shake as you are finally inside me. You instantly start pushing hard, all the time watching every stroke as it enters and leaves me, glistening in my juices. You gasp as I arch my back to pull you in deeper and grab hold of my hips to steady yourself. Looking up in the mirror before me I see you bite your lip as you start to move faster and then you are staring straight back at me. With every stroke I see your eyes briefly close, your mouth open as you gasp for breath and as I watch your muscles ripple I long to reach out and touch you.

As you get to the point of losing control you start fucking me real hard and fast. My stomach is tightening, my pussy is contracting and the moans escaping from my mouth are getting louder and more frequent. You watch me in the mirror as you fuck me, you watch my breasts moving back and forth and you see the look in my eyes begging for more, always begging for more. And you will always give me what I want. You keep going as long as possible, holding on until you see the sweat glistening down my back and suddenly you hear me crying your name and it is too much. With a loud moan you let your hot, salty load spill deep inside me, feeling me still pushing back, prolonging your orgasm until you finally pull away and collapse onto the bed.

My legs shaking I stumble over and fall next to you. Leaning one arm over you pull me close to you and kiss me on the forehead before letting go and we both just lay there, not caring about anything else in the world, just trying to catch our breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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