The Night of the Bonfire

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A long night around the fire with a group of friends left her exhausted, but still glowing from the night’s drinks. She sat and smiled, gazing up at the stars. The fire’s embers were dying, and almost everyone had gone inside to pass out in their haze. This once a year bonfire was amazing and the day had been full of nothing but fun.

She had taken the time to chat with everyone, even the newcomers, but the reality was Violet was tired of the talking and enjoyed this time when most were asleep to just lay back in the chair and look up at the night sky and all it had to offer.

“Hey, what are you up to here alone?” Dean wandered up, shattering her peace and plopped down on the overstuffed chair next to her. She and he had traded some quaint talk earlier as she poured herself a drink and she had to admit he was intriguing.

“I’m just enjoying the peace of it all. I live in the city, so coming to places like this allows me to relax. Aren’t you going to pass out with the others?” She smiled at him.

“I was, but I realized I hadn’t had a chance to chat with you, so when I looked around and you weren’t there, I thought I would chance outside.” He grinned at her, more behind his smile than she had seen the first time. The alcohol probably kept a haze over her she thought.

“We chatted a little, but tell me what do you want to chat about now?” She was coy playing her ever enticing self. She always was a flirt after all. She pulled the sweatshirt in close to her as she spoke and took another sip of her beer.

The next hour stretched out as she talked with the mysterious Dean about music of all things. Somehow the topic had come up with the nearby radio started to play Slayer. The two apparently shared an intense love for almost every genre and the conversation went from there.

They had somehow turned in their chairs so they could talk face to face about the concerts they had been to and were soon laughing.

“Violet, can I ask you something?” Dean suddenly broke up their conversation.

“Sure, what’s up?” She was open then not even considering what he might want to talk about.

“How come in all the parties, bonfires, grill outs, all of it, I have never seen you with a guy on your arm?” Dean was blunt in his question. Normally Violet would have batted it away with a sarcastic remark, but she was far too buzzed and enjoying their conversation.

“I don’t know…well…I guess I just don’t really get involved with anyone long enough to bring them around my friends you know. Why the hell are you stalking me by the way?”

“I swear I’m not stalking you. You know I’ve never talked to you this much, but I still can’t even imagine how you aren’t involved with someone. I mean I brought a girl with me once and most of these guys are all couples now. You, though, – not once.” Dean was looking at her searching her face for an answer.

“I have been involved with people over the years, but I don’t know I guess just never felt like being tamed.” She smiled and threw her head back enjoying the relaxation that was awash over her from the alcohol.

“Are you cold? I think there was a blanket around here.” Dean stood and walked a few paces before returning with a blanket that he placed on her.

“Oh shit, could you see that I was nerping? I thought this shirt was thick enough, but now that it’s chilly…shhiiiiiiit.” She laughed a little letting herself relax chatting with this friend of a friend of a friend. He was exceptionally easy to talk to after all. She wondered looking Afyon Escort at him how she hadn’t noticed him before. Perhaps it was because she intentionally tried to keep this group as friends and nothing more. She didn’t want to ruin the dynamic. Dean was getting sexier by the second though – that gravel in his voice was intense.

“No, but I definitely want to take the blanket back now.”

“Nice…you know I think I just tend to let myself be free and enjoy time with who I want. Then, there are chains that creep in and I just don’t find a fit.”

“Are you about to tell me you are one of those exceptionally hot girls that just gives love out freely and goes about her days without a need for anyone?” Dean sounded almost astounded at his own words and he relaxed back in his chair sucking down the last of his beer.

“I don’t know about exceptionally hot, but I guess that’s sort of how I view things. The problem, I think, is that if you want to fuck someone and don’t then you build up all this frustration. It clogs up your thinking. So, if you are feeling something you should go for it unless there are obvious reasons you shouldn’t like I would never fuck someone married or in a relationship…that sort of thing.” Her words came out almost to herself. She hadn’t given a second thought to what Dean might be trying to hint at. Violet was caught up in the magic she was feeling in this quiet night air.

“Well, I’m completely single, and honestly, the further up that skirt rides the more I can’t stop looking at where it’s going.” Dean’s words were level and snapped Violet into the moment.

Violet shifted in her seat suddenly a little shy. She slid her legs off the arm and around to the front of the chair. The blanket wrapped around her shoulders was suddenly a shroud against what she at first felt was an invasion. Not an invasion of her privacy, but an invasion into her serenity and her enjoyment of friendship this evening.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, I just thought you were flirting and it’s so awesome to talk with you and…”

“Shut up stupid and give me a second.” Violet threw the blanket off her shoulders and let the cool air embrace her as she stood and walked over to face Dean. Inches away he was forced to lean his head back to stare at her. The moonlight shone across his face allowing her a first real look at him since their conversation started.

His hair was short and appeared light brown or dirty blond. His skin, from her recollection earlier was well-tanned. She saw now how nicely his nose was shaped and how his eye lashes were exquisite for a man. He had hazel eyes, which she could only partially make out in the dim lighting. Dean’s chin was covered with light stubble and cut a nice line just under a set of lush lips that beckoned her. He was very sexy in moonlight and otherwise. He sat there staring at her waiting for her thoughts.

“You know the problem here is if I decide to fuck you tonight it will make this whole friend thing awkward. I mean, you have my number already I think, but this is not going to turn into a call me and we’ll hang out.”

“That’s not the problem I think. I think the problem is you want to fuck me and you are thinking about it despite what you said a few minutes ago. Oh and you are definitely nerping, which is not helping my situation.”

“You’re right. We should fuck and…and…can it just be that for you? Can you just fuck and enjoy it?” Violet didn’t know him well enough to have the answer, but she definitely wanted to Afyon Escort Bayan fuck him right now and the only hesitation was that it might ruin her friendship escapes with this great group.

“I’m willing to find out, if you are…god you’re sexy.” Dean made the move then reaching out and putting his hands onto her hips.

Violet stepped out of her sandals and straddled him, bringing her mouth in close enough for him to seize her face in his hands and kiss her. It wasn’t a magical kiss, not romantic, just hot. It was so fucking hot and she found herself enthralled with his mouth and his breathing and the stubble that rubbed her chin. They kissed and kissed until it became too much. It was Dean who broke it, leaning her back kissing her neck.

Her weak spot was the neck and feeling his hot tongue cut a line from her chin to her clavicle made her pussy get wet instantly.

“Do that again…” Violet whispered to him. She didn’t think twice in her romantic life about telling anyone she was with what she wanted and Dean was no different.

He complied without hesitation and then started a slow exploration of her neck as he kissed and sucked his way up and down every inch.

It was her turn then seizing his face in her hands so she could kiss him. Her own mouth became rougher as she did. When she pulled back they were both breathing heavy and the coolness had suddenly left the air entirely. Violet smiled at him as she started to unbutton his shirt. Dean watched her face silently.

When she reached the bottom button it allowed her to pull it open and then she plunged her hands onto him. He had a scant amount of chest hair across his pecs, which ended just below. Violet’s hands took their time rubbing over the surprising amount of musculature he had been hiding. Only when she had her fill did she again seize upon Dean’s mouth.

Dean’s own hands wound into her hair as she enjoyed the heat of his chest against her. As his hands writhed in her hair, she made quick work of the button on his jeans and then started a struggle with his zipper.

He pulled back from kissing her and dropped his own hands helping her with unfastening his pants.

“You kiss really fucking well you know that?” Dean smiled at her raising his eyebrows at her as if he couldn’t believe she had been hiding in plain sight all these times.

“I know, but I fuck better.” Violet smiled as she produced his cock from his briefs allowing her to see what she was working with. It was her turn to be surprised then as Dean’s thick erection was on display for her. He had a well-above average length and with it hard before her she wondered for a second if she could accommodate his girth. The thought of it made her body water for the chance.

“Here let me just…” Dean lifted her hips slightly so he could shift his pants and briefs down to his mid-thighs giving her full access to himself.

“Your cock is very nice.” Violet almost sighed her words as she allowed her fingers to embrace him and slide gently up and down his shaft. The precum on his tip gave her just enough moisture to play around his head unencumbered.

Astride Dean now, she was fascinated by her new plaything and marveled at how hot it was in her hand. She was gentle, just exploring and when she heard him sigh in response it made her want him inside her now.

Violet’s mouth found Dean’s once more as his hands that were on her knees made their way up and under the sides of her skirt. It was her turn to sigh then as he Escort Afyon reached her ass and dug his fingers in. She still held his cock teasing it lightly as their tongues danced.

Dean’s left hand made its way between her legs from the back causing her to move closer to him to give him better access. She sighed as he slid a finger into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, of course you’re not wearing panties. Could you be any fucking hotter?” Dean groaned at the end of his statement.

“I never wear panties.”

“Jesus! You are so wet Violet, wow.” Dean’s hand snaked further between her legs then finding her clit, which he massaged slowly.

“Mmmmm Dean, that’s…oh…do you have a ummm, a ummmm…”

“Condom, yeah, hang on.” Dean’s hand left her body to join his other in a hurried effort to open his right jacket pocket. The zipper proved only a slight impediment before he produced his wallet and pulled out a gold foil wrapper. Magnums, she knew it.

Dean was quick to open it and Jacky took the moist rubber circle watching his face as she slid it over his cock. Even that seemed too sexy for her right now as she dripped waiting for him.

“Last chance to tell me we shouldn’t.” Her breathing was heavy as she moved in so that just the tip of his cock touched her entrance.

“Fuck that.” Dean seized her mouth with his and Violet sat down onto him allowing his cock to fill her up. She paused when he was all in allowing her body to accommodate his impressive size. The throbbing in her pussy was abated finally as she pulled her mouth from his to stare into his face. He felt good, really good, and her movements were almost involuntary as she shifted on him to find the perfect spot.

“You feel fucking amazing right now…oh, Dean.” She moaned as she rode him. Violet was moving only enough for him to slide out an inch or so before filling her again. She enjoyed the feel of him completely inside of her too much to move much further.

Dean gripped onto her sides as she wrapped her arms around his head. Their lips were barely touching as she fucked him.

“Uh, uh…fuck that’s really fucking good Violet. Unhhhh.” Dean’s head fell backward and his eyes squeezed shut. She loved this, being able to watch pleasure on her lover’s face as she experienced her own.

The perfect look she got to see on his face ended abruptly as he jerked his head forward pulling her towards him so he could have a clear line to her neck again. His tongue and mouth all over her had her head spinning and it took her entire focus to keep her hips moving on him. The sensations poured through her body.

“Dean…I’m…oh …right…I’m gonna cum, I…I’m…oh…OH DEAN SHIT!” The building pleasure and the feel of his mouth sent her over the edge as she felt every muscle in her body contract before exploding. Light seemed to shoot out from her pores as her eyes rolled back taking her head with them.

Violet’s pause in movement was met with Dean’s own pause holding her until she regained herself so she could stare into his face.

“Fuck you feel incredible when you cum.” Dean was breathless as she stared at him blankly.

“Then you’re gonna love this.” Violet shifted her legs wider allowing her better leverage before she started really fucking Dean. She moved quickly then taking him almost completely out before slamming back onto him. It was her turn to watch Dean cum and as good as this felt for her still, she knew the faster pace and more intense feeling would drive him over his edge.

“Vi…oh…fuck…Vi…I…I…AAAAAAAAAH!” Dean seized her body roughly as he bucked in his orgasm. She could feel his cock pulsing inside of her even as she watched his body seize with each spasm. His face buried against her chest allowed her to feel his lack of breath as he came.

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