The Office

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John was 21 and worked alone most of the time. He worked in a village, on the outskirts of Bournemouth for a business ‘troubleshooter’ who spent most of his time at companies around the country. The office was spacious, and well positioned in the village. It was the top floor of an old baker’s shop; an architect took up the bottom floor. John wasn’t the best looking man to grace god’s earth, but he still managed to find women on the odd occasion, though probably not as often as he would want.

John was about 5’8, with shaved black hair and a goatee beard. This made John quite menacing looking, though he never got in to fights (usually because people were too scared to start on him because he looked ‘hard’). To add to this John was slightly overweight, not much, just a stone, but this added to his menacing look. John was a clever man; he had just completed a financial services degree, and was hoping to become a professional accountant.

There was always plenty of work for John to do, and it came to the point where he had too much on his plate, and wasn’t coping with it all. He spoke to his boss, Mike, a middle aged man, who had a strange sense of humour, but whom John liked very much. They decided that it would be a good idea to bring in somebody to do the vast amount of filing that would materialise over the week, which would take John a good few hours to do. John’s boss had a daughter, who went to sixth form at the local school. Jane was petite, with mouse coloured hair, and with small but pert breasts.

Jane was a pretty girl, but she lacked confidence, she was very shy, and whenever John saw here she would always avoid eye contact. Mike wanted Jane to do a few hours a week at the office to help John out, but being so shy and nervous Jane refused. However she said that she would ask around at college to see if any of her friends would be interested. On hearing this, John thought that he might end up with a sad, unattractive girl, as he couldn’t imagine Jane having too many friends. On the Monday, Mike told John that a girl, called Holly, would come in Wednesday afternoon to help out around the office. John didn’t know what to expect, but when it came to Wednesday afternoon, John had shock, a shock that pleased and excited him.

“Hello” a voice came from down the stairs.

“Hello, is John up there, it’s Holly.” She continued.

Holly walked up the stairs in to the large office, and looked around, but couldn’t see anyone.

“Sorry, I’m just sorting out some papers.” John said from his boss’s room.

John got up from his boss’s chair and walked through to the other room. He walked in the room and was immediately taken aback by Holly, she was looking out of a window and had her back to John. From the back she was stunning, about 5’7 with a slim figure, lovely legs, leading to an ass to die for. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a vest top. She had long black hair, down to her lower back, which was tied in a ponytail. Her figure had John mesmerised, her jeans were tight and her ass was small, round and pert.

“Hi, you must be Holly,” John said.

“Oh Hi, you’re John right?” she replied.

Holly turned around to greet John; she smiled and offered her hand out. John was in total shock; she was even more gorgeous from the front than she was from the rear. Her face was a picture of innocence, absolutely beautiful, not a blemish in sight. She had a great set of breasts, ample and pert, about a 32C. Her top was tight and accentuated her tits. She had a flat stomach, which was shown by her short top. Her skin looked smooth, and was slightly tanned. John shook her hand gently, she had lovely soft skin, and he got a tingle of excitement when their hands touched.

“Yeah I’m John, pleased to meet you Holly.” John’s voice crackled with nerves.

John couldn’t take his eyes of her, the way she stood there, so innocent, so sexy. They engaged in the usual small talk that people who have just meet did. John was transfixed, he could not stop looking at her, he would occasionally get a waft of her perfume, a smell that since he was interested in girls, had always got him very excited. John started to explain to Holly what she was required to do, show where to file what etc.

John left her to it, and sat at his Afyon Escort desk. The filing cabinets were in the same room as his desk, and every so often he would glance up, just to catch a glimpse of Holly. He felt himself getting hotter; she was bending down in front of him, giving him a good view of her ass. John started to horny, and could feel his cock pushing its way through his trousers. He tried not to look at Holly, but found her irresistible, the more he looked at her, the harder he got. Holly dropped a file on the floor, she turned round to face John and bent over to pick up the paper, this gave John a perfect view of her cleavage, as her tits fell forward and pushed against her top. He stared intently at her tits, getting hotter and harder by the second, he moved his hand under his desk and touched his hard cock, as he did he felt his legs tingle with pleasure. As Holly stood up she caught John staring at her.

“Sorry, I was eh… just seeing if everything was OK down there.” John stumbled over his words embarrassingly.

“Well” Holly answered “is everything here to your satisfaction?”

“Yes… there, I mean its fine, everything perfect.” John turned away, growing redder by the second.

“Well I’m glad you like them, most blokes do.”

John turned back round “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to look, but I couldn’t help it.”

“That’s OK, I don’t mind.”

John turned back, and faced his computer; he felt all hot and sweaty from nerves. He started to type on his PC, when a hand tugged on his chair and swiveled it around. He moved around to see Holly there, standing about a foot in front of him. He got a smell of her perfume, and looked straight into her eyes.

“Did you like what you saw then?” she asked.

“Very much so!” John replied.

“Well what you gonna do about it then?”

“What do you want me to do?”


At that point John reached out and touched her thigh; he could feel how hard he was, just with the anticipation of touching Holly. As he was in a chair and Holly was standing, his face was in line with her navel. He put both hands on her hips and pulled her close to him. He gently kissed her stomach and navel, running his tongue around her navel, and over her soft skin. Her hands moved on top of his head, and rubbed the back of his neck. John slid his hands around Holly’s ass, gently caressing it.

John was so horny now, he thought his cock was going to tear his trousers apart. Holly took her hands of John head, and crossed them around her top; John looked up as she slipped her top of. This revealed a pair of tits even nicer than John had imagined they would be. He moved his right hand from her ass, and slid it up her side, and cupped her breast, she was wearing a white lace bra, which felt so good in his hands. He started to rub his hand all over her breast, rubbing his thumb over her gradually hardening nipple. As he did this, she began to moan ever so slightly, she rubbed her hands over his short hair, which always turned him on.

John moved his other hand from her ass up her back, and undid her bra. She took it off slowly, revealing her soft tits and her hard nipples. John slide his tongue up her stomach, and slowly slid it around the underneath of her tits, while both hands worked rhythmically on her hard nipples. Holly knelt down and sat on John’s left knee. John moved his tongue around her nipples, slowly licking around them, purposely not touching them, Holly was groaning louder, and her breath was becoming uneven and heavy. She started to rub her groin up and down John’s knee, moaning as she did.

John could feel the heat from her pussy on his leg; this in itself was turning him on amazingly. He moved his tongue between both nipples, while his hand caressed her tits, slowly kneading them. He flicked one of her hard buds with the tip of his tongue, this sent a wave of please through Holly, and she let out a sharp gasp. He did this on both nipples, gradually applying more pressure each time, until he finally took one in his mouth and sucked it hard. At soon as he took a nipple in his mouth, Holly jolted and let out a long moan; she rubbed her pussy up his leg, in time with his sucking.

Holly was getting hotter and horny by the minute; Afyon Escort Bayan she reached down and pressed John’s cock through his trousers. By this time John had been hard for seemed like a lifetime, just a simple press of her hand on his cock sent shivers through his whole body. Holly unbuttoned his shirt, and removed it, revealing a tattoo on his shoulder; she kissed his neck and his shoulder, gently biting him. John picked up Holly and placed her over both his legs, as she straddled him, he moved his hands down and started to rub her pussy through her jeans. She was really wet, her juices had soaked through to her jeans, and it felt like an oven was on in her crotch.

As he rubbed her, she bit him, and scrapped her hands around his back. She brought a hand round and placed it on his chin, pulled his face up and looked deep in to his eyes, a look of lust had filled her eyes, she slowly moved her head towards his, and they gently brushed lips, then they kissed, for the first time. It was an intensely passionate kiss; their tongues danced around with each other’s, her breathing was erratic, as he was still rubbing her pussy through her jeans. They broke away from each other’s lips, and looked intently at each other.

“Fuck me John!” she whispered. “Fuck me hard!”

At this point John moved his hands up and undid her jeans. Holly stood up and took them off, revealing a small white thong. She straddled him again, and they kissed once more, her hands slide down and began to rub his hard, pulsating cock. John started to flinch at every press, and let out moans of pleasure. He moved his hands back down to her pussy, while the other was playing with her nipples, pinching them between his thumb and forefinger. As he moved his hand over her panties, he was shocked to feel how wet Holly actually was, her panties were dripping. He rubbed her pussy again, running his finger over the line of her pussy lips.

She was moaning louder now occasionally arching her back, pushing her pussy further onto his hand. John pushed her panties aside and slowly slide his finger up and down the line of her pussy, gently pressing in to her. With this he could feel that Holly was close to cumming, so he ran his finger up and gently flicked her hard clit, then pressing every so slightly, Holly was now bucking her hips and groaning hard. John finally slipped a finger up Holly’s hole and continued to rub her clit with his thumb, as he did this she climaxed. She let out a large shrill, and jolted all over her body, juices ran all over John’s hand and dripped on the floor. He removed his hand and started to lick her juices of it.

“Mmmm…. You taste so sweet, I want to eat your pussy.” John murmured.

At this Holly got up and turned around, she slipped off her dripping panties, and bent down. This showed John her pussy, glistening with her juices and smelling so sweet, and it showed her lovely little tight ass hole. She reached her hands around and pulled her lips apart, revealing her love hole and her hard clit. John reached forward, put his hand on her hips and pushed his face into her pussy, licking her all over, from the top of her ass crack, over her tender ass hole, and up the full length of her pussy slit. Holly started shiver again, he licked her clitoris flicking it with his tongue, he sucked on her hard bud. He inserted two fingers into her wet hole, fucking her slowly with his finger while sucking her clit.

With this Holly was near ecstasy again, moaning, breathing heavily, twitching all over body. John got his other hand and placed another finger in her wet hole, he then removed his wet finger, and ran it around her asshole, then gently pushed it into her tight hole, with this Holly pushed her hips back, pushing the fingers further into her pussy and asshole. Then she climaxed again, her body shaking dramatically, juices gushing all over John’s face, her pussy clenched his fingers tightly as he continued to finger fuck her. She eventually finished cumming, and John removed his fingers, and licked and sucked her pussy, trying to get every last drop of her sweet juices. When he finished, she stood up turned round and kissed John passionately and intensely, tasting her own juices on his tongue.

“Its time Escort Afyon that you got taken care of!” Holly said with a sly smile.

Holly got down on her knees, ran her hands up John’s thighs and rubbed his hard cock, as she did, it twitched with pleasure. She unbuttoned his trousers, and started to slide them off, John pushed himself up and they slid of easily, then she slid of his boxers. John’s cock was as hard as it could get, lying flat against his stomach, with his head sticking up swollen and proud. It was about 6.5 inches and two inches thick, Holly wrapped her hands around it and slowly stroked it up and down, her hands were tight, and John was twitching and jolting with pleasure. Holly pulled his foreskin back fully, and ran her tongue over his hole, and around his bell end.

This was greeted with low moans from John. She then took the whole of his head in her mouth; sucking and licking it like an ice cream. John was in ecstasy, thinking how fucking good Holly was at this. Holly then started to take more into her mouth, until she eventually swallowed it all; he started to buck his hips as she sucked the full length of his rock hard cock. Then she did something John had never experienced and something he would never forget, as she took his full length in to her mouth, she slid her tongue out and licked his balls, she did this with great expertise, and she was sending John over the edge.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” he shouted “I’m gonna cum any minute!”

At this Holly pulled his cock out of her mouth. John looked down with amazement and disappointment.

“I want you to cum in my pussy, I wanna feel you cock shoot hot cum into me!” she said.

At that, she got up from her knees, and turned her back of John. She moved back and straddled John, and started to gently lower herself down. He held his hard cock, and guided her onto him, as he entered, she started to moan, she was so wet but it was still a snug fit, as she lowered herself fully onto John, he pushed his hips up and went as deep as he could. She then started to slowly bounce up and down the full length of his cock. John got a great view of his cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy, which made the feeling even more intense. He moved his hand around and rubbed her tits, pinching her nipples. Holly greeted this with even more enthusiasm, and she started quickening her pace, moaning with every thrust.

John moved his hand down, through her thick pubic hair, and started to softly rub her clit, he did this in time with her thrusts, the harder he rubbed the faster she went. With his other hand he placed a finger up Holly’s wet love hole, getting it coated in juices. He then took his wet finger and rubbed it around her asshole. He slowed her down to a near halt, then pushed his finger in her hole. With that she started to thrust wildly against his cock, his finger and while he rubbed her clit. John had his eyes closed, thrusting his hips up to meet her, groaning loudly, the head of his cock near to bursting. Holly reached down and started to rub his balls, tickling them and playing with them. It did not take too long of this for John to be close to cumming, he started to groan loudly, Holly could sense it and she bounced harder and faster.

“Oh my godddddd, I’m nearly there!” John shouted

“Oh yes, yes ohhhhhhh!” He screamed

Then all of a sudden, Holly felt his balls tense and rise up in his sack. John let out a large moan, his body shook, and he started to fill her with his cum. At that point Holly pushed deep onto his cock, she could feel his hot cum flood into her cunt, at which point, with a finger on her clit and one up her asshole, she climaxed too. John and Holly both flinched erratically, and then they both collapsed in pleasure. A mixture of John’s cum and Holly’s juices started to pour from her pussy, she rubbed her hands in it and licked her finger alternately with John.

“I wanna lick you clean!” John whispered.

Holly got up and bent over for him, as she did before. John sucked her juices and his cum from her pussy, sticking a finger up her so as to let as much as he could flow out. When he finished Holly turned around and took John’s cock in his mouth and licked it clean, sucking off all the sexual fluids she could find. At that point the door opened to the office. Both looked around quickly, only to see Jane standing at the door. Her face was initially one of shock, but it then turned to intrigue.

“Hello mate,” said Holly “Wanna have some fun?”

But that is another story altogether.

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