The Office Ch. 02

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My heart is hammering wildly in my chest. My eyes widen in surprise. A cold sensation runs down my spine chilling me, it robs me of the warmth that my lust had created. How long had those shoes been there? Who was this person? My pussy is on fire, completely ignoring the rest of my body, demanding more, ignorant to what just transpired. My finger is wet and hovering millimeters over my clit. I take in a deep stabilizing breath, collecting myself.

Two gentle knocks sound off against the stall door. I freeze, unsure of what to do, unsure of what is happening. “Excuse me? Are you ok?” asks a rich baritone voice.

I try to get a handle on my breath; I’m still slightly out of breath from my exertions and the shock of what happened a moment earlier. I swallow before replying in the calmest voice I can muster, “yeah, I’m ok.” Without thinking I ask the obvious, “umm, why are you in here?” my voice slightly trembling.

“I’m sorry, you’re right. It was just that I heard some sounds as I was leaving the men’s. I didn’t think anyone was still in the office,” his voice pauses for a second, “I thought something was wrong, but I guess I was mistaken.”

Nodding in silent agreement I reply, “that’s ok, you just scared me.” At this point I become aware of the state of my undress. My legs close slightly, unconsciously, and my hand pulls at each bra cup, tugging it over my breasts and swollen nipples. The sensation of the soft fabric over my sensitive skin makes me almost moan, only me biting down on my lip prevents it.

All of this happens in the second it takes for the man to reply, “I didn’t mean to scare Ankara escort you, I’m sorry if I did. I’m curious though, did you hear those sounds? Or was that you?”

Unsure I say, “What sounds? I haven’t heard anything since I came in.” The shoes beneath the stall door turn and then disappear. I hear one, two clicks from each heel and then a sound I can’t quite place.

“Are you sure? Well I must be hearing things then. I’m sorry to have disturbed you.” I let go of my breath, my body trembling. I can hear the man walk out. The door closes. I sit there wondering what just happened? Had he heard me moaning? Who was he? All these questions float through my head until my hand returns to between my legs.

Maybe it was the adrenaline of being almost caught but now my body is tingling with pleasure. The gentle movement of my wrist on my thigh as my hand toys with myself makes my eyes roll back.

My breath starts coming quicker now my other hand has found my breasts again. My hand digs out each tit, pushing the cup downward once more. A gentle tug on my nipple ring makes my body flinch; everything feels so wonderful right now. My fingers are wet with my juice and are teasing my exposed lips. I look down and I can see my exposed sex, my finger is slowly rubbing against it.

I whimper when I tug on my nipple once more. The soft flesh pinched between my fingers begging for more attention. My mind is completely blank at this point, all thoughts of the man forgotten. My fingers slide in once more and I squeeze. My vaginal muscles trying to hold onto them as I pull them out. This is what I needed; my hand begins Ankara escort bayan to tug faster and harder on each breast, switching between them. My hips involuntarily jerk apart; I can feel my panties and slacks biting into my lower legs.

My back arches pulling my bra tight against my chest. The soft fabric rubs the underside of my breasts, my chest is heaving as I look down between my legs. Both hands are there now. My nipples are hard and erect, my stomach clenched tight, and my pussy is spread open. One hand is holding open my lips while the other pounds my fingers into me, deeper and faster.

I feel myself start to spasm, my fingers tugging out of my wet hole. My bush and thighs are soaked from my fluids. I’m panting in between moans and then finally release. My fingers pull out and I watch my pussy contracting as it squirts, once then twice. The stall reeks of my cum, I can smell it on every inward breath as finally my pussy begins to calm. I can feel a slow trickle of cum seeping out between my legs. I rub into my bush. My swollen lips being pleasantly crushed as my hand moves roughly over my aching mound.

Suddenly I can think again, my mind totally clear and open. I shut my eyes for a second, drinking in the last remnants of my orgasm. God, that was amazing. Exactly what I needed in order to cap off a long day at work. A minute or so later my stupor wears off, and I slowly stand up. Both my hands are wet with cum. I lick suck on each finger first before licking the palm of my hands. The warm liquid is pleasant on my tongue. My mouth, finally happy to be able to take part in my sexual experience, Escort Ankara lights up at the flavor. At the last finger, I take one long second to savor it.

Standing, I stretch for a moment, my back and arms extending. I can feel my body cooling; I tug my bra up and over each breast and then begin to button my shirt. I reach for my panties. Grabbing them by the waist, I pull up; the lace runs easily up my legs until stopping at hips. The white cotton crotch greedily soaking up what juices remained. My slacks follow a second later. As I am fixing my clothes my phone begins to hum. A few moments later I push open the door, my nostrils breath in the clean sterile air once again.

I walk over to the counter and wash my hands and then open my purse. I pull out my cell phone and see that I just got a text. I open it in my browser, there’s an attached video. Curious, I click on it as I swing my purse onto my arm. The video opens, it’s all gray and then the camera moves right, I stop dead in my tracks. On my cell’s display for six seconds is a video of me!

I watch as my hand toys with my hairy pussy. My breasts being pinched and pulled at by my fingers, the video shows me oblivious to my surroundings. My eyes are closed, my mouth slightly open. The camera pans down centering on my wet vagina and then the screen goes blank.

Shocked, I close the video, and look at the number. Its not one I recognize. The man! I shout in my head, it must have been him, right before he knocked on the door… He filmed me? How could I not have noticed, I ask myself. I’m such an idiot I think as my heart begins to race. To be caught like that, so exposed, in such a vulnerable position. I push open the door,my mind racing with thoughts of who it could be, leaving the washroom I walk back to my desk in a daze. I’ve yet to comprehend what has just happened.

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