The Office Girl

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Pam stepped through the door and took a deep breath, the first day at a new job was exciting, but a little nerve racking as well. She had met Mr. White already, in the interview, and although she was more than qualified for the position, she was still a little unsure of exactly what was required of her.

Mr. White spotted Pam standing uneasily in the doorway and motioned for her to join him.

“Pam. Good to see you made it, and you’re early to. That’s great, I like my staff to show initiative. Join me in my office for a moment will you. I am sure you have a few questions before we get the day started.” He gave her a bright smile and Pam was sure she heard some one behind her giggle.

Mr. White was an attractive man. Well built with obvious pride in his appearance. He had the kind of personality the could easily dominate a room and a charm all of his own. Pam could not help but be impressed by he r new boss.

He followed her to his office and closed the door behind them, leaving her standing beside his huge carved timber desk, feeling a little unsure of herself. Leaning back against the table’s edge, he ran his eyes over the length of her body, the heat of his gaze making Pam’s skin feel a little warm. His deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle as his smile became more seductive, almost as though he could feel the effect his inspection of her was having on her body, and was delighted with the results.

“Pam there are a few rules I have in my office that I find help to keep the office running smoothly, and the staff happy. You of course would be expected to comply with these rules.” Pam thought this a little odd; it was standard practice to keep to office policies and regulations. “Of course Mr. White.” She was a little confused at this point but tried hard not to let it show.

“Here we have certain punishments for those who bend or break the rules, as you will find out. And as the new girl to the office you will expect to learn as quickly as possible. I find the best way to do that is for you to do everything your told, as soon as you’re told to do it. Everything. Is that understood?” Pam could feel the undertones in his voice; it was becoming clearer what ‘everything’ meant.

“I think so Mr. White.”

“Good. Now the first thing required of you is that tomorrow you arrive at work dressed in a fashion that pleases me.” He reached out and toughed the side of her cheek, sending shivers through her body. Letting them drift slowly down her neck, her throat, and touching the naked skin at the opening of her blouse. The sensation made her breath catch. She knew she should be angry with this man, this kind of behavior was never acceptable in the work place, but instead she found herself wanting more.

“Of course Mr. White. I will be sure to dress more appropriately tomorrow.” He raised and eyebrow at her.

“You will wear a white blouse, a short black skirt, white lace bra and panties, suspenders and shear stockings. You will arrive at work on time. And you will come directly to my office for inspection. Then, if you comply will all that is expected of you, you position with this firm will be more, shall we say, insured.” Pam had absolutely no doubt in her mind what Mr. White was talking about. Strangely enough, the idea was a little thrilling. Perhaps because it was so dangerous, and so wrong, but some how she wanted it none the less.

The next day Pam arrived at work on time, dressed exactly how Mr. White had told her to and went directly to his office. He was sitting at this desk, reading over what looked to be the report she had written the day before. Without looking up he said,

“Close the door will you Pam.” This was not the greeting she had expected. She closed the door and waited.

“I was just reading over the work you did yesterday. It’s quite impressive, but there is always room for improvement.” He rose from his chair and walked slowly around the table, like a hawk circling in for the kill. He put himself between her and the door, forcing her to back step until she was backed up against the edge of the desk. He stopped with his body only inches from hers. She could feel the heat of his body, and smell his cologne.

He reached around with his hand, running his fingers up the inside of her thigh, sending a shiver running through to her crotch. His mouth curling up into a teasing smile. The tips of his gaziantep bayan escort fingers sought out the edge of her stocking, working their way around to the strap of her suspender strap, and slowly worked their way upwards. His other hand tipped back her head and his mouth smothered hers in a hungry kiss. The tip of his tongue gently parting her lips, making them wet with his own moisture. She opened her mouth to accept him, reaching out with her own tongue to explore the inner reaches of his mouth. His fingers journeyed to the font of her lace panties, feeling the exotic lace and tracing lines around the frilly edges.

He slipped on finger under the edge of the panties, feeling for her, when there was a knock on the door. Mr. White’s smile quickly turned an annoyed frown.

“What is it?”

“Mr. White. The company director is here to see you sir. He’s waiting for you in the board room.”

“Damn” he whispered. “We will have to continue this later. Be available.” He turned and spoke to the closed door.

“I’ll be right there Melissa. Thank you.” He kissed Pam hard one last time, and without another word, left the room.

The following day Pam arrived at work right on time and made her way directly to Mr. White’s office. The door stood open and the office was empty. Pam was a little surprised that she was actually disappointed, but she shrugged it off and made ready to start the days work schedule. Shortly after lunch Pam was alone in the photo copy room, absorbed in her work and paying little attention to what was going on around her. She heard the door click softly shut, and Mr. White’s hands slide up the back of her thighs, firmly gripping her bottom. His hands continued around her middle, wrapping her tightly in his arms and pulling her hard against him. His mouth went to her ear,

“I have a task for you Pam.” The wetness of his lips found her neck, biting and kissing all the way down to her shoulder. She could feel the swelling in his pants growing harder as he pressed himself against her bottom. His fingers reached for the edge of her skirt, sliding it up her legs, lifting it to her waist. His lips continued to kiss and tease, his right hand fondling her breast, and his felt hand reached for the top of her lace panties.

A soft moan escaped her lips, and he knew she was his. He slipped his fingers beneath the lace, feeling the soft fur that covered what he desired most. Pam shuddered a little with the anticipation. The feel of his fingers probing deeper, seeking her out and exploring her hidden pleasures. Her mouth found his in a hungry kiss, and his fingers found her with a need just as hungry. They stood there for a moment, locked in a wave of passion and lust, their bodies wordlessly expressing the desire building between them.

Mr. Whites cell phone rang and he swore out loud. She reached for his mouth again whispering,

“Ignore it.” But it continued to ring. Until he could no longer stand it. He all but ripped the phone from his belt.

“What is it? OH you have to be kidding. What now? Alright, alright, I’ll be right there.” His face was flushed with pure frustration. He turned her around, slipped his hand back into her panties, and pushed his finger deep inside her, making her catch her breath with the pleasure and force of the act. He put his finger to his nose and breathed the scent of her femininity, then places the finger in his mouth and sucked on it for a moment.

“Damn you smell and taste better than I imagined. Wait for me in my office after work, I intend to make a meal of you before dinner.” He kissed her hard, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, sharing the salty taste still on his tongue. He took pleasure in her breathless condition, and that smile of supreme confidence returned to his face.

“I’ll see you for dinner Pam.” And with that he left the room, closing the door behind him.Pam took a deep breath, fighting to regain her composure and right her clothing. Then there was the task of trying to remember what she was doing. Flustered and breathless, she turned back to the photo copy machine. The crotch of her panties had become quite moist, and her flesh tingled where he fingers had left their tender impression.

Pam was thankful that there was less than two hours left until work concluded for the day. She had found the task of concentrating on her work all but impossible, and her mind seemed unable the grasp any thoughts that did not involve what she could expect ‘dinner time’ to be like. When five o’clock arrived, Mr. White had yet to return to his office. Pam fussed over her tasks, finding excuses to wait just one more minute for him to arrive, but by half past five it became almost impossible to avoid attracting the attention of the office supervisor, and she headed for home. Frustrated and disappointed once again.

She stepped alone in the elevator, leaning back against the handrail and sighing deeply. As the doors began to close, a man stepped inside.

“Leaving so soon my Dear?” Pam’s heart leapt. He looked as thought he had been running. Running to her? She didn’t really care. She wanted him too badly to care. She gave him a sexy smile, and hit the button that stopped the lift between floors.

“Leaving? Actually Mr. White, I was thinking more about coming.” He threw his head back and laughed.

“Damn woman, you’re driving me crazy.” He pushed her hard up against the wall, his body covering hers with possessive desire. His hands every where at once and his mouth devouring hers with hot kisses. He pushed the button that would take them back to his office; he would have her, all of her. But he intended to savoir every second of it, and make damn sure she never forgot this night.

The doors opened, and he swept her into his arms, carrying her into the hallway. Pam almost panicked at the thought of being seen like this. She doubted the other office girls would approve, and her job would become impossible to deal with. But to her relief, the office was empty and quiet. He kicked the door closed behind them. Lowering her bottom to the desk, he freed one hand, and sent the contents of his desk crashing to the floor. His mouth found hers, hungry and hot. His hands fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. Never had he come so close to loosing control over his need to have a woman, and he was thankful when her fingers came to assist him in his task. He slipped the blouse off over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, taking a moment to admire the impressive swell of her breasts in the white lace bra. Leaning forward, he kissed the deep space between her breasts. The tip of his tongue tracing the edge of the soft lace, his hands sliding up the outsides of her firm thighs, pushing her skirt back up around her waist.

“Mr. White. Stop. Please.” Her voice was soft, but insistent. He looked at her, his expression stunned.

“You have got to be kidding. You want this as much as I do.” She touched his cheek and gave him a sweet smile.

“You had better take a seat Mr. White. I have some thing to show you.” He was obviously confused and frustrated, but sat back in his huge leather desk chair none the less. She could tell he was a little angry at this point, but she knew how to fix that.

“OK. What do you need to show me?” Pam hoped off the desk and turned Mr. White’s chair so that there was nothing between them.

“This.” She reached behind and undid the zip on the back of her skirt, letting the garment fall slowly to the floor. Mr. White caught onto her intentions immediately, but Pam made sure to stay just out of his reach. She slid her hands up her thighs, over her tight belly, and over the breasts, teasing him as she touched the body he desired so much. Reaching behind herself once again, she unfastened her bra, letting the straps fall loose over her shoulders, and finally allowing her breasts to fall free. She knew she had an impressive body, and she could see in his eyes, that she was creating the desired impression.

Her smile became even more seductive and she dropped the lace garment at his feet. This time she had control, and she intended to keep it. She put her finger tips to her lips, making them moist with her tongue, then running them over her large, dark nipples, making the hard and erect. Then she wove a path down her belly, teasing his eyes as she made her way to the sides of her panties, hooking them between her fingers, and pushing then down her slender legs with deliberate slowness.

Mr. White moaned softly. He was struggling to control his need to simply take her, but was delighting in the exotic desire she now had surging through him. He wanted to reach out, to touch her hot flesh, but she remained out of reach.

Pam threw her wet panties into Mr. White’s lap. Grabbing them up, he pressed them to his nose, filling his senses with her delightful odor. She continued to run her hands over her body, down her legs, and back to her throat. She could see his need hard and confined in his pants, and it called to her. Sinking to her knees, she crawled across the floor, sliding her hands up his muscular thighs, and reaching for his belt. He leaned back in the chair to give her the access she needed.

Pam pulled the belt free, and undid the zipper, setting free his swollen member. She knew he was impressive, but what she had before her now was nothing short of magnificent. She took him in her hand, feeling the strength on his erection, wanting to know ever-pulsing vein and crease. She blew little kisses on his swollen head, making him shiver, then slowly reached out with her tongue. With agonizing slowness, she run the tip of her tongue around the rim, then up and down the length of his shaft, tasting and teasing and she made him moist with the fluids from her mouth. She knew he wanted more, needed more, but he was hers now, she was the boss. Pulling her head back a little, she blew a cool breeze over him, causing gooses bumps and making him shudder a little.

She looked into his eyes and smiled. His breathing had quickened in his need and anticipation, and she was pleased. Taking the base of him and her hand, she took all of him into her mouth in one strong, sucking plunge, making him moan heavily with the pleasure she was giving him. She pulled he mouth all the way away from him, only to take him back again in one quick suck.

He reached for the back of her head, trying to force her face to accept him once more, and she complied, tending to him with a hungry desire to please. He delighted in her attention, watching was she pleasured him with her willing, beautiful face. As he felt his pleasure build, he pulled her face away, and pulled her along his body till her mouth met his. Leaning forward, he lifted her and laid her out on the desk before him, rolling his chair beneath the desk until he was seated with her legs resting on the side arms of the chair.

Tenderly he kissed the inside of her thigh, kissing and teasing, biting and sucking as he made his way upwards. His tongue reached for her, taking to her like a hungry beast. Her body rebelled, pulling away, but he held her firm. Biting and licking until he could feel he r sweet juices covering his face. She moaned loudly, gripping the edge of the desk, pressing herself back against him. He felt her building. Felt her need for completion, and returned to his task with renewed vigor. With a surge of pure pleasure, she climaxed. Wave after wave of ecstasy surging through he body, send her to new heights and causing her to cry out.

Mr. White tasted the product his skillful tongue had produced. Indulging in the taste of her, and pleasuring in way her body reacted to his thirsty desire. She lay still, her breathing fast and her head spinning, but he was not done yet. He stood, allowing his pants to fall to his knees, and pulled her back hard against him, entering her in one quick, hard thrust. The effect was exactly what he wanted. The feel of him entering her so quickly and forcefully was enough to let looses another eruption of orgasmic pleasure with in her. He could feel her pulsing. Feel her tightening around his swollen need, and he began to thrust. Deeper and harder he pushed himself into her, driving her with a disparate need all of his own. He felt his need rise beyond the point of no return, and with a roar, a primal surge of release consumed him.

Pam could feel him swell, feel the moment of his release and she hungered for it. She could feel him pulsing inside her, filling her and mixing the juices of their love making deep within her. She felt like she was in heaven and had no desire to come back.Mr. White collapsed on top of her, spent and exhilarated, his head pillowed by her soft breasts, and she held him there.

“Pam.” She put her fingers to his lips and shook his head. He looked at her a little confused, and sat back in his chair. Pam got to her feet and dressed, and then with out a word, she blew him a kiss, and left the office.

As the doors to the elevator closed, Pam smiled to her self. Not only was her position in this company secure, She could have Mr. White when ever she pleased, and in those times, she would be the boss.

Tomorrow was going to be a great day at work, she was sure of it.

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