“The Opportunity”

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It was a cool day in early November I was away on a business trip, approximately 7 to 8 hours away from home. I had got a nice room at a very nice Hotel in town close to places to eat and a few bars to sit and have a couple of drinks. My visit would take me a little over a week being out of town and alone. I really did not want to be alone but this was how it is while on business trips.

I came in from a meeting and was very wound up from working hard on closing a deal. I decided to go to my room change cloths and head out for a quick bite of food and then for a few drinks. I landed at this nice restaurant that served a verity of food that fixed my appetite. As I ate I looked around at the people coming and going from the restaurant. I had noticed a few ladies that caught my eyes and even though I was married I always liked looking at other woman and fantasizing about them. I had decided to head to the bar for a couple of drinks before heading back to my room.

I walked into the bar and found a seat at the bar, it was not to crowded nor was it to load. I order a rum and coke and was sipping on it when I noticed a group of ladies sitting at a table having drinks. I had noticed a few of them I saw at the restaurant. As I sat there looking around the room I noticed there was more woman than men, so I turned to the bartender and asked him “Hey what is going is there a woman’s convention going on?” He replied back “There is a convention going on but was not sure what it was but that there was nothing but women going.”

I went back to sipping on my drink when I was almost finished the bartender placed another one by me. I turned to thank him and he said the ladies at the table bought it for me. I turned and thank them and they just said “you are welcome” I had almost finished this drink when another drink was placed next to me and he said “Yep they bought you another one” I laughed and turned to the ladies and said thank you again and added “Are ya trying to get me drunk here or what” one lady laughed and said “Is it working?” I looked at here and said “Not yet”

Well after a few more drinks I was starting to feel the effects, I told the bartender to order around for their table and to put it on my account and so he did. I told him to put two more round on my account and let me tab out. He did so and I then got up to head back to my room but before leaving I stopped at the table and said thank you for the drinks and that they had a few more coming their way. The ladies all said “oh don’t leave the party was just getting started” I had to decline as I had a meeting to attend in the early AM. I made my way back to my room and sat down to call my wife.

My wife answered the phone and it was nice to hear her voice, she sounded so sexy over the phone. I could tell she was missing me and that she was happy I called her. We talked about her day and my day and how my meetings had been going. She asked if I had been drinking and I said yes I had. She laughed and said ” I could tell by how you are talking and I know how you get when you been drinking” I replied back “How doe I get when I have been drinking?” With a giggle she said “Horny” I just laughed and said “Yes I do and I am horny” She replied with “Well maybe you should take care of that horny-ness you have” I asked “Now how do we do that?” She laughed and said I would have to be creative. We then started talking naughty on the phone driving each other crazy and she then said she was going to have to go to the bedroom and take out a toy to help her get off. She asked me if I was stroking on my hard throbbing cock. I replied back that I was but it was not the same as to having her taking care of me. She said it was not fair to me having to have to stroke my cock off while she had a toy that felt good deep in her pussy and that is was about the same size of my cock and that she could do any and everything she wanted with it even suck on it as if it was my cock. I was going nuts and all of a sudden she said I need to let you go so I can go to the bedroom and take care of her wet throbbing pussy. I stopped here by saying “This is not fair what do I do?” she replied back “You are out of town take the opportunity and be creative and make sure I to take care of my horny ass cock while away” she then said “Goodnight I love you and enjoy” I told her I loved her to and that she need to enjoy as well.

I laid there thinking of everything she said I was so horny I thought I was going to flip out. I decided to go down stairs to the hotel bar for a drink to calm my nerves. As I walked in there was that group of ladies sitting at the bar, there was hardly any room in the bar so I sat at a table just off the bar. The waitress came over and said she would bring my drink shortly, I looked at here and said “I have not ordered a drink yet” She replied back “Rum and Coke” I was shocked with a dumb found look on my face, she said “The Ladies at the bar ordered it for me” I just laughed. I then turned to the bar and said “Thank you ladies” they turned and said you are welcome. I was shocked as when one of them turned she was wearing a dress and she opened her legs and all I could see was a dark patch of hair on her pussy. My cock damn near tore through my jeans.

I sat there sipping on my drink and every once in awhile that one lady would turn around and flash me her hairy pussy. I would just look and smile and go back to sipping on my drink. After a few more drinks I was so horny and feeling the effects and watching this lady flash me her pussy was taking its toll on me.

After a few more drinks I was so ready to go to my room and stroke my hard cock off and crash. I got up to head to my room and the ladies all said “Don’t leave the party is just getting started” I looked at them and said “You are right the party is just about to get started” one lady looked at me and said “Looks like one has already started in your pants big boy” I was embarrassed but did not care the rum and coke had taken effect, I looked at her and said “Well thanks to the young lady on the end here flashing me her hairy little pussy it had to do something” They just all giggled and I made my way out headed to the elevator.

As I got to the elevator the young lady and her friend showed up as the elevator did and we all climbed in. As the doors shut the one lady said well “I hope I did not embarrass you to much in the bar” I replied back “Not at all I hope my comment about your friends hairy pussy was not out of line” The young lady said “Oh lord no I was enjoying making you wiggle and hard it was my job to do that to you as we all have something to do” I was puzzled and said “DO what oh never mind to much rum and coke” The elevator stopped on my floor and the doors opened as I stepped out the woman followed. I asked “are ya on this floor too?” and their reply was “Tonight we are if I wanted them to be” I just laughed and said “Well damn that sounds like fun to me”

The older lady laughed and said to me “just lead the way and we will see what kind of fun it can be” Off I went to my room with the two ladies behind me. We got to my door and I opened it up and we all walked in. They both were shocked at the size of the room it was a king suite and was a very nice room. I asked if they wanted a drink and both replied yes please. I ordered our drink and told them to just send two of all of them. A few min passed and there was a knock on the door room service. I got the drinks and as I walked back into the room the two ladies were siting there kissing. I almost dropped the try I had in my hands. I sat the tray on the table and sat in a chair across the room from them. I watched as they kissed and then the older lady stopped and turned to me and said “Ok it is time for you to enjoy your night and this is how it will work” She then went on to tell me “You will enjoy your night with my young friend I will be here watching and helping with your pleasure. She is yours to do what you want with her as long as you do not hurt her or mark her in any way” I was in shock and could not say a word, I was not sure what to say or do. She then said “Here I will help you get started” She called the young lady Cindy “Cindy come here and sit next to him and kiss him all over his face and neck, show him you are here to please him and to show him pleasure” With out a word the younger lady was sitting next to me kissing my lips forehead my cheeks neck all the time running her hands all over my body. I hear the older lady tell her “Undo his shirt and touch his nipples” she did as she was told, it felt so good it sent tremors though my body. I then heard the older lady tell her “Kiss on his nipples bite them softly just like how you enjoy yours done” Again the young lady did as she was told and she did it with such love and care as it send shock waves through my body.

After a few min of this I was about to loose it and I guess the older lady noticed she then directed the younger one to “Take his cock out and stroke it for him” I felt two sets of hands on my pant working them off as I looked both ladies were removing my jeans. Before my jeans had hit the floor the younger lady was slowly stroking my cock while nibbling on my nipples. I was about to come unglued and close to cumming. The older lady to her to stop as she did I looked at her and the older lady and her were kissing. I sat there and watched them and reached down to stroke my cock when I felt the older lady reach out and stop me, she turned and said “No it is not your place to pleasure yourself”

She then told me to sit there while her and the younger lady go get ready in the bedroom. They both grabbed their purses and headed to the bedroom after a few min the older lady called for me to come it. As I walked in I was shocked and excited to see the younger lady tied to the bed face down and with a few pillows under her mid section. The older lady was sitting in a chair off to the side of the bed. She then asked me “So seeing this makes you happy and excited?” I replied back in a stammering voice “Oh lord yes it does” She then said to me “You have an opportunity to have the pleasure to do as I want with her but I should take some direction from her first” I said “Ok so direct me please” She told me I should rub on her naked body and to get close to her. I climbed on the bed and started rubbing my hands all over her naked body and she started to moan a s I did this. I was then told to place myself in front of her face with my back up against the head board of the bed. I then heard her tell the lady “Reach out with your mouth and take his cock in” I felt the lady struggling with her task, I reached down to help her only to get scolded “Stop do not do that it is her job to do it and she will learn” I stopped and after a few more attempts she had my hard cock in her mouth. MMMM it felt good there and I was enjoy it. The older lady then said to me “Fuck her mouth if it feels good” With out hesitation I was fucking her mouth and she would gag everyone in awhile as I would shove it in to far. I ended up laying back letting her do her thing.

I looked around to see where the other lady was and noticed she had moved from the chair and was sitting at the foot of the bed. She was sitting between the younger ladies legs and was slowly caressing her ass. The younger ladies ass was hiked up in the air some from the pillows under her. I watched for a few min until the older lady asked “Do you like watching me caress her ass? Would you like to caress her ass?” all I could do was nod my head yes. “Well take your cock out of her mouth and come down here? she said to me. I really did not want to take my cock from her mouth but I so wanted to see what the view looked like not as much how her ass felt. I pulled my cock free from her mouth and moved to where the older lady was. I sat down and started slowly caressing her as not only did it feel good but damn her ass was hot looking. The older lady started whispering in my ear “You like how it feels and looks you so want to taste her and you want to put your cock in her, you want to feel her tight pussy wrapped around your big throbbing cock and you want to explode deep inside her” All I could do again was shake my head yes. She then said “Well do it take her from behind she is yours to do as you please now FUCK HER FUCK HER GOOD WITH YOUR COCK DO IT NOW” I wasted no time climbing up behind her and sliding my hard cock deep in her pussy. As I started pumping in and out of her pussy I was being coached by the other woman “MAKE HER FEEL YOUR HARD COCK MAKE HER BEG FOR IT DEEP HER MAKE HER SCREAM FOR IT” The more she coached the harder and deeper I fucked Cindy. I then heard Cindy call out “OH GOD FUCK ME HARD FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY DEEP AND HARD GIVE IT TO ME GOD DAMN FUCK IT PLEASE FUCK ME HARD” I was about to cum when the other lady told me to stop and pull my cock out. I did as she asked and then in a very harsh voice she said “PUT THAT HARD COCK DEEP IN HER ASS DO NOT EASE IT IN RAM IT IN HER ASS AND FUCK IT AS HARD AS YOU WAS FUCKING HER PUSSY” I slammed my hard cock right in her tight ass

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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