The Other Child Ch. 03

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*Living in close quarters is the quickest route to trouble*

Thanks to Shawhollow for the edit and Talonwolf story help

(This tale uses racial stereotypes for the sake of the story; these are not things I hold to be true)

The pool was exceptionally easy this time because Scout gifted with me three swimsuits earlier in the week. As she said, a suitably clad brother was better than no brother at all – what a joker. While Hotness was sunbathing she did a rather poor job of acting like nothing happened between us. Not once did she howl out my name for being too close or speaking to or ogling Scout which surely sunk the ruse.

For my part, I wanted Cybil to know something was going on, so when we went for our 10:30 smoothie break, I asked Zuiko what she wanted. She gave her order after a drawn out moment of lowering her sunglasses and letting her eyes roam up and down my bod. In the kitchen, Maria couldn’t help but chortle.

“We are using a new air-freshener down stairs in the workout area,” she snorted.

“I hadn’t noticed,” I nonchalantly went about helping put the drinks together.

“You should notice tomorrow – I just put them in this morning,” she gleefully informed me, “after you…finished up.”

“I’ve decided that I’m going to help Mom – work out – some issues with her exercise regimen, so it might be a bit – intense down there,” I kept grinning.

“Dulce honestly believed you’d finally had enough and were strangling the life out of her,” Maria snickered.

“Oh please,” I waved my hands about dramatically, “Zuiko is all about unexpected kindness and unrealized passion.”

“Doesn’t that mean she’s shallow and has a willingness for sexual experimentation,” Maria chortled deeply. I bowed my head to Maria.

“I bow to your superior mastery of innuendo, Senora Maria,” I acknowledged. I scoped out our three drinks and headed back out poolside.

“Madame Z,” I offered Hotness her icy beverage with a new title.

“No,” Zuiko waggled her drink in my face, showing her disapproval for my latest name for her. “For now I think we are stuck with the ‘H’ word.”

“Yes Hotness,” I nodded. “Not Smoking Hotness?” I whispered. Her eyes studied me and a delicious twist came to her lips but she gave no answer. I joined Scout in the water, our drinks on a floating cushion. It wasn’t like Scout had to clean the pool if something dropped in – I knew that was Javier’s job because I’d bothered to ask.

“You and Mom seem to be getting along,” Scout teased me. I looked totally innocent of course.

“Maybe she’s luring me into a false sense of security, so she can knock me out and take me beyond my ankle bracelets range so the Sheriff can come take me away,” I postulated.

“It’s the ‘knock you out’ part of the plan that interests me the most,” Scout giggled. Again, I was totally at a loss for what she was insinuating. “Should I check you out for vulnerabilities?”

“Sure, if that includes some laps in the pool,” I suggested. Scout answered that with a big splash of water in my face (and subsequently flashing me with her bountiful bikini shot) then started our laps. I destroyed her. Okay, I would have destroyed her if her feet, legs, ass and mid-waist had not been constantly in the path of my strokes.

Ten laps and Scout declared her victory for all to hear.

“I win, I win; Scout paddles Duke in Epic Encounter!” she bounced up and down in the shallow – and bounced and flounced. “What do I win?” I had to think of something that didn’t include an immediate, Zuiko-observable, reproach.

“You get to pick the first game tonight for our first ever Family Movie Night,” I offered both the reward and the notion of us having a Family Movie Night. Being tied to an ankle bracelet left me with very limited social options.

“I’ll have to think of something creative,” she purred as her fingers ran along the top of my swim trunks.

First Family Movie Night

The biggest problem with Dad’s entertainment room was that he had bought five TV satellite systems with nutty things like every sports package offered. Hell, with one our sports packages I could have watched Latvia versus Lithuania – the Titans of Baltic Coast (yes, I had to look that up) duking it out in soccer to see who played Poland (the winner) or Russia (the loser).

When Hotness and Scout came back from changing for bed they argued playfully; a revelation came to me. Dad wasn’t a total dick-wad for ignoring all the people in his life. Dad couldn’t say ‘no’ for long – to anybody; witness the colossal TV packages. The only person who had respected and not abused that weakness was my Mom but when he refused to say ‘no’ to the people he worked with she had to cut him loose.

Then one day, Zuiko must have put him in the same situation – she badgered him into marrying her and I was getting the idea that she hadn’t clued on to that weakness yet. Dad’s coping mechanism was to not answer the phone, or his e-mails, if he was afraid they might be gaziantep escort unpleasant. In general people ignored this because Dad was brilliant and hard-working.

I was still deciding if that was something I could forgive Dad for when the ladies chose and overruled me into watching the Time Traveler’s Wife. Now I could have acted out as a spoiled child but I had a game plan that didn’t involve upsetting either lady. So after a little tussle over who got the popcorn – me or the help – we dimmed the lights and dialed up the movie.

I quickly slid to the floor then stretched out on my stomach leaving Zuiko and Cybil sitting on the overstuffed sofa, resting on the armrests. For the first few minutes all was good then I made my move. First I flexed my buttocks, waited a second or two then rolled onto my side and reached down and ‘adjusted’ my member. The crunching of popcorn behind me subsided before stopping all together.

“Duke, are you okay?” Hotness gulped.

“Absolutely– Zuiko,” I answered but didn’t look back. “I thought I wouldn’t like the movie but it’s moving.”

“How about we pause the show and have our first game of the night?” Scout popped up.

Now I did look behind me. Hotness looked on dubiously but Scout looked at me mischievously with a faint air of smug satisfaction.

“The first game is Bronco Ride,” Cybil announced happily. “Each of the La Roche women will sit on your back. Duke, you will be on all fours and try to buck us off. The winner gets to pick the next game.”

“Do I have to beat one of you, or both of you to be declared the winner?” I grinned at Scout.

“I’m sure that Mom and I can beat you so if you somehow beat either of us, you get the next choice for the game,” Cybil allowed. After that, a quick game of rock-scissors-paper put Hotness on top of me first.

She kvetched and argued about how unseemly this whole affair was but that didn’t stop Zuiko, in her white with a hint of pink Teddy from mounting me as I rose up on all fours.

“I’m not sure about this,” she protested.

“Grab me around my shoulders to balance yourself, take your feet off the ground then hang on; got it?” I advised.

“I – I guess so,” she murmured. She took the handholds and rested her crotch on my lower back but was balanced too far forward.

“Let me stretch my back,” I requested of Mom before arching my back. She lowered her body as I did so, pressing her breasts and tight nipples into my flesh – I was only wearing shorts; no shirt.

My first buck caught Hotness off-guard and she tumbled forward but not all the way off. After that, she never stood a chance and three thrusts of the hips and she tumbled to the far side of me on to her back. Her quick dismount clearly shocked her. I rolled over on top of her, judging her ardor by the reaction I got.

When you are engaged in foreplay and a woman falls beside you; that could be an invitation to roll on top. If she claps her knees together and fends you away from her breasts, she’s only playing. If she simply clasps her knees tightly but leaves her arms loosely close to her chest, she wants to play and see how good your game is.

If those legs open up and her arms either drop by her side or wrap you up, she’s ready and willing to be impressed. Hotness had her legs open and her arms laid at her sides. I didn’t slam into her – my body covered the last few inches slowly.

“I think you won,” she gulped.

“I certainly think so, Hot -” I stopped. “Nobody move,” I cautioned. “I think a clasp to one of Zuiko’s earrings has popped loose. Let me find it.” Not my best excuse for malfeasance but I had the idea that Mom was looking for a dangerous bit of conduct.

“Oh, okay,” Zuiko responded with a tremble.

I shimmied over her body then lowered my head to her ear.

“We will have to have sex in front of Cybil soon because your looks are burning me up inside,” I whispered. My hand patted the carpeted floor as if I was looking for something.

“I didn’t really agree to that, did I?” she responded quietly back.

“What was that Mom?” Cybil teased.

“I found it,” I interrupted. I pushed up and ‘handed’ the item to Zuiko while hiding her body from Scout’s sight. Zuiko never gave a reply. She scrambled back to her seat and restarted the movie.

“My turn,” Scout exulted much to Hotness’s despair. “Assume the position Horsy!” I obediently want back on all fours as Zuiko stopped the film but watched us intently from her sofa perch. Scout dropped down on my back just above the hips then wrapped her left arm around my stomach and with her right attempted to grapple me in a chokehold.

“Ready, set,” Cybil began.

“Go!” I preempted her. In a flash I created a body bridge, which caused her to slide forward but also resulted in her to strangling me with her panicky right arm hold. That was a failing strategy (to flip her forward) so I went in the other direction. I collapsed into a fetal ball gaziantep escort bayan and – and rolled over on her.

I know; not a very ‘bronco’ move but I was trying to get some sex here and that forgives multiple sins while birthing others. Scout grunted then gave a squeak as I kept rolling until I could push up sharply like an armadillo saying hello to a car right before it dies. Cybil didn’t topple off, but she was listing hard to port and never fully recovered.

I swung around, hopping up and down, more like a bull-riding exhibition than something horse-powered. I got her, though, with a jerk one way then rolling the other and off she went. During this, Cybil’s Power Puff Girl shirt rolled up exposing her midriff. I launched myself on her belly and blew as loudly as possibly on the spot right below the navel.

“No! Aaahhh, stop it,” Scout giggled while acting like she was trying to push me off. “Mom!”

“Duke…Duke get off of her,” Hotness requested somewhat confused. I reacted by blowing even louder and walking my moist kisses around her belly button.

“Mom,” Scout gasped between bouts of laughter, “he’s killing me.”

“Duke – now you stop that,” Zuiko demanded with more authority. I refused to obey, instead nestling my lips between Scouts firm breasts, grabbing some fabric between my teeth and working it back and forth like a rabid dog.

“Help me!” Scout hiccupped with hilarity. “He’s lost it. He’s tearing my clothes off.”

Scout even flailed at me somewhat convincingly. This brought Zuiko off the sofa and to the point where she grabbed my left shoulder and was trying to pull me off. That made it too easy to divert her energy to our left. A gentle push ended with Cybil on the floor and me on top of her once more.

She squeaked as I bore in to the passage between her largish bosoms, bit into the flimsy material and shook them like I meant it. She kept squealing, half in arousal and half in terror until my fingers found the spots under her ribs. Her laughter soon echoed out of the room but before she collapsed into a bundle of nerves, Cybil grappled me from behind and yanked me away. (Okay, I played along with her little scheme)

I twisted us around as we rolled on the floor quickly enough that someone might think she meant to push one breast after the other in my face.

“Mom,” Cybil giggled loudly. “Help me! Help me! He’s breaking loose.” She grabbed my wrists and tried to raise them over our heads.

Holding me back alone was not very feasible for Scout but Mom heard her plea and jumped in on my shins (Ouch!). Cybil propelled my arms higher and wiggled her sweet bottom onto my chest.

“Bad Horsy,” Scout chastised me. “No more horse-cock fun for you tonight.” Horse-cock…did she really have to go there? I mean, I’m sensitive about my penis size in the same way a blonde with 42DD tits worries about those twin peaks being the sole reason people want to spend time with her.

I kept up the struggle despite the name-calling for two reasons. It would only take three of my thrusts of the hips to deposit her thinly defended pussy on my tongue. Then there was the fact that Hotness was delivering hesitant strokes to my cock which had long since become aroused. The more Cybil and I fought, the more vigorous Hotness’s attentions became.

The sharp intake of breath clued Scout that something was going on down below and out of sight. She suddenly let go of my wrists and raised her upper body up to a perpendicular to my collarbones. ‘Touch me’ she mouthed. My hands jumped at the opportunity. The left hand snaked along her thigh until I touched her sizzling hot pussy.

She gave a delightful little ‘umpfh’ and bit her upper lip. She arched her eyebrows as my right hand cupped her left breast and took in its youthful vitality. No droop – Scout had been taking care of her body even better than Zuiko. Scout ‘dismounted’ before I could slip a finger or three inside her pajama bottoms.

“Alright, I guess this still counts as a win for my Brother,” Scout sighed while giving me a sultry licking of the lips. Zuiko shoved my cock back inside my shorts before Cybil could turn around and scurried back to her seat. Cybil, on the other hand, sashayed slowly to her side of the sofa making sure to give each solid ass cheek a delightful shift inside her painfully tight shorts.

How Hotness planned to keep me out of Cybil’s ravenous clutches was beyond me. She wasn’t getting help from my direction; that was for sure. I imagine driving me into sexual exhaustion was one avenue that she might take but I really didn’t want to be reduced to Zuiko’s sex toy; I had wider horizons.

Five minutes in, Cybil nudged me with her big toe. I shot a look back her way and caught her chewing on her thumb. Now that she had my attention she slowly began to suck on, and suck in her thumb until the digit was gone along with half of the meat of the palm ~ four inches maybe. I was left watching escort gaziantep Scout performed fellatio on her thumb to Heaven while she kept her eyes on Hotness.

Zuiko couldn’t catch us at it but she knew something sensual was getting past her guard.

“Duke, why don’t you come sit on the sofa with us?” Mom requested in that eternal parental way that wasn’t a request. That wasn’t what got me off the carpet though. I returned to the sofa but instead of sitting, I laid my body out – head in Hotness’s lap and feet stretching out to reach Cybil but failing by inches – as I said earlier, this sucker is bigger than every bed I’ve ever slept in except my new one here and, of course, Hotness’s – though I didn’t sleep in hers.

My head came to rest on Hotness’s thighs as she gently stroked my hair. My head was turned to the side, theoretically watching how sucky it has to be to be married to someone with a bizarre super-power. I let Scout think she snuck up on me as she grabbed my feet and put them in her lap, or more appropriately, put one in her lap and one under her lap.

“Cybil,” Zuiko admonished. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure he can’t escape us Mother,” Cybil teased back. “Now he’s stuck and has to do what we say.” Ah, I don’t think so,’ I internally dialogued then Cybil rotated my trapped foot into very warm, damp patch of clothing with a camel toe feel to it.

See, Zuiko was wearing a Teddy that I doubted had much mileage do to Dad’s avoidance of all kinds of stress. Scout was wearing a green t-shirt with Buttercup of the Power Puff Girls (and there was clearly nothing underneath) plus darker green pajama shorts that accentuated her buttocks and crotch into divine curves and angles.

Five minutes into this round I settled on a plan.

“I’m a bit tired ladies,” I yawned. “I’m going to just lie here and you can wake me when we are done and we can do the last game.” I rolled on my side, facing the TV. Scout flipped the room remote control and the lights dimmed out.

First I began vibrating my big toe against the crotch of Cybil’s shorts. I tried to move a hand up Hotness’s inner legs but she clamped her knees shut. In a new stratagem, I began rubbing the back of her knee in small circles. Even as her legs opened, Scout put her hand in my foot’s arch and pressed my vibrating toe deep into the meat of her pussy.

Zuiko’s thigh opened up enough for me to slide a hand inside but a better idea occurred to me.

“Zuiko, can I rest my head on your stomach?”

“Um…okay,” she mumbled.

“Swing your leg over – I won’t look – and I’ll just drift off to sleep,” I lied.

“I – um – behave yourself,” she muttered, somewhat fearfully and excited. I moved my head enough for her leg to move around until it was resting along the back. I was good for the ten seconds it took to line my body and head up with her sacred place. The first kiss was very gentle and quiet.

“No,” she whispered so I kissed again – once up top and again lower down.

“No,” she persisted and this time she put her hand on my head. There was clearly no force or resolve in her hand because I was kissing and poking her with my nose. “No,” she moaned.

“What was that Mom?” Cybil called out from the near darkness.

Zuiko’s distraction allowed me to slip two fingers inside her band at the gusset from the side farther from my mouth. She tried to stop my fingers with her hand, succeeding for a while but I’d wiggle every time her grip let up and I was finally able to stick my middle finger into her inferno molten folds.

“No,” she wailed softly as all resistance failed. Hotness opened her legs wider and even held the band up so my fingers could twist around more effectively. Soon I had her Teddy’s undergarment totally out of the way. I was running grooves along her slit with my tongue, lapping up her hot juices and causing her to moan and squirm.

“Mom, what was that?” Cybil huffed. She was giving my toe a workout but had greater ambition. Recall, the light was dim but enough to make out shapes. Zuiko responded by closing her eyes and ‘staring’ at the ceiling. That seemed to be the break Scout was looking for – she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down with a great yank.

Hotness was slow in responding, Scout got her lips to my throbbing cock and I couldn’t help but moan cockily.

“Cybil, what are you doing?” Hotness hissed, finally acknowledging what was happening.

“I’m seeing if I can get this whole thing down my throat,” Cybil was unapologetic.

I sucked Hotness’s clit between my teeth and waggled it back and forth with my dentistry and tongue. Hotness’s hand in my hair clenched but didn’t yank me away.

“Oh God!” Zuiko panted. “Oh God.”

“You go Bro,” Scout told me but taunted her mother. Further mockery was dismissed by Scout beginning to inhale my cockhead and an inch or so of my cock.

“It’s such a big damn hunk of salami,” Scout slobbered. Why can’t girls call my cock a ‘pleasant mouthful’ or ‘the meal of the day’? I grunted because teasing aside, Scout’s lush lips had been around a cock or four if I had my guess by the technique of her tongue slathering my shaft.

“Cybil – don’t – don’t – don’t hurt yourself,” Hotness panted.

I knew I was taking a risk taking my tongue from Zuiko’s honey pot but I had to do this. I just had to.

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