The Other Man

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I wish I could say, in retrospect, that Kara and I were made for one another. We weren’t. Actually, from the moment we met, she thought I was a self-righteous hubris prick. I thought she was a childish idiot. I guess, in our own little ways, we were both right. I still am full of myself and use it to get her into bed. She still just reads romance novels and says I use too many dime-words. But it works for us.

She was twenty-two when I met her. I was the same age, but I felt older. She felt younger. I had just gotten out of an engagement a year earlier with a woman named Marigold. One R. It was a two year long relationship, a one and a half year long engagement. When she left our hearts were mutually broken, though I suppose I took it harder. For all the pompousness I exhibit, I’m still a thin-skinned romantic. Kara was the first who even made me smile. Well, more than smile, she gave me back erections and the desire to bed a woman again. God, it felt good to be a man again.

Problem was we met online and she, though still a little girl at heart, had been fucking a man name Rich. He was in his mid fifties and a father figure. Married, separated. You know the story. He never told her a nice word in her life and simply bedded her over and over again. Hotel rooms with broken headboards. She was a sex kitten. And I was envious. I wanted so badly to hit Rich over the head with a tire iron and keep her to myself. She wanted it to, I thought, but never said as much. Just that she wanted me more. Four years with a man, even one that abused her, was superseding the concept of us.

It started off as phone sex, one night, after some mild flirting. She sent me a picture of her glorious breasts after I joked that she should. Fully expected a chimpanzee or something along the lines of a grotesque expression, I nearly choked on my tea when I saw them. Large, beautiful, pink tipped with large nipples. After swallowing the tea I told her I wanted to call her, wank off to her. She agreed. But even that didn’t go as planned. She was so nice, so kind, so sweet. I just wanted to talk to her. A 20 minute lewd call turned into a four hour conversation. The four hour conversation turned into a week long flirting. The flirting turned into her coming to my apartment. And that’s how I became the other man.

She was short, very short, 5’1. But her breasts were huge and held tightly up in a white, button down shirt. Her large, beautiful breasts, 36C I would later find out, would barely be contained. She was also wearing a green, plaid skirt as per my fantasies. Cliche as it is, I loved seeing her in them, in this bad schoolgirl outfit. Her face, oval and beautiful, with little black glasses in square, block fashion covering her startling green eyes. Strikingly green eyes that seemed to light up the room and cause the fabric of my crotch to become strained. She was beautiful. I wanted to Çankaya Escort fuck her, then make love to her, then call her a goddess. And repeat the procedure.

We wasted little time. I scratched the small of her back. She leaned up to kiss my earlobe. It was quite a jump, I was over a foot taller than she. Still, she wants to bring me to my knees. No wine, though we had it. No frozen novelty drinks. She moved me to the till, Victorian pattern of the bed. She pushed me down upon it, with her left hand against my chest, and pushed me into the mattress. A light, gentle humming them as he began to button down the shirt. One at time, looking me in the eyes and swaying left to right, as she made he way down the shirt. A few buttons into it I undid the button my crotch and zipped down. No underwear.

“Now, now” she said gently taking my hands up, a momentary pause in the strip tease, and put them on my chest, “I want you to keep your hands off my cock, baby.” She moved down the button string until the shirt was eventually discarded with a shy little shrug, he back turned to me. A blue bra, barely large enough to hold her. I could see that just from the strap. She turned around too reveal sultry, alabaster cleavage. I smiled up at her, really more of a foolish grin, as she played with her breasts, humming a little strip tease. Then she took up the hem of her skirt and raised it slowly, her hips moving in slow circles as she turned her back to me once more. She bend over then to reveal a pale, beautiful ass in a matching blue thong underneath the skirt. “Well, hullo there, baby.” My left hand jaunted out to smack her playfully on the left ass cheek. She squealed and feigned indignity as she took a step away. Then she dropped the skirt to the floor and kicked it aside.

Now she was just barely wearing anything. A matching blue thong and bra. I smiled to her and she winked back to me. My cock, by no means gargantuan, was at it’s full seven inches now and she was eyeing it carefully. “And hullo to you, too.” I made a joke about a one eyed monk, a private joke, she laughed and ruffled up her short, red hair before pealing, pealing, excruciatingly slow pealing out of her bra and thong set. She left the shoes on. I don’t know why. I didn’t much care at the time either. So now it was my turn. I had to carefully ease out of my dickeys and my shirt. I didn’t wear underwear, something she loved.

So then she’d plant a dozen kisses onto my bald head, pushing her breasts into my face. I tentatively kissed back. She moaned happily, giggled, and then she put a hand on my balls and began stroking them gently, happily. I got goosebumps all over my body at this point as she began to lay kisses all over my face. Through trying to simply use me for sex, it was apparent that she loved me. Wanted me in more ways than one. But that light Keçiören Escort dimmed. Back to the vixen act.

She pushed her breasts together and squeezed them around my cock. It felt fantastic. She carefully lowered herself down and manipulated her breasts so that those large, beautiful nipples ran up both sides of my cock. Her eyes didn’t leave mine. Mine couldn’t leave hers. She giggled again, a low, sultry giggle. “I want it in my mouth. Will you let me, baby?” I just swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded a few times. She breathed heavily on my cock, her cock really, and then lowered her mouth around it. I’m by no means wide, but a little over a quarter. I was amazed at how her little throat, the one that belonged to this little girl, could so easily slide down my head and into my pubic hair. She didn’t even hesitate. She even rubbed her nose into the hair and hummed a light little laugh.

She then tighten her lips around my cock and slid back up moaning. She was literally dripping wet. I sat up at the edge of the bed to put a guiding hand on the back of her head. I watched a single drop of her juice slide down her shaved pussy and onto her left thigh. It made a slow, serpentine journey to the carpet. That was the last thing I saw for a good, long while as my eyes clamped shut due to pleasure.

She didn’t want to stop, though. She didn’t want me to enter her, spread her pussy lips. No, not until she had me right where she wanted me. A low, light, bombing motion then, like a buoy on the sea, as she lowered herself down, and up, down and up, humming all the while. I had never had it so good, I had never even had it close to that good. I told her so through moans, sweat and holding her to me. She began to laugh once more before I told her to stop before a came. I told her to stop, screamed at her that I was near my limit. She just stopped, looked at me innocently, batted her eyes like a little girl and then put her mouth around me cock head once more before taking me all the way in and grunting, humming and fucking me harshly with he mouth. I came loudly, moaning, screaming, cursing, using profanity. She just took up my cum as though it was nothing, She didn’t drink it, no, she just inhaled it. And then she inched he way off me once more and smiled up at me. “You like that baby?”

I didn’t respond. Not even a grunt. My sweat had congealed on the small of my back as I hit the mattress. She was laughing once more. She began raking her fingers over my inner thighs. “Oh it wasn’t that bad hunny. Come on. I need you cock in me.” And she’d continue to rake, playing with my balls happily, like a kitten, like the sex pot she was. Then back down my thighs. Already life was stirring in me again. God, it felt good to be a man. God it felt good to have a cock rise up again through the numbness, the static Etimesgut Escort in my ears, the sensitivity that racked me.

As my flaccid cock came back to life she laughed gently. “There’s my one-eyed monk.” She leaned down to take the head of it again, pealing back the foreskin to swirl her tongue around it. I was instantly aroused once more. This time I put a hand on her forehead and pushed her off of me. She gave me a little pout, her lower lip hanging out. I just stood up and grabbed her by the wrists to drag her up to eye level. Well, close enough. And then I kissed her deeply, my tongue in her mouth. My cum barely left an aftertaste, but it was the hottest mouth I had ever kissed, been in. Then I thrust her onto the mattress and spread her legs. Already a pool of juice was leaking onto my sheets. I would find it hard to care.

She took charge once more. For such a timid thing, she really wanted to be in control. Her thighs just wrapped around my waist and her ankles locked behind my back. Then she dragged my sensitive and hard cock into her pussy. But her pussy was small. The pushing was hard, at first. “Fuck. You are so much larger than Rich.” An inch and a half, I’d find out later. Made all the difference, it seems. So she grunted and pulled as I pushed once more. To no avail. I put my right hand atop her clit then and carefully played with it in the rhythm of a clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. A little girlish grin and a deep growl as I finally parted my way into her. Oh, I had never felt that before. It felt fantastic. I said as much. “I know, baby,” she said in a sultry whisper.

I had never cum inside a woman before. And I would like to say that I had pushed into her, out of her, like I did Marigold. But I didn’t. Her pussy was tighter, smaller, she did her exercises. I could not hold out. Unlike Marigold, who I could literally fuck slowly or quickly for hours, she just pulled her muscles in and contracted around me. I hardly lasted five minutes. But I gave it all I had. I pulled out until her legs squeezed me, forced me to stay in, and then a deep, hard push. I felt her cum, as she so much wanted to, all over me. A squeezing of my waist and my cock as she cried out in a throaty tone. Then she started gasping for air, he body convulsing. I was dragged in and, given the heat and moisture, came quickly. She laughed then as I fell down and covered her with my sweat-laden body.

I crawled out of her, which she pouted slightly to. A light whimper before she grinned at me. We positioned ourselves together, a snuggle, a spoon a reverse. Her breasts against my chest, our eyes locked, neither of our glasses made if off. And then the charade fell. No more sexy vixen, no more sex kitten. Just a girl who wanted more than sex. She smiled softly to me. A gentle kiss to my lips, I reciprocated. A deep sigh before she began playing with my cock.

“Hey now,” I said simply. I wanted love at the moment, and besides which, my cock ached. She just kissed my nose and nodded. We fell asleep. A few hours later she would suck her juices off of my cock. Later we would go on the first real date of her life. Ice cream and a movie. Then we would make love for the first time in her life. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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