The Overdue Encounter

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Gina was a skeptic when it came to the idea that she would ever meet the man that could truly make her happy. She had gone through a few disastrous relationships in her past. It wasn’t like she asked to be taken granted, or for that matter abused in both physical or mentally abusive ways. She had just simply taken for granted that a sweet and kind seeming man would stay sweet and kind after she’d been with them any amount of time.

She had just about given up finding her “perfect” man when she was intrigued by a chance meeting with a guy from another country on the internet. It was in one of those adult chat rooms she met him. He wasn’t like the others, trolling from private message to private message, looking for women to talk dirty to online. This man was simply there, joking around, having fun flirting but remaining a gentleman. She found his humour charming, it was almost hard to understand at first, but then she found that he was Canadian.

Having chatted with Canadians before, Gina realized that this man was simply easy going and able to laugh about anything. As he chatted in the room, Gina became more and more interested in finding out what this guy was all about. She found herself more and more tempted to send him a private message. But that night she kept putting it off until finally he said goodnight to everyone in the room and headed for bed.

The next night she got back online with every intention of messaging this güvenilir bahis Canuck, to talk with him privately and learn more about him. His natural charm intrigued her, gave her that little tingle of hope. Gina didn’t know what to make of it, but she decided to go against her instinct to just let it go as another man to disappoint her.

She finally worked up the nerve, sending a first private message, which simply said “hello”. Almost immediately; even though this Canadian charmer had become popular in this chat room, he answered her message. “Hello there, how are you?”.

After the initial pleasantries, she managed to find out that he was in his mid thirties and was single. He described himself as an attractive man but a little on the heavy side and tall. She found out that he’d never been married, was single and sort of looking, but wanting to find someone special. The more she talked to him, the more she liked him. Gina had never been out with a bigger man, but this didn’t bother her, his personality is what had her entranced. They exchanged pictures that night, indeed he was cute, and he couldn’t say enough good things about how beautiful she was. He admitted to her that it was the inner beauty he was looking for and that from what he had learned of her so far, she was very sweet and fun to talk to.

Gina and her internet sweetheart talked for months on the computer, they shared their true names and learned much about türkçe bahis each other. They had fallen in love with their internet persona’s both a little nervous of the true person being totally different.

Finally one day Gina called Bill, she had taken the opportunity to change her long distance plan to include good rates to Canada. She asked him online one night if she could have his number. They had just finished online love making, the only intimacy they had; when she said that she’d love to hear his voice and would he mind giving her his phone number. He was shocked. First he told her it would be too costly and he would feel bad about her ringing up her phone bill to phone him. She assured him she had a good calling plan and the call would be quite reasonable.

When they first talked on the phone, both people were nervous, they had shared intimate moments and sent naughty pictures to each other. Both felt embarrassed to be talking to a person that had never heard their voice, but still knew so much about them. It didn’t take long, however; for both Bill and Gina to talk like they did online. They spent a couple hours on the phone that first night and for another month to come, there were phone calls back and forth, both man and woman feeling closer and closer to the other.

Gina was obsessed by Bill, she could think of no one else, she wanted to be with him and see if she had at last found her perfect man. He was so sweet, güvenilir bahis siteleri loving and fun to talk to. His passion online and on the phone made her yearn for his real touch upon her body. Secretly she applied for a passport and looked into fares for a flight to see him. Gina was determined to meet and see if this Bill was everything he seemed to be.

A few weeks later, Gina had all of her arrangements made and the dates were corresponding with a week Bill was taking off from work. Wisely he had planned it around a stat holiday to make his week extend into ten days including the weekend. She had asked if he were going anywhere and he said he couldn’t because he was trying to pay off bills from a previous relationship and didn’t have the extra money to do anything but relax. Besides, he had said, he would have more time with Gina to talk online. That was perfect Gina thought, Bill would be home and she could surprise him by just showing up.

A week later, Gina was at the airport catching her plane to Canada, she hoped Bill would be home when she called him from the airport. She figured he would be because they had stayed up late the night before and that would mean that he wouldn’t be getting up early for any plans he might have had. Hopefully her plane would be on time and their first meeting could be over dinner.

Gina had erotic dreams about Bill as she slept during the flight. The late night before had put all kinds of naughty thoughts in her mind. She was sure that despite not wanting to give herself to Bill the first night, she would probably cave in any case, after long sensual nights online or on the phone with him over the past few months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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