The parcel – a new direction

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My door bell just went off , on opening the door it was jane , the neighbour i’d been having a fling with, hi she said, i need to talk to you she said, err come in ,sounds serious i said ,

she sat down on the sofa and had a drink, so whats on your mind i asked ?

Well i’ve been thinking , thinking long and hard , i interrupted if you want to call it a day i understand, she said please allow her to finish , she went on to explain that on the day i mentioned did she want to be Anna from f.s.o.g and all that we did together had in her own words had got her going , she harboured a deep desire to explore all that stuff but being a single parent meant it was impossible to find someone to take her on with k**s in toe ?

so she said would i be willing to explore with her all that that world had to offer , with no strings attached – adding well you know what i mean, for my part i said i’d be happy to explore with her, i did not want any commitments but said i think we both need a sexual outlet to cope with our busy daily lives, she said she was relieved to hear me say that , but i wanted to remind her that we had already agreed on two safety words for her which would be honoured always, she giggled and said that she felt safe in my hands as we were already neighbours rather than complete strangers , i teased her and said ” i’ll be gentle with you ” she instantly replied ” hopefully not too gentle ”

so with that in mind i asked her was she free the coming weekend – she said Saturday would be best , so i said i’ll pick you up at yours about 9. a.m and well’ll go into town ( London ) for some retail therapy , she said that would be lovely but not to spend all my money on her, i said she’d earn it , and again she said ” yes sir ” fuck the way she said it made me feel horny, so time was pressing on so Saturday morning could not come quick enough , i honked the car horn outside hers that morning and she almost seem to run to the car , she gave me a peck on the cheek and said where are we going ” sir ” wait and see young lady i said, it was a fine sunny summers day and duly found a parking space in central London , so off we when holding each others hands , outwardly just another happy couple to anyone around us, we looked in various shop windows but the shops i had in mind unbeknown to her were not the main stream ones but the ” adults only type ” we duly went to one and she said she never had the nerve to go into one by herself, i said she enjoy yourself and look around, the ground floor was all the ” fluffy stuff ” i said the basement might hold that stuff you might like, so she descended the stairs before me, dressed in a short summers dress with plenty of thigh showing, i behind her looking at this slender young thing who would in due course be my slave, slut, what ever i desired her to be , to say she was taken aback by what was on show before her would be an understatement, she whispered that she never had seen so much stuff , let alone being hands on as she put it, i said if you see anything you like ,tell me , there’s a clothing section in the far corner if anything whets your appetite ? she said it was almost to much to take in such was the assortment of stuff on show , while she browsed the fixtures i found a heavy duty leather collar with steel rings set into it , ” from me to you ” your own personal slave collar, something thats yours and only yours, she said it was a lovely thing and would love to wear it, in that moment i called to the shop assistant and said that the ” lady ” likes this collar and wants to wear it now, he said just take the ticket off and he would do the sale , she went bright red at what i just said to the shop worker and told me to behave , yes miss was my only response , your naughty she said you’ll find out later young lady i said, she lingered at a long leather cat -o -nine whip, do people really take this she said , yes of course and maybe you will in due course, on me saying that she stood close to me and said PROMISE !
fuck i could have flogged her there and then such was the lust in me for her at that moment, she moved on the the metal section, handcuffs in all sorts, her running her hands over various items , i said come here , and duly clipped on a long chain with a leather loop , the perfect compliment to her collar, she also lingered at the various clips, i pointed out which were which saying this one could be used on various parts of her body , nipples , cunt lips etc etc, she said yes please, but i said i’d already had those at home, great she said , she walked over to the clothing section and said to me what did i like , i simply said whatever you like, but she said more firmly what turned me on ? i said given a choice shiny black PVC , she giggled and said that would be what shed wear but i had to choose the stuff, so i duly settled on a cupless basque with an open crotch ( back & front ) she said she would not try it on until later, so i duly paid for said items but reminded her that she would be leaving the shop wearing her new collar , i can’t she said what will people think ? i said these days it’s a fashion item besides i am the only one who really knows what the collar is for and it’s intended us, in that moment she looked to the floor in an almost sheepish manner and said ” yes sir ” the shop assistant winked at me as if to say good luck and i thought to myself , yup i am one lucky bastard ! ……………….
to be continued .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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