The Park

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I had met her in the mall a few weeks ago. She had her beautiful blonde hair pinned up in a bun. She was wearing a tight white top that revealed just a little cleavage. She had very nice breasts, probably C or D cup. She had on a very short sexy pink mini shirt. I become aroused the moment I saw her. I just had to meet her. I was barely able to speak to her. I was so overcome by her sheer beauty. Plus, I’m not really used to talking to girls, let alone hot ones. I was somehow lucky enough to get her phone number. I am in my early 20’s, 6 foot 1 inch, and 200 pounds of muscle (I have very little fat). I have blonde hair and wear glasses.

We went out a few times and had a wonderful time. She is such a wonderful person. She has such a great personality and such a great body. It took so much mental control not to think about sex when I was with her. Because I wanted her so bad! For the first few dates, I got to kiss her delicate lips. Those kisses were incredible. After a few more dates, we would sit outside on the park bench and make out. The feeling of my tongue touching hers was unbelievable. I just knew that when I would finally get to have sex with her, it would blow my mind.

We had spent the day together at a carnival. We were just enjoying ourselves so much. Just like we were kids again. She had on that same white shirt and short pink miniskirt that she had on when I first met her. On one of the rides, the Zipper, where you are in this cage and you are whipped upside down, she ended up grabbing onto my thigh to hold on. It felt so good having her warm hand on such a private area. It send sparks of sexual electricity up my spine. I also grabbed onto the inside of her thigh. It was so smooth and hot. I knew she felt something too. When it was Afyon Escort dark out, we went for a walk through the secluded park. We ended up at a bench and no one else was around.

We started to passionately kiss each other on that bench. After about 15 minutes of kisses, I stopped and asked if I could massage her neck and back. She said yes. Her neck was so warm and inviting. I just loved rubbing it. I then proceeded to rub her back. I could feel her bra straps through her thin shirt. It was really making me horny. But I wasn’t sure if it was making her horny, or if it was just sensual for her. So after another 10 minutes, I got really daring. I asked if I could massage her legs. And she said yes. Now my heart was really pounding. Because, in my view, massaging someone’s back can be just friendly, but someone’s legs is always sexual. I sure hoped she felt the same way.

She laid down on the bench. She looked so beautiful in the horizontal position, I just wanted to jump on her right there. But I resisted. I started by massaging her feet. Her legs were slightly open, so I could see up her skirt and her beautiful red panties. My head became dizzy because behind those lovely panties was pure heaven. I wanted it so bad. I worked my way up to her knee on one leg, then switched to the other leg, and up to the knee. I continued passed the knee and into the inside of the thigh. I could see her breathing heavily and rapidly and her eyes were closed with a smile on her face. I massaged up to her skirt line, then switched to the other leg and worked up to the skirt line.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have her. I was desperately trying to work up the courage to ask her. I was so scared that she would say no. We had Afyon Escort Bayan only known each other for a few weeks, but she seemed to really like me. I finally asked her if I could do her right there in the park and she say yes! I immediately jumped on top of her and started to passionately kiss her. I ground my hard crotch into hers. I undid a few of her shirt’s buttons, pushed her bra back, and sucked on her nipples for awhile. Her breathing was becoming rapid and heavy and slight moans of pleasure escaped from her. I moved down and sucked on her belly button for awhile. Then I pulled her over so her butt was on the end of the park bench. I put my coat on the ground and knelt down on it. I lifted up her skirt, spread her legs, and placed kisses all over her incredible red panties. Her vaginal secretions were soaking through her panties. I grabbed hold on the panties and pulled them down and off of her. I placed them into my pocket.

I now stared into her dripping wet pussy. I placed kisses all over her lips, then moved in and started to suck on her clitoris. I licked her clit in a circular fashion. It only took about 5 minutes for her to cum. She grabbed my head and tried to buried it deep into her pussy as her muscles contracted from orgasmic bliss. She didn’t make too much verbal noise, but I had a feeling it was because we were outside in public. I unzipped my shorts and placed a condom onto my penis. I was kind of hoping to have her that night, so I brought a few condoms along. I was still kneeling in front of the park bench. I grabbed her legs and placed onto my shoulders. With my hands, I grabbed onto her pelvis. In this position, I had all the weight on my legs (not my hands), so thrusting is easy. And this position Escort Afyon gives excellent stimulation of her G-spot. I began slowly thrusting into her moist vagina. The feeling was unbelievable and I wanted it to last forever. I couldn’t believe that I was finally making love to this beautiful woman! I kept on thrusting slowly and only a few inches in. I felt, with my penis, that ball on the roof of her vagina, which I guessed was her G-spot. I made sure to concentrate my thrusting there. And I was right, it was! She was really getting into it. I asked her if she wanted me to rub her clitoris, but she said it wasn’t necessary.

The sexual energy was flooding my spine and up into my head. It was such an incredible high.

After about 10 minutes, I came for the first time that night. As soon as the orgasm started, I immediately pulled out, clamped my PC muscle around my prostate, and concentrated on that wonderful feeling my prostate (pelvic nerve) was producing. In about 20 seconds, it subside, and I relaxed my PC muscle and penetrated her again. (I can have multiple non ejaculatory orgasms). She was surprised by this. I told her I did have a non ejaculatory orgasm, and I would explain it all later. She was confused, but happy when I entered her again. But she had a surprise for me.

After a few more minutes, her body erupted into a G-spot (uterine) orgasm. She remained perfectly calm and relaxed, but I knew she was experiencing heaven. As she was cumming, I felt a warm fluid squirt onto me above my penis. I looked down and it was white cum. How ironic, the guy did not ejaculate, but the women did! I ended up having a total of 9 orgasms in the hour that we had sex! The most I had ever had in a row was 5, and 9 in a day. Usually I only have 2 or 3 during sex. It just felt so good! I couldn’t keep from cumming again and again. She had a few more orgasms that night too. Afterwards, we just laid on the park bench and fell asleep after the most incredible sex I had ever had (I think it was the best for her too).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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