The Partnership

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The Partnership started between myself and Ben Twiggle in January of 1870 on a dry dirt farm in Kansas with 150 head of cattle and almost enough acres to feed them on. Ben and I made plans to rob a train and get enough money to buy a decent ranch and a Saloon. Molly and I had been married nearly two years and little Jenny was nearly two.

Ben had been living with us for most of a year and things were close for the three of us in the one room cabin. We had hung a blanket across one corner of the room for several months at bath time but the past few months. Molly just undressed and took her bath in front of us unashamed.

The interest between Molly and Ben was becoming more and more intense each day. Even I became used to Molly being completely naked in front of Ben and myself. Ben finally brought up our partnership and how complete it should be! In our partnership don’t you think our wife should be shared in the partnership?

It actually made since in the fact it would ease the sexual electricity in our cabin. I could feel it from Molly and Ben. Ben if Molly is willing I actually don’t have a problem if you enjoy each other. I watched as Molly lead Ben to our bed and they undressed. Their coupling was very intense. Molly stopped wareing clothes most of the time from that time on and they were very actively sexually. I watched many times as Molly gave herself to him hungrily! And it actually made our sex life better!

We recruited 3 others to help with the robbery , Billy Miller a 19 year old kid, Jake Carter a 60 year old bald heavy set man who had spent more than half his life in prison, and Gabe Mills a very large black man who could crack any safe made.

I was gone more than I was there for the next three weeks scouting our robbery and getting ready for it. When I rode in Molly was washing clothes beside the cabin in only her panties. Her pretty breasts were pointed up beautifully as usual! I guessed that Ben was not her only lover now.

All four of the other men were sitting around casually watching her. She seemed totally unaware of them. I crossed to Ben. He grinned.

Jamie that Molly will make one fine whore in our Saloon!

What makes you say that?

I am glad to see you back as she is about to kill the four of us!

She going down to the shed?

Yep about every other night!

She pleasuring all of them?

Oh, Ya I have heard her with that big black! He must be very large and she likes it lots! She just can’t get enough cock!

Molly continued to enjoy evenings with our three new guys and I saw her with Gabe several times and it was akin to watching a Stud and Mare!

We Pulled the robbery two weeks later and hid our take before riding into mexico. We rested and slept lots. A little Cantina on the edge of town became a favorite place for Ben and the boys to go at night. And soon Molly was begging to go along. I stayed with our daughter.

After a week or so Ben came back Esenyurt Escort earlier than usual. He grinned at me and shook his head. That wife of yours definately is a born whore!

Why what she doing now?

She is naked up on a table dancing for the crowd.

Our boys?

Yep and maybe 20 Vacarros! And things are heating up!

Molly continued to dance for them in the cantina and how many young Mexican men she entertained is unknown but lots of them!

I rode north a couple months later to pick up the loot. When I got there I found most of it gone and the Pinkertons waiting after I had dug where we buried it!

I got 10 years in Yuma federal prison. And I spent nearly 9 of them before I was released. I rode the train north into Kansas and picked up a small stash I had hidden and bought a horse and rig. My rig consisted of a .44-40 Rifle, 2 Russian .44-40 revolvers and a shotgun.

I then began to search for my Ranch and Saloon I knew my partner was running. I knew the area we had discussed for our ranch and I rode that way.

I road into a nice ranch a week later and found it was owned by a man named Frank Roberts. Frank invited me to get down and have dinner with them! I washes up and entered his home. He introduced me to his wife Kathy, A very beautiful blonde woman tall and slim, with large breasts and nice hips. His two daughters were every bit as pretty as their mother and both had bodies every bit as sexy as there moms’.

Kelly, was 19 and Missy 18. Kelly had redish gold hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her body was every bit as nice as Kathy’s. Missy had larger breasts than her mother and more hips!

The meal was as good as I have ever eaten. Frank and I sat on the porch smoking cigars after dinner. He brought up the Home Branch Saloon in the next town! I just listened to him talk.

The man who runs the Saloon has his wife dance and whore in his saloon! Prettiest little whore you ever saw! Maybe even prettier than my Kathy and the girls!

Ben has been here several times and wants to recruit my women for his Saloon. Recruit them as dancers?

No, no as whores in the Saloon! Kathy has been pleasureing my ranch hands for several years now. And the girls each began helping her when they each turned old enough!

Ben has tried them all out several times and wants them all! I want to see my Kathy up on his stage to see how she stacks up against his wife!

And you are ok with her being a whore?

Oh sure she’s been whoring for me with my hands almost every since we married. It does her good.

And his ranch is where?

Next one on west. The Town is 55 miles from here. And his ranch is south of town about 20 miles. So you see why the boys need entertainment here on the ranch. It is a long ride to town.

So if your women go in to whore for Ben what about the ranch entertainment?

Oh I have 4 young ladies coming up to cook clean and whore İstanbul Escort from Mexico. They should be here anytime.

I finally told Frank that Molly wasn’t Ben’s wife but mine.

Well I’ll be! Then you own half the ranch and the Saloon?

Yes I do.

Say Ben has a very tough dangerous ranch forman who runs the ranch. And a gun slick little snake who backs him up! Buck Jackson is forman and Billy Miller backs him up!

I know Buck and Billy.

You don’t seem very concerned?

As I said I know them both.

Ben has promised your wife to Buck. In fact he may have her by now. The last time he was here he said he was going to let Buck have her. Buck is mean and wants to whore her on the ranch! Says she will preform with Gabe the blacksmith, for the hands. To sex them up before he gives her to them.

How long was he here.

Oh Month or more I guess? So I’d guess Buck has her by now! Shame she may not be the same by now. I have heard he uses a bull whip on his women.

I was pleased when, Frank sent his wife to my bed that night naked! Kathy was very well built and she would be very near as pretty on stage as Molly. I stayed another two weeks and enjoyed Kelly and Missy as well as Kathy several times before I left.

I rode into our ranch a few days later after scouting it for several days. The cook was the only one on the ranch when I rode in. I was not surprised to find Jake Carter was the cook. I stepped down and looked Jake over. He was older and fatter.

So Jake what are you doing as the cook?

Jamie you took all the money.

No Jake the money was mostly gone and the Pinks were waiting.

Not what Ben told us

. Ya I figured! I been in Yuma the last 9 years.

So Ben lied to us.

Guess so and how did you figure he bought this ranch and the Saloon?

Says he just did a down payment on them both! And will own em in another 20 years if he is lucky.

Hell Jake he owns them now.

You know about Buck and Billy?

Yep I do.

Nobody wants to tackle them both.

Any of the hands good?

Ya several are ok. Garret Jackson would tackle either Buck or Billy but not both. John Anderson is the best cattleman and knows range conditions.

So you think Jackson might be a good forman?

Ya the men like him.

So you know about Molly?

She’s here?

Yes. locked in the bunk house tied down.

Why is that? He horse whips her when he comes in at night, then gives her to Gabe. She is not in good shape.

You take care of her?

I try Jamie, I really do!

When will they be back?

Most anytime now.

Good Go get her and take her up to the house Bathe her and dress any wounds.

But Jamie? Go Jake I’ll take care of Buck and Billy.

Really the both of them?

Yep them both!

I was in the barn when they rode in and dismounted. I walked out behind them and as Buck turned he saw me. Beylikdüzü Escort I wasn’t sure he would know me with my hair long and the beard, but he did.

Well look what the cat just drug in! Looky Billy your old buddy Jamie Folk! My Jamie that little whore wife of your has been just great and that daughter is just near ripe to use too.

And I shot him. Buck and ten other never stood a chance and I never gave him one. Billy stood dum founded!

I holstered my Russian and grinned! his hand dropped and I shot him in the same place. Just right of his left shirt pocket. I kicked four spent shells out of my gun and replaced the four with new ones. The man I guessed to be Garret Jackson shook his head.


Two each, you Jackson?

Yes Sir.

You wanta be forman?

Yes Sir if you want but John’s a better cattleman than I am.

Can you work together?

Yes Sir we can.

John Anderson you be my ranch manager? Take care of range conditions , money, sell off when we need to?

Yes Sir I can do that.

Do you want too?

Yes Sir!

Can you work with Garret?

Yes Sir Garret is better with men than I am.

You boys been fucking my wife?

Yes Sir, but we didn’t hold with what Buck was doin!

That is why he is dead! When she gets well she will be back to pleasuring you all.

I rode into town a week later. I scouted the town, shave and hair cut at the barber shop and I walked into the Home Branch Saloon. Kathy was in all her glory on stage looking beautiful with her big breasts sitting high and pretty.

Frank stood at center bar looking as proud as he could. The girls sat at tables drinking with customers. I walked up beside Frank and ordered a drink. He paid for it.

We chatted and I found out the women were all working full time as whores and had been for a couple weeks. Frank was very pleased with them. He told me he had talked with Ben and had gotten a slightly different story about our partnership. He was told by Ben that I had stolen money from him and run off.

I grinned at Frank and showed him paper work that showed I’d been in prison for the past nine years and he found it funny that Ben owned a ranch and a Saloon. I also had paper work showing that we were partners and anything one of us owned, the other owned half including my wife!

I waited for Ben. He finally came down from where he lived up stairs. He wore a gun and Frank told me he had never seen him wear one. He had taken young Kelly to his bed as his private whore!

Ben came to the end of the bar and stopped. When he spoke it was loud and calling me out. He stated I’d stolen money from him. I in turn simply replied I had spent the past nine years in prison because he lied. I told him if he touched the gun he wore on his hip I would kill him.

He almost cleared leather when the slugs hit him in the exact same place they’d hit Buck and Billy. And I now owned A saloon and a ranch. I turned to Frank.

So your girls got here from Mexico? Yep and nice young women they are.

Good in bed?

Not near as good as your wife!

You want to trade? Your women for her?

For real and for good?

For real and for good!

To Be Continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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