The Party

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We lock eyes across the room. God, you look so good. That smile, those eyes, how on earth did we date and never fuck each other?! Now it’s too late. We both came to this party with other people. We aren’t the types of people that cheat on their partners are we? Well flirting isn’t a crime is it? We both look away and pretend to be more interested in whatever conversation we just zoned out of.

I didn’t even want to come to this party. It was a shit week at work and my partner and I had been fighting in the car on the way over. I told him I wanted to stay home but he insisted the party would be fun. We both agreed we would dip out early if it turned out to be lame.

An hour or so goes by. Next thing I know you’re coming over to say hello. We smile, hug, your embrace feels good, strong.

“It’s good to see you”, I say.

“You too, you look amazing!” you reply.

Suddenly we realize we’re still hugging and immediately we both let go, not wanting to draw attention to ourselves. Our dates are on the other side of the room, engaged in separate yet equally enthralling conversations, laughing and talking, neither one paying any a attention to our encounter. We reenact the usual song and dance, asking each other ‘what’s new’ and ‘how’s work’ blah blah blah. Our lips are moving but we’re both fucking each other with our eyes. I want so badly for you to just pull me into the downstairs bathroom, lift me up onto the sink and fuck my brains out. I’ve replayed this scenario in my mind before but for some reason tonight, it’s playing out in my head with such vivid detail.

Suddenly, you lean in and say, “Meet me in the downstairs bathroom in 5 minutes and knock three times so I know it’s you.”

I don’t answer but instead watch you walk away with my mouth slightly ajar. I’m so caught off guard by your forwardness that I don’t know what to do or say. I stand there for a moment. I look over at my date who’s still busy conversing about nonsense I don’t care about.

I should just assume you were joking and find another conversation to join. It would be easy to ignore you, pretend I didn’t hear you properly. But a little voice inside me says ‘finish your drink and gaziantep bayan escort go downstairs’. It’s probably the alcohol talking but…I listen. I down the rest of my Sauvignon blanc like it’s apple juice and head downstairs, knocking twice as soon as I get to the bathroom. If I hesitate, I may not go through with this.

You don’t answer right away, making me wonder if you really were joking.

“What if it’s not even you in the bathroom?” I think to myself.

Before I have a chance to second guess my decision, you open the door, a big sexy grin on your face. I enter the bathroom and you lock the door. We walk slowly towards each other both still unsure how far we’re willing to go here. My heart feels like it’s about to beat right out of my chest. We start kissing, slowly, delicately at first but then faster and more passionately. Your mouth is so warm and inviting. I can tell you found some mouthwash in here before I arrived and you taste so fucking good.

Your hands start moving over my body, first overtop of my short dress but then more boldly, exploring underneath. Your strong, rough hands feel so good on my skin. I reach down to undo your pants but I’m fumbling with the buttons on your jeans and you can’t wait any longer so you frantically take care of them yourself. A few seconds later we’re in our underwear and our bodies are pressing against each other again. I feel your unmistakable bulge press into the top of my thigh. I’d almost forgotten how massive it was from that one time we’d gotten drunk playing strip poker and I gave you a blow job in your basement while you leaned against the pool table…memories!

Except this time, it’s my turn. You pull down my lacy black thong, lift me up onto the sink and spread my legs wide. I lean back against the mirror, gripping the sink with one hand and your head with the other as you stick out your tongue and begin kissing and licking my clit. I let out a long sigh…fuck that feels so good! You take this as a sign that you’re on the right track and start going to town, sticking two, then three fingers into my now dripping wet cunt while you continue to kiss and lick my clit. I feel the muscles on the insides of my thighs begin to jump. I don’t know how much longer I can last. I feel an orgasm begin to grow inside me and move my other hand to your head to make sure you don’t stop exactly…what…you’re…doing…

“Ohh…fuck!” I cry out, a little louder than intended but I can’t control myself as I cum on your face.

I’m still sitting on the sink, leaning against the mirror with my eyes closed, breathing heavily. I start to giggle a little bit. You smile while you remove your underwear and reveal one of the largest dicks I’ve ever seen. Suddenly I’m reminded of what we’re about to do and I’m a little bit nervous, how am I going to fit that thing into my tight little cunt? Our eyes lock and it’s as if you’re reading my mind.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle”, you say.

We start kissing again, slower this time. I can taste my pussy on your lips and it’s delicious. I move one hand between my legs and get my fingers nice and wet with my juices before reaching for your dick. I make sure to rub my juices all around the head and shaft, moving my hand slowly – you are hard as a fucking rock and the last thing I want is for you to blow your load before I’ve had a chance to feel you inside me. As if reading my mind again you pull back slightly, you know you’re close to cumming too and don’t want things to end prematurely. We kiss a bit more passionately now. You pull down the straps of my dress and remove my bra. Both of your hands start massaging my tits, your fingertips playing with and pinching my nipples. You take one in your mouth. I let out another sigh. You move over to the other nipple and softly bite it with your teeth. You know just what to do to drive me crazy! I can’t wait any longer. You know what I want. I reach down for your dick and guide it between my legs, signalling I’m ready. I can now feel the tip of your engorged member waiting patiently at the opening of my still dripping wet cunt.

“I want you to fuck me” I whisper into your ear as I nibble at your earlobe.

You don’t hesitate. You push your dick in almost all the way, looking into my eyes, partly to see the surprise and pleasure on my face but also to look for a sign that it’s ok to go further. We lock lips and I move my pelvis forward forcing your dick all the way in so that I can feel your balls just below the entrance to my pussy.

We don’t move much at first. You pull out slightly then push back in each time going out a little farther and in a little harder. You desperately don’t want to hurt me but you know the closer you get to cumming the more you’ll want to just let loose and fuck me as hard as you can before depositing your seeds inside me.

As if on cue you begin to pick up speed but it’s ok, my pussy has expanded and your extremely large dick is feeling very fucking good right now. So good that we’re both breathing heavily and starting to moan loudly…I hope no one is waiting outside the door to use the bathroom!

I feel another orgasm start to build and you’re pumping in and out of me so fast and hard I know we’re both going to cum any second now.

You whisper in my ear, “I’m cumming now, ok?” as if asking for permission to cum inside me.

Before I even have a chance to register what you’ve said, my own orgasm takes control of me and we both cum together. I can feel every inch of your dick spasm inside me, squirting your spunk all over my insides. There’s so much cum that it begins to drip down my butt cheeks and into the sink before you’ve even had a chance to pull out or soften.

We remain in this position for a few minutes until our breathing returns to normal. You pull out slowly and step back allowing me to step down from the sink. I use my fingers to wipe some of your cum from my pussy and slowly lick it off each finger, one at a time while we stare hungrily at each other.

“We should clean up and get back to the party upstairs” you say. “Our dates are probably wondering where we are and may get suspicious if we’re both gone too long.”

“You’re probably right” I reply.

“About what?” my date asks me.

Suddenly, I realize I’m still at the party upstairs. Everything that just happened was a daydream. I look around the room and you’re still standing next to your date, conversing with a few other couples. I turn back to my date who has a very confused look on his face.

“What am I right about?” my date asks me again.

“Um…you’re right this IS a great party” I say with a smile.

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