The Party

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He opened his eyes slowly. The light hurt them to begin with but they soon became accustomed to it. Matt glanced around the room deciding whether to get out of bed. Looking at his bedside clock he saw it was almost midday. Suppose I better get up. He thought to himself. He flung the duvet cover off and the first thing he saw was his erect penis staring up at him, almost begging for some relief. I really can’t be bothered with that. I have to get out of this bed. He thought, almost like he was trying to will his cock to subside. He got off the bed, his penis pointing straight forward like a water divining tool, and went over to his computer. Just as he was about to boot up the machine he noticed a crumpled piece of paper next to the keyboard. He picked it up and unfurled it. Scanning the paper he did a quick double take and realised today was the day.

It was Saturday and tonight was Tina’s party. He was really looking forward to this night. Even after all his initial doubts and worries. I will have a good time. No matter what is said or happens. His thoughts drifted to Tina and he was still more than a little surprised that she had invited him. Still he wasn’t sure why but that wasn’t going to hold him back. At least there will be loads of booze to have if things get too stressful. He surmised. A quick glance at the clock showed it was twelve thirty and he didn’t have to be at the club until ten. Just short of ten hours to fill what shall I do until then? He pondered. He then decided to go into town for a few hours and have a look around hoping to help time go faster.

By the time he returned home it was almost seven o’clock. He had never meant to be out that long but he just seemed to spend most of the time wandering around in a sort of semi-daze. Tonight had him feeling a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. Still Matt decided to start getting Demetevler Escort ready. I will go a bit earlier and get a couple of drinks. That will calm the nerves. He decided. Town was quite busy but all he could think of was Tina’s party. After a few drinks he decided to head to the club although he knew he was going to be early. Still I want to give a good impression. He thought to himself. He arrived at the club about fifteen minutes before he was due to. But to his utter disappointment he saw Tina standing outside waiting. What did strike him as odd was the fact that she was alone.

“Hi Tina how are you?” He asked.

“Matt I am really glad you decided to come.” Was the response that was given?

“Where is everyone?” He asked.

“We are everyone.” Her reply shocked him to the core.

“How do you mean?” He asked confused.

“Don’t worry just come with me I will soon explain everything.”

Tina took hold of Matt’s arm, but instead of going into the club she called for a taxi. Matt was starting to believe that he had indeed been set up. The taxi pulled up and Tina entered first virtually dragging Matt in after her. They sat in the taxi in a slightly awkward silence Matt still wondering what he had let himself in for. Suddenly the taxi stopped and Tina climbed out.

“Come on then we are here.” Tina told Matt leading him into a nice looking house.

“Is the party here then?” He asked.

“In a manner of speaking it is yes.” Tina told him before grabbing him and shoving her tongue into his mouth.

Matt was taken completely by surprise but found he was responding. The only experience Matt had of women was what he had seen on the internet but here he was having a gorgeous girl trying to suck his face off. He felt his cock starting to stiffen and he squirmed Otele gelen escort trying to hide it from Tina. He was too slow though as Tina moaned gently still with her tongue firmly in his mouth. She let her hand slide down the front of him and she got a firm hold of his cock. She began rubbing and kneading Matt’s cock and he realised that he had never had such a massive erection.

Before he knew what was happening Tina had dropped to her knees and with expert skill undid his trousers, letting them fall to the floor. She then released his aching cock and started flicking her tongue over the swollen head of it. She was licking and flicking at his cock so expertly that Matt was finding it very difficult not to cum. He was about to speak when she stood back up and started kissing him again. Not sure how to react he lifted his hands and started touching her tits through the flimsy blouse she was wearing. Tina started moaning gently and while Matt carried on caressing her she slipped effortlessly out of her skirt. She stood back from Matt and removed her top. Standing there in a matching set of pink lingerie she looked a million dollars.

Holding Matt by the hands she took a couple of steps back and fell gently onto the bed. Matt looked down at her. His cock was harder than it had ever been. Tina pulled her thong to one side and beckoned him to her. He was about to climb on when she indicated that she wanted him to lick her pussy. Matt looked at her face then at her pussy and slowly lowered his head. This is a first for me. What if I fuck up? He thought. His head got lower until he could smell the sweetness of her wet pussy, juices glistening on the edge. He slowly flicked his tongue out getting his first taste of female love juice. He really was enjoying this when Tina stopped him and Balgat Escort changed positions. She lay him on his back and started to suck his cock again as she lowered her pussy onto his face. They spent the next hour having oral sex in many positions before she stopped him.

“Now I want you to fuck me.” She told Matt as she lay back opening her legs.

Matt didn’t need asking twice and slowly lowered his body. His cock probing gently at her moist opening before it slid effortlessly deep into her welcoming wetness. He slowly moved his body, hoping she was enjoying herself.

“Fuck me hard Matt please.” She begged. “I want you so badly.”

“Are you enjoying this?” Matt asked.

“Oh yes fuck me so hard make me cum.”

Matt carried on pounding away until he started to feel the telltale twitching in his cock. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“I am going to cum.” He gasped.

“Take it out and wank over my tits baby. I want to feel your cum splashing on me.”

Matt didn’t need telling twice. He removed his cock and furiously started to masturbate until he could hold back no longer. With a final couple of pulls on his cock he let out a loud groan. Cum shot out of his cock going all over Tina’s tits and some even shooting and landing on her face. Tina ran her index finger in Matt’s cum before slowly lifting her finger to her mouth, licking his cum off it.

“Mmmm Matt that was wonderful. I have been dying to fuck you.” Tina said.

“I didn’t think you liked me no-one else pays me any attention.”

“I have been watching you for quite a while.”

“But you always have so many people around you.”

“And that is the problem. They all want to fuck me but I just want someone who I think I could have a serious relationship with.”

“But why me?” Matt was very confused.

“Because you are exactly the opposite of all those hangers-on.” She told him. “You don’t hang around trying to get into any girls pants.”

“I have never even had a girlfriend before yet I just lost my virginity to you.”

“And if you would do the honour of being my boyfriend I will take you to places you will only have dreamed of.” Tina whispered. “Now fuck me again handsome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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