The Passion to Teach

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College life is considered the best part of life. Great sports, freedom at education, beautiful girls and lots of fun. I had none of them. Its not that I was a jerk. I was quite normal. I had my dose of amazing friends, lovely parents and my kind of fun. But somehow I always missed something. Something I didn’t know. Something I was always in search of. I myself didn’t know what it was. I would never have but for that day.

I belonged to the best college in my place. Easily the best. I had to go through a stringent entrance test followed by a personal interview to get admission in the college. I was a good student too. We had a test that day. It was my favourite subject – math. I normally finished the test at least half an hour before the end and was checking my answering when it happened.

Ms. Anita was over thirty years of age, a bit on the plump side with gorgeous breasts and a fantastic ass. Until that day she was the best instructor on campus with a sweet smile and nothing else to me. I was shaking my pen in my right hand trying to get it to write again. I didn’t observe her walking beside me and the needle sharp nib of my pen scratched her just above the knee on her bare skin that couldn’t be covered by her lovely tight navy blue mini skirt. I at once apologized and stood in helplessness as the scratch began to turn into a deep red.

The rest of the room were engrossed in their paper. She said, ‘Its ok son. Its not your fault. You continue with your test.’ She then bent a little and was examining the damage. Her white shirt was blazing in the lights and the top button was undone. Through the gap I had my first glimpse at her beautiful cleavage. I was at once transformed into a different world that I was totally new to me. I didn’t know how long I was that way until,

“Hello! Are you alright?” said my goddess.

I recovered at once but was still staring at her milky white chest. She stood properly and there was that million dollar smile on her beautiful face. Then she turned around and moved on.


From that day, college meant paradise to me. Math class was heaven. All through the class my eyes never left her sensuous body and my dreams were filled with her and nothing else. As a natural consequence my marks faded away and within a month everybody noticed the change. One day the inevitable happened.

“Brian Taylor! Please stay after class.”

I sat at my place while the class emptied. Once everybody left she came to me and sat beside me.

“Brian, I hope you know the reason why you are here. I never expected I would have to face you this way and have this talk with you. Math is as much a passion for me to teach as it was for you to learn. What’s gone wrong?” said Ms. Anita.

“Nothing Miss. I shall put in my best efforts and regain the lost ground. I promise.” Said I in a desperate attempt to drive away the situation.

“Let me tell you something Brian. I think we both realize you have gone beyond a point where you can pull yourself back. Can I know the reason for why you did this to yourself?”

Then I was in a real fix. I couldn’t tell her the reason. And nothing else came into my head. She sitting so close to me with her skirt revealing half of her thighs was already doing its magic on my dick.

“I don’t know the reason myself, Miss” I lied, “am unable to concentrate and find the new concepts extremely difficult to understand. I also find math very boring to practice and my mind drifts off whenever I try to work out on the problems.”

“Ok. Lets do this. You come over to my place this weekend. I’ll talk to your mother. I find that you are having trouble with a certain section of the syllabus and lets take an oath to get it right during the weekend. I’ll work with you and I’ll take it as a personal challenge. Let me tell you something Brian. You have been my favourite student and I cant let this escort bursa happen to you. So this Friday you are walking home with me.”

That’s the reason why she was the best teacher. She was so involved with her work. “Thanks a lot Miss. I’ll inform my mother and seek her permission.”


Friday school was agony. The classes seemed unusually long. And the day never seemed to end. Mom was happy that Miss Anita was ready to help me. At last the day ended and we walked together to her place.

She was apparently tired from the day’s work and as soon as she showed me to my room she said she’ll take her bath and return. She added, “Brian, you finish your bath too and lets have dinner. After that we’ll start doing the problems.”

I expected nothing less and agreed. I took bath, changed into new underwear, shorts and a tshirt and went downstairs. She was already there in the kitchen and was serving at the table. She was wearing a short baby top that came just below her breasts and I could faintly see her nipples through the fabric. We finished dinner and went to the living room.

She was wearing a mini skirt on the bottom. It was white in color and was lovely. She sat down on a sofa and asked me to sit on the floor near her so that she can see all the time what I was doing. I sat opposite her.

She instructed me on a concept white I stood on my knees all the time staring at her lovely cleavage and nodding my head. Then she gave me five problems on the concept and asked me to do them. Believe me I heard nothing of what she said.

I somehow managed to do the first problem using my own head and looked up expecting to see the usual beautiful smile acknowledging my performance. She was glaring at me. I tried attempting the second one but just couldn’t move ahead. I quickly went for the third. Then the fourth and then the fifth. Nothing. I looked up and this time I could actually hear my heart beat. What she did next was something I never imagined.

She slapped me hard on my cheek. “Idiot! I explained you so clearly and you just couldn’t get it into your dumb head.” Wish I could explain her that I couldn’t even get it into my dumb ears leave alone the head. As my cheek burned she took the pencil from my hand and asked me the first step for the second problem.

I managed. Then I observed something. When she slapped me she slightly moved towards me on the sofa and her skirt went back revealing a bit of her white panties. The second slap on the same cheek. My cheek burned more. I could actually feel tears swelling in my eyes. Its been years since anyone hit me like that.

She said, “What the hell! You couldn’t even tell me the first step properly. Stand up. Take off your tshirt and shorts. Quick.”

Was I listening or were my senses totally knocked up? I kept staring into her eyes. Another slap. I knew she was serious. She wanted to humiliate me.

I stood up and took my tshirt off. Her expression didn’t change. She was really serious about embarrassing me. But I just couldn’t take off my shorts before her. My underwear will easily show my hard on and moreover even mother didn’t see me that way for over ten years now.

“Brian, what are you waiting for?”

The look in her eyes automatically took my thumbs into the elastic of my shorts and I pulled it down. I stepped out of it. Still no change of expression even at my obvious hardon.

I was back on my knees and this time I concentrated at what she’s saying and understood the concept. She wrote down a new problem and with the book still in her lap asked me for the solution. I explained the first step. No smile yet. She just looked on. I could feel my cheek preparing for the next torture. Then I heard, “Next”

Thank God. I proceeded. With each correct step my confidence grew and soon I got to the right solution. Still no smile. She went on for bursa escort the next concept. She suddenly lifted her legs and sat cross legged perhaps because of discomfort. Now I can actually see her panties and her pussy mound. It was a beautiful sight. Before I realized the concept was over. And there was nothing in my head. Before I decided on what to do the five problems were on the paper. I took it from her hand and said, “Miss, can you explain once again?”

Another slap. “Brian, you got to understand something here. Its not my job to teach you like this. When I can show this dedication why cant you? Where the hell is your head roaming while I was teaching? You wont listen like this. You feel like a beach boy in this hot weather with your clothes off, right? Take off your briefs. Only then will this mean anything to you.”

Hell! I was too aroused to remove my underwear. This time I was truly embarrassed. I stood up and tears filled my eyes. I apologized but she refused to listen. I just stood praying she’ll forgive me.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I want this thing off.” Saying she put the pencil into the elastic of my shorts and tried to pull it down. I held it back. Another slap. As I held my burning cheek in my hand and closed my eyes to clear the tears I suddenly felt my dick feel comfortable. I realized what happened. The bitch pulled down my briefs to my knees before I even knew it.

My dick was pointing right at her face and my underwear was around my knees. I tried to get out of it but she said, ‘Don’t try that jerk. Keep it there. That’ll remind you of how serious I am.”

Soon I was back on my knees wiping tears from my eyes and one hour and a few slaps later I was through with the concepts. I suddenly began to concentrate hard and whatever problem she gave me I was able to solve without trouble. At last the smile appeared. It was as if the devil was pushed back by the angel inside her.

“Brian, see, if you concentrate you can grasp faster than anyone else. Ok now. Try this problem. Its really tough and even if you are unable to solve it it’ll not mean anything. I just want to see your brilliance come back to you.”

This kind of motivation really helps. It was a difficult problem alright. Quite misleading. But I could spot it and arrived at the solution in less than ten minutes. I showed it to her. She was overjoyed.

She got up and hugged me. She was a bit taller to me and when she hugged me my dick went between her legs and she kissed me on my cheek. She pulled her legs together without realizing and suddenly her thighs held my dick. I could help it nolonger and hugged her closely.

I knew I made a big mistake. I knew what was going to happen. Ten seconds passed. Nothing. I opened my eyes and looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Her thighs still held my dick and her lips were trembling. I didn’t know what got into me. I closed the distance between us and our lips met.

It was only my fourth kiss of my life and she could spot that. Soon she was guiding my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on my lower lip. Her hands moved all over my back and my buttocks and whenever she touched my buttocks my dick throbbed and she knew that. I took liberty to move inside the back of her top moving over her bare skin and slowly my hands moved to the front moving the top over her breasts. Her breasts felt lovely. So soft. So milky. So wonderful.

I held her nipples in my hands and she let out a gasp. I lifted her top over her head and moved my hands inside her armpits onto her breasts and her lovely hips. My right hand went over her skirt onto her thigh and started the journey inside. I held the elastic of her panties and pulled it down hard. I pulled it until her knees and let it be there. Then I pulled down her skirt and let her step out of it. She was as naked as I was. Just as naked.

We bursa merkez escort bayan moved onto the sofa and our kisses continued. I moved my hands all over her breasts and butt. I began showering small kisses all over her breasts and took a nipple in my mouth. She hugged me closer as my tongue flicked on her bud. With the other hand I pressed her other breast and massaged it.

Then I moved lower and kneeled on the floor. I lifted her knees with her panties still on her knees. Her pussy looked so beautiful. She didn’t expect this and hid her face in her hands. I moved my face close to her pussy and smelt it. Heaven. My tongue found its way onto the pussy lips. They were so wet. It darted inside and moved all over. To the deepest depths to the softest corners. Taking in all the wetness. Soon my hands found her buttocks and holding each of them in my palms I guided my tongue deep inside her pussy. Soon she started moving her pussy to match with the rhythm of my tongue. Suddenly her hands tightened in my scalp and she held me closer to her pussy.

“God, god, god.” Was all she said. The rest were deep breaths and gasps of pleasure. Suddenly there was a gush of her juices all over my face and she fell back. I continued to lick her pussy and then slowly I got up. Her eyes were closed. I felt she needed rest and I got out of my underwear. I picked up my clothes and started to move away when I felt her hands on my hips from behind.

“Who the hell said you could leave?” said she in a husky voice that I never heard before. She turned me around and started kissing me. She licked her own juices from my face and started kissing my neck and slowly started moving down. She kissed my navel and moved lower. There came the shock.

She held my pubic hair between her teeth and pulled. I let out a shout as pain engulfed my groin. She then went lower took my balls in her mouth and began to chew on them very strongly. It was a beautiful feeling full of pleasure and pain. My dick was hitting on her face and was smearing her face with my pre cum. Then without warning she took my dick into her mouth as deep as it would go and sucked on it. She went on sucking on it as she entire hand went between my buttocks. I was going totally crazy as her fingers touched all over my butt. She suddenly turned me around, bent me forward and put her tongue inside. One touch at my anus had my dick throbbing and I felt I would come right then.

She then held my dick in her hand and started to stroke it fast as her tongue began to explore the depths of my anus. Soon I could hold it no longer and and my cum sprayed all over the sofa and her hand. She refused to let me go even then and continued to stroke my dick even as it was going down. Her teeth dig into my anus and she bit as my dick pounced back into action. She stroked on and on and then when I could take it nolonger I lifted her and hugged her. She kissed her hard and as we both gasped she pushed me onto the sofa. I could feel my sperm on my back and my butt. She then turned around and guided my dick into her pussy. Then she bent down holding my knees in her hands for support and started to hump me. It was a lovely feeling. Just too good. Her inviting asshole was igniting my deepest passions. I was wondering if I should do anything about it when she said in her husky sexy voice, “How can you resist my ass like that? I cant. Put your finger in and find your dick. Do it now son.”

That really triggered out my passions and my finger dig into her ass as my dick pounded into her pussy with vigour. Soon I was transformed into ecstacy as I could feel my balls tighten. I told her so and she immediately moved over my body so that I can continue to pound into her ass as she took my dick into her mouth. And soon we came all over the place. The she lay beside me holding my dick with her over mine and my hand on her asshole stroking it slowly.

“Well Brian, thanks for doing so badly in my subject” said she flashing her beautiful smile.

“Well Miss, thanks for making me do so badly in your subject” said I grinning as she posed a quizzical look on her face.

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