The Perfect First Night

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*March 2002*

If I was dreaming, I prayed to god that I didn’t wake up. Here I was, Jeff Schmidt, average every day teenager, sitting on a bed in a Niagara Motel, with the most beautiful women in the world beside me, her head on my chest, one arm draped around me while we watched American Beauty. How did Erika and I end up in this position? It’s a really long story, but to shorten it, I’ll simply tell you the events of that fateful day.

At around 10 am, I got a phone call from Erika saying that she had gotten the bus to Niagara, and wanted me and my family to drop by and stay, then we could take her back her with us tomorrow. We loaded all the necessities in the car and took the 1 hour drive to Niagara. This would be the first time I would ever see Erika in person. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

When we pulled up to the hotel we could see several of the tenants were in the pool, it was a surprisingly warm March this year and everyone took advantage of it. While my mom and dad put stuff into the room I decided to look around for you, so I ventured out back to the pool just in time to see the greatest site of my life. There she was, Erika White, the very definition of beauty, her black skull and cross-bones bikini soaked with pool water, clinging to her body as to leave very little to the imagination. One of the things I’d made her promise to wear. She didn’t like it of course, she was very self conscious and thought very little of herself, but that was fine. I thought enough of her for the both of us.

She hadn’t seen me yet, as she was drying her hair from the swim, so I decided to have some fun. I crept up behind her while her head was still covered in the towel, put my arms around her waist and whispered “Guess who?” in her ear. HAHA! I never saw someone jump so much in my life! But once she got her bearings back and realized it was me she quieted down almost instantly. She stood there, unblinking, with a blank look on her face. At that moment I was sure she didn’t recognize me, or she was disappointed in what she saw. But then her face lit up and she squealed and jumped on me knocking us both backwards into the pool. When I was finally able to get to the surface again she still had that huge smile on her face. God I love that smile. We stared at each other for a few more seconds then leapt at each other and hugged. I was never happier in my life let me tell you.

We spent the day together, shopping, swimming, watching movies, the like. After dinner we headed into her room, my parents and sister stayed in the other room, but just in case, we locked the doors. Hey, you have to have privacy right? Anyways, that’s how we came to be in this position. And now my fingers are playing with her hair idly, while her finger traces small patterns on my stomach. Suddenly without warning she starts savagely tickling my stomach (and I am the world’s most ticklish guy, so I was 2 feet off the bed kicking and screaming by now) she laughs her usual laugh and climbs on top of me to hold me down while she continues to tickle me senseless. Now the problem is, Erika isn’t very ticklish, so I have no way of fighting back, so I take the first idea that pops into my head. I reach up, grab her by the head, pull her down and kiss her on the lips as hard as I can. This caught her even more off guard than the tickling Travesti caught me. But soon she begins kissing back, and we spend quite a few minutes, just wrestling with each other’s tongues, with a few interruptions for tickles and giggles hehe. We finally come up for air, and I realize that I have a bit of a problem down below. Hell, I should have realized that if I get a hard on just looking at her, making out with her would make it a million times worse. Erika, realizing this got a devilish look on her face and started squirming around in my lap.

“Uh…. babe, I don’t think that’s very…..” but she put her finger to my lips, smiled again, and leaned down to kiss me. This time while we were kissing I let my hands wonder around her back. I slowly made my way down towards her pants, slow enough to be able to stop on a dime, but fast enough so that she would know what I was doing. If she didn’t want me doing anything she made no sign on if, so I let my hands wander down, under the waist of her pants and to her amazingly firm, round ass.

“Damn, all that working out sure did her some good, her ass is incredible.” I thought to myself. I kept my hands rubbing all over her ass, until, ‘accidentally’ my middle finger found its way down and lightly brushed over the bottom of her pussy. At this her eyes went wide and she broke the kiss.

“I’m so sorry, I…” I started, but then I realized she wasn’t mad. She was smiling, and breathing really fast.

“Remember… what I told you I was saving?” she said finally. I knew what she meant, and my eyes went wide with anticipation.

She crawled backwards off the bed, her eyes never leaving mine, and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt. I could barely stand it sitting there. My dick began twitching in my pants. When her shirt was opened, I could see she wore no bra underneath, but she kept the shirt on, teasingly showing me only the inner gap between her breasts. She then turned to face away from me, leaning over and letting her JNCO jeans fall to the floor, her thin, black string panties the only thing between me and her magnificent pussy. A small hint of wetness could be seen on the crotch of her panties when she turned around again, the sight of which made my cock jump yet again. This was so good I was sure one touch and my dick would explode. Then, as always, slowly and teasingly, she licked her finger and ran it slowly down the middle of her chest and into her panties.

“oh god…” were the only words I could muster, I was in total awe of the sight before me. She smiled again evilly and pulled her finger out, then licked it clean. That nearly made me cum right there. She turned around again and let the shirt finally fall to the floor, turning around with her hands over her tits, so agonizingly erotic, she slowly moved her hands down, finally baring before my eyes the most beautiful set of breasts god ever created. Perfect, full and round, with the must delicious looking pink nipples anyone could ask for.

“ooooooooh goddddd…” I moaned, I don’t think at that point I knew any other words in the English language. Everything in my mind was focused on the site in front of me. She blushed and giggled, then turned around yet again, leaning over, and removed her panties, giving me a site unrivaled by anything I’ve ever seen. Her gorgeous Ankara Travesti pussy, already wet, the lips slightly open, as her finger gently slid between them. Nothing could have ever prepared me for that. I felt faint, I was about to pass out from the absolute shock of everything I’d seen in the last few moment, but Erika woke me right up, but crawling back onto the bed. So slowly, her breasts and then her pussy rubbing against my leg as she made her way up to face me again. I was practically paralyzed. She pulled my shirt over my head, my arms barely raising enough to get it off. Then she kissed me again. I was still in so much shock I couldn’t even kiss back. But Erika wasn’t worried at all, she smiled her evil little smile, took my hand and placed it on her breasts. That’s when I could take it no longer.

I flipped her over onto her back and kissed her with as much force as I could manage. My hands were on her breasts, kneading the flesh, but staying away from the nipples for now. When I calmed down a bit, I slowed down the kiss, and began to concentrate again. I started running my fingers in circles over her breasts, always coming a little bit closer to her nipples each time, but never quite touching them. Then I broke the kiss and started nibbling on her neck, still making the slow, teasing circles with my fingers. I worked my way down, licking the smooth canal between her breasts. I could hear her heartbeat from there, going a mile a minute, and her breathing was short and shallow. I kissed my way over to her left breast, but when I go to her nipple I licked circles around it, still never touching it. As I kept doing this I’d breath cold air onto her nipple, making it harder, but not allowing my tongue or lips to touch it.

“please…..” she begged, and that was all the motivation I needed. I brought my mouth down, sucking in her nipple, flicking the areola with my tongue while is was in my mouth. This made has gasp, as my hand pinch her other nipple at the same time. I kept slowly sucking and rolling my tongue over her for a few minutes, savouring the sweet taste for the first time. But then, my unused hand slowly crept down across her stomach to her mound. I let my finger trace it’s way around her outer lips, across her inner thighs, but never touching her most sensitive spot. I started kissing my way down again, taking some time lick her naval. Her stomach was so soft and smooth, I felt as if I could just lay there forever. But, an even better treasure awaited me just a few inches below, so I kept kissing my way down, ever so slowly, making her gasp in anticipation each time. When I finally reached her honeypot I leaned back and took a good look at the prize that lay before me. I could barely see her pearl of a clit poking it’s way out from under it’s hood. But I thought I’d tease her a bit first. I took a big whiff of her sent, it was so intoxicating. I brought my tongue down onto her thigh, and kissed it. then licked a circle all the way around her outer lips, just as I had done with my finger. She kept moving her hips around, trying to get me to lick her, but I wouldn’t just yet. I wanted her to beg….

“Oh….. pleease…. I’ve waited so long for this…… please.” she moaned. And know what she meant by waiting, I dipped down and slowly ran my tongue along her slit from İstanbul Travesti bottom to top, letting it rest on her clit for a moment before leaning in and taking it into my mouth to suck. This sent shivers down her spine and her hips thrust in the air. I had her clit trapped between my lips while my tongue lavished it with tiny licks. She was squirming all across the bed in pleasure-filled torture. While this was going on I had one finger deep in her pussy, feeling her juices flowing. I twisted my hand and bent my finger so that it brushed the top wall of her pussy. That along with my sucking and licking her clit had her ready to cum. But I wanted to taste her for myself, so I removed my finger, and dove my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. This set her off, she had to bit the pillow to keep my parents from hearing in the next room. Her pussy started tightening around my tongue, but I kept it moving, I wanted all the sweeeet juice that was pouring out of her. I drank it all down, my tongue swirling inside her to make sure I had every drop, but it wasn’t long before she started getting wet yet again.

When I came up for air she tackled me again.

“It wouldn’t be fair if you did that and I didn’t pay you back.” she said and playfully undid my pants. I never really expected this, so I fell back on the bed and she removed my pants. All that was left was the huge tent being pitched in my boxers. I caught her staring at it, and licking her lips. She timidly, with a shaking hand grabbed the waistband and pulled it up over my painfully erect penis. I’d never seen it this big before. The foreskin was stretched almost to popping, and it was a good 8 inches long. Nervously Erika simply sat there for a minute, her own juices flowing again, watching my penis twitch in time with my heartbeat. Then she slowly stretched out her hand and grabbed me gently, like holding a microphone. She moved her hand up and down, the skin moving with it over my cock. I never thought I could feel so good. I could swear I was about to cum already. Then she started moving faster, and before I even knew it my dick erupted, spraying semen 6 inches into the air over me and landing on my stomach. Erika was so surprised by this she kept her hand moving, and my dick never shrank, it stayed just as hard as it was, ready to go again. When she finally realized this, she looked at me hesitantly, then leaned down and took my dick into her mouth.

“holy shit!!” I nearly yelled. Wherever she’d learned it from, her technique was mindblowing. I’d never felt anything like it before. I was in pure heaven. All I could keep thinking was that this was all just another wet dream. But again, only a few minutes after Erika had began sucking, a load of cum shot out of my dick right down her throat. Surprisingly, she never missed a beat, sucking in her cheek and opening her throat letting all of it pass right down. After two orgasms like that I was lightheaded and weak. She crawled up my stomach, licking the previous mess off my stomach before laying on my chest. My hands again found her dripping pussy. I could barely stay conscious, but I knew it had to be even. I used both hands, one with two fingers alternating in and out of your glistening pussy, and the other furiously rubbing your clit. To keep you from screaming we kissed once more, tasting each other in our mouths. When you came you screamed into me so loud I could barely keep my mouth around yours. Eventually you quieted down to the point where I could let you go, and we both collapsed, out of breath, and soaked with sweat and each others juices.

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