The Perfect Job Ch. 06

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Authors Note: This is my Thirty-Sixth story and the sixth installment of this series. I owe the idea for this series to my good friend and fellow writer, EddyFox and the helpful editing to EddyFox, Shady_Lady, teddyrabbit and Steve. Anyhow, on with the story…I hope you enjoy it and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!

* * * * *

We cuddled for a few more minutes until I felt I had the energy to move. I sat up in bed and patted his shoulder, “Come on now David, it’s time to give you the grand tour.”

I got out of the bed and slipped back into my robe. David was still lying on the bed on his stomach, watching me dress. I gave his ass a light smack, “Come on, put your pants back on, no underwear, no shirt, and no socks and follow me.”

I moved towards the door and David realized I was serious. He scrambled to put his pants back on and off we went.

I gave him the tour of the second floor, since that’s where we were.

I lead him into a sitting room across the hall from mine done in shades of dusty rose and light blue with birch furniture, “This set of rooms is always ready for Isabella since she sometimes stays nights or weekends here. She’s got a sitting room, bedroom and bathroom at her disposal. You are never to enter these rooms without Isabella’s consent.”

David nodded his understanding and we continued onto the set of rooms which were just down the hall from Isabella’s. This set of rooms had walls of butter cream with rich cherry wood furniture. “This set of rooms is for my parents, though they have never visited. You are never to enter these rooms under any circumstances.”

David nodded and asked, “Why do you have rooms for your parents if they’ve never visited?”

“My parents expect rooms to be ready for them even if they never visit. If they were to visit and I didn’t have rooms ready for them my father would be very unhappy. He actually cut my sister-in-law out of the will because she hadn’t done the rooms for them in her house to his exact specifications.” David gave a low whistle and I smiled, “That’s my father for you. He was raised rich and always got what he wanted. What he wants he gets and if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants you pay the price and then some. The man could have intimidated Hitler!”

We moved onto the next set of rooms across the hall. These were done in shades of light blues and greens with modern oak furniture. “These rooms are for my sister Clara, her husband and their two sons. They visit a couple times a year and when they are not here you are not to enter these rooms at all. When they are here you are only to enter these rooms if asked to do so by one of them.”

“You said your sister-in-law was cut out of the will so I assume you have a brother. If you have rooms for your sister why don’t you have rooms for your brother and his family?”

“My brother, Simon, is entirely my father’s creature. He was raised in my fathers shadow. He went to Cambridge where my father went and has been apprenticing to take over the core of the family business since he graduated. His family castle, summer home in Los Angeles and winter home in northern Canada are all neighboring properties of my fathers. He goes where my father goes, does what my father tells him to do just as my father never visits neither do he or his family. However, my father only expects rooms to be ready for him and mother, he could care less if there are rooms for Simon and his wife and daughter. I think it’s my fathers twisted way of punishing Simon and Laura for giving him only one grandchild and it being a girl and not the boy he so desperately wanted from them.”

“Wow…your family is kind of…uh…”

“Psychotic? Yes, they are. Well, just father and Simon. They are both so obsessed with power and control and spend all their free time on the insane little power games they play with each other. They pretty much leave Clara and I alone to live our lives. Though since Clara has two little boys who Father sees as the ‘true heirs’ of the family business and fortune he pays her more attention than he does me. He has the boys spend their summers with him so he can ‘mentor’ them and Clara spends the rest of the year trying to undo the damage father’s done to their psyches”


“Yup…my family…rich, powerful and incredibly fucked up. I don’t know how I would have survived childhood if it weren’t for Clara.”

“So you two have always been close?”

“Oh yes! Once we were old enough Father had both of us shipped off to a private school, we never even went home for the holidays. Mother and Father would ship gifts to us at school and pay Cebeci Escort the staff to stay with us. We were the richest and both among the top 5 percentile in the school for grades so none of the other girls would even speak to us. Clara graduated 2 years before me so for those last two years I only ever spoke with teachers and cleaning staff. It was horrible. Then father insisted we go to separate universities.”

“Oh? Where did you guys go?”

“He sent Clara to Harvard and he sent me to Yale.”

“Well they aren’t that far from each other at least.” David said encouragingly.

“You’re right, they aren’t, we saw each other for Christmas each year but other then that we were both so busy studying.”

“Well, at least Yale isn’t an all girl’s school. Must have been nice to finally be around some guys for a change!” I could tell he was trying to lighten the mood that talking about my family had put me in and I appreciated the gesture.

“You’d think so, but not really. My first semester I was so engrossed in my classes I hardly even noticed, but by the time second semester came around I’d actually gone on a couple dates. Then I met Andrew.”

David grinned impishly at me, “And I bet you got all wild and freaky and turned into the kinky nympho who now stands before me.”

I laughed a short, cold laugh, “Oh no. I was an innocent virgin. Some kissing and light petting on the dates I’d had, but I thought I loved Andrew and lost my virginity to him and we became monogamous. He was a wham bam thank you mam’ kind of guy, which as you know, I enjoy. However, he was also a once a week on Friday night for about five minutes and nothing else kind of guy and I went insane! He caught me getting myself off one day and freaked out on me saying I was a slut who couldn’t get enough. After that I made do with just a quick mediocre fuck once a week.”

“What the hell for!?” David asked in a slightly outraged tone that made me smile.

“Because I was young and foolish and thought I loved him. He was tall, dark and handsome. Everything a young woman could want or desire. His family was well off enough for him to be considered “worthy” of courting me by my father and I worshipped the ground he walked on. Andrew and I made the perfect couple. We both had excellent grades, came from wealthy families and we seemed to be very much in love. No one was at all surprised when Andrew proposed to me on our one year anniversary.”

“I thought you’d never been married,” David said with a hint of suspicion in his voice. I think he was worried some outraged husband would come around the corner and start beating him up.

“Oh no, we didn’t make it to the alter. A month before the wedding was supposed to happen Andrew brought me on a surprise visit to meet his family lawyer to draw up the prenuptial agreement. I was outraged that he hadn’t given me the chance to have my own lawyer or my father present and he spouted on and on about it being nothing but a formality to the marriage. I grabbed the documents from the desk and faxed them to my lawyer without even reading them and then stormed out of the office. Later that day I got a call from my father demanding that I call off the wedding. It seems that the prenuptial agreement entitled Andrew to half of my accumulated wealth and 75% of all property and wealth accumulated in the course of our marriage if I were ever to be unfaithful, if I failed to produce an heir within the first two years of marriage, if I failed to provide adequate emotional and physical support to him and if I were to weigh more than 160 pounds.”

The look on David’s face warmed my heart. He looked shocked, outraged and pissed off, “That’s fucking insane! The bastard just wanted your money!”

I gave another low, cold laugh, “Oh I know that now but back then I was devastated. My heart was broken…I cried for days and realized a harsh life lesson. I was moderately decent looking and rich so love in the romantic sense would never be a feasible option for me.”

I could see something close to pity in David’s eyes and it made me want to smack him, “Don’t give me that look, don’t you dare feel sorry for me. I have more than most people ever dream of and I am loved by my sister and nephews and Isabella, I wouldn’t ask for anything more. Well, except for a good fuck now and then, which is what you’re here for. Now come on, I’ll show you around the main floor.”

I gave David the tour of the sitting rooms, the sun room off the back of the house and then we made out way to the kitchen with its attached breakfast nook where I preferred to eat most Kolej Escort of my meals. Since neither of us had really finished our dinners in our eagerness to jump each other we sat down and had some leftovers.

We talked as we ate and I learned about David’s past love life. He told me all about his ex fiancé, Lisa, how she’d kept putting off the wedding and finally leaving him for another guy after dragging the engagement on for over a year and a half. He told me about how she’d complain whenever he’d want sex and how she’d just lay there, “like a dead fish” when he’d fuck her. He said the only time she’d get turned on was when she’d been out for a “spa day” with the girls. In the end it turned out the guy she left him for was the manager of the spa she went to.

“She was an idiot! I don’t know what the spa guy could have done for her that you couldn’t because so far hunny your one hell of a good fuck,” I said as I ran my hand up his thigh.

David smiled over at me, “Thanks, you’re one hell of a good fuck yourself missy.”

I traced my fingers over his cock and felt him begin to stiffen through the fabric of his pants. “Think you might be about ready for round number two?” I asked as I slowly massaged his cock.

“Well you still haven’t shown me where my room is. Why don’t you show me my room and we can christen my bed with me fucking that hot ass of yours for the first time?”

“Mmm…sounds good to me!” I jumped up and headed straight for the stairs with David quick on my heels. I waited at the top of the stairs and reached for his hand. I silently lead him into my sitting room where I turned around and kissed him softly.

“This is your room. I thought I was getting my own room?”

I smiled impishly, “You are. That door over there leads to my bathroom. That door over there leads to my bedroom,” I pulled him over to the only remaining door, “And this door, leads to your rooms.”

I turned on the light and let the sight of David’s sitting room sink in. It was painted beige with heavy mahogany furniture and dark blue and green fabrics. The sitting room contained a couch and matching recliner along with a big screen TV, which David automatically gravitated to. “It includes satellite channels, pay per view, DVD and VHS players and space for whatever movies you may already own.”

Then David saw the computer desk in the corner and walked over to inspect it, “Brand new top of the line flat screen monitor, comes with printer, scanner, web cam and digital camera. All the software has already been installed and it’s ready for use.”

David turned around to face me with a guilty look on his face, “I can’t…I thought I’d be getting a room with a bed. This is too much. I don’t deserve all this when all I do is fuck you.”

I smiled and gave him a soft kiss, “Oh believe me hun, you’ll be doing more than just fucking me. You’ll also be my arm candy at benefits and be the one to go out to dinners or movies or other activities with me if Isabella is busy or not up to it. Not to mention that having you live here and be seen publicly with me gives me the perfect chance to lie to my father, tell him some story about how we’ve known each other for years and we’re giving the living together thing a try before we get engaged and he’ll back off about the fact that I haven’t gotten knocked up and given him another heir yet. Believe me; I owe you big time for the last one alone!”

David still looked guilty but he smiled, “Now, your bathroom is through that door. And your bedroom is right through here,” I lead him into the bedroom and gave him a second to drink it all in. The same color scheme and furniture style carried into the bedroom but my house staff had been busy placing boxes of his things in the corners so they would be ready to be unpacked whenever he wanted. I slipped off my robe and sat down on the edge of the bed, “Come on now David, time to finish the night off right,” I said as I cupped my tits and slowly spread my legs for him.

David walked over to me and unzipped his pants. His cock was twitching as I reached out for it. I looked up the line of his body as I stroked his cock. The second his eyes closed I shoved his semi-hard cock in my mouth and down my throat. I could feel his pubes against my face as his hips bucked and he shoved his cock even farther down my throat.

I moaned as I sucked his cock deep in my throat and felt him buck against my lips. I slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and looked up his body as I stroked him, “I can still taste my pussy juice on your cock…fuck that makes me so hot!” Then I dove back down Yenimahalle Escort on his cock and began sucking and stroking his cock in a fast rhythm that made him buck against my face and moan.

I cupped his balls in my hand and massaged them as my head bobbed up and down on his now hard and throbbing cock.

Once I felt my pussy begin to throb I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled my mouth off his cock and crawled up the bed. I knelt on my hands and knees with my hands gripping the headboard, “There’s a bottle of lube and a couple vibrators in the nightstand…get it all and come up here.”

David did as he was told and when I felt his cock hard and hot pressing against my ass cheeks I moaned and pushed back against him. I looked over my shoulder at him, “I want you to dribble some lube on the bigger vibe and then start rubbing the head of it against my ass.”

The vibe was almost 2″ thick and about nine inches long. I moaned as I felt the head of it start rubbing against my ass. “Good, now turn it on so it’s vibrating against my ass and give me the smaller one.”

The smaller vibe was an inch thinner and about two inches shorter. I turned it on and ran the head of it against my clit, moaning as I felt the vibrations against my ass and clit.

“Mmmm fuck ya David! Now pour some lube on my ass and slowly start pushing the vibe inside my tight little ass.”

I moaned and once the first inch of the vibe was in my ass I pushed back against it and took the rest of it inside me. I looked back at David over my shoulder, his eyes were glued to my ass and I could see his other hand was slowly stroking his cock, “You like the look of that vibrator up my ass baby?”

“Fuck ya! This is so fucking hot!!!” I began slowly moving back and forth, taking the vibrator deep in my ass then pulling it out and then pushing back against it.

“Mmmm it feels so good…but I think I want your cock inside my ass. Turn the vibrations off…mmm…feels so good to just ride this big cock while I tease my clit with the other vibe…mmmm…now lube up your cock for me while I ride this cock…lube it up nice and good…is your cock nice and hard for me David?”

He groaned a response and I smiled to myself, “Good boy…now I’m going to slowly pull off the vibrator and once it’s out of my ass I want you to hold the head of your cock against my ass and let me push back onto you…mmm…almost out…there…now David!…yes that’s it…just hold still…mmm your cock feels so good in my ass baby!!!”

I pushed back until his cock was buried deep inside my ass. I held still for a moment just enjoying the sensation of having my ass full before I started to slowly ride his cock.

“Fuck your ass is so tight Michelle!!! So tight and so fucking hot around my cock!!! I don’t know how long I can last! Your ass feels so incredible!!!”

I moaned as I shoved my ass back onto his cock hard and pushed the vibrator up my wet pussy, “Oh yes David! I want you to fuck my ass hard and deep while I fuck my pussy with the vibrator! I want you to fuck me until you cum! I want to feel you cum deep inside my ass David! Com on! Fuck me hard David! Pound my ass and fuck me like a dirty little whore!!!”

I felt David smack my ass and I pushed back against him, “Oh ya take it you little whore! Take all this big hard cock in your ass and that vibe in your pussy! You’re such a dirty little cock whore! Taking all this big hard cock in your pussy and ass! You love it don’t you? You love being a nasty little whore for me!?”

“Fuck yes David I love it! I love being so full of big hard cock! I love you smacking my ass while you pound into me and I fuck my pussy with the vibe! Fuck me hard David! Pound my tight little ass and make me cum all over your cock! Fuck me like the nasty horny little slut I am!!!”

“Oh ya take all that cock you little whore! *smack* take my big hard cock in your ass you slut! *smack* cum all over my cock baby *smack* fuck your pussy hard wile I pound your ass *smack* cum for me you little whore! *smack* Fuck ya make me cum inside your hot little ass you sexy bitch! *smack* Fuck ya, that’s it! *smack* I’m gunna’ fuck you so hard you hot little slut! *smack* Fuck ya! Ya! Ya! FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!”

I went over the edge, my ass clamped down around David’s hard cock and my pussy convulsed around the vibrator, “Fuck yes David!!! I’m your nasty little whore!!! I love being so full of big hard cock!!! Oh God ya cum inside my ass David! Give me all you’re hot cum deep inside my ass!! Fuck ya David!! FUCK MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I felt David’s load shoot deep in my ass and my body shook with my own orgasm. He collapsed against my back and I slowly lowered us to the bed. I pulled the vibrator from my pussy and began licking my juices off it and moaned when I felt David’s tongue brush against mine over the plastic cock.

We laid in each other’s arms, bodies covered in sweet and the room reeking of cum as we drifted off to sleep.

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