The Phone Call

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


During the late sixties and early seventies central Florida was growing by leaps and bounds; women of all ages were available whether young and single, middle-aged and married or divorced or mature and widowed. Men with a little finesse could score easily; a chance meeting at the grocery store or the laundromat could lead to afternoon or evening tryst with nothing more than a pleasant “hello” or a friendly smile.

That’s the way it was one evening while I was sitting home alone grading papers and minding my own business when I received a phone call:

“Hello,” I answered.

“How are you this evening?”

I responded to the sexy sounding female voice on the other end as I racked my brain to recall the voice as quickly as possible. I stalled as long as I could trying to recall where I had heard the voice before.

“I’m doing just fine; I’m glad you called,” Obviously she expected me to recognize her voice.

I played along hoping I could remember her voice or that she would say something that would ring a bell as to her identity.

“And how are you?” I asked her.

She gave a soft laugh then responded, “I’m doing well except I’m a bit sore.”

“My goodness what happened?”

“I told you last night that was my first-time having anal sex.” was her response.

I knew then it was a wrong number because I had been at an open house at school the previous evening. But, I wasn’t about to hang up on a sexy sounding woman who had experienced her first anal sex.

“Are you going to let that discourage you from trying it again?” I asked.

“Of course not; I enjoyed it but, I will make sure I have some lubricant the next time. What do you think I should use?”

“I’ve used everything from salad oil to butter in a pinch, but I guess the best thing is K-Y Jelly; its water based and is supposed to be gentler on those more sensitive areas. The problem is that men do not carry lubricant with them so unless you plan to stay close to the kitchen you have to carry it with you; of course pre-lubed rubbers can work just as good.”

“Is doggy-style the best way to have anal sex?” She asked.

“Not necessarily, but it does give the male a beautiful view of the woman spread open; the sight of seeing your cock sliding in and out of a woman’s ass is a powerful sight. Men like being able to see their work; it’s a shame it can’t be shared.”

“What other ways have you tried anal sex?”

I had to come up with a way to separate whoever the man was with whom she had had anal sex with from me. I knew if I told her I was a wrong number and we had never seen each other that she may just hang up.

“Oh, I’ve tried every way imaginable from sitting to standing and every way in between; any way you can have vaginal sex you can have anal sex. Of course if you are with two men you can experience both anal and vaginal sex at the same time.”

She laughed out loud, “Are you serious? I cannot believe that; two men at the same time?”

“Well, you asked me what ways I have tried anal sex. Are you telling me you have never thought about two men penetrating you at the same time?”

She giggled, “Well I’m not saying that I have never thought about it; it certainly makes for a nice fantasy. I have thought about sitting on my husband’s cock and giving a friend of ours oral sex I just haven’t been in a situation where it was even a remote possibility; until last night I had never thought about having a cock in my ass.”

“So if you were in a situation with two willing guys you might try it?”

She replied, “I might; especially if my husband was one of the two men.”

She quickly changed the subject, “Speaking of my husband I need to get off the phone because he is out of town working and usually calls me about this time each night. Are we still going to meet tomorrow?”

I had to make a quick decision. This may be why the guy gave her a bogus phone number; he didn’t want to see her again. Why didn’t he want to see her again? Maybe because she was ugly as sin, maybe because she was a bad fuck; of course it could be because he was married and he did not want to get tangled up.

I made a quick decision, “Sure, I would love to see you again. Do you know the Causeway Motel just before you cross over the bay?”


“How about if we meet there?”


“My friend, Will, keep’s a room there and he usually goes home on the weekends so he lets me use his room. Just go around to the back that way your car won’t be seen; it’s Room 152. I’ll be there by three o’clock; if Will is still there just introduce yourself.”

“Okay baby, I’ll see you then. Good night.” Her line went dead.

I punched star, sixty-nine Afyon Escort and an operator gave me the number where the call originated.

The Causeway Motel was a small family owned motel with about thirty rooms. Years earlier I did some emergency plumbing work for the owner and we developed a friendship. He would call me when he had leaking faucets or stopped up toilets and I would take care of them for a minimal charge; in return I got to use one of his rooms if I needed too. It was a good deal for both of us since the room I used was beside the boiler and laundry room and was difficult to rent due to the noise.

I ran some errands that morning then after lunch headed to the motel. I stopped along the way and picked up some wine and some snacks; I remembered to pick up some personal lubricant too.

It was only two-thirty when I heard a soft knock at the door; I thought maybe she was coming early just to meet Will and not wait for her anal buddy. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out before opening the door.

“Hi I’m Nan, you must be Harold’s friend Will.” said the rather attractive blonde lady standing at the door.

I held out my hand, “Yes, come on in out of the hot sun.”

While she would not have won any beauty contest I was not at all disappointed; she was maybe in her early thirties, a few years younger than me, with short blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. The fitted dress she wore displayed a very nice figure and her big smile added up to a very nice, tall female package; I was sure the blonde drapes would match the carpet too.

“Have a seat.” I pointed at the king sized bed. “Would you like some wine?”

“Sure, that sounds great.”

I handed her a glass of wine. I decided to come clean and tell her about her phone call and how I came to be sitting there with her. She listened intently as I explained everything.

She smiled and replied, “Geez, the drama a girl has to go through to get laid these days.”

I had to laugh, “So I hope you want to stay; I’ve been thinking about our conversation from last night. I even picked up some personal lubricant to ease your soreness.”

Nan stood up, set her wine glass down, and reached behind her to unzip her dress. I moved behind her and took over the unzipping job then held the dress for her to step out of. One would never suspect the creamy white skin belonged to a Florida girl.

As I hung up the dress Nan removed her bra and tossed it on the bed,

“How do you like my pair of thirty-eights?” She asked proudly displaying a pair of grapefruit sized melons in her hands.

“They look delicious.” I moved close to take them into my hands to kiss their silver dollar-sized, light pink areoles with short stubby nipples.

“You can even bite them a bit if you want; my husband even likes to spank them,” She said.

Her hands moved to my shorts and unfastened them; as usual I did not wear any underwear. Before my shorts hit the floor her hands reached for my swelling cock; I pulled my shirt up and over my head. My hands moved over her body clad in only a silky pair of pink, bikini panties. Our lips opened, our tongues searched each other’s mouths. Nan pushed her panty clad pubic mound against me trapping my cock against her smooth thigh and the silky fabric of her panties.

“I’m glad I got the wrong number last night. I tried to go to sleep thinking about a nice hard cock pushing into my ass. Then I started thinking about two men at the same time; I thought I would go crazy. I’m ready for you to fuck my ass now,” Nan said softly then added a delicious kiss.

I moved behind her and slipped my hands into the waistband of her panties. I moved to my knees as I slid her panties down her long shapely legs; as she stepped out of them I leaned forward and began showering her very sweet ass with kisses; I then lifted the panties to my nose for a whiff of her aroused cunt. Call me a pervert or kinky, but I love the aroma of an aroused woman.

“Lean forward and place your hands on the dresser.” It was one of those low dressers where travelers usually put their suitcases.

Nan did as she was told; I opened the cheeks of her ass and began to kiss her puffy vulva covered with corn silk like pubic hair. She took turns looking into the mirror over the dresser then peeking between her legs to see what I was doing behind her. I moved my face higher to kiss her tightly puckered asshole; it was still a bit red from the first fucking it had received two nights earlier from a man too inconsiderate to use a lubricant.

She cooed and wiggled her ass as my wet tongue danced around the soft petals surrounding the tight hole; I rolled my tongue to make it firm enough to push open her tight sphincters muscles.

“Oh goodness, how delightful; I’ve never experienced a tongue back there before.” She said.

After several minutes of anal play with my tongue I decided it was time to get down to some serious ass fucking. I stood up and applied a dollop Afyon Escort Bayan of lubricant to my finger and rimmed the inside and outside of Nan’s still tight rear opening before applying it to the head and shaft of my hard cock.

“Try to relax,” I told her as my finger gently probed her opening.

We looked at each other in the mirror and smiled; Nan braced her arms and pushed back as I aligned the engorged, purple head of my cock with the center of her orifice and pushed forward.

“Ooh!” she cried out as the head of my cock pushed into her opening.”

“Are you okay?” I asked pausing just inside her ass then I felt her relax her muscles.

“Oh yes, I’m more than okay. Go ahead, all the way.”

I held on to her hips and pushed the full length of my cock deep; when I hit the bottom my cod sack smacked against her soft vulva, her tits jiggled beneath her torso.

“Yes, that’s it,” she responded.

I began a steady rhythm of full strokes; Nan’s tits went from jiggling to fully swaying and bouncing with each thrust. There was a loud smacking sound as my body made contact with her rear flanks; her eyes closed, her head moved from side to side, and moans escaped her throat.

After several minutes I pulled Nan’s body into a standing position, her fingers fell to her crotch and disappeared into the folds of her cunt. She could easily watch in the mirror as my cock appeared and disappeared beneath her fingers. I filled my hands with her pair of thirty-eights; my fingers pulled and pinched her nipples firmly as she began rolling her hips to test the sensations of being ass fucked in the standing position.

“Ooh, I like being able to watch myself getting fucked; I wish I could make a movie of this; I could show it to my husband.” She laughed.

“Do you think your husband would like to watch you get fucked in the ass by a complete stranger?”

“I don’t know; we have talked about watching each other fuck someone else, but we have never talked about anal sex until two nights ago. I would really like for him too.”

After testing the standing position, I pulled her backward several steps without withdrawing and carefully eased down on the bed while opening her legs with mine. She smiled in the mirror and we switched hands; Nan cupped her full round tits and began pinching her nipples while I captured her clit between the lips of her vulva and began rolling it between my fingers.

“I’m absolutely loving this ass fucking it has so many possibilities. Thank god Harold was such a jerk otherwise I might not be fucking you now,” Nan said gasping for breath.

I chimed in, “If I ever find out who he is I’m going to thank him for being such a dumb ass.”

Nan laughed.

I leaned backward bracing myself with my arms. “Lean back against me then lift your feet up and place them on my knees.”

Once she had changed her position her legs were splayed open and her cunt was completely displayed in the mirror; her labia vibrated with each thrust of my cock in her ass.

“This allows you to ride my cock by using your feet against my knees for leverage.” She tested it and found it worked. “It also allows for another guy to stand between our legs and fuck your pussy while I’m fucking your ass.”

I chuckled and added another possibility, “Or it will also allow a woman on her knees to eat your pussy.”

That brought laughter from both of us and we came apart and rolled on the bed.

“You come up with the most outlandish ideas; don’t tell me you have done that too.”

I moved my fingers, still wet with her juices, to her mouth; she immediately opened up and took my fingers in while swirling her tongue around them.

“Well, you just tasted a juicy pussy so why is that so outlandish? And, yes I have done that too. My ex-wife was very bi-sexual and loved eating pussy as much as I do.”

Nan replied, “I might let another woman eat my pussy, but I don’t think I could kiss and lick another woman’s pussy. I can’t imagine that. My husband wants to see me with another woman.”

We decided to relax and have some more wine. We continued to talk about our sexual proclivities.

Nan asked, “Were you serious about inviting my husband to join us sometime?”

“Sure, I was thinking about inviting another lady to join us, we could make it a foursome.”

“My husband and I have talked about getting together with another couple, but we didn’t know where to start.”

“So your husband knows about your sexual liaisons?” I thought that sounded better than saying, “you fucking around.”

“Yes, we spend so much time away from each other that we decided some years ago that we can take care of our sexual needs if we are discrete and do not get into any emotional entanglements. We also like to tell each other about our sex-capades; we find it very arousing.”

I chuckled, “That sounds just like my ex-wife and I when we were married.”

“Is that what caused you to get a divorce?”

“No, Escort Afyon she decided she wanted children. We still hook up now and then; ex-sex is great sex,” I laughed.

“So she is married now?”

“Yes, and she has two kids.”

I rolled on my back, “Come up here and let me get a taste of your sweet pussy.”

Nan straddled my face and left enough space for me to explore her beautiful cunt. Her puffy vulva was covered fine, soft, blonde pubic hair; the pink, almost butterfly shaped, lips of her labia fell through the crevasse of her vulva and formed a trumpet shape around the glistening pink membranes of her vagina. Her clit was hidden in an inch long, pink sheath with dark blue veins visible along its length; its beauty begged to be kissed.

I began the task of kissing Nan’s beautiful cunt from side to side and front to back; I allowed my tongue to linger in those areas that were slick with creamy nectar. My lips tugged at the hanging, pink labia; they stretched as if they were elastic. I slipped several fingers into Nan’s just fucked ass and my thumb into her hot, wet channel and began eating her sweet morsels.

Nan began to buck her hips and moan as my stiff tongue danced and swirled around her clit; her moans quickly became the primal grunts of a rutting animal. Her sweet juices covered my face; with each breath I inhaled her musky aroma. She moved slightly forward and began to ride the bridge of my nose; more of her sweet juices flowed over my face. After several minutes, she stretched her arms out against the wall and waited until she regained her breath. She slid down my body toward my engorged cock; with a little wiggle of her hips her juicy cunt was in perfect alignment with the head of my cock, another small movement and she was completely impaled.

We kissed and licked each other’s faces; each time my cock pulsed in her hot, wet cunt Nan squeezed it with her muscles. We rolled onto our sides and continued to play with each other’s sex organs while we continued kissing and licking. We eventually rolled onto Nan’s back; she lifted her long, shapely legs and wrapped them around my hips. I began to thrust my hips against her pubic mound and grind my pelvis against her clit.

“Oh, that feels so good. Keep fucking me just like that. I hope you won’t mind it if I get loud; I’m a screamer at times,” she told me.

I pushed up on my arms to give me more leverage; her legs were locked around my hips pulling me into her as we both thrust against each other. We were wet with sweat and juices from Nan’s cunt; squishing sounds from my hard cock plowing into her creamy cunt were added to the sounds of our bodies smacking against each other and rutting sounds from our throats. We could have created a symphony with our sounds of fucking, but Nan added screams that were out of sync with our other sounds.

A burning fuse started somewhere in my lower extremities traveled quickly through my body and exploded in my nuts; spurt after spurt of hot semen surged through my shaft and tore through the small hole at the tip of my cock. Our bodies went limp and we rolled away from each other trying to catch our breath; we looked at each other and smiled, the gooey semen covering my shrunken cock began to cool. I moved between Nan’s legs to watch my semen ooze from the glistening pink membranes of her cunt.

“Push it out and I’ll catch it,” I told her.

She smiled a lazy smile and contracted her muscles and a large cream pie rushed onto my tongue. I lapped up as much as possible then moved up her body to her lips; a long droplet of creamy semen fell from my tongue into her mouth. We kissed and shared the salty liquid with each other.

“Mmmm, that was nice. I love that taste,” Nan said with a smile.

A few minutes later she asked, “Do you think I’m a slut?”

“I think you are a very sexy lady with a healthy libido. Do you want to be thought of as a slut?”

“Sometimes I want to be a prim and proper lady, but other times I want to be a slut. Today I want to be a slut.”

“Then get dressed and let’s go out for something to eat and see what kind of trouble we can get into.”

We walked a block up the street to a bayside seafood restaurant. Once we ordered and the waitress brought our drinks, I told Nan to go to the restroom, take off her panties, and bring them back to me. When she returned to the table she didn’t hand them to me discretely like I thought she would but rather she dropped them on the table; several men and at least two couples sitting nearby saw the silky, pink garment as I picked them off the table held them close to my nose before stuffing them into my shirt pocket.

During our meal, I encouraged Nan to open her legs to give people sitting close to us a peek up her dress. She not only complied but made direct eye contact with people and gave them a smile; one woman and several men returned her smile. When the woman’s companion excused himself to go to the men’s room the woman leaned close and handed Nan her business card.

“I’ll be in my office for another hour if you would like to call.” The woman picked up her check and walked away.

Nan grinned from ear to ear, “Can you believe that? She looked at both of us so I guess she may want to join us, wow!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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