The Physics of Attraction

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Thank you ZB for your insightful edit.

Ryan paused his video game to answer the soft tap at the door. Emily stood in the hallway, wearing a long black coat and heels. She stepped in and closed the door behind her, allowing the coat to fall open. Underneath she wore only a red bra and matching panties. A thrill of anticipation rushed through his body as she beckoned him to join her on the bed. Just before their lips met Ryan awoke, his alarm blaring beside his bed. He sat up and took in his surroundings, it was just a dream. That’s all it would ever be.

Emily hurried around her dorm room tossing dirty clothes into the closet so the room appeared tidy. Her roommate, Christy, looked up over the edge of her textbook with a knowing smile.

“Hot date tonight?” Christy asked, her curiosity piqued.

“Just studying for a mid term.”

“You have a mid term already?”

“Yeah, physics.”

“You’re studying with that one guy aren’t you?” she laughed. “What’s his name? Ryan?”

Emily felt the heat rising to her cheeks. “You’re such a snob.”

“And he’s a nerd,” Christy reminded.

“But he’s nice and he’s smart,” Emily knew she could go on and on about all the qualities she found attractive in him.

Christy sat her book down and looked at her friend in disbelief, Emily actually liked the guy. “But he’s still a geek.”

“I’m tired of dating the same kind of guys over and over. Don’t you ever feel like we’re just being used?”

“Well,” she hated to admit Emily might be right, “sort of.”

Emily finished making her bed and sat down beside Christy. “I think it’s sort of like a kid on Christmas morning. The one with tons of presents under the tree just tears through the wrapping paper to see what’s inside and then moves to the next one. Don’t you think someone who doesn’t have presents lined up would take his time? Maybe savor the packaging and then appreciate the gift once he got to it.”

Christy thought about that for a moment, she couldn’t argue with Emily’s logic. “You planning on letting him unwrap you tonight?”

Emily sighed. “I don’t think he’s interested.”

“He probably thinks you’re way out of his league. If you’re serious you’ll have to make the first move.” Christy looked over at Emily. “And that outfit has come and get me written all over it,” she sarcastically teased.

Emily inspected her reflection in the mirror. Her auburn hair was pulled up in a ponytail, her intense green eyes were hidden behind glasses, and jeans and a sweatshirt concealed her figure. Christy was right.

“When will he be here?”

“Maybe fifteen minutes,” Emily answered as she began to slip from her clothes. She tugged on her favorite pair of jeans and pulled out a low cut black long sleeved t-shirt. Still casual enough for studying but a little flirty and she slipped on black heels for some much needed height. By the time Ryan knocked on the door she’d gotten her contacts in and the ponytail had been switched to a looser clip that let wispy tendrils fall around her face.

Christy took him in, all the while pretending to be engrossed in the Chaucer work she was reading. He wasn’t nearly as dorky as one of their friends had described. Yes he was tall and a little thin, with outdated glasses and dark hair that needed some kind of style, but his face surprised her. He had a smooth complexion, large brown eyes, and a charming smile.

“Just let me grab my notes and I’m ready to go.”

“Let me have those, we can put everything in my backpack so you don’t have to carry yours,” Ryan offered.

Emily smiled appreciatively and followed him to the door. They chatted casually as they rode down the elevator. By the time they stepped outside into the crisp night air a mischievous smile crept over her face.

Ryan looked down at the petite angel leaning against him for protection from the cold wind and knew he had an opportunity. Hesitantly he put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to his side; he smiled in the darkness as she slipped her arms around his waist in response. He held his head high as they walked across campus, maybe in time she could see him as more than just a friend.

As they approached the bright lights that illuminated the library he removed his hand from her shoulder, afraid of embarrassing her if they ran in to someone she knew, yet her grip held firm. It was only as they climbed the steep brick steps that she finally let go, unable to keep up with his longer strides. As they neared the large glass doors she slipped her hand into his and held on firmly even as a group of her sorority sisters motioned for her.

“Whatcha doing?” an attractive girl with heavy makeup and platinum hair asked.

“Studying for a physics test,” Emily answered as another blonde skeptically eyed Ryan.

Ryan shifted uncomfortably under their gazes, their faces not hiding that he didn’t quite measure up to their standards for their sister. Emily sensed his uneasiness and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. “We’re Kurtköy Escort going to go see if the study rooms are open, but we might be back down.”

Ryan was relieved as she tugged him toward the staircase and they made their way upstairs. The study rooms were full, but Emily didn’t seem to care. He was confused as she tugged his hand and led him toward the third floor stairs. “There’s no talking up there,” he whispered. “We have to find someplace here or go back downstairs.”

“Just follow me,” she tiptoed slowly so her heels didn’t clack on the stone steps.

He silently followed, enjoying the view of her tight jeans a few steps ahead of him. When they reached the third floor he followed her past rows of deserted stacks then down a desolate hall.

Emily purposely chose the third floor because of its isolation. Most people only ventured up there if they needed something from Special Collections, and that had already been locked up for the day. Even as she’d led him past the stacks she knew nobody would’ve noticed them studying there, but she kept going. He was shy and complete privacy was her only chance.

They neared the end of the hall. “The bathroom?” he whispered.

She opened an inconspicuous door just past the restrooms, one he hadn’t even noticed. Ryan followed her in and looked around at what appeared to be a storage room. He began to feel claustrophobic as he took in the narrow whitewashed room with its low ceilings, scant lighting and crowded shelves.

Emily smiled at her find. “I had to do a paper about The Restoration and couldn’t find the book and when I finally asked they led me in here.”

“Are you sure we won’t get in trouble?” Ryan questioned.

“Nobody ever comes upstairs at night and even if they did they wouldn’t come in here,” she assured as she led him through the narrow room and around a corner to a small brightly lit opening.

He looked around skeptically, just one chair sat against the wall.

Emily settled on the floor and pulled their notes and textbook out of his backpack.

Ryan took it from her and pulled out another folder. “A friend of mine had this class last semester. Here’s his midterm,” he offered.

Emily scooted close, letting her knee rest against his as they sat the test on the floor in front of them. A few times she purposely bent over and pretended she was reading the answer closely, each time she could hear Ryan’s breathing become heavy.

They went through each question making sure they understood the topic and the answers to any other related questions that might be used. By the time they flipped to the last page, Emily knew she was running out of time.

She thought for a moment before deciding on her approach. “My back hurts from sitting slumped over like this. Can we lean against that wall?”

“Yeah, that’d be fine,” Ryan agreed as he stretched and moved to the open space she’d pointed out.

Once they settled, she began to fidget, acting like she couldn’t see the notes. “I can’t see when you hold them like that.”

“Um, maybe if I hold them lower. Can you see now?”

“No,” she answered as she stood. “Can I sit in your lap?” she asked as she used her foot to spread his legs apart. Emily watched as what seemed to be confusion then panic gripped him. He straightened against the wall as she settled into his lap and nestled her back against his chest. She leaned her head back to look up at him. “You can hold the notes,” she suggested knowing that he’d have to wrap his arms around her.

He heard her voice telling him to take the papers but he couldn’t will his hands to obey. He’d never been this close to a woman; the light scent of her perfume and the warmth of her body had him paralyzed. He sat tensely, terrified he’d get hard at the slightest contact of her butt rubbing against him.

His silence became unbearable. “Ryan, I’m sorry,” she apologized as she got back to her feet. “It seems like you like me but the semester is half over and,” she bit her lip to keep it from quivering as tears welled in her eyes.

“And?” he asked as his pessimism began to give way to hope.

“I just wanted to know if,” she didn’t finish.

“Are you hitting on me?” he asked incredulously.

“If I was?”

He reached for her hand and pulled her back into his lap. “If that’s what this is all about then let’s keep going.” With newfound confidence he put his arms around her and held the test on her stomach.

“Aren’t you going to read the next question to me?” she asked after a long pause.

“I was but the view keeps distracting me,” he admitted as he stared down her shirt. “Question 31 looks like we need to know about refraction and boundary behavior.”

She twisted in his arms until she was facing him. “I’m not giving you any, boundaries that is.”

Ryan gulped hard. He’d had a crush on her since their first lab and had fallen hard after their first study session. But familiar demons crept into his mind, kept him from reaching out to her like Maltepe Escort he so desperately wanted.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?” she asked, unable to hide the irritation in her voice. But her anger softened as she looked into his eyes, his uncertainties threatening to spill over.

“I just keep waiting for your friends to come up here and start laughing.”

“At what?”

“At me believing you actually want to do anything with me.”

He looked up to find stormy green eyes locked with his. “Why would you say that?” she asked angrily.

“I can just see it now, just like Prom. There was this girl that I’d had a crush on and she asked me to go with her. I went and rented a tux, got my hair cut and even went and got contacts. Man I was all ready, washed my dads’ car and everything. That night the plan was for me to pick her up at her house where she was throwing a party, and then a bunch of us were going out to dinner before the dance. But when I got to her house she was all over some guy and started laughing, said she couldn’t believe I actually took her seriously. After that I haven’t even bothered.”

Emily didn’t know what to say. Part of her was furious that he really thought she was capable of such cruelty but seeing the tears running down his face doused her anger. She knelt back down in front of him and wiped at the tears that collected along his jaw line, not really sure what to do. “You know I’m not like that.” She watched him nod slowly.

He couldn’t quite shake the familiar veil of pessimism. “You could deny it anyway. It’s not like I could really prove anything.”

A shy smile softened her features. “Actually you could.”

“How?” he asked curiously.

“I have a tattoo, in a rather private place.”

“Really?” he asked beginning to wonder if maybe he’d get to see it. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind than Emily stood in front of him and deftly unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them down her hips. He could see the black outline through her sheer pink panties, even before she pushed them down enough to reveal it. Without thinking he reached out but as his hand touched her warm flesh he pulled away. He stared intently at the two ornate Chinese characters. “What does it mean?” he asked breathlessly.

“Desire,” she whispered as she watched his reaction. She kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her tight jeans and knelt on the floor in front of him. Emily cupped his face in her hands and kissed him eagerly. If reassurance was what he needed she was willing to give it.

Ryan returned her kiss, hesitantly at first, unsure. But soon he surrendered his body to the feel of her soft body pressed against his, her warm lips and searching tongue; the stark confines of their surroundings faded away. Time seemed to stand still as new pleasures flooded his body. His mind suddenly focused on the throbbing urgency in his groin but before his cheeks could burn with embarrassment he realized she already knew.

Ryan’s heart raced and his mind was consumed with the electrifying jolts that raced through his body each time she moved against him. Emily’s kisses moved down his neck, her tongue licking a path along his jaw, to his ear. She gently nibbled his ear and blew her warm breath over his wet skin, sending chills down his spine. All the while, her arms stayed around his neck, helping her keep her balance as she slowly rubbed herself along the hard length straining against his khaki pants.

Ryan could feel the tension in his body building and pushed feebly at her hips. “Em,” he groaned. “You have to stop.”

Encouraged, Emily rubbed against him a little harder and his body began to jerk beneath her. She kissed him passionately, her mouth stifling his moans.

No longer in control of his movements, Ryan grabbed her waist and thrust against her urgently. He clenched his teeth together to keep from screaming as he felt his release surging up his shaft. He could only clutch her tightly as intense pleasure overtook his entire being. When it was over, Ryan sat slumped against the wall trying to catch his breath and focus his scattered thoughts.

As his body relaxed Emily stroked his hair and planted gentle kisses on his cheeks and neck, hoping to prolong his pleasure. Once his breathing seemed more regular she sat back and looked down at the wet spot on his pants, quite pleased with herself.

“Did that feel good?” she teased as she kissed his face.


“Sorry for what?” she asked confused.

“I couldn’t help it. I don’t know how they do it.”

“How does who do what?” she asked even more confused.

“You know, in movies. The guys seem to last forever.”

“That’s not real life. This is,” she whispered as she kissed him reassuringly.

She looked around the room and her eyes settled on the chair, it didn’t look overly promising. “Let’s stand up and get off this floor.”

“Can I?” he paused. “Can you take your shirt off?”

Emily pulled the shirt up, slowly exposing Tuzla Escort her slender waist and continued even more slowly as the lower edge of her bra finally came into view. She watched his face and realized with delight she was right; he was completely mesmerized with the wrapping. For a moment she wished she’d bothered to put on a matching bra and panties, a habit she’d gotten out of since most of her dates had the it all looks good on the floor attitude.

Emily tossed her shirt aside and Ryan stared intently at the luscious swells of her breasts just barely contained under black lace. She sensed his indecision and guided his hands to her body. He shyly pressed against her with his thumbs, finding her unexpectedly soft.

Emily reached around and unhooked the clasp, studying his face as her bra slipped forward.

Ryan watched, his mouth slightly agape, as she pushed the straps down her arms until it fell to the floor. For several moments he could only stare as his dreams materialized in front of him. He spread out his fingers and cupped her warm flesh, her flat nipples turned into gumdrops as he stroked her body. Even though he’d just cum, Ryan started to harden again as he watched her body respond to his touch.

Suddenly impatient to have him undressed, Emily tugged his shirt from his pants and helped him pull it over his head. He wasn’t as thin as she’d expected, but God was he pale. She ran her hands down his chest, letting her fingers play with the hair, and followed as the trail thinned and then disappeared below his pants. His breathing became ragged as she unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Emily tried to stifle a giggle as his white briefs came into view.

Renewed waves of awkwardness rushed through him. “What’s wrong?” he wondered.

“Nothing. It’s just you’re the only guy I’ve ever seen who doesn’t wear boxers.”

“Oh,” Ryan croaked as she slid his briefs down his thighs and cupped him in her hands.

Emily could already see a glistening drop of pre cum and worried it would be over almost as quickly as it started if she played around too much. She reached up and kissed him, crushing his lips against her, pressing her body tightly against his. “Do you want to try me sitting in your lap?” she suggested. “I’m too short for us to stand.”

He looked doubtfully at the rickety chair.

“We could put our coats under us?” she considered.

“The floor’s hard; I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Then I’ll be on top.”

His breath caught at the thought, he could only nod as she laid out their coats. Ryan watched as she unzipped a pocket in the lining of her coat and pulled out a condom. She seemed suddenly nervous under his gaze.

“I don’t usually carry these around,” Emily explained. “One of my friends had to come up with an experiment and her lab partner wanted to test condoms. She was so embarrassed that I had to go around with her asking our friends for some so she could test lots of brands. These were just the ones she didn’t need. I swear I’d forgotten all about them until we were walking over here.” She watched Ryan relax a little with her explanation and he lay down. “Besides if I did this all the time I’d hide a few blankets somewhere.” And then there was his melting smile again, making his eyes sparkle. Emily slipped her panties off and straddled his waist. She kissed around his belly button and then licked up his chest, stopping to leave soft kisses along her trail. She moaned as he pulled her forward and caught a nipple in his mouth.

“Are you sure?” she asked holding up the condom. She hardly waited for his nod before she ripped open the package and unrolled it over him.

As she slipped the condom into place the immenseness of what was about to happen hit Ryan like a brick wall. Nervousness began to churn in his stomach as he worried about his lack of experience. He could feel his erection ebbing and his embarrassment only made matters worse.

“It’s okay,” Emily soothed. “Don’t try to analyze it, just let it happen.”

Ryan cradled her possessively as he found her mouth again. He gazed into her eyes and found his same desire reflected in those deep green depths. His doubts faded as his mind wrapped around what had previously been unconceivable; she actually wanted him.

Ryan shuddered as she slowly lowered herself, enveloping his entire length in her tight warmth.

Emily began to rock her hips back and forth, her hands steadying herself on his chest. She moved slowly for several minutes, letting her body adjust to accommodate his size, but soon her juices allowed him to slide easily. She leaned down for a kiss and moaned as the new angle allowed his long cock to rub her in places before unreached.

Her tantalizing breasts bounced with each thrust, the soft ripples of her flesh seemed to beg for his attention. Ryan leaned forward and captured a nipple in his mouth, caressing the other with his hands. Her warm folds tensed around him as he suckled her breast. “God that feels good,” Ryan moaned.

Her quiet moans and the slapping sound of their bodies colliding echoed from the walls around them; he wanted to stay like that forever. But all too quickly tension built from deep within his body and his hips bucked into her with a will of their own.

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