The Picnic

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It was our usual secluded patch of woodland and as usual it started innocently enough. A picnic, some strawberries and a bottle of wine. As Jennie finished telling me how awful things were at home and how it couldn’t go on much longer I put down my glass of wine and lent across her to pick up a strawberry. As I grabbed the small fruit I put out my other hand to steady myself, it landed on Jennie’s knee. I let it linger as I turned to face her. Pausing for a moment we looked into each other’s eyes, a kind of calm before the storm.

Slowly I offered the strawberry to Jennie, she lent forwards slightly and took a bite out of it, this was just enough to dislodge my gentle grip on the fruit allowing the other half to tumble playfully down her loose fitting blouse. I needed no further invitation and chased the strawberry into her gypsy style top. Unsurprisingly it had been stopped in it’s tracks by her expansive cleavage. I felt Jennie’s hand resting gently on the back of my head encouraging me to scoop up the strawberry with my tongue. As I covered the strawberry half with my lips my tongue delved into the crease between her breasts, Jennie let out a deep sigh and rocked backwards clutching my head to her chest.

I got the merest taste of the fruit as I quickly swallowed it keeping my lips glued to her warm breasts. Running my hand gently up her body I grasped at her right breast through the thin fabric of her blouse. Gentle squeezing caused it to bulge over the top of her bra, Jennie was now breathing slowly and deeply as both our expectations grew. Her hard nipple was pushing through the material of her bra and top, brushing my hand across I found the blouse’s buttons. Jennie’s hand started to move more vigorously ruffling my hair, somehow her other hand had found it’s way down the back of my shirt and was massaging my shoulders as her blouse fell open.

Without canlı bahis şirketaleri lifting my mouth from those gorgeous swellings I pushed the flaps of the now extremely loose gypsy blouse open and stroked her soft smooth belly running my hand up to cup her lace clad breast. Almost sensing my next move Jennie arched her back as I slipped my hand underneath her and in a swift, well practiced maneuver unfastened the lacy undergarment. In what seemed like an instant her breasts swelled out further across her chest the delicate material resting teasingly across them like the flimsiest of veils. Gently brushing the redundant garment aside I paused in appreciation of the pert nipple now revealed. Placing my mouth over it I sucked, gently at first, then harder, drawing the hard little erection deep into my mouth to be massaged by an over active tongue.

It wasn’t long before I kissed and sucked my way across to the other breast and allowed my now free hand to embark on it’s next mission. Running down the outside of her thigh I thanked god for light summer skirts. Feeling every contour through another thin fabric I arrived at bare flesh around the knee. I was lying to one side of Jennie suckling on her breasts with my hand running up the outside of her leg furthest away from me, only this time there was no cloth between my hand and her shapely thigh.

Her rising excitement was palpable and expressed through her deep gentle moans of anticipation and yet more vigorous massaging of my head and shoulders . This time I ran my hand down the top of of her leg, as I did so Jennie spread her thighs. Knowing what she wanted I rolled my hand inside her thigh and began to slowly move up towards her womanhood. Lifting my head I moved up to cover her mouth with mine as I cupped her mound with my hand. Our tongues plunged deep into each other’s mouths as with canlı kaçak iddaa the whole of my hand I started to massage her pussy through the light cotton panties she was wearing. As the saliva dribbled round our mouths so I felt her moistness soaking through her knickers. Her pussy lips were swollen and pressing against the thin cotton begging for attention. Running my middle finger along the elastic clinging to the top of her inner thigh I pushed a finger into her gusset. Within few moments I was stroking the open slit nestling between her soft pubic hairs. Slipping more fingers into the side of her now soaking gusset I pushed apart her labia lips with my ring and fore finger and pressed my middle finger into her as far as it would go. Jennie started to rotate her hips so that her vagina came up to meet my plunging finger, as her juices started to flow I inserted another digit, this just caused her further excitement. A few moments later and I had those dripping lips stretched round three fingers with Jennie moaning with pleasure.

Forcing herself up into a half sitting position she grabbed my belt buckle and with urgent desperation, unfastened it and got to work on the buttons of my jeans. All the while our tongues tussled furiously as I continued working her now sopping pussy. As my jeans fell open I felt a release of tension as my rock hard cock leaped forward unrestricted by the tight denim. In a flash Jennie’s hand was through the fly of my boxer shorts and stroking my shaft. It was now my turn to moan, sensing my rising passion Jennie reached round the waistband of my boxer shorts and eased them down over my engorged member. Placing her hands gently on my now exposed buttocks she eased me across between her thighs. We paused for a moment breathing slowly and looking into each other’s eyes as I carefully maneuvered my hips to place my swollen cock canlı kaçak bahis in the entrance of her hot hole. Then with Jennie’s firm grip on my buttocks encouraging me I began to press down into her. I could feel her heat enveloping me and despite her wetness I could feel the tight folds of her vagina gripping my shaft as I pushed inside her. I let out a low moan as the final inch of my penis disappeared into her and my balls came to rest against her. Jennie had thrown her head right backed and the way she was biting her bottom lip with her eyes tightly closed I knew she was fighting the same waves of orgasm I could already feel beginning to lap. Bending down I nibbled gently on the nape of her neck as I slowly extracted my shaft for the first time, before plunging it in to her with more force than before. Jennie let out a more urgent moan that only served to encourage me. I began to swiftly start pounding her pussy, her moans became near shrieks and I could feel the nerves in my sack beginning to twitch. Raising myself up I closed my eyes and clenching my buttocks with each thrust I rammed into Jennie for all I was worth, she shrieked let out a prolonged moan of ecstasy which in turn triggered the rising sensation in my loins to slip from my control. Gripping tightly to her thighs with one final thrust my cock spasmed into involuntary convulsions and I could feel powerful jets of cum shooting out of my cock and deep inside her. Jennie’s tight grip held me inside her while her vaginal muscles helped squeeze out every last drop.

After what seemed like an age I dropped down half on top of her and half to the side of her. For a few moments we lay panting and then embraced and kissed tenderly, pressing our now moistened flesh against each other. Instinctively my hand stroked belly brushing the soft hairs of her pubis. In one gesture I was acknowledging the joy of having just deposited my juices into her as well as making clear my intention to do it again.

Smiling Jennie stroked my face, “I do so love picnics” she whispered. I kissed her again, knowing that in a few minutes time I would be on to the next course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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