The Pictures

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It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, and I was just plain bored. My boyfriend was out of town, wasting a perfectly good day of mindless sex, which is how we usually spent our Saturdays together. Nothing good was on TV, and my mom had borrowed my car to go visit her boyfriend deep in the bowels of West Texas.

I called some of my girl friends, but they were probably out having mindless sex, too, because no one was home. Finally, I called my friend John, thinking he’d probably be out with his girlfriend.

“Hey John, what’s up, biatch?” I asked.

“Not a damn thing.. Crystal is out looking for colleges today. I guess that’s what I get for dating a chick 5 years younger than me.” I giggled. Crystal was only 17 to John’s 22, a fact that I teased him about unrelentlessly.

John and I met in high school, and we tried a few unsuccessful times to date. He was a dork, not that it really mattered, but nothing really sizzled between us. Since then we’ve become best friends, confiding in each other what our significant others will never know or understand. Sometimes, after a bad day, I like to think that this intimacy is better than physical, and the mental part of it is almost erotic. Then I get over it.

“I’m bored. Let’s go do something,” John said.

“Okay. Hey! Bring your camera, I want some new pictures.” John was an aspiring photographer.

“Cool.” He said.

To prepare, I tried my best to prepare for the pictures. I’m not skinny by any means, but I do have a nice body. I unbuttoned three buttons on my black shirt to show off my fiery red bra. My breasts, at 38D, hardly needed anything to draw attention to them, but this did them justice. My long hair came down to my breasts, giving them even more attention than was necessary. I put on my jeans that showed off my not small but not huge ass and waited anxiously for John to show up.

When I answered the door, he looked me up and down and smiled to himself.

“Damn, Hillary, you look good.” I was a little surprised, since he never usually comments on how I looked, but flattered nonetheless.

“Thanks babe.” I led him into my bedroom, and we sat on my king size bed. I tried not to notice John staring at my breasts, and became a little uncomfortable with the situation. I got it over it once he started taking pictures. I was always able to make myself comfortable around the camera, and felt like in another life, maybe I could have been Afyon Escort a model.

“Okay, Hill, smile for me. There ya go, looking good. Why don’t you wink for me? Good, good!” He barked out more commands and I did them, mindlessly. This was something we did alot, since I was helping him with his photography. I started thinking about how he was staring at me, and wondered why today was better than any other day. I always looked like this and he never stared at me before.

In spite of myself, I became turned on. I was never attracted to John, but the chemistry with the camera and the constant stares from him were driving me insane. I unbuttoned another button, almost opening my shirt completely. John stopped taking pictures for a second to nod his approval.

“That’s great Hill.. damn, you have some awesome tits.” I gasped. He had never said anything like that before. I began to notice a tingling between my legs. I started fantasizing about throwing the camera out of his hands just ravaging him, but I didn’t want to take advantage of the situation. I knew he was entirely devoted to his girlfriend.

I started touching my body for the pictures; I ran my hands over my hips, my stomach, my breasts. When I got to my breasts, I finally noticed that John had a raging hard on. This made me giggle.

“Good, good, keep it light.. Damn Hill.. these look good.” I smiled and kept up with my seductive poses.

“Okay.. okay.. why don’t you unbutton your jeans a little.. you know.. that would be really sexy.” After getting over the initial shock of such a request, I unzipped my jeans for him, and he started for a full minute before he started taking pictures again. Like I said, I was shocked at the request but it just turned me on more. I unbuttoned the last button on my shirt, as an experiment to see what John would do.

“Hill.. that’s great.. why don’t you take your jeans off, too? These pictures will make Ryan a very happy man!” Ryan was boyfriend, almost completely forgotten by then. Well, it was his fault. He always had a problem with commitment. Now I had one too.

I slowly took off my pants, feeling electricity that I never thought I’d feel for John. I looked at his hard on and wondered about how big his penis was. He’d always joked that it was huge, and I suddenly had an urge to find this out for myself. All sorts of impure thoughts were running through my head, thoughts that would Afyon Escort Bayan make anyone blush. I had known John for what seems like forever, but I had never felt these feelings for him.. hell, for anyone.

John, who was a couple of feet away until then, came closer to me to take these pictures. He was having trouble with the camera, fumbling a little bit, and I couldn’t help but smile. He wanted me. I knew it and he knew it, but I didn’t think anything could possibly happen.

“Hill.. I never knew how beautiful you are!”

“Thanks, John.. don’t you think we’re getting a little too naughty here, though? This can’t be good.”

John finally put his camera down and sat down on the bed next to me. He silently looked me over, choosing his next words carefully.

“Hill.. I have to tell you this.. I had a dream about you the other day that just completely blew me away. You and Iris were sitting on my bed, staring at me, and Iris starts to kiss you, right? You push her away and she runs away crying.” I thought that was strange, right off. I always had the hots for Iris. She was one hot chick!

“So anyway.. you start taking all your clothes off and you stare at me like you want something from me. We start kissing, passionately, and that’s when the dream ended. I couldn’t let the dream go on, it was just too intense.” I let that sink in, and finally nodded. I understood.

John and me had been friends for almost 5 years, and we successfully avoided being truly physically intimate. But our closeness had finally caught up with us. It was time to take it further.

I knew I was going to have to make the first move, because he just sat there, looking like a lost puppy. I took his hand in mine, and I kissed him, softly and passionately. I could barely contain myself.

John jumped up.

“What are we doing! I can’t do this! I love Iris, everything about her!!” I sat still on the bed, wondering how I’d ever explain this to Ryan, and how I would apologize to Iris for kissing her boyfriend.

I was close to tears when John grabbed me and threw me down on the bed. I was surprised, and even more so when he kissed me hard. I kissed him back, and wrestled with him until I could get on top of him. I grabbed his arms., pinning him on the bed, and I kissed him until we could both barely breath. I held his arms like that while I fought to take his pants off. After coming close Escort Afyon to ripping them off, I got back on top of him, feel his hard on up close and personal. He fought me until he was loose from me pinning him.

There was so much electricity in the air I thought I would be electrocuted, but both of us felt it, and we both wanted to hold on to that feeling. John hurriedly took off my bra, and as soon as it was off, had my nipple in his mouth like it was his lifeblood. I shuddered, coming close to orgasming just from feeling this sensation. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had incredible sex before, but that couldn’t hold a candle to this kind of feeling. I lay still while he caressed me in my most erotic places.. my stomach, my thighs, my arms. He kissed my stomach, slowly licking it, taking the time to make me feel like I was the only one in the world. He licked my thighs, biting them a little, making me shudder again. In a move that almost seemed surreal, he ripped off my underwear and buried his tongue in my vagina all in one move. He couldn’t wait to be inside me, it seemed.

I moaned, and moved around as he brought me to orgasm again and again with his tongue, moving it in circles on my clit like he was born to know how to do it. He buried his tongue inside of me, making me scream with pleasure that I’d never known before and knew I’d never know again. After I was numb with pleasure, I got on my knees and took his underwear off without speaking. Before my eyes was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have been close to 9 inches! I thanked God that John was my best friend, and then proceeded to take his entire penis into my mouth. He moaned, and came almost instantly. I smiled.

We rolled around on the bed a little more, and within minutes he was hard again. I didn’t have to think about what to do next.

I got on top of him anxiously, having a deep desire to have him inside me. What I felt when he entered me was something I can’t describe. All the times we had confided in each other, all the times I’ve spent in tears with him telling me it would be okay, all the times we’d stay up all night talking about life, they all because this one moment. I felt more pleasure than one should almost be allowed to feel. We moved together, as one, perfectly in synch, and we came together, screaming in ecstasy. I was close to tears again, because I knew that wasn’t something that was going to happen again.

We held each other all day, never saying a word. No words were needed, because we knew that we would never talk about it again. Incidents incredible as these could not be repeated, or they wouldn’t be as special. Well, at least I have the pictures to remind me of that day.

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