The Pit

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Group Sex

Calvin’s parents had been divorced ever since he was 16. His sister Janie had gone to live with his mother Claire. He had opted to stay with his dad, Justin. He really didn’t have much of a reason other than he was worried his father would be lonely.

As it turned out, he couldn’t imagine how his life would have turned out if he had chosen otherwise.

His father ended up buying a house in the Colorado Mountains from a friend in the brokerage firm he worked at. Evidently, after the divorce his father wanted a little seclusion and time to think things out. Not that the house was by any means a small cabin. It was three floors with underground parking for the vehicles. The lowest floor Calvin’s father devoted to the only passion Calvin had known him to have other than money, working out.

While Calvin was interested in nothing but music, girls and trying to convince his father to buy him an expensive sports car, he found no interest in the sprawling workout area. Most people could almost envision it to be big enough to belong in any health club. It was around his 17th birthday, that that all changed.

Calvin’s father, Justin, spent early mornings and early evenings nowhere else but the workout floor. He had a very strict diet that he followed religiously and rarely did anything that he considered potentially harmful to his body.

For the year that Calvin had been living with his father he actually rarely saw him. On the occasional day that he did get up relatively early, he would sometimes see his father returning from “The Pit” as they had come to call it. The only real time he could spend time with his father was on Sunday, the one day that his father took a break from everything. In that year, that had become Calvin’s favorite day of the week. He loved the fact that his Dad would sometimes flop on the couch and watch TV with him, even munching on the junk food that Calvin always had at hand.

The first time that he had actually had an argument with his father was over junk food. It had been about a month after they had moved in, and Calvin could no longer take any more chicken, fish, steamed vegetables, and all the other tasteless low fat foods that were the only sustenance to be found in his fathers’ house. He had finally had enough of it and traveled the 20 miles into town on his own to buy the food he had become accustomed to eating. Justin was adamant about the fact that such food would not be allowed into his house, and they ended up not speaking to each other for two days. It was during this time that a brief moment of clarity entered through the fog in Justin’s gaziantep bayan escort ilanları mind and he realized that he had created a world in which he could count on things being exactly the way he wanted them, but maybe that wasn’t exactly the way that Calvin wanted them.

He relented, saving as much face as he could, and told Calvin that whatever food he wanted he could have, provided he kept it in his room.

During this argument and subsequent “silent treatment”, Calvin spent time wondering what the big deal was anyway. He felt his Dad was living life like some kind of monk. As best he could figure, his father’s evening workout was from five to seven, that meant the few times he had seen his father emerging from “The Pit” at around eight in the morning, he’d been in there since six. The man never ate anything that had a fat gram content that was in the double digits, and craved everything that had a protein content that was in the double digits. There was a coffee maker in the kitchen that fixed only one single cup of coffee, as far as he could tell, that was all his father ever had in the morning. The rest of the time it was water.

It was after their argument that Justin started taking Sundays off. He would sit in the kitchen or the living room and have multiple cups of coffee while watching the world news on satellite. These were the things Calvin woke up to on Sundays, afterwards Justin allowed Calvin free reign to the television and he would sit and watch with him.

Calvin had begun to start noticing, after relentless hours spent in front of the television, that the male body was meant to look a certain way to women. A man was supposed to have broad shoulders, large arms, a “six pack”, and that v-cut leading the eye to their groin where every man was supposed to have a half a foot to a foot of penis ready to satisfy any woman crossing their path. That was supposed to be a man.

Justin didn’t work out in anything other than a pair of shorts. That might be a pair of nylon running shorts, a pair of cotton gym shorts, or even a pair of spandex compression shorts. He always kept “The Pit” at a temperature of at least 90 degrees or higher. This ensured that he would always sweat his ass off during his workouts, light or intense.

Soon Calvin’s mind started to make the connection between the “ideal man” that the television was pressing on him and what he saw the few times he passed his father in the mornings and evenings coming from “The Pit”. There was always a sheen to his father’s gaziantep escort bayan ilanları body from the sweat; this just accentuated the extreme definition of his father’s body. Justin had the six-pack, he had the defined chest, his arms were pure muscle, and most importantly he had the v-cut.

Calvin decided that’s what he wanted to look like.

Over the next year Calvin started getting up early and joining his father in the pit and following him again in the evenings. He followed his father’s diet, and even threw out all of the junk food in his room. They ended up compensating for the lack of junk food on Sundays by driving into town and enjoying the local fast food joints for dinner.

By the time Calvin’s eighteenth birthday was only a few days away, he was unrecognizable from his former self. He shared his father’s broad shoulders, defined chest, six pack, and bulging biceps. He had even acquired the difficult v-cut in his hips.

The second life-changing event for Calvin was soon to happen.

Strangely enough, Calvin heard a knock on his door one weekday. Normally from morning to evening his father stayed in his study and rarely came out. After knocking his father slowly opened the door and stuck his head in.

“Your mother feels your sister should spend the summer here, she’ll be here on Saturday.”

Short and simple, monotone voice. Evidently it hadn’t been the most pleasant fun call.

Saturday morning Calvin got up and did his usual workout with his father. They had to cut their usual two hour routine to just an hour and then rush to the airport to pick up Janie. When Janie finally walked out of the runway from the plane, Calvin was pretty sure his mouth was hanging open a little.

The way he remembered Janie was a blonde, thin cheerleader at their high school. The girl that smiled and waved and came rushing towards him was not that girl. She was a muscularly defined, confident, blonde-haired beauty. Within a matter of seconds his brain had processed her piercing blue eyes, defined cheekbones, full lips, straight blonde hair cascading over broad shoulders, defined full arms, narrow waist, and long legs. She wore low riding jeans and a halter top which showed off the asset she possessed that set Calvin’s synapses firing the most…one, two, three, yep…the six pack abs. He wasn’t able to tell if he could see a hint of a v-cut or not by the time she came almost leaping into his arms.

The tight squeezing hug Janie gave him almost took his breath away for two escort gaziantep ilanları reasons, she had some real strength in her arms and her breasts pressed up against his chest made him think they were the two things someone else improved for her.

Calvin didn’t remember much about the ride home, he didn’t hear much of anything anybody said. He was thinking of a memory long forgotten, it had rushed back to slap him in the face with the appearance of his sister….his beautiful sister. It wasn’t that long ago really, it just seemed as if it was. His hormones had been raging, most anything it seemed gave him an erection. It was a rare moment of being alone in the house back when his parents were still together. Just out of boredom and curiosity he had gone into his sister’s bedroom to look around. She had come home from cheerleader practice and went out shopping with their mom almost immediately after. After snooping through her dresser and under the bed, he was just about to leave when his eye fell on something sticking out of her hamper.

A pair of pink panties. His first thought was that they had to be the pair she wore all day at school and at cheerleader practice. Gross. If it was gross though, how come he had an erection straining against his jeans? Without any real thought of it he looked down to see the panties were already in his hand. He brought them to his face and sniffed hesitantly, then inhaled fully. Sweaty, dirty, nasty. That’s all he could think of. With his free hand he unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall. He stuffed the panties into his briefs and rubbed them against his stiff dick. Within a matter of moments he felt his orgasm coming, waiting until the last possible second he tossed the panties aside and let his cum shoot into his palm. Calvin had immediately felt guilty and ashamed about what he had done with his sister’s panties. He had placed them carefully back as they were on the hamper and left. Strangely he had forced himself to forget the act and had not ever looked as his sister sexually again.

“So, are getting out or you just going to sit in the car all day?”

“Huh? Oh yeah sure.” Calvin realized that they were already back at his father’s house. His father was already entering the front door and his sister was standing beside the open car door looking at him quizzically.

“I’d really like to know what the hell you were thinking of that was more important than paying attention to your sister you haven’t seen in so long.” There was a slight smirk on her lips.

“Uh…actually it was you. Just thinking about back when we all used to live together.”

“Strange how it seems like it was so long ago,” she sighed. “I’ve really missed you bro.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek and walked quickly towards the front door.

Watermelon…she smelled like watermelon. A smell Calvin had always associated with freshness, sweetness, wet and delicious. It always tasted good on a hot summer day.

“Jesus, this is going to be a long summer,” he muttered to himself.

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