The Pixie Stories 05

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Summary of Pixie Story No. 4:

After a week of being ignored by her work colleagues and her best friend Mandy not returning her calls, Pixie finds herself feeling utterly dejected. Suzie and Neil’s newfound ‘friendship’ is the hot topic in the office and Suzie does nothing to dispel the rumours. Come Friday, after everyone has left, Pixie is eager to be involved again; rejected by Neil last time she desires to be back in his affections. Things don’t go as planned as Suzie and Neil both prolong Pixie’s ostracism by making her wait outside for a whole hour while they violently make love. Once permitted to enter the office Pixie is disappointed by Neil’s undisguised disinterest at her presence. Suzie meanwhile has a new game for Pixie: Sugar and Sting. A simple question and answer game which involves Pixie bent over Neil’s desk with Neil between her legs and Suzie behind her. For every right answer Neil will eat her pussy, for every wrong answer… well Suzie has her own ideas about punishment. Things though get out of hand over the course of the game and Neil and Suzie’s new relationship is show to be extremely volatile and fragile. Suzie in a moment of madness assaults Pixie and Neil thinks he has found a way out of Suzie’s blackmail. Pixie in tears and feeling she’s hit a new low flees from the office leaving Suzie and Neil naked and struggling on the floor of his office.

The Story Continues…


On Monday morning Pixie was sat in her usual place behind reception at the fifth floor offices of Regent Graphics, Xavier House, Bond Street, London. November was almost at an end and as the staff of Regent Graphic arrived their scarves, hats, bags and coats had a small melting sprinkle of snow on them. The comforting warmth as they stepped out of the lift made them all reach to loosen or remove some aspect of their clothing. Red noses turned pink and small dainty fingers slipped from oversized square-fingered gloves. To all those who were to be found here from nine to five Monday to Friday (and some Saturday mornings) Pixie was ready with her beautiful smile, her perfect clear pale skin, her healthy golden hair falling gracefully to her shoulders and her welcoming sparkling blue eyes. It didn’t matter that hardly anyone responded to her ‘good mornings’ or her passing attempts at small talk: “Snow in November, when did that last happen?” Pixie felt it was enough that she was here, sat on a cushion, in her place like the professional young woman she was. She didn’t have to fear seeing Neil and Suzie because Neil and Suzie weren’t here. The noise of ringing phones, loading computers, the first printing of the day and the warm clattering sound of tea being stirred with a spoon brought a familiar sound of life, movement and the ordinary to Pixie’s mind.

Pixie’s weekend and had been spent in Mandy’s arms. Mandy had comforted her and apologised for all the chaos that had built from Pixie’s innocent desire to spent time with her and for them to have a big Friday night on The West End. How long ago that all seemed, Mandy had felt her heart tighten with guilt over all the trouble that simple desire had caused.

“You’re not going back to that place I don’t fucking care. If you’re going anywhere it’s to the fucking police.”

Between sobs “I can’t. I need the money. I only just moved here.”

“It’s only a poxy job in reception.” Mandy muttered.

“That’s my job, my poxy job in reception. I won’t find another that pays so well.”

“‘Cause you will. Any job going, walk in stick those massive tits of your out and trust me you’ll get the job.” Mandy instantly regretted saying that. “Actually maybe don’t do that eh?” a small apologetic laugh followed her words.

“That’s all I’m good for though isn’t it? Sticking my tits out.”

“‘Cause not stupid, but let’s just forget I said it ok? What matters is what we’re going to do about those two sadistic bastards.”

“Neil stood up for me.”

“Yeah only after she’d whip the shit out of your first with his belt, fucking coward.”

“I don’t want to get Neil in trouble Mandy whatever happens…”

“You haven’t fallen for this prick surely to god?”

“No, silly, of course not. I do like him but love him? …No. It’s just he has children and it’s Christmas soon…” She had no idea what his children looked like there had been no photographs on his desk, but a warm family image formed in her mind. Neil in an ugly Christmas jumper, a young boy of five at his feet a pale pink paper crown atop his sandy hair which fell gracefully over his chubby face and Neil with his hand round an awkward but smiling gangly young daughter. It was enough to set her off.

“But he’s a big a part of this as that loony Suzie.”

“I can’t do it, I can’t get him into trouble…”

“So what are you going to do then Pix, you’ve got to do something?” Mandy held Pixie’s warm face, sticky with tears and she looked entreatingly into those big eyes of hers. Mandy felt utterly helpless.

She went to open another bottle of Prosecco.

What Travesti Pixie had decided was that she would summon a meeting. She would fight against her submissive inclinations and for once she would take matters into her own hands. She would hold a meeting that very evening in which she would ask for an apology from Suzie and request that she destroy all copies of the photograph of her and Neil (Mandy had finally convinced her that Suzie was blackmailing Neil with it) and bring to an end the Friday night games. She would then declare that from now on all relationships between them must be on a strictly professional basis. From there, as she pictured it, everything would return to a state of comfortable boring normality.

Pixie would not be holding any meeting that day she had instead been summoned to one.

“Good morning Regent Graphics.” Pixie said chirpily into the phone.

“Pixie its Neil. Look I tried to call you over the weekend but I must have a wrong number or something. Now listen: Suzie sent Grifford the photo. I am really sorry I tried my best but there was no way I could stop her apart from maybe killing her.”

Pixie’s thoughts were stilled by Neil’s words. Grifford, Mr. Grifford had seen the photographs?

“Oh Neil, you’re poor family, I’m so sorry…”

“No it’s me who should be saying sorry. What a mess what a damn mess and it’s all my fault. Are you ok? I was surprised you answered I expected you to have resigned.”

“It’s ok, I’m ok I mean. I should have resigned shouldn’t I seeing as I’m about to get fired?” a tear was forming.

“I don’t think it’ll come to that. Look I laid all the cards on the table. Grifford’s a man after all I thought he’d understand at some level. I told him all about us, the photograph, the blackmail and Suzie assaulting you. Just the thought of that makes me sick.”

Strange that in this turbulent emotional moment Pixie’s thought momentarily floated back to how it had felt when Neil had been licking her pussy. The beautiful warm glow it had given her.

“Now Grifford wants a meeting. I dare say he’ll ring as soon as I’m done. I, and that mad cow are suspended with pay but no one is to know. We’re both ill if anyone asks ok? Grifford wants this all kept quiet, could cause quite a scandal you know. It’s perfect tripe for the tabloids or whoever.”

“So we’re not getting fired?”

“No, I think it might be ok but I think Suzie’s going to be told to give some very serious thought to move on.”

“So when’s the meeting?”

“I’m sorry to say it’ll be after hours. I hope you don’t mind, it’s a bit insensitive isn’t it? Well it’ll all be over after tonight. Half five so everyone else will definitely be gone.”

Grifford’s meeting would supplant her own. How odd that she and the boss of the company had thought similarly.

“You be ok seeing Suzie? It’ll probably be for the last time.”

“I’ll be ok. But I don’t want anyone to be fired if I can help it. I would like an apology is all.”

“Well I’m not sharing an office with that nutter I can tell you. Doesn’t matter how good at her job she is.”

“Is that fair?” Asked Pixie, a little fizz of anger underlining her words.

“What’s fair is that you and I get to keep our jobs. What we did was stupid, wrong perhaps… morally but not criminal. I didn’t hurt you did I?” Neil asked earnestly.

“Ooh no. I loved sucking your cock.” The words just fell out of Pixie’s mouth and down the phone for anyone in earshot to hear. Embarrassed she quickly glanced round to find that no one seemed much interested in what she was doing or saying.

“Ha-ha, yeah me too. Got us in a lot of trouble though eh? Anyone I’ll be in tonight, see you then.”

Neil hung up and Pixie followed a moment later. Neil liked her again then. That blank face that disinterested look that had followed her into the office on Friday had come back around. She heard it in his voice. How nice it made her feel. Maybe everything would be ok.

She didn’t dread the meeting as some may have done. She would try and be as helpful as she could, she didn’t want anyone to be fired she just wanted things back to normal. Simpler times it had been when she first started and she wanted those times back again.

Grifford called at 10.30am.

“Right I know Neil called you so you’re up on the time of the meeting and all that? Don’t forget and write-it-down. To think of the time I’m having to waste dealing with you and your late night fucking in the office.”

“Mr. Grifford…”

“Save it. Half five, be there!” He slammed the phone down. And Pixie felt that maybe not everything was so soon to be as rosy and settled as she had allowed herself to believe.

5.30pm, Neil’s Office:

Suzie sat there looking severe but humble, an attitude few others could pull off. She wore a black suit with tight trousers that made her long legs look even longer, glossy black heels, a maroon blouse and her hair hung down on one side of her face, jet black and shining. Ankara Travesti Her great plan had blown up in her face and here she was, whatever power she had held was now just dust. She had yet to say a word and had only exchanged a single nervous glance at Pixie.

Neil looked immaculate in his best, and no doubt most expensive, suit and a salmon pink tie of pure silk.

Mr. Grifford was on his way up and all three sat nervously in the small confines of his office; despite their closeness they felt far removed from each other. Neil had made tea for them all but still next to nothing had been said; almost as if Mr. Grifford’s presence was necessary for speech.

Pixie had tried to dress a little more demurely today. She wore a white man’s shirt beneath a tight black sweater and a long black skirt with white pumps with a black stripe. Despite this the tight sweater only seemed to emphasise even more her shape, her unnatural oversized bosom projecting outwards proudly and her slim waist. Neil had tried not to look but he couldn’t resist looking at her beautiful body. How had he switched again? A few days ago it had been Suzie who made his cock swell but no it would no more have stirred at her appearance than at the doorstop wedged under the door.

“Right you bunch of fucking idiots let’s get this sorted.”

Mr. Grifford stormed in and dropped his briefcase onto the floor with a heavy thud. Pixie had only seen him once before on the day when all this trouble had started. He was in his mid fifties, from The North and, again, was dressed entirely in shades of brown except for a azure tie. He dropped into Neil’s chair his overcoat and hat still on. He gave the firm impression of a man with little time on his hands and one not to be staying long.

Neil felt a little sweat gather on his back and Suzie, silent, felt herself sink a little.

Mr. Grifford took off his glances and wiped them with a handkerchief. “I’m not a man to repeat himself so pay attention right? Now you…” He turned to Neil. “Your a man who likes getting his dick wet I know, in every fucking bimbo that comes out of that lift…” He eyes turned to Pixie who shrank a little in his gaze. His eyes momentarily took in her chest and his cock shifted a little. “Now there’s no excuse for your behaviour right? I understand it but I don’t condone it. You’re on your last chance got it? One more suck or fuck and you’re fucked, you get me son?” Mr. Grifford pointed his glasses at a clearly relieved Neil.

“Yes sir, I promise I’ll never do it again.”

“Stick it to your wife if you need a fuck that’s what she’s there for, right?”

“Yes sir.”

Suzie stiffened at this chauvinistic remark but she wouldn’t dare say anything. She couldn’t believe Neil was going to get away with it but what could she do but simply await her fate? ‘Fucking boys club’, she thought.

“Right you…” He addressed Pixie and again glanced at her breasts, for longer now. His cock was really coming to life. The beautiful curve of her shape, so prominent in that black sweater dampened his temper but fanning the flames of another passion. He checked himself and regained his focus and his ire.

“Learn to do your bloody work and not get others to do it for you. I’ve seen the photo I know what you like but you keep it out of my fucking building. I don’t care how many blokes cocks you put in your mouth on camera or no but not in my office, you understand? If you want to be a full time cocksucker and have a big queue of customers round the block each politely waiting their turn to be blown by a real life fucking Barbie doll then by all means tender your resignation and totter off to Soho. I’m sure you’ll make more than you do here!”

Pixie felt ready to cry. Mr. Grifford had not spoken his words to her but seemed to almost spit them in her direction instead. He was so mean to her. Had she not been the innocent party? Only now did she realise that Neil had actually been lying about his wife. She felt she had to defend herself.

“Neil said he was separated from his wife…” She blurted out.

“I don’t want to hear it, I don’t give a fuck you blonde empty headed moron. Separated from his wife… and I suppose you believe pigs fly an’ all, don’t cha?”

Pixie fell back into her chair, this office where so much had happened so much of it still beyond her comprehension. She still didn’t understand why he was being so cruel to her. No one had spoken like that to her before for as long as she could remember, it felt like too much for her to handle.

“You keep your lips off the office cocks and you’ll do for now, got it? Sit there, look dumb and try to pick up a phone on time. Right?”

Pixie nodded though she felt this gentle motion would unleash tears. She was doing all she could to be professional and weather Mr. Grifford’s verbal barrage.

“And now we turn to the main course in this dinner of shit.” Mr. Grifford got up from his chair and walked around to stand behind Suzie.

Suzie was feeling İstanbul Travesti the heat rise in her. She was trying desperately to keep a hold on her emotions… and on her temper. He wouldn’t intimidate her like he did that stupid slut.

“You’ve a good reputation here, a good hard worker I hear. Not a clock-watcher like so many of ’em. So it was a surprise to me to find out in a short hour on Saturday that you had this compromising photo of the bimbo and the limp dick and that you’d been blackmailing them both to live out some wacko lesbian fucking Dominatrix fantasy or some such shit… IN MY OFFICE!” The last words roared out of him as he leaned down beside her. The words slammed into her ear, she felt his spittle spray onto her ear. She tilted he head slightly away from him, ‘keep cool keep cool’ she repeated silently to herself.

He stood back up and went back to Neil’s chair and sat down, trying to control his anger.

Suzie felt diminished in size; the panther in heels has transformed into a budgie in a cage. She was still composed she thought, not the bewildered cry-baby or the obsequious runt in the suit.

Mr. Grifford started at them: Neil who couldn’t help a flicker of a smile pass across his lips at his good fortune. Pixie, open mouthed still in shock at this man’s anger and the power he exuded, Suzie crumpled as a discarded envelope, though her back still ramrod straight. It was pathetic to see.

Mr. Grifford got up to leave. At the door he turned. “Right Neil last warning, one more fucking ripple and you’re out. Susan, you’re reinstated but I tell you this, start looking for another job. You’ll get a reference so gleaming the Queen could eat her dinner off it. Oh and get yourself a girlfriend, boyfriend or fucking sex dungeon before you go to another job, get whatever it is it out of your fucked up system. You Bimbo, come with me.”

He walked off to the lift. All three sat is stupefaction. No one though dared look at one another. Neil felt a strange kernel of sadness over Suzie. But he quickly dismissed it.

“Come on!” Mr. Grifford’s impatient voice charged into the room from the lobby. Pixie unthinking jerked up and ran to where Mr. Grifford was.

Neil and Suzie glanced at each other and in that moment something profound passed between them. Both would be home, one watching TV while trying to keep his youngest from running around the room and knocking the bottle of wine over, the other to an early night in an empty flat reading a book she hadn’t read since she was a child, when they both understood the meaning of their brief silent exchange.

“Right, you can keep your job and you can come with me.” He commanded as Pixie gathered her things and put her bag on her shoulder. For a second she thought of shouting a goodbye but decided against it. What on earth was happening? She had kept her job but boy what a tense atmosphere it had been and this man who demanded she come with him had spoken to her like dirt. ‘What was this all about, god, just for a moment’s clarity!’ She thought.

As soon as the lift doors closed Mr. Grifford underwent a metamorphosis. His stern features softened, his moustache no longer accompanied a cruel mouth but a smiling one. He took his glasses off and looked at her with warmth.

“Sorry if I gave you a rough time in there girl, appearances you understand?”

“I don’t understand, I don’t understand any of what’s just happened.” She said blankly.

“Well it don’t matter now does it? You got your job and I’m taking you to dinner, what could be simpler?”

“Me to dinner? Oh no please, I think I need a break from all this, I can’t…”

“Cause you can. I did let you keep your job didn’t I? I didn’t fire you like most sensible people would’ve? I just want a bit of company is all, I’m a bachelor, a real one, not like that limp dick Neil. There’s no hidden kiddies or wives in my closet and I hate to dine alone.” He smiled at her and gave her a little squeeze on the arm.

Pixie really just wanted to go home and relax and try to work it all out but Mr. Grifford had a presence and a power that made it difficult for her to not be subservient to him. After all he wasn’t the manager he was the owner.

“I guess I could…” Her words trailed off as the thought settled itself. She would go.

“Good girl.” He patted her again and stole a glance at her breasts. ‘Fuck me look at those beauties.” He thought and he wanted, right there in the lift to do something to Pixie worse than Suzie could ever concoct. The lift pinged, the doors opened and he ushered her out with every courtesy. His thoughts devoured her. Even seen he’d first seen her, he’d wanted to rip her shirt off and fuck those big tits of hers and cum all over them. His cock throbbed but not a flicker of his intent did Pixie perceive.

What prevailed over the next two hours was more than enough to soothe Pixie’s concerns. Mr. Grifford, or Max as she was now allowed to address him, had taken her to a very intimate little Italian restaurant near Russell Square. There he had explained everything,. He knew she had been innocent and it was Neil and Suzie who were to blame. He accepted her profound apologies for her error of judgement but he waved them away and insisted on refilling her glass.

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