The Pizza Girl Ch. 02

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Every month for the past 15 years three friends of mine and I gather at a local hotel for an all-night poker party. Often we bring the more adventurous of our girlfriends and take periodic breaks to fuck and suck each other. These were the boys I discovered man-man sex with back in adolescence and our relationships have stayed strong through the years.

I figured this was a good group to introduce Nicole to her new life with and arranged for them all to pony up some money for a “professional” girl. There wasn’t much sexually we hadn’t done either with or in front of each other, so having a hooker didn’t faze anyone.

I went by the apartment I set up for Nicole to get her ready for the big night. After sifting through the various underwear sets we settled on a peach-colored set with garter belts. Over the slutwear she put on a black miniskirt and tight red blouse. The black stiletto heels added the perfect touch. I kissed her goodbye and told her where to be and when.

The guys arrived on time, as they always did. Shane had been our high school quarterback and he looked the part. Tall at six-foot-three, blonde and tan, he could easily have made it as a model or movie star but his above-average intelligence steered him to architecture. He now owned his own firm in the city.

Vishi was the wildcard of our group. Only five-six and thin, he was always good for a laugh. Two years younger than us he had skipped two grades after arriving here from England. Dr. Vishi was fun, always regaling us with funny stories about nailing nursing students in strange places all over the hospital.

Rounding out the group was Bob. Almost as hot looking as Shane Bob had gone into broadcasting and was the weekend anchor for a local news show. Bob was the only one of us who was more gay than bi and often brought a boyfriend to our gatherings. But, to protect his public image, Bob had a nice stable of fuck buddies to be seen with.

We all hugged and settled down with drinks and food from the room service buffet. We anted up and started the first hand of the evening.

“So, how are all you guys doing?” I asked.

“Fine, Joe,” replied Shane. “Just won a bid to design the new downtown muğla escort stadium.”

“Great,” said Vishi. “I just made senior resident.”

“Good, Joe,” said Bob. “How about you?”

“Oh, its all the same. Living off my investments and my big cock.”

The trio laughed. We played on, not much money changing hands as this was a pretty friendly game.

After an hour, there was a knock on the door. I got up to answer it, after collecting $200 from each of them. Nicole came in and the guys whistled their appreciation.

“Gentlemen, this is Nicole. She’s here for our pleasure and entertainment tonight.” I handed her the money, which she placed in her purse.

“Geez, Joe. Where did you find her?” asked Shane.

“That’s my little secret. Now, gentlemen, shall we show the lady a good time?”

Vishi was the first out of his chair. He came over to Nicole and gently kissed her on the lips. As they did, I reached down and unzipped his pants. His cock matched the rest of him, very dark. He had the weirdest pubic hair I have ever seen, very thick, black and straight. His was also the first uncircumcised penis I had ever seen, held, or sucked.

“Take a look, Nicole. Vishi here has a nice surprise for you.” She placed her hand on his growing member, playing with the foreskin that seemed to fascinate her. I pulled his pants down and fondled his fuzzy balls as she proceeded to take him in her mouth.

Meanwhile, the others came over to us, stripping as they did. Shane brought out his seven-inch cock, covered with blonde pubes. Bob had a thick six-incher, capped with brown hairs. Each slowly stroked himself while they watched Nicole fellatiate our Indian friend. I moved my hand from Vishi’s balls to his ass and started fingering him, tickling his prostate and making him fill Nicole’s mouth with his seed.

Shane and Bob positioned their cocks in her face and she took turns sucking and stroking each of them. While I watched this I took off my own clothes and moved in for some action of my own. I knelt behind her on the floor and moved my hands under her skirt. Pushing aside her panties I went to work on her cunt, clit and muş escort ass with practiced abandon.

Vishi, recovered from his own orgasm, got down and went for my cock, putting it in his mouth. Everybody was getting stimulation from somebody and we were one large heap of quivering flesh. Shane and Bob blew first, covering Nicole’s face with their sperm. When they were done they took turns licking it off of her, kissing her and each other in the process. Vishi brought me off just as Nicole started shaking with her own climax.

Nicole took the time we spent recovering to remove her clothes piece by piece, just like I had taught her. First the blouse, then the shoes, for which she had to bend down giving us all a great down-the-neck view of her incredible breasts. Then she shimmied out of her skirt, rocking those sexy hips for our delight. Next came the bra and, finally, the panties leaving just the garter belt and stockings.

I held out my hand and led her into the bedroom, followed by my mates. I laid her down and dove for her blonde-haired treasure. With fingers and tongue I went to work, slurping, licking, and fingering her hot box. Her cunt oil flowed freely, which she would need when I rammed my nine-inch monster into her until she screamed for mercy.

The guys were trying to decide who got her first, and I heard them saying they wanted me to go last since I would stretch her out for their smaller members. I decided to be gracious and let them have her first.

Shane took up a position between her legs. I stroked his cock hard and unrolled a condom onto it. Once he was protected I guided him to her opening and in one thrust his bush mingled with hers. Vishi and Bob each took their place at one of her bouncing tits and went at them.

I retreated from the bed and watched my friends take on my young whore. Shane was banging away like there was no tomorrow and, from the moans she let out, Nicole loved what the other two were doing to her boobs. As for me, I grabbed a condom and a tube of lube, intent on having my own fun.

Shane had one of those asses you see in magazines, tight with muscle and hairless. I kneaded it with my hands nevşehir escort and gently stuck a lubed finger into his back passage. Knowing what was coming, and welcoming it, he slowed down his thrusts into Nicole so I could enter him. First the head, then some of the shaft, then all of it plunged into his bowels. His tight boy pussy gripped my cock like a pair of hands. Once it settled around me, he resumed fucking the girl and I timed my own thrusts to go with his. It was as if we were both fucking her at the same time.

I looked over Shane’s shoulder and saw Bob had moved around to put his cock in her mouth, relinquishing her breasts to Vishi. Bob’s six inches proved no problem for her and soon she was licking his balls with each down stroke.

Shane started picking up speed, his ejaculation imminent. I picked up my own pace, wanting to climax with him. Nicole just grunted at the hard fucking and soon both Shane and I filled our condoms with seed. Bob, sensing our orgasms, filled Nicole’s mouth at the same time.

Vishi was next into the saddle, sticking his condom-covered penis into her. Before entering her he moved her onto her hands and knees and took her doggie-style. I got under her and licked her pussy and Vishi’s swinging balls while she went to work on my cock.

Shane and Bob got into their own 69, then too turns plowing each other’s asses. I nudged Vishi, who withdrew from Nicole. She turned around and mounted my cock, slowly lowering herself until she had all nine inches in her well-used pussy. Vishi got the idea and put his cock into her ass, and thus we double-penetrated the young girl.

I loved the feel of Vishi’s cock as it rubbed mine inside her. This coupled with the feeling of her cervix against the head of my cock brought me to another orgasm far too soon. We each filled our condoms with sperm and held her between us, totally spent. Shane and Bob were watching us, each having splattered the other with semen, still clinging to their chests and pubes.

Nicole fell asleep and we all got cleaned up, put on our boxers and went back to the cards. After about 30 minutes Nicole jumped in the shower and came out and got dressed. Before leaving, she gave us each a long French kiss and rubbed her tits against us.

The guys all commented on the good time we had had, the latest in a long line of good times we had shared together. We played cards into the night, said our goodbyes, and made our reservation for next month’s game.

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