The Pleasure Ledger Pt. 03

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This is a direct continuation of the story featuring Letty and Travis. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend reading the other two parts first, so you’ll know who is who and where is where.

As always, enjoy! — Peeter Silver

Morning Wood

I woke up feeling relaxed. Almost reborn. I had no idea what time it was and honestly, I didn’t care. All that mattered was who was next to me. Letty had her back to me and still seemed to be far away in dreamland. I propped up my head and just watched her, reveling in the memories of the past days. Had it really been only one week since we first met?

I felt like I already knew so much about her, her background, her family, from our hour-long talks. She had so many different facets. The ‘best buddy’, whom you could take out to dinner, eat and share the latest jokes with. The ‘romanticist’, enjoying a movie with a glass of wine, or a book in front of the fireplace. And the ‘playful beast’, indulging in unrestrained lust, but with style. The reason we had met in the first place. There was still so much more to come, and I was looking forward to it.

Letting my eyes wander across her skin as far as it was uncovered by the sheets, I could now also take a closer look at the tattoo on her shoulder blade. The bird’s wing I had seen sticking out from underneath her top yesterday belonged to a dove, flying upwards, carrying a purple ribbon in its talons. It was a beautifully rendered image and had been done by a very talented artist. Not quite photo-realistic, but close.

Letty stirred, so I assumed she was about to wake up and carefully moved closer. Indeed, when I touched her, she reciprocated and snuggled up against me, so I was once again spooning her. She kept her eyes closed, though, and expressed nothing but a contented hum. I lightly caressed her upper arm with two fingers.

The sensation of her warm and soft skin against mine also triggered more than just memories: my little friend was now waking up as well, gradually building in size. He was encouraged further by Letty rubbing her butt against me ever so slightly. The movements were miniscule, but they were there, and were the only indication she was not asleep.

I slowly moved my hand from her upper arm below the sheets and down to her hip. By now, my dick was as hard as it could get and had taken charge of my thinking. I tried to behave for a while, but then gave up on it. Moving slightly back, I reached between us and bent my hardon down, placing it between her buttocks. Letty adjusted her position for an even better fit. It was clear where this was going.

Her crotch was so hot it seemed to glow. It was also slick, as her wetness mixed with my precum, so as our relative movements slowly became more pronounced, I could easily slide back and forth between her legs. The sensation was so intense, however, that I already had to hold back. I somewhat controlled our motions by putting my hand on her waist and guiding her, slowing her down somewhat.

I kissed her shoulder. She still had her eyes closed, but there was a tell-tale wide smile on her face. Letty lifted her upper leg, and for a short moment, I could feel her fingers on the top of my cock. An instant a later, I was engulfed by sizzling hot wetness as she guided me into herself. We both moaned simultaneously. Given the abundance of her juices, I had no trouble slowly gliding in all the way at once. Then I just stayed there, while she pressed against me, and savored the incredible sensation of being that deep inside of her.

My dick jumped inside her pussy, which made her twitch and triggered a deep moan from her. Very slowly, I started fucking her. I took my time and barely moved at first. Instinctively, though, the intensity gradually increased. Our breathing became heavier, with every stroke I moved deeper into and out of her as we picked up the speed. As I slid through her folds, I could feel her pelvic muscles massaging my shaft.

She felt so good against me, so hot, so soft, so wet. I could sense her vulnerability, as she opened up to me in every way, trusted me, let go. But I could also feel her raw energy, the lust and determination, the muscles working under her skin, propelling herself against me, as if trying to devour me with her cunt. We were both sweating by now, her wet back sliding against my soaked chest.

Breathing turned into panting and moaning as our fucking redoubled. Letty turned her head back to me, and we kissed as good as we could, given the rocking motions and our shortness of breath. The blanket softened the rhythmic slapping noises as my hips slammed into her butt. I was getting closer to the point of no return, and I didn’t hold back as I could feel her insides contract as well and her movements becoming more erratic.

An orgasm was building and rising deep inside of me, very much like a fiery dragon finally breaking lose from its cramped confines deep underground and now roaring up a mine shaft towards freedom. güvenilir bahis I erupted with full force, and Letty screamed into her pillow as her body was equally ravaged by her climax. Her pussy clamped down on my dick, thirstily milking every drop of cum from it. We held on to each other until the convulsions had mostly stopped, then simply collapsed, and gasped for air.

What. A. Fucking. Ride.

I must have dozed off from exhaustion, because the next thing I remember is waking up again, flat on my back. Letty was on her side, facing me. She had her head propped up on one hand and was stroking my chest with the other. One leg was pulled up and slowly moved up and down across my lap. Everything down there was a soppy mess.

Her green eyes beamed at me like emeralds when I looked at her. Our eyes locked, as once again, time stood still. “That’s quite the way to wake me up, you know,” she whispered, never breaking her stunning smile.

“Well, I thought, since you obviously like wood, given your furniture and overall interior style, you would fancy some morning wood as well,” I replied mischievously.

Letty raised an eyebrow, but then complimented me softly, “it’s my favorite kind,” and leaned in for a gentle kiss. I couldn’t help noticing her boobs pressing against my arm. My head started spinning.

As we looked at each other again, I carefully plucked a few strands of stray hair from her face when I saw a tear escaping from one eye and running down her cheek. I gingerly wiped it away with my thumb. She reached up and held my hand to her face. “I’m happy,” she whispered, and then repeated, “I’m happy,” barely audible, as if she couldn’t believe it herself. She failed to suppress a sob and buried her face on my shoulder.

I held just held her tight. “You’re wonderful,” I comforted her, “it feels so good to be with you… You feel so good.” Letty didn’t move but repeatedly kissed my shoulder in reply. I took a deep breath. I had to admit, it had been a long time since I’ve been that happy myself. I savored the moment, giddy with butterflies in my stomach. However, I was also becoming aware of some physical needs.

“What do you think about breakfast?” I asked, as a more romantic means of saying that I needed to use the bathroom. “That’s a great idea”, Letty mumbled feebly, her face still submerged. “Can’t we have someone serve it to us in bed?”

Most of my senses were awake by now. Common sense was not one of them. I heard myself saying, “That’s another good point for a threesome.”

“What?!” Letty jumped up and playfully slapped my chest. “You’re hopeless!” she yelled and laughed in exasperation, shaking her head.

“Just saying.” I couldn’t unsay it, so I had to ride it out.

She stared at me in disbelief. “We’ll have to talk about that,” she said, but there was an impish sparkle in her eyes and her tone made it clear that she wasn’t really mad at me. “But first, we need a shower.” Letty pulled the blankets aside and motioned for me to get up. The bed looked like a battleground, ruffled and stained. “We may have to change sheets, too.”

The Letty Test

The shower was more than refreshing, and through sheer willpower, we managed to keep our hands off each other. After toweling off, Letty went to a drawer in the bedroom, pulled out an oversized t-shirt and put it on.

“Hey,” I pouted.

Facing me with a defiant look, she stated, “your fault. The way you look at me when I’m naked, I’ll burn the bacon…,” then turned around on the spot and happily strode from the room.

Fair point. She was hot. I ruffled through my bags and pulled out a pair of Bermuda shorts. I pondered putting on a t-shirt as well and finally decided in favor it, mainly as a matter of fairness. I joined Letty in the kitchen. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Whatever we can find, it’s not like I planned this out in detail or anything.”

“What was that you told me, about being too organized to be an engineer?” I teased her.

She put one hand on her hip and with the other, she waved a cooking spoon in my face. “That’s at work. Home is different!”

Letty prepared bacon and eggs while I raided the pantry and fridge, and set the table. She had picked up fresh bread from the German bakery nearby on the day before, which had a nice crust and smelled delicious. We also had cheese, fruit, honey, and various kinds of jam and marmalade. When we sat down, I looked at everything we had brought out and asked, “so, when are the other five people going to join us?”

Letty laughed, “yeah, that might be a bit much… better safe than sorry, though. We have two days, so it won’t got to waste.”

We dug in, and while happily chatting about this and that, ended up stretching out breakfast over one and half hours. It was varied, it was delicious, and it was entertaining. Everything it should be. We debated plans for the weekend, aside from the obvious, of course, but didn’t come up with any ideas we hadn’t discussed before. türkçe bahis Maybe another movie, maybe reading… There was a nice park with a lake nearby, but today was way too hot and too humid to go outside.

When were done, I wanted to help Letty put everything away, but despite my protests, she insisted on doing it herself, pointing out I was her guest. I wandered off into the living room, looking at the books and photos on the shelves. I knew some of the books, having read them myself. The pictures mostly seemed to be of family.

I quickly recognized her daughter Amanda, who looked like a miniature version of Letty, especially on childhood photographs. The hair was a dead giveaway. That made it easy to spot her brother Daniel, and from that, I could clearly see who Doug was. The King. The father, who was there with the younger kids and missing on the later photos. It made me feel heavy-hearted; you could almost see the gap he left behind. I came across other images of what I guessed to be her brothers and their families, as well as their parents. I saw where Letty got her hair from.

The final picture frame I looked at was standing a little off to the side and further down, so it was best seen when sitting on the couch. A special place. It contained a collage of Letty’s and Doug’s wedding ceremony. A gorgeous bride and a handsome groom. There was a wedding carriage with horses, Doug with whom I assumed was his best man, Letty with her bridesmaids, a family portrait, and some shots from activities throughout the day, which included releasing a flock of doves. In the corner of the frame, one picture showed a close-up of one of the doves. It was flying upwards into the sky, carrying a purple ribbon in its talons.

That tugged on my heartstrings. And then I thought, what a wonderful tribute! A tattoo that was so personal to her and everyone in the family; yet generic to anyone else who might see it. It was perfect.

I tentatively sauntered back into the kitchen. Letty immediately picked up on my mood and came over. “What’s up?” she asked. I just took her into my arms and held her tight. After a moment, I raised my hand to her shoulder blade and gently traced my finger over where I knew the tattoo was. “This… is beautiful,” I whispered.

Letty pushed herself slightly back from me and looked into my eyes. For a short moment, a sad expression crossed her face, but it was gone again in an instant. She smiled, “you looked at the family pictures?”

It wasn’t really a question, but I nodded in confirmation.

“Come on,” she said pulling me after her, “let me show you who’s who.” We went over to the shelves. I pointed out who I thought I recognized, and she filled me in on what I had missed. For instance, I could spot her brothers, but didn’t know which one was Mike and which one was Rick. I remembered seeing several of the depicted people on Letty’s photos in her ‘Pleasure Ledger’ profile. They seemed to be a great family and, if Letty’s character was any indication, I was sure they were all great to be with.

The last picture we looked at was the wedding collage. “You two are a wonderful couple.”

“Yes, we were,” Letty sighed.

I tapped her shoulder where the dove tattoo was. “You still are,” I said quietly.

She turned around, a broad smile on her face. “You’re so sweet, thank you.” She genuinely beamed at me, then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I could feel her unrestrained boobs rubbing against my chest, which put my train of thought on a completely different track. “Ok, what now?” she asked, with a certain glint in her eyes.

I tried to play innocent and suggested, “how about we play something?”

“Play?” she asked, visibly stunned, “Like, a game?” She tried to keep it jovial, but that very obviously was not what she had in mind.

“Yes,” I replied, though I suspected my eyes betrayed my true intentions. The previously rather dangerous glint in Letty’s eyes turned into a more curios look.

“What do you want to play?” she smirked.

In response, I pulled up the back of her shirt until I could place my hands on her bare ass. Giving it a gentle squeeze and wiggle, I pointed out, “this.”

“I’m game.” Her lustful undertone sent chills down my spine. “Let me go clean myself and then it’s all yours.” She started to peel away, but then pushed herself back against me, as if hit by sudden inspiration. “Did you bring your toys?” she inquired.

“Yes, of course.”

“Can I try them?”

“I’d be honored.”

“Nice! Well, get them ready…”

She broke away from me and went back into her bedroom. On the way there, she pulled the shirt over her head and simply dropped it on the floor. Completely naked again, she stepped into the bathroom and quickly returned, carrying two large towels, then walked towards the second bathroom in the hallway. “I’ll need a moment,” she called over her shoulder, “look in the drawer of the left-hand nightstand if you need toy cleaner…”

I needed güvenilir bahis siteleri a moment to get a grip. One thing was clear with Letty, if she was in on something, it was at least 100%. Thinking of what was to come, a sudden confined sensation reminded me that I was still wearing my clothes. So that was the first thing I dealt with.

Next, I ruffled through my bag, retrieved my toys and dumped them into one of the sinks in the bathroom. I looked for the toy cleaner in the drawer Letty had indicated and found it right away, along with a large tube of lube. I had thoroughly cleaned my toys at home — I do so before and after every use — but now that I was about to use them on someone else, I doubled down on my efforts. When I was done, I wrapped them in a clean towel and placed them near the bottom end of the bed, along with the lube.

I sat on the bed and waited for Letty, thinking up my ‘strategy’ for how exactly I wanted to play with her. But my thoughts went further than that, and the ‘returning the favor’ part came to mind. I was curious what toys she had. From our phone calls earlier in the week I knew that she owned at least a variety of butt plugs, but what else?

Once again, I realized that it was just a week ago today that we met for the first time. And now… this was all so surreal, but I was sufficiently sure that this wasn’t just a dream. I closed my eyes and just relished in the wonderful overall feeling of spending this weekend here, with her.

I looked up again when I heard footsteps approaching. Seeing Letty stride purposefully into the room in glorious nakedness was a sight to behold. I got up from the bed and turned towards her, my solid erection swinging like a diving rod pointing to a source. In a sense, that’s exactly what it was.

She stopped right in front of me, almost touching me, and gently wrapped a hand around my hardon. Stroking it ever so slightly, she looked deeply into my eyes and asked, “how do you want me?”

“In every way imaginable.”

“Hmmmmm.” It was almost a moan. “Granted. But how do you want me now?”

I had a certain image in mind, and I laid it out. “Lie down at the top end of the bed, on your back. Then draw your knees up to your shoulders and hold them there.”

He eyes went wide with passion and she lustfully licked her upper lip. “On my way,” she rasped, and got into position. After arranging two pillows under her head and shoulders so she could watch while resting comfortably, she wrapped her arms around her legs and held on to her hands, her forearms resting in the hollow of her knees.

The position obscenely displayed her pussy and rosebud. Which was exactly my intention. The sight turned me on immensely, I was rock hard. I moved into position behind her and placed a large towel underneath her butt. Then I leaned in, pursed my lips and simply blew on her most intimate parts. She shuddered and moaned, so I repeated the process.

“You’re such a tease,” she complained.

I didn’t reply. I put my hands on her legs and softly stroked the sensitive underside of her thighs, slowly moving towards the insides. Eventually, I took just my two index fingers and lightly traced the outlines of her snatch and her butthole, offset by an inch or so to either side. I saw and felt her trembling.

I slightly pulled laterally, spreading her pussy lips. Her small inner lips were flushed red with arousal and reached out from her slit like flames from a firepit. She radiated an immense heat. I bent down and put my mouth on her. Her sweet taste was almost overwhelming, I couldn’t help but lick it up. It took all the restraint I could muster to not jerk off. But this moment was all about her, I didn’t want to distract myself with… well, myself. While I moved my tongue through her wet folds, I moved my fingers in circles on her buttocks, gradually closing in on my ultimate target.

She was dripping; her juices started seeping from her cunt, running down towards her puckered hole. I added to that effect by drawing my tongue down, effectively sweeping her nectar to where I wanted it. When I finally put my tongue on her rosebud, she shuddered and groaned, “Oooh yes, riiiiight theeeeeere…”

I circled her forbidden entrance, but didn’t push in. Instead, I buried my face in her crotch again, slowly exploring every bit of her pussy with my tongue. Taking care to stay clear of her clit for the moment, I moved towards the top end of her slit, which gave me room to slowly sink one finger deep into her hot wetness. I was rewarded with more quivering and little lustful noises.

Once my finger was amply lubricated, I pulled it out and trailed down her skin along her perineum until the fingertip came to rest right on her back door. I gently nudged, twice, as if knocking to enter. Immediately, I felt her hungrily pushing down against me.

I applied pressure again and held steady, until her muscle yielded and granted entry. Letty let out a primal groan. I coordinated with her movements and gradually worked my finger into her, all the way to the knuckle. I could feel the tight smooth muscular walls working on me. After a while, I repeated the process with another finger before it was time to up the ante.

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