The Polyandrous Queen Ch. 01

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The morning sun was yet to come out. The deep gorge looked dark and vast like an infinite abyss. It stood between the palace and the small hill acting as natural defence against any man or beast trying to make way to the palace from that side. No keep or any defensive structure had been built on this side. Instead, only a lone watchtower stood overlooking the cliff.

The royal palace was visible from a distance only from a particular angle, from the top of the small hill in the other side of the cliff. A man stood there staring at the way of the palace. He was dark and short but well built. The man had traditional Plizian attire on, complete with a leather loincloth, a long spear and a bone necklace adorned with jewels encrusted in it. He knew that the royal guards also do not frequent this side of the palace. He had sharp eyes, honed to perfection by years of practice. He was chalking a route into the palace from the side of the cliff. It was deadly and difficult, but not impossible; at least, not for a man like him.

He looked on to first check the watchtower for any movement. A lone guard stood lazily there visible in the light of the burning torch. He moved up on a rock near the top of the hill so see if any other guard was there. After a few moments he turned around and started descending towards the other side of the hill and slowly disappeared into the jungle.


Twenty Second Captain of the royal guards, Endom was a tough man and dedicated to his duties. His perseverance and hard work has ensured his quick rise in the ranks much to the ire of some of his contemporaries and seniors. He was a born warrior though and belonged to a long line of warriors. So was his brother Olorom, who had been training since his childhood and was a soldier in the royal navy.

His thought was interrupted with sounds of audible snoring he heard.

Endom had a habit of going for a stroll checking the perimeter and the keep outside the palace, just before dawn. He found the source of the snoring to be two guards near one of the west gates. They were both dozing off.

“Hey, wake up, you sloppy fools”, he barked at the sleeping men.

“Err…”, one of them managed to reply , while the other merely started at him, looking shocked.

“Sorry, Captain”, the first one replied, nudging the other man with his elbow. “Ummm… Sorry Chief” the second one also chimed in.

“Hopeless! Report to kitchen duty this afternoon without fail”, Endom ordered the men. They bent their heads conveying compliance.

Endom started walking again. He was going to check all the posts before dawn and charge of the keep is handed over to Olajor, the old Chief of guards. Then he can go home to his wife Maila and their baby son. Endom sighed. Life was good for him.

He only wondered what new was in store for his younger brother Olorom.

A month back he was the one who managed to persuade the Second Navy Chief to recruit Olorom into the navy. Olorom was with the guard fleet when the Queen fell into the river and before the other guards could respond Olorom dived into the water in her aid. As luck or bad luck would have it, a crocodile attacked the Queen and almost got to her before his brave brother intervened with only a knife. He managed to kill the beast but not before he was almost mortally injured himself. The Queen ensured his royal physician supervised his treatment till complete recovery.

Last evening Endom was summoned by the Queen little early, before his shift would start. The Queen’s Court was over at sunset. Two inner palace guards escorted him to the Queen’s private chambers behind the Court. Prime minister Jazar stood there at one corner and the Queen was half lying on a large throne. Endom bowed and touched his head to the ground greeting the Queen in a traditional manner.

“Sit,” the Queen asked him.

Endom complied and looked down keeping his eyes low only before getting a fleeting glance at the Queen capturing the most he can in his mind. The Queen was not wearing her traditional royal attire. Instead she wore a short white towel wrapped around her torso. The hem of the bottom ended well above her knees exposing delicious fleshy thighs. Three elderly men, royal masseuses massaged the goddess. One massaged her back and another massaged her feet. While the one in the middle was massaging her butts it appeared.

The Queen looked at him for a few moments with serene but piercing eyes. “Captain Endom, relax, I have some questions for you, about your brother.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Endom had eagerly responded.

The Queen inquired about everything about Endom in detail. Including details of his childhood, his family, and also even if he is not married, if he has or ever had any love affair with any other woman.

An unsuspecting Endom has replied eagerly. Perhaps the Queen would give his brother another promotion. He certified the character of his brother. Anyway it was all true. “He is a wonderful young niğde escort man my Queen. He is brave, honest and of good moral character. He does not even look at women much. He is always busy roaming in the jungle and practising with that stick of his. He is a wild one my Queen. Being in navy has calmed him down though.”

“How so?” she inquired.

“He has become much quieter and calm than earlier,” Endom shared. “I mean since your Highness has had the unfortunate accident.”

Queen Lamana listened intently and then shared a meaningful glance with the Prime Minister.

“Hmm, you may go now Endom.” The Queen said.

Endom wanted to ask if his brother was getting another reward or promotion. But he dared not ask the Queen. So he bowed again and left.

Soon the first light of dawn crept in the sky and Endom’s duty was over for the night. He went home.

His mother was sleeping in her room, while his brother slept in the balcony outside. He looked at him sleeping peacefully. Now almost recovered fully, except the scar in his left arm – the mark the crocodile left.

He entered his room quietly. He crawled into his bed near his wife Maila. She was half awake expecting her husband at this hour. She kissed him on his mouth before turning to fall asleep again.

A smile appeared in his mouth. Life was good.

He pulled up the blanket and went off to sleep himself.


Olorom has been spending sleepless nights since that night.

It was like a nightmare turning into dream. It was late in the evening his boat was closely tailing the Queen’s boat. There were actually four guard boats guarding the Queen’s boat. The Queen was walking on the deck of the larger boat enjoying the beauty of Cori river in bright moonlight.

Her face was almost invisible but her impossibly hourglass silhouette was hard to miss.

“That there is a true divine goddess.” Koro the First Mate of this boat whispered in her ear. “Look at her move, look at that ass wiggle.”

Olorom, almost smiled. “That’s our divine Queen you are talking about”, he whispered back.

“Yes, yes. I know. But just look at those breasts. I have not seen any woman with knockers that big and so perfectly round!” the First Mate said.

Olorom also could not help but marvel at her beauty. She looked like a true goddess. Usually he did not care much about the girls in his village, even though many of them have tried unsuccessfully to sway him to their way.

Then she turned her face and he saw her. Her face almost looked innocent, with eyes like a doe, her face shining in the moonlight and her lips full and luscious. She did not notice him.

“I hear her husbands are tired all the time. She exhausts them, all fourteen strong men. They say she fucks them so hard that it wears them out. She keeps their balls well drained.”

“That’s nonsense,” Olorom objected surprising the First Mate. He went about his way while Olorom still admired the Queen.

The accident happened right at this time as the Queen’s boat hit some submerged rock and off balance she fell into the water. Before the other guards and men could respond, Olorom dived into the water without thinking for a second. By the time he could grabbed hold of the Queen a beastly danger in the form of a giant crocodile appeared and attacked the Queen.

Olorom pushed the Queen away but the crocodile had bitten some chunk of flesh from his left hand instead. The attack disoriented him for a minute. The crocodile was going for the Queen and he summoned all his strength pulling the small knife from the waistband and dove right under the beast moving quickly to stab it from under its snout.

By this time other men had jumped into the water and long spears had also intervened in the matter and the beast was bleeding and dying.

So was Olorom. His injury and the profuse bleeding it caused had taken much of his life-force out of him. He was drowning, when he heard a woman’s voice shout. “Help him, save that man… Don’t let him drown.”

After that he remembers fragments.

But he remembers the kind and worried face of his Queen, looking down at him, holding his head on her lap, all drenched herself. He saw her, she looked like a goddess still. Her big breasts were snuggling his head. He could smell and feel her. Her deep cleavage looked divine. Her disheveled deep cut blouse exposed her left breast more than intended. He looked on in awe. Then she looked at him. Their eyes locked for a moment before he lost consciousness.

Olorom was a wild and carefree young man. But something changed in him after this event. He stopped going on sword practice sessions with his brother, stopped going to fishing trips trips with his friends, and became a lot quieter after this incident.

His brother and mother has been pushing him to get married to a village girl his mother likes for some time now. The pushing became more serious seeing ordu escort this change in him.

By royal grace he had been given a promotion and made a navy captain and assigned his own guard boat to command. He was also awarded ten thousand coins for his service. But nothing mattered to him. He did not want all this. He only wanted her.

Olorom could not really say anything about his feelings about her. How can he tell his friends and family that he had fallen in love with the divine Queen Lamana. For a common man like him the dream of being with the divine Queen was never going to be true.


Her Royal Highness Queen Lamana of Plizia was the thirty second Queen in the long line of Queens. Her mother the Late Queen Malina had thirty six children with her twenty seven husbands and when she passed away Princess Lamana her seventeenth and youngest daughter was only six years old.

She hardly remembered her mother. She was wholesome looking and a kind but strong woman. She was only two years old when she was sent to the USA. Minister Onde and his wife Namia were her guardians there and raised her till she was an adult. She came back to her motherland two years back as the Crown Princess and immediately she ascended to the throne. Prime minister Jazar helped her through the transition with his wise and able counsel. He had also been her late mother’s advisor.

Her nineteen brothers and sixteen elder sisters had welcomed her on her return to Plizia. While it was lukewarm at best, Lamana quickly learned that the Plizian law did not allow them any right of inheritance. They were treated like any other citizen. They were princesses and princes while their mother was alive, but after her death their titles and positions have also been stripped. It made sense, so that none of them can claim any right to the throne, even if the Crown Princess or the Queen dies. It even avoided any possibility of conspiracy or regicide. Of course if she did die without a female heir the line would have been broken and a new Queen would have been elected through an election of the minister’s council. But for thirty two generations her ancestors have held the divine line of Queen regents and Queen Lamana was not letting the line break under her watch. It was a relief when Lamana gave birth to her first child, a daughter. It was almost a year ago. The heir to her throne was ensured and till the Queen has another younger daughter she was the Crown Princess.

On the day of her official coronation Lamana was also married to five handsome young strangers: Lohrok, Kilian, Namod, Ogor and Beli, each of them were twenty years old, the minimum marriageable age in Plizia.

That night was her first as the polyandrous Queen of Plizia. What a night it was! She was twenty two at the time and not a virgin, but all she had before was vanilla sex with her boyfriend wearing a condom. Five horny black bulls and there oversized cocks ravaged her little cunny bare, taking turns and fucking her incessantly, cumming in her pussy. She learned a lot many things that night about men and more importantly about herself, including her insatiable craving for big cocks and sex.

Perhaps it was unhealthy. Doctors in the so called civilized world would brand her a nymphomaniac. But as Queen of Plizia it all made sense. Somehow she reconciled being a shy educated woman from the twenty first century to being a supreme Queen of a primitive isolated African country without much trouble.

Her appetite for sex was unending and had led her to acquire nine more husbands in the last two years. Her marriages had also blessed her with a daughter and two twin sons in this time period. Also, she had missed her periods again and the royal physician has confirmed that a fourth royal child is on the way.

All her marriages till now however, have been at least in part to forge political alliances and all her husbands belonged to important clans and came from noble families. She however also had rejected most suitors till now.

This process of elimination is a royal secret and except the Queen and the royal physician Meliti nobody else was aware of this. While Plizian men were usually well hung, but the Queen had a strict partiality towards men with oversized organs. She rejected any man below eight inches of size when he is erect. Any prospective suitor would be invited to stay as a royal guest in the royal palace for a day when the royal physician mixed certain aphrodisiacs and sleeping medicines in his dinner. Before the man wakes up in the morning the royal physician would visit the sleeping man and examine his morning wood for quality and size. All the Queen’s current husbands had passed this test, while three of them were just having the qualifying length at eight inches erection length, Loga, her tenth husband topped the ranks with a twelve incher erect rod.

The Queen lovingly called it the ‘pussy-buster’. Often Loga would be the finisher in her osmaniye escort sloppiest gangbangs. He will usually be the last one to fuck her, by the time her pussy was repeatedly creampied by many men, sperm filled to the brim, super sloppy and loosened up, she would take him in letting him in deep. To Loga’s surprise and to the surprise and astonishment of her other husbands, the Queen could manage to take all of him in buried to the hilt. The first time she did that, Loga knew he was with his special somone.

“You are my one true mate, my Queen”, he had told her in the most emotionally charged moment of his life.

“Yes, husband. Now… I want you to cum inside me.” She said serenely as she had grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into her as he ejaculated calling her name aloud.

For her however, no one man had been the answer yet.

This new one she was thinking about was a little different. Her spies gave her a thorough report. The man was a brute and did not belong to a noble house. But he is brave and wild. It would be more fun to tame him, she thought. She craved some challenge. The fourteen husbands in her harem had been too tame and compliant. She loved them, but it did not change the fact that they were all eager to please, all too content and happy with their places, always competing for her attention and a chance to impregnate her.

The Queen knew this well. Horny young men sequestered together in a closed harem where no women are allowed except her, limited their options severly. It must be hard for them. Their desperate cocks having only one place to release, her pussy. The arrangement while not at all convenient for them, had proven to be super convenient for her. In the past two years, she had been fucked and nutted in more times than most women get in their lifetime. Instead of diminishing her lust it has only increased it. Thankfully she inherited not only her mother’s throne but also got an insatiable pussy like her.

The Queen stood stark naked in front of the mirror admiring her own voluptuous frame. Her olive skin had a healthy glow and she looked like an ancient earth goddess. She was about five feet seven inches tall with a massive wide round buttocks and a thick long mane of black hair extending along her back almost covering her butt crack. Her pair of all natural massive breasts were surprisingly perky and imbued with gravity defying tendencies. The pair were adorned by a set of deep brown firm nipples in the middle surrounded by large areolas of a little lighter shade of brown. She caressed her boobs gently striking a pose before the mirror. Her boobs seemed to have grown fuller and bigger than before. Back in the USA she used to wear 36J bras but the subsequent pregnancies and consequent lactation had increased her breast size and volume even more. She probably would not be able to fit in her old 36J bras anymore! She thanked her stars that her days of wearing bras are over. The mean co-students in school had given her the nickname ‘titanic tits’. But in her motherland her subjects and the men worshipped her even more which went beyond their usual reverence for their Queen regent. They believed that she was the re-incarnation of their Great Mother Goddess La.

Her luscious lips were adorned with dried fresh blood mixed with oil. It was icky for her in the beginning but then she got used to it. Her natural eyes like a doe complemented her look of fertile sex goddess.

Her belly looked wide, bountiful and plump. She always had been plump but her pregnancies made her belly bigger. In Plizia she did not care anymore. Her arms and legs had not been waxed since she came to Plizia. Between her legs the skin darkened around her large fleshy vagina covered with untamed jungle of black pubic hair. Even her armpits had developed a hair growth which would be too much for the men to handle in the USA. The Plizian men did not mind. She perfectly fit their idea of ideal woman. She was a busty mother goddess of sex and fertility. The thin waifs in short skirts made fun of her baggy clothes trying her best to hide her proportions. But as destiny would have it, Lamana was much more successful with the opposite sex than they could ever be. Fourteen hot blooded well hung virile men at her beck and call for hot unprotected gangbangs, probably even beyond wildest dreams of those thin waifs. Certainly a one off gangbang was not impossible for any of them if so arranged. But the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases could not be ruled out with such uncontrolled acts. However, a socially recognised continued marital cohabitation openly and proudly with so many men and producing legitimate children with uncertain paternity was unthinkable for them.

It was not an open marriage and she was not a swinger. While she was free to take more husbands, the men remained strictly monogamous and faithful to her. In fact she was the only woman who they saw as they got married to her they are kept away from the world in her harem. This sexual monopoly gave her a major advantage over the men in her harem for whom she was the only option. However, she saw to it that her husbands were getting enough sex. Of course that did not stop her from planning to skew the sex ratio even more by taking more husbands in future.

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