The Power of a Stamp Ch. 05

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Daddy didn’t pull out. He kept fucking me until he came again. I was delirious. I didn’t know how long it had been. All I know is I had a 13+” black rod shoved up my ass balls deep. With a final grunt and groan, daddy released a final blast of his seed into my thoroughly ravaged ass. I was completely spent. Every muscle in my body was sore. He whipped me around, folded me up, fucked me in every position imaginable, except he never let me ride on top. When he came the last time I was on all fours in front of him. Well I started that way anyhow. With his very vociferous thrusting I ended up almost flat on the bed with my ass popped up in the air, legs spread as far as I could.

On daddy’s final thrust, he didn’t pull out. He collapsed on top of me, member still penetrating my deepest crevice. He was heavy. At least 6’4″, probably 300 pounds of solid muscle steel. I had lost weight over the last few months on the diet I am on. My skinny body and frame could barely be seen underneath him. He nuzzled my neck with his cheek from behind me, and it was not long after that that I heard him snoring lightly.

I was laying there, facedown, with daddy passed out on my back, dick still planted as deep as it had been when he came. I couldn’t move with his weight on me and I couldn’t even push him out of me. I wriggled a bit to try to get more comfortable, it helped some. I was literally living my dream. I don’t know how long it took, and I don’t know how long it was for, but I passed out. I had amazing dreams of daddy and myself just passing the days away. I was dressed up as his little maid and he treated me such. I woke up every time Daddy shifted and it reminded me of how lucky of a girl I was.

The last time I woke up, it was not to daddy shifting. I realized I was subconsciously moving back and forth on his cock while I was sleeping and I actually woke us both up.

“You just can’t get enough”

“I just need you Daddy.” I said sleepily as I continued to rock a bit back and forth.

Daddy started kissing my neck from behind and feeling me all over. His hand made it down to where my dick used to be, where there was only a small fold with whatever that was left was tucked into. He started playing withy new clitty.

“This thing works wonders” he said as he started taking over the thrusting. “Those pills combine with this to chemically change your sex. You have so many hormones flooding your system, you were the quickest conversion I’ve ever seen. And your obedience is better than I’ve ever had. Almost like you wanted this more than anything.”

I bit the pillow from the sensation of being fucked again. His dick hadn’t left me for a long time. He had been inside me for hours.

“When I pull out I want you to move quickly and let me cum all over your pretty face.”

I nodded eagerly. He pumped for a while and started breathing heavier and moaning. I realized I was moaning pretty loudly.

“Okay baby, open up.” He quickly pulled out. It was like losing a part of me. The void that was created left me feeling meaningless and useless. I turned over as he brought his cock to my face, jacking it. I had my eyes open, tongue out. I needed to taste his cum. I needed his seed. My treat. A long white rope of cum erupted from the tip of his cock. I had never seen so much at one time before. My old dick used to make just a few drops. The stream hit me right between my nose and my upper lip. It splattered all over my face and started running down my lips and chin, partially into my mouth.

The second rope erupted and hit the target. It shot directly into the back of my throat. The sensation was unbelievable. Hot, gooey sperm coated the back of my throat and inside of my mouth. The next two jets mostly went in my mouth. I put my lips over the tip for the last bit. I had a mouthful of cum and I wanted to keep it forever. It tasted so salty, so sweet. I wondered if I could live off of only cum?

“Open your mouth baby let me see what’s inside.” I opened my eyes and I saw him with a phone, recording me. I opened my mouth and rolled the cum to the front and over my tongue. I didn’t let any escape my mouth though. It was a lot. It filled my mouth almost to the brim. I gargled it, played with it.

“Okay now swallow baby.” I didn’t want to, not because I didnt want to swallow his load, but because if I swallowed it, it would be gone. Daddy must have noticed the reluctance. “Don’t worry baby, there will be plenty more where that came from. I have a feeling you will be eating nothing but cum for a long time.” I reluctantly swallowed the whole load. The flavor stuck in my mouth and I tried not to swallow too much more so I could enjoy it. I opened my mouth wide and pulled my cheeks out with my fingers for the camera, to show there was none left. Then I noticed some cum still on my face and cheeks. I started to use my finger to lick it up.

“Stop bitch. Did I tell you to clean up? Fuck no I didn’t. I would slap you but I want the cum to stay on your face.” I beşevler escort was confused and I didn’t know what to do. “I want you to pack up and do the walk of shame through the club. No panties, skirt wrinkled, makeup ruined, hair a mess, with cum on your face and dripping down your legs.”

“Yes daddy I want that too.” I replied, mostly out of instinct. My world was crashing. I can’t leave daddy. He is the only way I feel whole. When he is shoved deep in me, that’s when I am complete. “When can I see you again?”

Daddy laughed. “When I want you to see me. You see I transform and break little sluts like you down. I make you into black cock worshiping little faggot cum sluts. I have more work for you, but I’m onto my next project. If I want to fuck you, I will fuck you. But I’ve got some excellent suitors for you lined up. You will do what your told, when your told to do it.”

The thought of not having daddy again really made me scared. Terrified. “Yes daddy.” He said he loved me.

I started to stand up. I realized I had never taken my skirt or top off. My stockings were torn and so was the white shirt I was wearing. My wig, though in place, we very messy. My asshole has just closed up a few minutes ago. It was gaping for quite a while after daddy pulled out.cum slowly leaked from my hole. As I bent over to put on my heels. I could only find one of them though. So I didn’t put it on and just went in stockings. I was a real mess. Absolute walk of shame. No longer wanted here, and im still reeling from the night before.

As I was about to walk out the door, daddy called to me “hey there is a new pill regiment coming to you for tomorrow. Follow the instructions. Now come kiss daddy before you leave.”

It was clear his insinuation was that I should be leaving. I went over and proudly presented myself for a kiss and he looked down at his now flaccid but still gargantuan, cock. I bent over and kissed the head and gave it a lick with my tongue and started making out with the head.

“Ok that’s enough.” He pulled me up and shooed me out the door. I walked out to the bar and it was still crowded. Tamika was there near the door. She was wearing something different.

“Oh sweetheart you look tore up. T can be rough with his sluts. Here take these pills sweetie. We will get you home. Hopefully you didn’t have any plans for Saturday night. I never know how long he is going to keep them.”

“Saturday night? That’s tomorrow anyway. But I don’t make plans without daddy’s approval.”

“Oh honey Saturday night was last night. You were in there almost two days..”

My mind was reeling. Daddy was fucking me for two days straight? I started to feel my insides cramping. Well my digestive tract at the end had been manhandled for 2 days. I can’t believe it. I was walking like I had been riding a horse for weeks. At least a couple of days I guess. I walked slowly through the crowd. There were a lot of cat calls. A lot of groping and feeling up. One guy actually went under my skirt and had a finger in my asshole. I stopped walking for a second to enjoy it. Tamika came back and pulled me along. I was empty again. It was extremely uncomfortable to not have anything in my ass. An anxiety came over me… I needed to be filled.

I looked around for Daddy. No where to be found. We were almost to the door. A man put himself quickly between Tamika and myself, breaking the light grip she had on my hand.

“Look at you sweet little thing. Have a rough night?” I looked up at the man, at least a foot and a half taller than me, and admired his steely physique. He was shirtless with abs chiseled from steel. He was taller and looked to be heavier than daddy. I was scared daddy would get mad so I didn’t respond. “You can have another rough night if you want, anytime.” He approached me and pulled me close. His hands gripped my ass cheeks and I resisted a bit, but he was too strong and overpowering. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear “I’ve got a horse cock that wants to explode inside you.

As he whispered he pulled my crotch in close and rubbed against me. I could feel his package against my flat crotch. He wasn’t joking, this thing felt bigger than daddy. His hand made it over to my hole and started fingering it. I stood there in shock and servility, I do what black men say. I gently widened my stance so he had better access, and let out a small moan. He started with one finger, then two, then 3. “Damn feels like you have been busy. Cum is leaking out of you.”

He brought his fingers up to my face and held them in front of me. I could see the cum on his fingers. I immediately lurched forward and started licking his fingers. “Damn girl, I’ll get you more of that.” Tamika finally broke back through and between us

“Ray get off her. She belongs to T”

“She will be mine if I want her. I’ll get back to you.” As he grabbed my hand and pushed me away, he placed a card in my hand that I didn’t cebeci escort look at until we were outside and in the taxi. It had a phone number on it. This must be Ray’s number.

“They swarm you like vultures in there girl. If you aren’t careful you are going to cause a war.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. The cab took me home and Tamika said goodbye. My world was shaking, I texted Daddy

I love you – Me

No response.

I waited another half out and tried again.

Daddy? – Me

No response. I pulled up the VR set, no new lessons. This couldn’t be happening. I need Daddy.

I was still taking pills, new packages came in the mail often. Everything went on as before, but Daddy wasn’t there. I was so depressed. I barely got out of bed, I barely ate. Daddy didn’t want me anymore. I was so sad.

A few weeks of this was really rough. My tits were getting really big. At least a plump C cup. My bod was really sleek, really smooth. My feminine physique was really showing. I had probably 20 outfits.

I hadn’t thought about my little clitty dick since Tamika made some changes. I was wearing a Queen of spades thong. I put my head down there to check it out. I felt around gently with my finger. I moved it up and down the lips, it actually felt very nice. I reached my finger in there and probed around. It was juicy. My finger was able to probe about 3 inches and a piece of metal started moving around, actually working it’s way out. Was that? The slimy cage popped out of my new pussy. I put my finger back in my pussy. It felt so nice, the entire thing was so sensitive. I just flicked and fingered and smacked it. All of it felt so good. Something was building. I smacked more, fingered harder, uncomfortable pressure building. I kept going, moving faster, arching my back, spreading my legs, faster, faster, more tense. The damn broke, I had never cum like that before. The body sensation was amazing. Is this what it is like to be a girl?

I kept smacking, kept fingering through the orgasm. My vision went blurry. I kept cumming. With my other hand I reached over and grabbed one of my many dildos. This one had a powerful vibrator function. I inserted it and turned it on. It could only insert about 4″ before it stopped. But the feeling was intense. I just kept cumming. Constant pleasure for who knows how long.

I put the thong panties over the dildo to hold it in place. My ass play had taken it up a couple notches since Daddy broke me. I was now constantly plugged with my biggest dildo. I tried using the smaller one, but as I inserted it, it didn’t stop at the balls anymore. It slid straight up my ass and kept going in. Daddy had really rearranged my insides. The big dildo was 9″ long and 2″ thick with some big black balls. I tried to keep that in me most of the time. With the combination of rocking on the dildo and the vibration in my pussy, I was in ecstasy. I don’t know how long I was like that but I came probably 100 times. All different feelings, all amazing.

From a distant reality, I heard my phone buzz. Again. Again. I finally came to. The battery died in my vibrator and I slowly stopped cumming. I groggily looked at my phone. It was Daddy.

You stopped wearing your cage – daddy

It fell off I’m so sorry. – me

That means your transition is almost complete. Get ready, a car will be there at 7.

Seven? That only gave me an hour to prepare. I jolted into action. Tamika had left the makeup here before and I mostly remembered how it was done. My hair was growing out but I would still need the wig.

I got ready at light speed. Shower, dress, makeup. I decided to go with a little girl, hello kitty look. I had a baby pink thong, super short but cute baby pink dress that had an open back. My tits fit snugly in the dress. The only non kitty branded item I wore was a fashion belt that was a link of spades. I didn’t have a dildo in my ass either. I wanted to be a little tighter for Daddy. I looked like a proper little girl after my makeup. Pink bow in my pig tails. I wore 6″ heels which made my ass stick out nicely. I sprayed some perfume on my pussy and heard the doorbell ring. My heart raced, Tamika was here.

I raced to the door and opened it. It was not Tamika. It was a medium build black man.

“Come with me” he said as he seductively eyed me up and down, licking his lips and nodding approvingly.

He walked me to the car, opening the door for me. The car ride was the same as before. We pulled up to the same building but this time he let me out and I was on my own. I got out of the car and he was gone. The line of men to get into Spades was longer than ever. I walked to the bouncer.

“Ahh miss Jaime, you are expected in showroom 3.” He opened the rope and gestured me forward. I had no idea where I was going. One of the ushers saw the confusion of my face and be king me to follow. I did so.

The cat calling and groping was pretty bad the first time kolej escort I walked through here. This time it was crazy. My ass was grabbed, squeezed, fingered. I had to pinch my butt cheeks as I walked and we moved quickly.

“Showroom 3, they are expecting you”

I walked in and there were about 30 men sitting around a small stage. A door person grabbed me and pulled me around to a backstage entrance. It was very dark and kind of spooky. Some muffled speaking from behind a curtain sounded off.

“Just do what they say out there.” The young man said.

Cheering arose, he pushed me through the curtain and I was on stage with another girl. An announcer was making some jeers and comments.

“Ok gentlemen, on your left we have a nice young girl and a recent addition to the Spades lineup… Jaime.” Cat calls erupted. Derogatory remarks were excessive, it felt pretty nice that all these men wanted to fuck me.

“Now on your right, we have your home town girl, your current reigning slut, she can make any cock cum, any pussy climax, she loves this place more than any other, she is Bambi.. The Queen of Spades!!!!!”

The other girl started to do a cat walk around the platform. The crowd went wild. She was flashing her ass and flaunting everything. She was white, wavy blonde hair. She had the look of a celebrity stripper.

“This is a little competition for your entertainment gentlemen. We haven’t had a change in monarchy for quite some time. Bambi has held the title of Queen through many challenges. Now she has a brand new threat to her crown. Alright girls, let’s see what moves you’ve got. Which of you is the sluttier dancer?”

I couldn’t see anyone in the crowd because it was so dark. The person on stage with me was as hot as I was. She was wearing all black to my pink. Some music started and we both started moving.

She was good, we started using each other to dance with. She grinned on my, I grinder on her. That went on for quite a while.

“That was a pretty even contest with our sluts on stage. Okay girls, now let’s see who can cum first. You can’t touch your own pussy, but you can touch each other’s. If you come first, you lose.”

We looked at each other. A look of deviousness washed over her face. I feeling of abject terror and panic overwhelmed me. I don’t want to touch her. I don’t want her to touch me. I want daddy.

Before I knew it I was on the ground in a 69 position. She was going to town on my new pussy. I didn’t even feel it. I was not aroused in the slightest. Looking at her pussy and judging by the stink, this is an authentic woman. I couldn’t bring my face to touch her pussy. In fact I probably looked quite odd as I scrunched my nose up to it while I was fingering and massaging her. If I wasn’t completely turned off by this activity, her performance isn’t that bad. She was vigorous, eager to please. This act was just abhorrent to me. My pussy only responds to black cock.

A few minutes of this went by and her mouth left my pussy for a moment to let out an audible min of pleasure. She tightened her muscles and went back to work. It was only a few seconds later when she pulled away again, this time moaning much louder. I won. She came uncontrollable as I fingered her pussy and massaged her clit. She squirted all over my face. It was disgusting.

“It looks like Bambi has cum first!” The crowd erupted in hoots and hollers. “Our next game pits them head to head on their cock taking ability. Let’s see your head action girls. Deepthroat the biggest cock you can… work your way up though ladies, safety first.”

A table full of dildos was rolled out onto the stage. The smallest was 1″ wide and about 6″ long, the biggest… I couldn’t even tell. Maybe 30″ long and it looked tapered from 3″ to 6″ width. All were black.

A seasoned performer, Bambi walked over and grabbed one of the medium sized dildos, probably 1″ wide and 8″ long with balls at the bottom and a suction cup. I walked over and grabbed a similar one. Two pedestals about two feet tall were brought out to the stage. They secured to the floor and had a smooth marble top, perfect for suction cups. The top was hinged so the marble surface could be vertical as well as horizontal. The stage hands placed them vertically. I followed Bambis lead as she walked to her pedestal.

I connected the suction cup and got down on my knees. Bambi was putting on a little show. I felt so out of place doing this, I had never done this before. I wanted to win though. I want the men to cheer for me. I started my performance. There was music playing in the background that I began to groove to while getting ready to play with this dildo. It was like I was on camera for daddy. I slowly worked my way down but instead of getting on my knees to suck, I crouched as far as I could with my legs spread as wide as they would go, and I started licking the head of the dildo. Running my tongue up and down the shaft I started using my hands to play with my tits through my dress. Once I had the dildo pretty lubed with my saliva, I took the head into my mouth. I semi quickly bobbed my head back and forth, taking more of the dildo with each dip. Once the balls of the dislocated touched my chin, I started working my throat against the tip of the dildo and short stroking the dildo back and forth in my throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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