The Preacher Ch. 02

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Emily and Jack ran from the small restaurant and into the cold rain. They were soaked with rain in seconds. “Shit! It’s cold!” Emily screamed as the two ran around the corner to her little apartment.

Once inside the building they tried to no avail to shake off the rain. “You’re soaked.” Jack looked to Emilys’ body seeing that her blouse had become see through. He looked to her full nipples, enjoying the site to the fullest. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered to her and reached to push her wet hair from her face. His strong hand moved the thick strand of hair from her face but stayed on her cheek, giving it a touch of love.

Her nipples filled with blood as Jacks’ eyes roamed her body with his hand on her cheek. “Thank you.” She purred moving her hand to hold his. The only spot on her that was warm was, between her legs. And, it was on fire. She handed Jack her keys. “Let’s get inside so we can warm up.” She said moving against him, making sure he felt her tender body.

Jack opened the door; a street light across the street gave her tiny apartment a soft glow. He could see Emily had a very nice little apartment. “This is very nice.” He said as he slipped off his wet jacket. “How long have you lived here?” he asked unbuttoning his soaked shirt.

Emily kicked of her shoes and watched Jack as he undressed before her trembling body. “Two years this summer.” She replied and slid off her wet shorts, leaving her in nothing but the wet blouse and a very small pair of white, bikini panties. Emily reached to a shelf behind her pulling off two towels. “Would you like a towel?” she asked walking to Jack.

His eyes were locked on Emilys’ wonderful, body. So young, so very alive. “Yes.” Jack said watching her hips as they swayed back and forth teasing him to the fullest. Her breasts bounced just enough to make any man very hard.

She stood before him and began to dry his wet hair, slowly her gentle hands moved to his thick chest. “Ummm, what a handsome man you are.” Emily whispered as she pressed against him, reaching behind him to dry his back. Her wet breasts smashed into his chest, sending rushes of blood to his long penis.

He reached for the other towel and began to dry Emilys’ back as she pressed into him. “I known this is so wrong but it feels so good.” His big hands filled the towel as he caressed it all around her back and unhurriedly he moved to her bikini panties. Each of his hands held one of her round cheeks, caressing it ever so softly.

A small moan of excitement escaped Emilys’ mouth as Jack touched her burning bottom. “Oh yes!” she moaned again falling into his big arms. His hands held and caressed her flesh like no one had ever done. Her brain was filled with so many thoughts of him loving her; she couldn’t begin to count them all. “Jack, your jeans are wet and they are hurting me.” She said with a sound of hurt in her voice and pulled from him just enough to look into his eyes.

He looked between them, seeing her small mound of sex pressing into his hard member. His big hand cupped the side of her face and he leaned to give her a small kiss on her lips. “I’m so sorry. Let me pull them off.” He said reaching to pull down the coarse jeans.

Emily moved against him again, this time only they’re under garments kept them apart. She could feel his hardness on her hot sex. She needed this wonderful man inside her body. If any man could make her change her evil ways, it would be him. “Oh Jack!” she moaned, but this time with pleasure.

Jack couldn’t believe what was going on. He had lost control, he had a half-naked girl in his arms and he loved it. He even reached to move his stiff penis to point down so it would rub the length of her hot sex. “Emily!” he groaned and began to rub his shaft between her young legs.

“YES!” she cried out as the thick piece of man teased her body. It moved the length of her hot sex, teasing every inch of her. His big hands held and caressed her burning bottom, pushing her to meet his teasing. Emily looked into his eyes with a ‘little girl’ look on her face and said. “You’re so incredible!”

He leaned to her smiling mouth and kissed her deep. His tongue moved into her mouth with ease. His hands continued to cuddle her delicate behind, while his stiffness pushed against her with more pursuit than before. She had driven him to a state of lust he had never known. He had to be in this sexy, young woman.

“Ummm, Jack!” Emily moaned pushing into his hardness. Her thumbs pushed under his shorts, she slowly forced them to the floor. Freeing the wonderful thing that had been teasing her so bad. Now it was free to do anything the two lovers wanted.

Jacks’ hard tool went back between Emilys’ legs to feel the heat and wetness. His hands moved slowly from her behind up her sides, across her rounded tummy, giving her small navel a little tease then up to her heaving breasts. “You must be cold.” Jack asked as he touched her soft breasts feeling the wet blouse that clung to her silky skin. Çankaya Escort With one easy pull it was off her body and lying in a pile on the carpet. “That’s much better.” He said kissing her again.

Her hands covered his as he caressed her supple breasts. “Are they as good as you thought they’d be?” she asked looking into his eyes. “I love my nipples to be teased and kissed. It turns me on so much.”

Jack smiled as his fingers traced over her swollen orbs. He felt her gasp for air as he began to roll her tender nipples in his fingertips. “Let’s sit down so we can do this right.” He took her hand and led them to the sofa by the window.

Jack sat down and helped Emily move on to his lap, making sure his hardness rested between their bodies. “You’re so hard!” she whimpered as its thickness spread open her tender folds of flesh.

“I must say, it’s all for you.” he leaned forward; pulling one of her well rounded breasts to his mouth and began to lick her nipple. He slowly traced around the large swollen nipple as his other hand gentle teased the other. He calmly sucked her tender nipple into his mouth, suckling it like a small baby.

“Oh yes, oh GO….” Emily stopped at the name she was about to say. Instead she began to grind her wet sex into his rock, hard penis. “Jack! I need you so bad!” her round hips moved on him faster, the juices from her body covered him making the pleasure even better.

Jack pushed her down on the sofa. “Well, I guess I better satisfy your need then.” He lay on her supple body, kissing her deep and reached to pull off her drenched panties. “You’re so wet, I’m going to enjoy you so very much.” He moved forward, letting his large head slowly push through her swollen folds.

“OH YES! JACK!” Emily loudly moaned as she felt his hardness begin to make its way inside her burning body. She spread her legs as wide as she could, making sure he entered her with ease.

‘KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!’ The loud sound came from the apartment door.

“Emie, its me. Open up!” a sweet voice from the other side of the door called out. “Emie, he hit me… again!”

Emily jumped from under Jack with as look of pain on her face. “I’m sorry.” She said caressing his face. “It’s my friend Donna. She needs me.” Emily ran to her room grabbing some dry clothes and Jack just put his wet things back on. Once they were dressed Emily ran to open the door.

She swung open the door, Donna stood dripping wet from the storm and her tiny face was covered in blood. “I’m sorry!” she cried falling to her knees in front of Emily. “I’m so sorry!”

“JACK!” Emily screamed to Jack falling to the floor to hold her bleeding friend in her arms. “Come on, come on. You’re OK now.” She said as big tears ran down her face.


Jack ran to Emily and her friend, seeing the blood pouring from her nose he grabbed her from Emily and ran into the small kitchen. “Get some towels and we need to get her to the hospital as fast as we can!”

Emily ran to grab as many towels as she had. “How bad is it?” she asked with fear in her voice. “Don’t let anything happen to her, Jack.” Emily said wiping blood from Donnas’ small face.

He looked up the young girls’ nose. “I think an artery is nicked. We need to get to the hospital. My car is about two blocks down the street. I’ll carry her you’ll have to keep pressure on her nose, OK?” He picked up the limp girls’ body, holding her close to him they ran out the down and down the dark, wet street.

Emily was on Jacks’ lap and in his arms in the small, dark hospital waiting room “Why does your wife let you come up here like this?” she caressed his cheek down to his firm, unshaven chin. “You’d never be out of my sight and you’d be inside me as much as possible.” She leaned to him giving him a small kiss. “I hope we can pick up where we left off. I’m so horny.”

Jack caressed her firm left breast, giving her nipple a small squeeze. “I’m sure we can. Maybe we’ll have breakfast and go finish things up before I leave for home.” He returned her kiss, sending a rush of blood to his resting manhood. She had made him so hard he hurt. He hadn’t had blue-balls since he was a teen-ager so many years ago.

Emily opened her mouth to receive his hot tongue and drove hers into his. Feeling him growing under made her juices began to flow once more. She needed him so bad; he made her feel so warm and alive. “Let’s go out to your car, please!” she begged him looking into his strong, brown eyes.

“What about, Donna? We can’t just go and leave her.” he said her caressing her supple breast as he waited for her reply. “Don’t you want it to be at your place? It will be so much more fun there, rather than in my car.” He began to roll her hard nipple between his fingers while his other hand moved down her breasts across her tummy and to her thigh.

Her eyes widened when she felt his hand moving under the short skirt she had worn. “Jack!” she whispered in the Keçiören Escort dark waiting room spreading her legs just enough to let him feel her moist panties. “Feel? You make me so horny.” Her soft voice said and she kissed him.

Jack ran his long finger up the center of her delicate sex, making a soft moan of pleasure echo in the small room. Up and down her soft mound he teased her with no mercy, until he gave her another soft kiss and drove his finger deep into her wet sex.

“YES!” She cried out breaking the quite enchantment of their would be love den. Her hips moved to welcome him inside and her tiny arms wrapped tightly around his neck. “Jack.” She moaned when his fingers began to move in and out of her small tunnel.

“You just relax and enjoy my sweet lady.” He moved his finger in her faster, as he leaned to suckle her heaving breasts. Then it was two fingers, reaching to a special spot deeper inside her trembling body. He caressed the hidden place with care, making sure his big fingers drove her to ecstasy.

Emily lay in Jacks’ arms, her face against his neck. She could smell the slight sent of his cologne that he must have put on yesterday. It filled her nose with as much pleasure as did his delicate fingers inside her wanting body. His wonderful smell and his fingers pleasing her was too much her to stand.

“OH, MY GOD!” Emily cried out as her body orgasmed around his fingers. Her arms squeezed his neck as hard as her inner muscles locked on his pleasing fingers. Her body jerked in his arms as the many strong and powerful orgasms ran through her.

“Oh, Jack!” she moaned as he kept his fingers against the secret spot that most men never even knew of or just happened to brush against it in a hurry to please themselves. He was older, wiser he had pleased many women in his time and he used his knowledge to its fullest on Emily.

Jack looked down to her pretty face, seeing a blissful smile he knew that he had pleased his young friend well. “How was that? Think it’ll hold you over until later?” he pulled his soaked fingers from her body and moved them to his mouth, licking off her wonderful juices. “Mmmm, so sweet!” he said giving her a sexy wink with one of his dark, brown eyes.


Later that morning Emily and Jack walked into the treatment room where Donna was. “Oh, your poor nose!” Emily said when she saw the large bandage on her nose. She walked to Donna and she sat on the side of the bed and pulled her into her arms. “You have to get away from him before he really hurts you or… kills you.”

With a stuffed up nose Donna said. “I can’t he’ll hunt me down and kill me if I try to leave him.” Her arms were around Emily so tight it hurt to breathe. She looked to Jack. “From what the doctor said, I owe you my life.”

“No you don’t. I’m just glad I was there to help.” He said gently patting her on the back. In the light she was so pretty even with her nose in the heavy bandage and the many stitches in her lower lip. She was just over five feet tall, very light red hair to the middle of her delicate back.

Her soft blue eyes smiled at him. “So am I!” she felt something from him she had never know before, love from a man. His eyes warmed her heart and his touch was as gentle as she had ever known.

“How are we going to keep her safe, Jack?” Emily looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping he would know how to keep her friend safe. She had lots of friends like, Monique. But, Donna felt like a sister. She loved her so dearly.

Jack scratched his head trying to think of something. “You have any friends this guy doesn’t know about?” after the words came from his mouth, he had a plan to hide her.

“Shoot, not really the basterd knows everybody in town I think.” Emily said with a sad look on her face. She was so worried for her friend. She caressed Donnas’ face. “Don’t worry, Jack, will think of something.”

He did have a plan, he just hoped Donna and he could pull it off.

“OK, here’s my idea. I’ll say you were in a bad car wreck and you couldn’t get touch of your family. So, I brought you home with me. My wife will understand that.” Jack had a big smile on his unshaven face as he told of his plan.

Donna looked excited at the idea. “How did you find me? On the road or in a hospital or what?” she replied with her stuffy sound. “Who are you, she hasn’t even introduced us.” Donna looked at Emily giving her a stern look.

“I’m Jack Watson, I’m a preacher from Jackson. I came up here looking for people to help and just be friends with.” He said with his usual big smile. “I’ve met Monique and Emily so far and now you.” He rubbed Emilys’ back sending a chill of lust back between her very horny legs.

Donna smiled looking to Emily, seeing that she looked very happy and content. “Do you think it’ll be OK?” Donna asked her friend.

“Heck yes! I just wish it was me going instead of you.” Emily replied looking to Jack, thinking of Etimesgut Escort how they could be together, even with his wife in the house. She needed his big, long penis buried in her body so bad she was hurting again.

“I don’t want anything to happen or your wife to get mad at you.” Donna said with concern in her voice. She didn’t know him but she knew he was a good man and didn’t want to mess up his life.

When are they going to release you?” he asked Donna thinking if he’d have time to run Emily back to her place and do what they both needed so very bad. “I need breakfast and to take this pretty girl back to her apartment.”

“The doctor said in about two hours or so. They’re waiting on some test to come back.” Donna said sitting back on her bed. “You go ahead and leave, I’ll be fine.” Donna reached to hug Emily again and then asked Jack. “How long will I be at your place?”

Jack thought for a second and replied. “Until I find you a new life and a safe place to live. How does that sound?” he gave her a big smile and added. “Or… you could go back home.” That’s what he really wanted her to do. She was so young and could go back to being a pretty young teen and never think of this life again.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Donna said with a worried sound in her voice.

Jack caressed her back. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you all fixed up, one way or another. Let’s get going, I have to take care of some unfinished business.” He said, giving Emily a little wink. He needed to be deep in her sexy body, moving in and out of her, shooting his seeds into her young womb.


The drive back to Emilys’ apartment only took a few minutes. Emily led the way into her apartment, Jacks’ eyes were filled with the small skirt, and her supple thighs and every little wiggle and move of her sexy ass. He knew it was wrong but he needed this girl bad.

As she lay her jacket on the sofa, he grabbed her, pulling her into his arms. “I’m going to wear you out!” he said moving his mouth to hers and kissed her as deep as a man could.

Soft moans of pleasure escaped Emilys’ mouth as Jack ravished her with his probing tongue. His hands tore open her thin blouse, pulling it from her trembling body and throwing it to the cold floor. His hands moved from her blouse to the short skirt that covered her rounded behind. He grasped each of her full cheeks and smashed her into his full erection.

“Feel that? It’s going inside you in just few minutes.” He said thrusting his hardness into her wet panties. The same pair she had exploded in only an hour ago.

Emily pushed into the hard penis. “Really now, just ‘rape’ me preacher man. I bet you’d like that. Wouldn’t you?” She said in a very sexy, low voice that only the two lovers could have heard.

He reached to pull off his pants and freed the raging beast in his pants. “This thing is going to tear you apart.” He looked down holing the throbbing member in his hands and he rubbed it on the front of Emilys’ drenched panties.

“I sure hope so. I’ve been horny for you since I laid eyes on you.” Emily said falling to her knees she took the pulsing penis in her hands. “I need to do a few things to this before you put it in me.

Jack looked down to her smiling face. “Like what?” he asked her.

Emily moved his hardness to her mouth and placed a kiss on the tip and then she swallowed it to the root. Sucking him deep down her throat and sucking it as hard as she could. Making sure she swallowed around the head sending Jacks’ body into a state of shock.

“OH YES!” Jack yelled out as the pretty young girl used all off her many talents on his hardness. His hands held her delicate face as she pleasured his throbbing manhood. He looked at her face, seeing that this act of lust or love also gave her so much pleasure.

Emilys’ brain was on fire as much as her body was. To have a man like this in her mouth was a dream come true. He was a kind, real man, not one of the many one-hour men she had been with in the past. She could achieve an orgasm just by having a man like him deep down her throat.

Jack began to push into her mouth, just like he would use her tender love. She was a dream come true. “STOP!” Jack yelled pulling from her mouth. “I don’t want it like that.” He pulled her back up, into his arms. “I want to be inside you when it happens.” He said giving her a small kiss on her lips.

Emily smiled at him and led the way to her lonely bed. He would be the first man to ever earn her trust. Enough trust to take her in her own bed. She lye across the large bed spreading her self just enough for him to mount her body and take her.

Jack began to kiss her foot, toes and up her smooth leg to her thighs. When he felt how wet she was he said. “Mmmm, maybe I should do a little ‘licking’ before I move on to better things.”

His words sent chills through her body. The thought of him licking the juices from her thighs and soft love mound made her body want to explode. She folded her legs at the knee and let them fall to the side. Giving him full access what lye between them.

Jack moved to her and began kissing and licking the juices from her creamy white skin. He licked her with great care, not missing one inch of her flesh. Every tiny lick was done with great care, insuring to drive his young lover to many immense orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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