The Professors’ Dildos

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CAUTION: This tale is about two women fucking a man in the ass with dildos, and has an interracial aspect. All the participants are willing and all are over 18, and they all enjoy themselves, but if these kinds of subjects bother you, you probably shouldn’t read this story.


On the first day of the fall semester, Professor Patricia “Dixie” Dugan eagerly scanned the list of students scheduled to be in her Social Studies class. It was her last class of the day that semester and she was searching for one name, that of Jeremy Jones. He had promised to enroll in the class and she fervently hoped he had kept his word. Dixie had extremely fond memories of him from the previous year and, and she smiled to herself when she saw it

Professor Dugan stood up. “Mr. Jones?”

“Yes, Professor?” As he responded, Jeremy rose from his seat in the back of the room. She was glad to see his smiling face, although she was much more interested in his ass.

As she thought of the fun things they had done together the previous term, the professor could feel moistness collecting in her pussy. “There seems to be some kind of glitch in your registration. Can you come to my office when you have a chance, and we can clear it up? My new office number is on the syllabus I will be passing out.”

“Okay, Professor. I’m free for the rest of the afternoon after this class ends, and I’ll come to see you then.” The thought crossed his mind that he expected to do some really good cumming in her office, and that the professor would too.

“Good. I’ll see you there after class.” She smiled at his double entendre, agreeing with it and hoping nobody else would catch on to it.

Professor Dugan passed out the schedules and other necessary papers to Jeremy and the others. She was eager to see him again and, since nothing much ever gets accomplished on the first day anyhow, she dismissed the class after talking to them for a few minutes about her expectations and requirements, including what she expected them to do in preparation for the next class.

Jeremy would be very happy to join the professor in her office. He also had memories, maybe even more pleasant than hers, of what had transpired there. He remembered her body extremely well, with her large breasts and shapely ass and delectable pussy. He remembered her surprisingly pretty face with her big, brown eyes. More than anything, he remembered her new dildo. It was longer and thicker than the first one she had used, and he had gotten some of the greatest pleasure of his life when she put it on and gave his ass the longest and best fucking it had ever gotten.

He waited a half hour before starting to look for the professor’s new office, giving her plenty of time to get there and do whatever needed doing to prepare for him. Jeremy hoped she would have the same sofa there, the one he had leaned against while kneeling on the floor and reaching back to spread his ass cheeks. It took him a few minutes to find the right place and, after knocking on the door, he thought he heard two voices inviting him to enter.

When he walked through the doorway, he saw the new office was larger, and the professor’s desk was right in front of the entrance. “Hello Dix…Professor Dugan,” he greeted her. Jeremy had suddenly noticed another person, seated behind a desk by the far wall. The woman he had come to see had combed her long brown hair out of the tight bun she had worn in the classroom, and had taken off her boxy suit jacket. Jeremy wasn’t sure, but he believed she had also taken off her bra. Even though she looked almost ready to start giving his ass a workout, he thought he’d better be careful in front of the new and unknown person.

“Hello, Jeremy. I’m still Dixie to you, at least in here,” she responded. “And this is Professor Sarah Black of the Women’s Studies Department. We both hope you’ll be calling her Sally.”

Jeremy looked at Professor Black. She was a tall, very pretty young African American woman, with big, brown eyes, a clear, milk-chocolate complexion and short, black hair. Sally stood up and smiled prettily to acknowledge the introduction and he saw she was wearing a red jersey and blue jeans, both filled out very sexily. She smiled and greeted him by his first name.

Professor Dugan continued. “Because of staffing changes, I had to move from my old office to share one with another professor. Sally and I are old friends, and we arranged to share this one. Although we are in different departments, we have similar interests. In fact, almost identical interests.”

Sally smiled even more broadly. “This is what she’s talking about, Love.” She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of Aqualube and a strapon, almost identical to the one Dixie had worn a few months earlier, except that it had a big, black dildo protruding from the front.

Dixie continued. “That’s right. Anyhow, what we would like is to take turns with you, doing what you and Ankara bayan escort I enjoyed so much the last time we were together in my old office. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, and it won’t be held against you. If you prefer, Sally will leave and you and I can do what I think you came here expecting. Or, I can leave, and you can get better acquainted with Sally and her strapon. Or, you can turn around and just walk away, but I’m sure you came here for some more of the good fucking we shared last year.”

Jeremy looked at the two women, and the choice was a no-brainer. Just from the sight of the big plastic cock protruding from Sally’s toy, his ass was twitching in anticipation. Especially, he had noticed the molded pleasure bumps and remembered what those on Dixie’s strapon had done for his prostate gland. His cock was already getting hard from the thought of two beautiful women taking turns fucking him, maybe a couple of times each. He hoped he would have a chance to eat the pussy of the one who wasn’t behind him, pleasuring his ass with her dildo, and wondered how to broach that possibility.

“Ladies, it is the primary fantasy of every red-blooded American boy, including me, to have a threesome with two beautiful and sexy women. Let’s do it! Who goes first?”

Dixie got up and went over to the door to bolt it and pull the shade over the window. Sally also got up and Jeremy joined her in the middle of the room, where she hugged him. After letting go, Sally slipped around behind him and squeezed both his ass cheeks in her hands before hugging him again, this time from behind. She definitely was not wearing a bra.

“I’m sure you remember the sofa from my old office,” Dixie pointed out, smiling at Sally’s proprietary actions and hugging Jeremy from the front. When that embrace ended, all three of them stood, contemplating the sofa and thinking happily of what they were about to start doing on it and in front of it.

Dixie continued. “I hope you don’t mind, but we were pretty sure you would pick the threesome, so Sally and I flipped a coin before you got here. She won, so she gets to fuck you first. I hope you can eat my pussy while she’s doing you, though.”

Sally grinned and walked behind Jeremy again and resumed fondling him. One of her favorite sexual activities was fucking a man in the ass with her strapon, and Jeremy seemed to be perfect for it, short, rather chubby, with blonde hair, soft, fair skin and blue eyes. If she had placed an order with Central Casting, she would have asked for a young man who looked exactly as he did, and she expected to enjoy fucking him as much as her friend had described.

“Dixie has told me you have a really great ass. It feels pretty good but I can’t really tell, with all these pants and things you’ve got on.”

Correctly taking that as his cue, Jeremy stepped over to the sofa and started undressing. First, he sat down and took off his shoes and socks and set them on the floor in front of one end. Standing up again, he removed his jacket and shirt. Just as he was starting to unbuckle his belt, Sally put her hands on his to stop him.

“Let me, Love. I won you, fair and square, so I get to take your pants off.”

She unbuckled his belt, unfastened the button on his waistband and unzipped the fly of his pants. Slowly and sensuously, Sally pulled the outer garment down to the floor, and knelt to pull the legs around his feet. Still kneeling, she smiled up at Jeremy, who was wearing only his jockey shorts, clearly showing his cock, which was stretching the fabric as he avidly thought about what would soon be happening.

Instead of idly watching Sally undress the man they were going to be sharing, Dixie started matching her actions with her own clothing. She quickly divested herself of her white blouse and hung it over a chair back. As Jeremy had expected, she was not wearing a bra. She had certainly been wearing one in class but must have removed it after she returned to her office. As he admired her luscious breasts, she smiled at him and unfastened her skirt, but paused before removing it.

“I hope you like what you’re seeing so far. You know what else I have for you.”

Jeremy knew, alright. He had eaten many pussies and hers was one of the best. There had only been the one time, at their last session the previous semester, and all summer long he had been hoping for a chance to bury his face in the same soft and delightfully fragrant place. As he watched, Dixie let go of her skirt and it dropped to the floor, leaving her completely naked. Apparently, she had removed her shoes and stockings and all her undergarments while waiting for him to join her and her friend.

As Jeremy watched Dixie undressing, Sally got to her feet and stood off to the other side. Smiling lewdly, she crossed her arms in front of herself and took hold of the bottom hem of her jersey. With a quick motion, she peeled it off over head, letting her luscious Escort bayan Ankara breasts bounce as the thin material ceased restraining them.

“You like these?” she asked, cupping the twin beauties in her hands. Jeremy grinned and nodded his head, and Sally smiled again.

“I have more to show you too.” Deftly, she unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans and pushed them down to the floor. After stepping out of them, she kicked the pants aside and stood before Jeremy, as naked as Dixie. He realized that both women had taken off their shoes and stockings and all their undergarments while waiting for him.

Sally sauntered around behind him and held her lovely naked body against his back, hugging him around the waist and pressing her hard nipples against his skin. Jeremy loved the sensation, but he knew they would feel even better when he was kneeling in front of the sofa and Sally was leaning over him with her big, black dildo plunging in and out of his ass.

“Let’s see what you’re hiding under here, Love.” She thrust her hands down the front of his jockey shorts and fondled his cock, which was erect and straining to get free. Sally reached in further and held his balls gently in one hand and wrapped the other around his erection. “Mmmm, nice big cock,” she murmured.

She released the stiff object of her admiration and separated her hands, moving one across each of his hip bones and around and down until they were cupping his smooth, plump buttocks. From there, she moved her hands together until they met, and used them to spread his ass cheeks. Her fingers moved to between the soft hemispheres and gently fondled the very sensitive puckered area there. Shivers of joy shot through Jeremy, from the soft touch of Sally’s fingers and in anticipation of the fucking she would soon be giving him.

She wasn’t through yet. Jeremy felt the tips of two fingers — probably her middle ones — at the sides of the hole that was the object of the women’s lust. They spread the sides apart and the one on the right pressed against the opening that was being created. He was sure what Sally wanted to do, and he bent forward to help her finger gain entrance to his ass. The tip wiggled there briefly before pushing its way inside, followed by more of her digit, up to the second knuckle. He smiled and cooed his delight. Giving the young man a small sample of the greater pleasures he was soon to enjoy, Sally’s finger fucked in and out of his ass a few times. Loving the sensation and wanting more, he squirmed and thrust his plump buttocks downward, as if trying to induce her pleasuring finger to penetrate him more deeply.

“You were right, Dixie,” Sally said to her colleague. To Jeremy, she added “Dixie said you had a really great ass, Love. Smooth and soft and hairless, and she was right. I can hardly wait to get my cock inside you.”

Sally withdrew her finger but continued to caress the insides of Jeremy’s ass cheeks for a few seconds before taking her hands out of his underwear. She put her thumbs back in the waistband and pushed down, working the elastic around his cock, which had gotten even harder as a result of Sally’s fondling it and finger-fucking him. Once the shorts had cleared his ass, she let them go. They fell down around his ankles and Jeremy stepped out of them and kicked them in the direction of his shoes and socks. All three of them were equally naked and looking forward to a wonderful afternoon of sex.

Once she knew Sally’s foreplay had ended, Dixie walked over to the sofa, sat down, and scooted forward so her pussy was hanging over the edge, ready to share pleasure with Jeremy’s mouth. He knelt on the floor and walked on his knees to where her legs were spread and waiting for him. From what she had seen and heard already, and what she knew she would be seeing and hearing and doing, Dixie was in a high state of arousal. She raised her legs and, when he leaned forward, placed them on the young man’s shoulders. He responded by wrapping his arms around her thighs until his fingers met in her soft pubic hair, and leaning forward to lick up some of the fragrant juices that were trickling out of her pussy. They tasted even better than he remembered.

“Have fun, kiddies. I’ll be right back with The Big, Black Bull,” Sally remarked, as she walked over to retrieve the Aqualube and her strapon from where she had left them on her desk.

Holding the toy so the dildo was bouncing up and down in front, she stepped into one leg hole, then the other, and pulled the straps far enough up so the other dildo, also big and black and covered with pleasure bumps, was just touching the lips of her pussy. After playing with Jeremy’s ass, Sally was extremely wet, her juices running down her thighs, so she reached between her legs to push the tip of the dildo inside her pussy.

With it started in place, she pulled the straps the rest of the way up and adjusted the clit spur so it would be in a position to do her the most Bayan escort Ankara good. The toy was not imbedded all the way inside her, and the spur was not yet against her clit, but they would be adjusted when Sally began fucking Jeremy. The toy had come equipped with two spurs, but Sally had removed the one from the dildo that would be fucking Jeremy. She pushed his legs wider apart and knelt between them so she could prepare his ass.

Dixie saw her colleague’s preparations but Jeremy was looking away and concentrating on the pussy in front of him. He drew his face back to gaze on it, finding it to be truly a thing of beauty, surrounded by soft, curly brown hair, and possessing lips that were swollen with lust and blossoming through her slit. The blossoming petals surrounded her adorable pink hole that he knew to be the source of those delicious juices. At the upper end of her engorged lips, he could see her precious clit, also swollen, and pushing its way out from under its protective hood. After admiring the sight, aroma and taste of Dixie’s pussy, Jeremy was about to bury his face there, when he felt Sally’s hands spreading his ass cheeks and her voice interrupting his thoughts.

“Quit hugging Dixie’s legs, Love, and reach back here and open your ass for me. The Bull and I are about to give you the best fucking you have ever gotten.”

Although he was reluctant to delay eating a pussy as lovely as Dixie’s, Jeremy was also eager to get Sally’s big dildo imbedded deep inside his ass. He released his hold of the legs that continued to frame his face and reached back to spread his ass cheeks as Sally had requested. His tongue continued caressing one of Dixie’s delectable pussy lips, but he concentrated more on helping Sally with what they both wanted her to do.

The first thing he felt was the familiar neck of the bottle inserted in him and, immediately after that, the equally familiar rush of the cool lubricant. This was followed by Sally’s finger inside him again, but this time she was behind him and could drive the digit all the way in to her knuckles. She took her time spreading the Aquaglide, fucking her finger in and out of his ass and giving him a better foretaste of the extreme pleasure that he knew would be following momentarily.

Sally had applied the lube to her dildo right after putting it on and, with Jeremy ready, she once again put the tips of her middle fingers on either edge of his ass to pry open a small hole. She pressed the tip of the dildo against the opening being created and, with a firm push, the head of The Big Black Bull wedged inside Jeremy. Waves of intense pleasure washed through his body from the place of entry, and he murmured happily. It had been almost three months since he had felt a dildo spreading open the rim of his ass, and it felt even better than he remembered it. Best of all was his knowledge that the pleasure would quickly become much greater.

It became better immediately. While he and Sally held his ass open, she gave another thrust, and almost an inch of thick plastic cock plowed into him. He moaned from the incredible pleasure the toy was giving him and, the next time he felt Sally’s dildo start to burrow deeper inside, he thrust his ass back to meet it, taking in almost three more inches. Besides stretching the opening and the connected channel the way they hadn’t been stretched in too long, the molded bumps on the shaft of the toy were starting to massage his prostate gland, saturating his body with a new kind of delight. Intense pleasure throbbed through him from the path of the dildo, making him writhe in bliss. As wonderful as it already was, he wanted more.

“Give it to me, Sally. Give me all you’ve got.” He arched his back downward, raising his hips and presenting an even better target to the woman who had started to fuck him. His ass squirmed in front of her, helping Sally do what he wanted, which was what she very much wanted also.

She laughed at his eagerness. “You really like this, don’t you? That’s good because it makes it even more fun for me.” With her hands on the young man’s hips for leverage, Sally thrust forward again, and again and again, until almost the entire length of her big dildo had found a home in Jeremy’s very hospitable ass.

She ran her hands all over his cheeks again, including the smooth insides, and leaned forward to grip his shoulders and press her erect nipples against Jeremy’s back. “I really love your ass, Jeremy. We’re gonna have us a lot of fun today.” Sally put her hands back on his soft, white hips and began to fulfill her prediction.

While his ass was being crammed full of the plastic cock, Jeremy had paused in eating Dixie’s pussy. After the dildo started surging all the way in and being slowly withdrawn, only to plunge back into him again, his tongue returned to fondling the swollen labia before him. Her pussy was squirming in front of his mouth so, to keep her in position, he once again wrapped his arms around Dixie’s thighs. As wave after wave of three kinds of pleasure inundated his body from where Sally was working her toy, a fourth kind, delighting all his senses, swirled outward from where his face was pressed against Dixie’s marvelous pussy.

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