The Prom

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First let me state all persons in this story are above the age of 18, in fact the male is 20 and female 18. Names were changed to protect anyone who might find similarity between their lives and this story. Aside from that I present this short story without further comment.


Stacy checked herself in the full length mirror for the fiftieth time or so that day. The dress was perfect, a deep rich blue that almost swept the floor. Her body was perfectly framed by the silken material. As her hands wandered her curves she thought of the man who had bought her the dress. Her boyfriend of now 4 years, John, had insisted that this dress would best show off her beauty. Stacy chuckled at that comment when he said it, and even now tried to push it aside. She had never thought herself beautiful, tall and ungraceful yes but never beautiful. John had been the first to tell her she was beautiful, and when he whispered those words in her ear she knew he meant it.

Tonight was her senior prom and Stacy was nervous about going. Even the fact that John was her date sent tremors of panic through her mind. John had graduated two years prior and had gone to college. She missed him greatly during those two years, having only seen him during his breaks and once when she went to the campus to look into enrollment. He had never changed in those two years. He still loved her more than anyone could describe, more even then her parents she had concluded. Lucky for both she and John her parents approved of him. John was from the neighborhood and had never been known for anything than being a quiet and hard working boy. If only the town knew that he was also a wonderfully tender heart and an amazing kisser. He was proper and did not press upon Stacy the needs she knew he had. Instead he was willing to wait for when she was ready to go beyond kissing and cuddling.

Oh if only he knew the plans Stacy had for him that night. She checked her hair one last time. The copper colored curls cascaded down over one shoulder and framed her face like a flaming halo. Oh yes, if only he knew she planned to seal his life to hers forever tonight. With a nod of her head and a “good enough I hope” at the mirror she began her decent to the first floor where John stood speaking with her parents. He stopped mid word when seeing the woman he had loved for years descending the stairs. Her steps made her curves sway in a most delicious way and John found his mouth had gone dry. Stacy had spent the last five months practicing how to walk in the heels she had bought for this occasion and she had found that walking with a certain step made her hips sway; she now used that knowledge to tease her boyfriend.

John watched her with a look that bordered on pure love and puzzlement. She was beautiful, radiant, and she was everything that John loved most in this world. Always a quiet man he found that here at this time he couldn’t even find the words for what he was feeling. A mixture of love, honor, and lust raged deep within his soul. John extended his hand to Stacy as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She took the hand warmly and stepped closer, her heels making her almost eye level with him. Stacy’s smile at that moment would forever be imprinted on John’s memories. Together they turned to face her parents who both stood smiling. Had they known all along? Did they suspect that the two young people standing in front of them were fated to be together forever? It is pure chance that John saw Stacy’s father nod approvingly as if he were handing his daughter over to be married. The two were photographed by Stacy’s mother and then hustled out to the waiting limousine.

Once inside John spoke, a voice rich with timber and filled with love for his beautiful date. “Stacy I have something for you. I didn’t want to give it to you in front of your parents. I was…” His words faltered as he sought the words he wanted. “I was worried that they might disapprove.” With those words he reached inside his tuxedo pocket and produced a small box. His hands shook just a bit as he handed over the box to his one true love.

Puzzled Stacy took the box and opened it. Inside pure as the stars themselves sat two diamond earrings and a beautiful diamond heart necklace. She almost squealed with joy as she looked at them. The set had been one she had once pointed out to John when they were spending time together at a local mall. But that had been more than two years ago. He had remembered and spent his hard earned money to buy the set just for her. Her eyes misted and she almost cried. John reached out and assisted her with fastening the necklace and then placed a gentle loving kiss on her rosy lips. Her eyes popped wide, he had kissed her before but for some reason this kiss sent a truly lusty shiver down her spine.

Stacy canlı bahis şirketaleri put the earrings on and smiled broadly. Her kiss lingered a bit longer than John’s had when she then threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. “They are beautiful, thank you so much honey.” Her voice was a whisper against his lips. “Honey” was a term she had taken to calling him when they were alone and she was feeling the closeness they shared. It never bothered John, in fact it was just one more reason he had loved her.

The limousine dropped the pair off at the entrance to the local high school. Being from such a small town it was not abnormal for all the dance, local meetings, and even political debates to be held in the high school. The two stepped out and were instantly greeted by several close friends. Stacy had been swept up in a gaggle of girls admiring her dress and intensely asking about her new jewelry. John stood with a few younger boys talking about college life and how it’s nothing like what they expected. The next few minutes seemed like an eternity to Stacy. She longed to be close to her John once again and to dance with him. The time was not so long however and once again they were holding hands, this time the photographer was a professional and they stood much like a husband and wife looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands and smiling.

The perfunctory speech by the principal and local chief of police was as John expected, long droning and full of rules. John was not by nature a disobedient person but droning speeches made his head ache. Stacy sat beside him at a table reserved for them and close friends, her hand on his as they listened. She once again was struck how handsome and adult he was. He was adult when they were just young teens too. His severe nature was one reason she loved him so. She hoped that tonight she would see that rare whimsical side of him, and more to find out if he had a deeper lustful side. Stacy shifted a little at that thought. Even the mere thought of what she had planned made her desire him more.

“Are you ok?” John said leaning down to whisper in her ear as he noticed her fidget. “Yes just fine honey, I am itching to get to dancing and you know I dislike speeches as much as you do.” Her smile puzzled him. John thought he knew every smile she had but this one was different. This smile hid a deep secret.

The speeches ended and the dancing began. Together John and Stacy took the floor by storm. The two were by far the tallest people in the group, but it was the grace and beauty they showed. No one had ever known that John was a student of his mother’s dance studio. He kept that knowledge secret even from his closest of friends. Stacy had begun taking classes just shortly after John had gone off to college. Her thought was that if she spent enough time around his mother she could find out more about the man she loved so fully.

A few minutes into the dance one of Stacy’s friends came up and nudged her and whispered something John could not hear. Stacy shook her head laughing and smiled. “Some inside joke perhaps?” John mused. A second later the answer pumped out of the speakers. ‘Stacy’s Mom’ a song popular the year John had graduated came out and Stacy laughed fully. Her laugh was rich and almost musical.

“Well does my mom got It going on?” Her eyes were wet with mirthful laughter. She had asked that before and often when the song first hit the radio playlists. With a smile John shook his head “No but Stacy has it going on and always will” His wink flustered her. She had seen him be whimsical. But, was he actually being flirty. His answer to her unasked question almost floored her. His hands wound around her waist and he pulled her close to whisper in her ear. “Your mother has nothing on you my darling. I could not think of your mother with as much love as I have for you.”

Her jaw dropped. He had only called her darling once before and had never said he loved her in public. Stacy stood almost stone still as the relevance of those words hit her. He had been away at college but had never stopped his love for her. She hugged him too she and it was her turn to floor him a little. He voice cracked a little with the words she whispered into his now tuned ear. “John I have a present for you too but I can’t give it too you here, but I promise you will never forget it.” Her playful nip at his ear put him back on his heels. What had she planned?

The night rambled on and about halfway through the dancing Stacy lead John aside and spoke very softly with him. “Do you think anyone would miss us if we decided to leave?” He looked sharply at her worried she was feeling unwell. “Are you ok Stacy?” His look spoke volumes of concern.

“I am fine but I feel boxed in here and besides canlı kaçak iddaa I would rather be alone with you Honey.” Her smile was that self same puzzling one John had seen before.

“Ok if that is what you wish we can go.” John said his goodbyes as did Stacy as they walked towards the line of Limousines parked in the lot. They found the limo they had taken and Stacy spoke to the driver at length. John was confused as he waited by the rear door holding it for his beautiful girlfriend. John waited as Stacy spoke then climbed into the back of the limo. Once he was inside she flung her arms around John’s shoulders and kissed him soundly. “Thank you honey for all you have done for me and thank you for trusting me enough to love me”

“No thanks are needed Stacy. I love you more than I can express.” She defiantly had him flustered. That was a good thing because John missed that they were not heading towards her house. Her kisses and boldness kept him off guard until they pulled up to a grand hotel three towns over from their own. “What’s going on? This isn’t your house, or mine for that matter.” He seemed truly puzzled.

“No we were invited to a party here at the hotel by Vivian. I thought we should put in a showing at least. No drinking I promise.” She hid he deception well as she pushed at him to get out. John was too confused to notice Stacy’s car parked in the visitor parking spots along the building.

Together they entered the hotel and took the elevator to the top floor. “How did Vivian get enough cash for the penthouse suite?” John asked. “Her boyfriend has family that works here. She said he got it.” Her lie was smooth and brought a little pang to her. She had never lied to him before, but tonight was too important to ruin.

The elevator opened to a lush apartment sized room on the top floor. The view from the windows was broad and he almost swore he could make out the water tower in their town from this vantage. John began to look around. Where was everyone he wondered? A second later he heard Stacy speak.

With a loud exhale she said “Finally alone.” The words rang like a gong in John’s head. She had set him up. There was no party, no Vivian, no one but them. He turned to see her smiling at him. “I am sorry John I had to lie, I had to bring you here. I wanted to give you your present.” “Ummm… And that is?” His words stumbled from his lips.

“Me silly. I am your present. Please John I have waited for two years for this night. I have dreamt of nothing but this night for months.” She moved closer kissing his shocked lips deep, a deepness they had only ever indulged in when they were in his college dorm room. His arms wrapped her tight and he knew then what she had meant. Four years ago she had professed her love for him, but then he stopped her short of the ultimate expression of that love. His reasoning was that at fourteen she was too young for sex. He had promised her that when she was an adult if she still loved him they would express that love anyway she wished.

“I am eighteen now honey, I am an adult and I want to be a woman. I want to be your woman, no one else’s. Please don’t deny me this night. Even if you never want to touch me again or stop loving me give me this night John.” Her voice resonated with a deep pain.

“I deny you nothing my darling. I embrace you now as I always will. Never once did I think of anyone but you who I wanted to love. Even in college I stayed loyal and loving only to you.” His own voice full of emotion. She knew he spoke true, knew she was going to be his forever.

With a laugh she pushed him back till he almost fell onto the couch in the sitting area of the penthouse. She stood, radiant and desirable before him. “John I have dreamt of this, I want you to just sit back and let me live out my dreams. Can you do that please?” Her hands had begun to slowly unzip the back of her dress. John swallowed hard and nodded. He knew this meant so much to her.

Stacy’s dark blue dress pooled at her heel clad feet. His heart stopped for a moment as he gazed up her. There Stacy stood, her no longer girlish body encased in the most radiant white corset. Her now womanly breasts filled the cups of the corset and her hips curved to hold the silken bikini panties she wore. Her legs, always her glowing asset were clad in white silk stockings held up by a thin garter belt. John licked his lips more than once to speak.

“Stacy you are stunning. Absolutely stunning.” Her blush then said volumes as she moved to him. With that same swaying grace she moved closer. Her hands moved to his tuxedo pants and slowly removed them, his excitement was evident as his manhood popped up through his boxers. She spoke no words, she only stared deeply into his eyes as she moved to straddle his hips.

“I canlı kaçak bahis love you John. I always have. I want you to let me become a woman with you. I want to be your woman and no one else’s. I want you to be my man as well. I won’t give you up to anyone with one hell of a fight.” There was steel in that voice as her redhead nature poked its head out for a moment.

Before John could speak she placed a finger to his lips then kissed him. Her hand resting on his shoulders as her tongue began a search of his own. He could not hold back and embraced her with kiss and arms. Her silk clad maidenhood rubbed him in a delicate and delicious way. Stacy moved her hands down and without warning pulled aside the silken covering. He could feel the heat and moisture coming from her. His stiff manhood throbbed against her.

Stacy shivered and broke the kiss to look into John’s eyes. She lovingly caressed his cheek as she began to slowly slide down onto his waiting shaft. She grimaced when his head pressed against her hymen. A look of concern filled his eyes as he saw her momentary pain. Stacy shook her head and thrust herself down on him, breaking that final barrier between their love. Her eyes opened wide and a tear rolled down her cheek as the pain struck her. She knew that there would be pain and she accepted the pain as a part of her true love for him.

His arms held her as she dealt with pain. “You didn’t have to darling.” He began. Again she stopped him with a finger to his lips. “No my love I knew this was a part of things. It’s not so bad now, at least I know it was my one true love who made me a woman tonight.” Her smile was a pure and loving one. Unbidden he kissed her again, his arms and hands comforting her. She hadn’t realized it but her hips were moving in small circles. The sensation sent little tremors of pleasure through her. Stacy kissed John then, not a chaste kiss but one filled with all the lust and desire that had built in her. To her delight he responded in kind.

His strong hands moved to her hips and she began to move more consistently. Her womanly folds held him tight as if to never let go. The slow rhythm of her hips and the strong loving touch of his hands made the sensations inside Stacy begin to move like the ocean. She was surprised to find herself grinding her womanhood back and forth along his shaft. Her moans however surprised them both. Stacy could not contain her desires any longer and she let out a shuddering gasp as the first little orgasm rocked her soul.

John held her as she shook through the first tremor. Her eyes glazed momentarily and then brightened as she saw him watching her with a whimsical smile she had seen rarely but always loved more than any other.

“I didn’t think that would happen my first time. I have heard about.” It was John’s turn to silence her, not with a finger but a kiss. Stacy’s body responded quickly as her hips once again moved. His manhood was hot, ridged, and delicious inside her. She was his and he was hers and that is what mattered. Her body rose slightly as she began to move up and down on that shaft. Her cares tossed aside as she sought another release. This time she wanted his release and hers as well.

She caught a scent that she had never smelled before and it ignited something deep within her. She realized it was the scent of their lovemaking. John’s hands moved to grip her bottom tight, his fingers playing tenderly along her skin as his hips moved up to meet her womanly lust. The kiss broke as his breath began raspy. Stacy knew he was close to his own expression of their love. She thrust down faster and deeper onto his manhood. “Please John. Let it go I want you to let go and mark me as your own. I want you to mark me where no one else will ever go.” Her words rang in John’s ears. He could not have ever imagined the sensation and pleasure that washed over him at that moment. His manhood exploded inside her maidenly folds. The pulsing gush inside her womanhood sent Stacy crashing over the cliff of ecstasy. Her orgasm was like a million suns being born at once. Together they held tight as both shook in the tidalwave of lust and love that infused them.

What seemed like only a minute later but what was in fact nearly a half hour John came too with Stacy in his arms. Both lay on the couch in a wonderful post coital bliss. They had passed out from the years of pent up desire and love. Stacy looked down into his eyes from her position lying atop him. John felt the fluids from both of their sex covering his heat. The smile and kiss that followed lasted for minutes. This was a moment in time that would forever be ingrained in their souls.

“Stacy, my darling. I love you. I love you more than you could know. And if the gods give me strength I will make you my bride one day soon.” His words were steel and stone as if he would challenge hell itself for her. She could not speak only nodded as she lay against him. She knew, always knew this night would be special and this gift of hers was just the beginning.

To be continued…

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