The Ranch Hand

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After working three summers for the Eyrdale ranch, Danielle had no clue that her boss had been waiting for the day that she would be of age. Dannie knew that Clayton’s marriage wasn’t good, but she never would have guessed that he was ready to cast off his promise for her touch. They were working on cleaning out pens in the calving barn when a thunderstorm blossomed on the horizon. The blare of a weather warning interrupted the background music that kept them working diligently. “High winds, hail, and the possibility of a tornado” came the automated voice. “Well, Dannie, I think we better wrap this up and head for the house. What do you think?” Her boss, Clayton, leaned against the handle of the manure fork as he waited for her answer.

“I think you’re right, Clay. Besides, I’m pretty sure we’re out of water.” The sweat glistened off of Clayton’s bare chest, and as Dannie watched a rivulet ran down the crevice between his chiseled pecs and worked it’s way to the waistband of his jeans. Without thinking she wanted to follow the moisture’s trail with her tongue. She quickly turned away, pretending to check the water jug they had brought with them to the barn.

Clayton smiled, he’d seen the way that her eyes had travelled down his body. He knew that she was innocent because of the way that her cheeks had flushed a bright red before she turned away. He was afraid that someone else might have known her intimately before he could get the chance. The thought of another man, or boy, with their hands on her made him angry. He’d watched her blossom from a scrawny teenage tomboy into the shapely woman that was now bent over in front of him. He had battled to get any work done that afternoon as thoughts of tossing her into a straw pile, tearing her clothes off, and burying his face in her pussy was all he could think about. Thinking about it again made his cock swell against the fly of his jeans. The dirty little bastard in his pants didn’t care about being married, that she was almost twenty years younger, or that they were surrounded by the smell of cows. The only thing his cock wanted was to bury itself deep within the slickened core of Dannie’s pussy.

She managed to drag his mind out of the gutter, “Hey! You ready to go?” She wondered where his mind had been, and was hard pressed not to stare at the enormous bulge in his pants. As her eyes darted back to his she was reminded of a wolf she’d seen at the zoo; all predator. Dannie was pretty sure that she was the prey he had in mind, and a shiver of pleasure shot down her spine. She might have been a virgin, but she knew what happened between a man and a woman; thanks to her eighteenth birthday party.

Her friends thought that it would be funny to show the virgin a fuck film. At first she had been embarrassed, but after a few minutes she became curious. Being brought up in a strict Catholic household meant that no one ever talked about sex, and then to suddenly be shown non-stop cocks, pussies, and fucking was shocking. She hadn’t asked them any questions because she didn’t want to be made fun of by her peers so she had waited until the next day when she went to work. She had hit Clayton with a barrage of questions about what she had seen, and he’d answered every one of them with patience. For her it was strange because her boss was the best friend she had. He never made fun of her, admonished her for having an opinion, and encouraged her to try new things. Up until the last month she’d always considered him just a friend, but after their talk she’d started imagining him doing to her what she’d seen in that video.

As they left the barn Clayton said to her, “Penny for your thoughts, Dannie.”

“I’m pretty ashamed of them right ankara escort now, Clay. I was thinking about that movie again.”

“Really. Tell me what part.” He gave her a sideways glance as they walked side by side to the house while part of him held his breath to hear her talk about the guy eating out the woman’s pussy.

“I was thinking about the part where the guy had his head buried between the girl’s legs. I want to know how that feels, someday. God, I hope that the guy I meet has more experience than I do. I don’t want a virgin, it’s bad enough that I’m one.” Clayton could hear the frustration in her voice, and he wanted, badly, to tell her that he was going to be her first. He just kept his mouth shut and let her talk. He’d seen the signs that she had begun to notice him more, but the last thing that he wanted was to scare her off. “You know what I mean, Clay? I don’t want somebody fumbling around making a mess of everything. It’ll be bad enough when I’m trying to return the favor and give him a blowjob. I’d be the one trying to act sexy as I trip and fall; I can see it now. He’ll laugh at me for being a klutz, and the whole thing will wind up being a disaster. Listen to me, babbling away here. You got any thoughts, Clayton?”

The time for talk was over. The minute that she had said the word blowjob he thought his cock was going to explode. He grabbed her by the arm and spun her to face him. He looked deep in her eyes right before he locked his mouth with hers. His tongue traced her lips in a slow motion as he waited for her lips to part. It wasn’t long before the water jug dropped from her grasp, her hips pressed against his, and she opened up to the onslaught of his mouth. She was a willing pupil as she followed his lead with her own tongue. She felt his hands on either side of her face as he pressed for more of her mouth. Dannie opened up willingly, melting into his body with her own. They probably would have dropped to the gravel if not for the crack of thunder overhead. It broke them apart just as fat rain drops started falling heavily from the sky.

They broke and ran for the house, but in the short hundred or so yards their clothes were completely soaked. As they busted through the front door, Clayton gave her a small push as he turned and locked the front door. She moved through the porch into the kitchen, and her lust turned into embarrassment as she realized the last time she had been in here Clayton’s wife had called her a whore. She turned to him, and Clayton watched her features turn into a mask of uncertainty. “No. Don’t Dannie. She’s not coming back, I filed for divorce the day you turned eighteen. I’ve wanted you for a long time, and I’m not going to let a memory of her spoil that for us. I’m going to show you how much more you are to me than she ever was.”

He strode towards her with certainty and they reassumed the embrace they had been in. He rained kisses across her face as he grabbed the front of her t-shirt. With one hand he reached in his pocket and grabbed his knife while the other held the shirt away from her sweet, smooth skin. Clayton ran the blade through the material just enough so that his hands could tear it away. Rrrrrrrippppp! The cotton material was in a crumpled heap on the linoleum. “I hate these damn things,” he growled as he pulled at her bra. Again the knife slipped in, between her skin and the material. She didn’t care that it was ruined as he slid the cups out of the way and ran his calloused hands over her ample, creamy double D’s. His tongue assaulted her mouth as his thumbs flicked across her young pink nipples. Each time his thumb made contact an electric shock went through her clit. She’d masturbated before, but this ankara escort bayan was nothing like masturbation. He was giving her new and exciting sensations, and as he continued to tease her she thought she was going to lose her mind. He’d slowed everything to a snail’s pace, and all she could think of was how it was going to feel having him thrust inside of her; stretching her virgin pussy to accommodate his throbbing cock.

After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled away from her mouth, “Take off your pants, Dannie. I want you naked, now.” His voice had a strained quality to it, as though he was in more of a struggle than she had been. He watched her wrestle with her boots first, and then the wet jeans, her tits bouncing back and forth as she rolled the wet denim down her long, slender legs. The thought of those legs wrapped around his hips made his cock jump and twitch against his fly once more. All that prick wanted was to stab into her over and over again until she was screaming and writhing in ecstasy. Soon enough, he mentally told the fucker, first for her then for us.

“Panties, too. Hurry up before I shred those fucking things like I did your shirt!” He sucked in a breath once she was naked before him. There wasn’t one part of her that he didn’t want to touch, taste, and worship. She was suddenly shy, and tried to cover herself with her hands. He walked up and pulled her arms down, “Never try to hide from me, there is not one part of you that I don’t think is perfect. Now, up on the table little girl. I’m going to see if what I can do is better than what you saw on that fuck film.”

She did as she was told, and he put her feet on either side of his chair as he went at her pussy like it was the cure for world hunger. He ran his fingers down each side of her cleft, teasing the delicate pink flesh of her as he watched her clit emerge from its hood. The hard little nub was begging for his tongue, and he happily obliged flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth across the hardened ridge. His hands reattached to her breasts as he let his mouth do the talking between her legs. He worked circles around her clit before licking the sweet juice that seeped out of the little pink hole. Her lips were like pink petals; parting to give him access to the sweetest thing that he had ever tasted. His tongue darted in and out of her pussy causing her to moan deep and throaty.

As Clay worked her pussy with his mouth, Dannie was amazed at how good it felt. What she had seen looked like fun, but this was something more. She braced herself on the table with one arm as the other hand went to the back of his head. As far as she was concerned she couldn’t get enough of his mouth on her pussy. Dannie felt the pressure building inside of her. Her muscle tensing as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her; each new one more intense than the last. His mouth felt as though it was her only anchor to the table, and as he sucked her clit into his mouth she felt the explosion of her orgasm blast forth. She cried out as she buried her fingers into his hair; shoving his face into her pussy as she rode out her orgasm. It wasn’t long before her hand changed positions and shoved against his forehead. Her sensitive flesh telling her that she’d had enough of his mouth, and her pussy opening flexing for penetration. She wanted more, but was unsure how to tell this magnificent man what she needed.

He looked at her all flushed and breathing hard from her climax. He stood up and kicked the chair away from him. He wanted it to be special for her, but he had held out for too long. He was a raging, rutting animal as his only thought was filling her with his throbbing hard cock. He tore at escort ankara his jeans to get them open, and as he freed himself from them his cock sprang forward. Jutting out from his body the hard length of him caused her eyes to fly wide. He was huge! She reached out to touch him, and couldn’t wrap her hand around the girth of him. His cock was hot and hard, but the skin was silky. She loved the feel of it, and as she stroked him she looked up to see his head kicked back, teeth gritted, and his hips worked his gigantic erection in and out of her palm.

Dannie worried that she was hurting him so she jerked her hand back. The guy on the movie hadn’t looked like that, and she was sure that it didn’t feel good. She realized how wrong she was when he looked into her eyes with that wolf stare. He was going to devour her, and she was sure that she would enjoy every second.

Clayton slid her hips to the edge of the table, and pushed at her sternum to press her back against the table. She obliged, and watched as he put her left leg over his shoulder while he grasped his erection and rubbed his cock head against her dripping pussy lips. She began to feel the pressure again as he pushed against her maidenhead. The tiny piece of skin was like the fortress of solitude; nearly impenetrable.

Clayton felt the resistance, and nearly roared with pride. He was her first! He pushed a little harder as he watched her face. He knew this was going to hurt her, but there was no stopping now. With one more hard push he was in, and as much as he wanted to start pounding away he slid his cock in slowly. Inch by inch until all eight inches was buried deep within her. He waited for what seemed like an eternity, the only noise in

the room was the tick of the clock along with the occasional rumble of thunder. Suddenly he felt a gripping around his cock as her pussy adjusted and began sucking at his flesh. That was his cue. His hips knew what to do, thankfully, because his mind had long ago shut down. He was a mass of lust as he thrust into her. He was gentle at first, but then her hands went to her breasts as her free leg wrapped around his hips. That was all it took for him to start pounding in her like a mad man.

Dannie noticed the change in his pace, and she wanted to see if watching him fuck in and out of her wet pussy was as good as it had been on the porno. She braced herself up on her elbows and was entranced watching the length of cock saw in and out of her. She looked up and their eyes met. He growled and she let out a long, high moan of pleasure. They soared upward together as their sounds of pleasure mixed with the wet slapping of cock to pussy. An orgasm washed over her again as the sight of him fucking her drove her over the edge. She let her head fall back and screamed out his name as her pussy flexed and pulled at the length of him; as though it would never get enough of his cock inside it. This one was different than the first one as it never ended. Just as she thought it was finished another wave of it hit her sending her soaring higher.

Her juices flowed down on to his balls to make a wet slapping sound every time he buried his cock deep. A delicious lick of pleasure hit him every time his sac made contact with her slickened taint. It was all too much to hold out any longer, and that familiar spiral started to move up his shaft. He felt the pulse of his own orgasm and thrust home one more time just as he erupted. He lost count as shot after shot of cum washed against her womb.

She felt his orgasm deep within her as wave after wave of molten cum hit her. It felt like molten lava against her cervix; the warmth of it shoved her over the edge one last time. The final release was almost more than she could take leaving her light headed with its passing. She collapsed back against the table in exhaustion, and welcomed his weight as he lay his head between her breasts to catch his breath.

(To be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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