The Reluctant Star

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Ralph Carson watched the people exit the plane at the Miami airport, looking for his niece, Cindy Johnson. She had just graduated from High School in Tampa, and was accepted at the University of Miami. He and Ellen offered their spare bedroom to the eighteen-year-old girl, since their condo was only a mile from the campus. Ralph was about six feet tall, slightly balding, but otherwise had a good physique for a man of forty-two. Ellen at thirty-four, was ten years younger than her sister Carol, Cindy’s mom. Since she was childless, the attractive brunette still enjoyed a young woman’s figure on her five and a half foot frame.

Ralph and Ellen were the successful owners of a large video studio, which produced commercials for the local TV market. Because business was so good, he and Ellen told Cindy they would also provide her with $800 a month to spend as she chose. Needless to say, the girl and her mother were elated that the childless couple would do this, since her mom couldn’t afford to send her to college. They had not seen Cindy since she was fourteen, so they asked her what she would be wearing today. Ralph looked at the description in the note: A University of Miami Tee shirt, a wraparound Jean’s skirt, sandals, and had her hair in a French braid.

Ellen saw her first. “My god Ralph, she looks like a model, she’s beautiful. Look, look over there, isn’t that the right clothes?” Ellen said as she pointed. Ralph saw her.

“Yeah, that’s Cindy. Wow did she do a lot of growing.” They yelled and got her attention. Ralph thought, “Damn, I get to watch that wriggle around my house for four years.”

Cindy was a vibrant blond with pale blue eyes and full lips. The girl loved people and seemed to never meet a stranger. As a cheerleader in High School, she was voted most personable. She reached five feet three inches, barefooted, and her breasts were wide and firm, with pouting nipples. Her tummy was flat, and her hips flared perfectly above long shapely legs. Her full ass had a sexy sway as she walked. The bra she wore under the Tee shirt was way too thin.

Her Mom talked her into a larger “C” cup bra before she graduated. She did feel more comfortable in them, but she didn’t need a bra with a lot of support. Therefore, all she owned were the thin no-support types. It didn’t matter, she couldn’t hold a pencil with her breast anyway. The wrap around skirt didn’t wrap that much, and exposed her thigh when she walked.

Her Uncle’s heart was pounding as he watched her move. There were hugs and kisses all around when they met. She thanked them for what they were doing for her, about five times before they reached the car. The girl sat up front and talked to Ellen as Ralph fought the Miami traffic.

She turned in the seat to talk to Ellen, pulling her left knee up in the seat. She was so excited about her new adventure she hadn’t noticed that her skirt had fallen to the side exposing a pair of thin lace panties. Ralph couldn’t believe his good fortune; they were so thin he could see her pubic curls. After almost rear-ending someone, he thought he’d better watch the road.

It took Ralph four trips to get five suitcases, two overnight cases and a large box up to the fifteenth floor of his condominium. The physical labor helped calm his flaming libido.

Their Niece finally got around to asking about Ralph’s business at supper. She found it fascinating and thought she might consider a course of study that could give her a future in that area. Ralph modestly informed her that he might be able to help her, if that’s what she wanted.

After supper, Ellen said she needed to shop for some things, but Cindy declined an invitation to go; she would rather take a hot bath and get comfortable. Ralph said jokingly, “guess that leaves me with the dishes to do.” Ralph cleaned everything up and was watching the news when the phone rang. It was Carol, wanting to know if her daughter arrived all right.

“Cindy! Your mom’s on the phone,” he yelled, thinking she would pick up the phone in her room. She surprised him when she came out of the bathroom with nothing on but a bath towel, which was a little too narrow to cover all her beauty.

The young blond stood by the end table next to her Uncle, and talked to her mother. Ralph was throughly enjoying the tan curls peeking out from under the towel. Suddenly she readjusted the towel up, thinking it was slipping down, exposing her entire pubic mound to her Uncle’s stare. Ralph was hidden from her view by a large table lamp, and was so surprised by the view his mouth was open.

The light brown curls, were well trimmed for French cut fashions, but seemed to grow thin near the hood of her clitoris. There appeared to be almost no hair on her lips, which were chubby and tight. The girl talked for about fifteen minutes, moving her weight from one hip to the other. Her Uncle was aflame with desire by the time she hung up.

After Ellen came home and put away the groceries, Ralph said he wanted to show her something in the bedroom. An hour later she emerged in a somewhat disheveled, but glowing anadolu yakası escort state.

At breakfast the following morning, Cindy asked her Uncle what his agenda was for the day. He said that he would probably spend the whole day auditioning model/actress’ for a project he was starting. It was not one of his favorite tasks. She, of course, wanted to know what the project was. He evaded the question, but Ellen explained to her that some of their most profitable accounts were for video/photos that were not for family viewing. Cindy was now even more curious than before, and just had to know what the project was.

Ralph looked at Ellen and put his newspaper down. He said the project involved shooting twelve separate scenes for a calendar; to stay under budget it needed to be finished in one week. Cindy wanted to know what the scenes were about. Ralph asked Ellen to explain it, and excused himself to go to the studio. Ellen’s look told him she didn’t appreciate being stuck with this.

Ellen said the calendar account was for Wearever Tool Co., in New Mexico. It was the type of calendar one might see in a garage, barbershop or some other place men frequent. She described one scene of a girl hanging up her wash on a clothesline. The line holds seven pairs of panties: Sunday through Saturday. A mailman is walking behind her as she is bending over a large basket of clothes. A gust of wind blows her skirt up revealing her bare bottom to the mailman’s pleasure and her embarrassment. The caption reads, “Don’t let the changing winds of fortune leave you exposed. Use Wearever Tools.”

Cindy thought that would be fun to do. She asked what her Uncle pays the model’s for this kind of project. Ellen said fifty dollars an hour. The girl was shocked. She had no idea models earned that much. Ellen quickly informed her that the scene she used as an example was tame compared to others. Cindy was very excited, and wanted to know what the wildest scene was. Ellen blushed, but began describing a scene of a family living room. It was late and an elderly woman was asleep in a rocking chair. On the couch are two teenagers about to have sex. The boy had his jeans down to his knees and his-ah-manhood is erect and just starting to push through the girls-ah-genital lips. Her dress is, of course, up and her panties are dangling from her ankle. The boy has a firm grip under her thigh and is pushing her knee toward her shoulder. At that moment, the girl notices the still unwrapped condom on top of her school books on the coffee table. She desperately reaches for it with a frightened look on her face. The caption reads, “You’ll never be caught unprotected, with Wearever Tools.” Cindy was now blushing.

“Wow, I guess they aren’t over paid after all.” She whispered. They both laughed. She asked her Aunt if they made X-rated videos at the studio. She had never seen one, but always wanted to. Ellen said they had a sealed off studio that produced videos for the European market, but didn’t think her mother would approve of her seeing an adult video. Cindy quickly informed her that she was now eighteen, and didn’t need her mother’s approval. Ellen reluctantly agreed, pulled a cassette from the closet, and set up the VCR.

“It would embarrass me too much to watch it with you, so I’m going to run some errands.” She said.

“Thanks Aunt Ellen, but I’m sure I won’t want to see it all, I just wanted to see what they’re like.” Said Cindy. Ellen assured her that the one she selected had a little bit of everything in it.

Ralph left the studio about 3:00pm, frustrated at not finding a model to do the calendar. He only had a week to begin shooting or he would have to renegotiate contracts with the set crew. He got to the building at a busy time for the main elevators, and decided to take the one for deliveries. It would let him off near the kitchen door. As he came out of the kitchen into the dinning room, he got a glimpse of the TV in the living room, and it wasn’t showing soap’s. Ralph placed an unopened beer can on the counter, and quietly moved closer. As he approached the back of his chair, he could see the top of Cindy’s head. He moved closer and could see she was groaning and masturbating furiously. Her wraparound skirt was wide open and her legs were pulled up in the recliner. Ralph could see her pale yellow panties swinging from her shaply right ankle. The fingers polishing her clit were moving so fast they were a blur. He couldn’t pull himself away until she came.

When the girl reached orgasm, the chair shook with her body and she started yelling “yyeesssss!” over and over, then screamed like a banshee, and went limp. Ralph’s cock was so hard, his knees were trembling, but he managed to beat a trail out through the kitchen.

He came up the front way and found the front door chained from the inside, so he rang the bell. It was several minutes before she came to the door. “Hey kid, we don’t have to worry about burglars here, I pay good money for our security guards,” Ralph told her as she opened the door.

“I’m ataşehir escort sorry Uncle Ralph, but Mom and I always kept the chain on the door at home,” She replied, hoping he wouldn’t notice her strong musky fragrance. Ralph, of course, did notice and throughly enjoyed the aroma, as his cock again turned to steel. He asked her what she did all day.

“Oh nothing much, I just watched TV since I wasn’t familiar with the area. I was afraid I might wander off and get lost,” she responded, with a heavy blush.

“Please call me when Aunt Ellen gets home. I want to help her with dinner,” she said as she strolled off to her room. Ralph couldn’t help but notice the large wet spot on the back of her skirt.

When Ellen got home, they had much to share of their niece’s time with them. Ralph couldn’t believe Ellen offered that tape to her. Ellen was shocked that Ralph didn’t tell her the towel was too short. The next day Cindy spent the day on campus getting oriented for classes, which started in three weeks. Ellen helped Ralph with the auditions, but no model was selected. Ralph was starting to get stressed out. At dinner that evening the discussion was on the project. Cindy wondered if any other papers carried the ad for the model, besides the Herald. Ralph said it ran in three counties. The following day was the same at the studio, no model. Ralph was nervous that evening. He knew if he didn’t find a model that would look good on the calendar by tomorrow, he would be out many thousands of dollars in production costs. Cindy was pensive all evening, as well. Ellen said she seemed to have her mind on something else.

The next morning at breakfast, Cindy said that she made a decision to audition for the calendar project. Ralph and Ellen were speechless for a moment. Ellen told her that it was a nice gesture, and was appreciated, but she couldn’t be serious.

Cindy assured them that she was very serious. She said that she had thought about it for two days, and wanted to compete for the job. She felt she would have an edge over the other girls, since she would work for free.

Ralph told her she didn’t know what kind of job this was. He told her it was a R-rated project, and she would not be comfortable doing what would be asked of her. Ellen told Ralph that she had mentioned the teens-on-the-couch scene to her, which would be the hardest of them all to do. He said that was only part of it. The scenes are not shot in one take. It may take all day and many shots to capture just one. “It’s very possible that you could spend most of a day on your back, with some stranger’s penis rubbing against your crotch, while the Director tries to get a perfect shot. The Director may expect you to help the male model maintain his erection, then what would you do?” Ellen lectured strongly.

“I-I don’t know, I guess I’d use my hands on him, “Cindy replied, feeling the strain of being questioned.

“Most professional models would rub the penis between their genital lips, dear. Would you want to do that?” Ellen asked. Nothing they said could change the girls mind. Ralph told her she could go for it, but she would have no edge over the other women. The producer and director would not be aware of their relationship or that she would not be paid. She said that would be fine as long as she had a shot at it.

Ralph and Ellen gave her an appointment time and cab fare, and left. Ellen laughed in the elevator. “Wait till she discovers that the audition is done in the nude. That’ll change her mind.” Ralph agreed and laughed with her.

Grace Johnson was responsible for having the models ready for the audition. This was just another day in her week as she continued to the anteroom, just off stage, to greet and brief the girls. She counted five women and noticed one stood out from the rest by her beauty and seeming innocence. She told them that they would go on in the order of their arrival, and to make sure they locked up their clothes and valuables in the lockers that were provided. She pointed to a sign over the stage entrance. ALL AUDITIONS DONE IN THE NUDE! “If you feel the need to wear your underwear or jewelry out there, you can save us all a lot of time by leaving now.” Grace then handed each one a script, and assigned them a locker and key. Cindy was a little shocked by this turn of events, but saw that the other women were undressing, and followed their lead. Since she was the last to apply, she would be the last to audition.

“Damn honey. I’m glad I don’t have to follow you today,” said one of the girls.

“Amen to that,” said another, as they looked her over.

After the fourth girl auditioned, the four observers got up to take a break, before they made their decision. “Hey where are you going, you got one more back here.” Yelled Grace. Ralph and Ellen looked a little surprised.

When Cindy walked onto the stage with nothing but her big smile, the producer, director and Ralph moaned with great pleasure at what their eyes beheld. Ellen just groaned as she slipped down in the seat. The director and avcılar escort producer kept her on stage twice as long as the other girls, asking her many questions about her background, school, experience and why she wanted to do this. She stood erect and kept her hands behind her, never trying to hide her nakedness, she almost seemed relaxed. She told them that she was doing it for her Aunt and Uncle whom she loved very much, and needed her now. Ellen cried openly. Although Ralph and Ellen argued against Cindy’s selection for the project, due to her youth and inexperience, the producer and director wouldn’t budge.

“Her youth and inexperience, and the fact that she is physically stunning, make her the best choice, Ralph,” said the director. Ralph and Ellen finally agreed that she was far and away the best choice. They told the producer and director the whole story about Cindy. They now understood their objections, but still felt she was a natural for this project. When the Carson’s got to the condo, they had long faces. Ellen put her arm around Cindy and kissed her cheek. “Cynthia Johnson, you’re a very sweet young lady, but if your Mom ever finds out what you’re going to be doing next week, Ralph and I are dead meat.” Ellen informed her. Cindy then exploded with excitement.

Shooting started at 7:00am. Cindy was in her dressing room at 5:00am, as instructed. She did nothing. The women assigned to her were professional dressers. They started with panties and finished with hair spray. The girl thought it was a hoot. She met the director, who informed her that he was the boss. If he said jump, she had better do it. Cindy was given a copy of the scene they would be working on this morning.

Scene: A girl just comes out of a shoe store carrying four shoe boxes. The shoe salesman is standing in the door of the store with a bulge in his pants. She stands on a subway grate as a train goes under and wraps her skirt around the boxes. She has no panties on. There is an old bum sitting on the curb, who is throughly enjoying being in the right place at the right time. The girl blushes and looks violated. Caption: Don’t let greed expose your most valuable assets, buy Wearever Tools. As soon as the dressing ladies got a copy, they yanked Cindy’s panties, thinking a different scene was being shot that morning.

By lunch time the scene was a wrap. The crew was raving about the very young model. She took direction well, and didn’t bitch about long delays in the shooting. The director told Ralph the girl was a natural, and believed she would be very photogenic. He was right. Cindy was great in all the shots, even the worst one was good.

In the laundry hanging scene, Cindy thought it would be more erotic if she spread her legs a little when she bent over the basket. The director disagreed, but allowed one shot that way. That shot showed twice as much of her plump pussy as the others, and was selected for the calendar.

The hardest scene of the teens on the couch, was saved for last. The director knew he may need a whole day to get that one in the can. He introduced the male “co-star” to Cindy earlier in the week. His name was Brad Benson. Ralph suggested to the director that if she got to know him early, the scene might go smoother, so Brad and Cindy had lunch together each day since he was shooting in the closed studio next door. Brad was an extremely handsome young man of 23, he maintained a tan muscular body and had a thick ten-inch cock that was also photogenic.

There were several dress rehearsals to insure everyone knew what they were supposed to do. Brad had to lose the letter sweater; it blocked the camera’s view of Cindy’s crotch. The rehearsals brought many moans from the seasoned crew. There wasn’t a soft cock in the house after each rehearsal. The director thought two more camera angles might be prudent, and set up so several different angles could be taken at the same time. The first shot had him touching the top of her pubes. The last one before lunch was called was just below her clit. Cindy, Ellen, Ralph and the director had lunch in Ralph’s office. The director said he wanted to try some shots with the cock seated. Ellen immediately said no, that was out of the question. She didn’t trust Brad.

“His damn cock has been throbbing hard all morning. I think he’s a little too attracted to Cindy.” Ralph agreed. Most male porno stars need help in maintaining an erection for take after take. Brads’ stayed hard, and Ralph knew he needed help keeping it up in the other studio.

Cindy didn’t know what he meant by “seated.” The director said that meant the head of his penis would be against the vaginal opening, seated at the bottom of the lips. Cindy almost choked on her coke. There was a long heated discussion that went into shooting time. Against her Aunt and Uncle’s wishes, Cindy finally agreed to two seated shots only, no more.

In the heat of the discussion, she had forgotten about the set up time for the shots. The director had Brad’s cock set in place by Ellen, but three or four minutes went by before the flash went off. It seemed like thirty to Cindy. After the flash, Ellen came back, removed the cock and wiped any moisture from between the girls lips. She then put talcum powder on the head of his cock, and between Cindy’s lips. She wanted Brad to have a very dry pussy under his big salami, just in case he “accidentally” lost his balance.

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