The Rendezvous Ch. 03

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(Author’s note: I have tried to get an editor for this story but failing that after over a week of looking I’m publishing it.

Please be aware this work has some fictional coercion and other sissification elements.)

The car drove through the city as the night pressed around Nick, watching the buildings flicker by as he wondered what was in store for him. Sitting there with only the soothing music, he grew very aware of the plug up his ass and the tight constraints of the chastity device keeping him under control. The worse part about the device was it had reminded him the whole time in the store just how turned on he was getting, his hardening cock held back. He shouldn’t be enjoying himself with what the man was putting him through but deep down, it fulfilled a lot of fantasies he’d had as Nikki.

The persona he put on when he dressed up, Nikki, had always wanted to please men more than anything but he loved his wife. He had fought the strange ideas and turned them into things his wife would make him do, but now he was with Wyatt and he was making him do all those things. He’d become a cock sucker twice over now and a slave to him and the girl as they fucked. A part of him wanted more but the rest of him felt guilt and humiliation only.

Nick was pulled from his revelry as the car pulled into the fenced in parking lot of an adult book store. He looked over at Wyatt wondering what he was up to now, but realized he had no choice. He had to do everything the man said or his wife would find out then it would be over. Still, he wasn’t sure how he’d look his wife in the eyes after this night.

They slipped from the car and he followed the man into the bright show room with porno videos lining one side and adult toy’s lining the other half of the room. A flat black door led into the back where the sign promised video booths. A pudgy man was sitting behind the counter but as soon as he saw Wyatt, he was up and holding his arms out in a greeting to the man, the tint of a Russian accent in his words.

“My friend,” he said, embracing Wyatt for a moment. “I thought you’d never get here. Everything is ready as normal.”

“Good,” he said, smiling.

Wyatt turned to the black door and opened it, walking down a small hallway to a larger hallway that was lined with doors, all numbered one to eight. The walls were painted a deep blue so it was almost black and soaked up the overhead florescent lights. He led Nick to booth seven and opened the door to let him go in first, which he did reluctantly. The man ignored the wary eye of the sissy and stepped in after him, shutting the door and leaning back against it.

The booth was tight with a simple padded chair in the middle and the walls painted the same color as the hallway. A video monitor was set behind some plastic opposite the entrance way. A cushion sat against the wall on the floor Nick noticed. And as he looked around the room he noticed the holes in both walls at crotch level, his mind searching for the name. Gloryholes. His eyes widened as he looked from them to Wyatt, hoping he didn’t mean to have him do what it seemed like was going to happen.

“Mr. Rudov runs a very special club here,” Wyatt said as he looked at him. “His people have to get blood test all the time and present a clean bill of health to participate in it. And he gives a good tip to those who help out his club. Which is what you are going to do tonight, sissy. Nikki is going to get her fill tonight and please a lot of men.”

“Don’t…” Nick started, his voice high in pitch like a woman so as not to be slapped. “Don’t make me… do this. I’ll… I’ll do anything else… but..”

“You know what else you have to do,” Wyatt retorted. “Besides, tell me this hasn’t been one of Nikki’s fantasies. Now, get on your knees and start working.” His foot kicked out the cushion as he pulled the chair back and sat down on it, positioning the cushion so it was between both holes. As if on command, two cocks slid through the open holes, hanging in the open air waiting for attention.

Nick stared at the man for a long while but knew he wasn’t going to budge. Closing his eyes for a moment, he took a deep breath and opened himself up to let Nikki come out more, knowing he’d need to fully let her out if he was going to get through the night. Kneeling down on the cushion, Nikki’s fingers wrapped around both cocks and began stroking, admiring how different the looked from one another. Leaning over to one, she began to lick and suck on the head as her hand jerked both cocks. The moans of the men leaked through the hole and only encouraged a more furious rhythm, enjoying knowing she was giving them such pleasure.

The cock in Nikki’s mouth suddenly exploded over her tongue and she swallowed it down eagerly, xslot bathing the head with her tongue until it was cleaned of every last drop. As the erection disappeared from the hole, she turned her lips to the other cock, sucking it in earnest. Another dick slid though the other hole which she wrapped her fingers around and repeated the process of keeping them both hard and working them closer to the edge.

“You take to things well, Nikki,” Wyatt said, smiling at her. He leaned in his chair towards her as his eyes gleamed with a bright fervor. “This is what you really want, isn’t it, to be a good little sissy. You’re not gay like your wife feared, you’d have to be a guy for that. You’re a sissy and you were meant to be on your knees pleasing men.”

Nick looked over at him out of the corner of his eyes as he continued to suck on the cock, though not as fervently as he was a moment ago. He considered the words and knew there was truth to them as much as he hated it. It had always made him feel wrong and abnormal the strange desires he’d felt so he patted them down, converted them into fantasies he could explore with a strong woman. But, he knew that his wife would never accept any of it as much as he wanted her too, as much as he wanted her to be part of all of his life.

“It feels good to live those fantasies, Nikki,” Wyatt continued, enjoying the show. “If you stop fighting it, there is so much more to have. Give yourself to me and you don’t have to hide away anymore, you can be all mine Nikki.”

He looked at her with a dark hunger that made her shiver deep inside. No one had ever wanted the part of him he hid away, always having to wear the masculine mask and feel messed up inside for what he wanted. But here was Wyatt wanting to be his Daddy and give him all of that and more, how many more chances would he ever have. All those years he’d never found a woman to share his fantasies and if he was honest the only reason he needed a woman to accept him was because of years of being told it was the proper thing.

The cock in his mouth exploded with such force it slipped from her lips and splattered cum over her face and neck. It felt good to feel the dribbles of seed running down her skin and she scooped it up to gobble it down slowly, giving her audience of one a good show. Nikki cleaned up the cock in her hand before turning to the other erection and sliding her lips down it. She did her best to deep throat the slender dick to practice for Wyatt’s monster, as she was sure she’d be tackling it again eventually. Using her hands, she soon had the stranger on the other side of the wall crying out as he feed her another load.

Nikki got plenty of chance to practice as twelve more cocks appeared for her to satisfy. By the time she was done her jaw ached, her belly was full and she had cum all over her but she felt satisfied in a way she couldn’t quite describe. The man looked pleased staring at her kneeling there all a mess and that only warmed her more. Her own erection strained against the metal but it was more an irritation now and not a constant pain while the plug in her reminded her of what he’d said at the motel.

The chair squeaked against the tile floor as Wyatt rose and moved towards her, holding out a hand to help her up. Moving the chair out of the way, he led her out of the small booth and into the back where there was a surprisingly clean employee washroom. He stood there with her as she cleaned the glistening residue from her face and neck, brushing at her blouse and skirt as best as she could to get the few stray globs that had landed on them. Once she was cleaned up, Nikki reapplied her make up. While she felt some contentment at what she’d done, there was still the lingering guilt, especially with the strange ideas floating in her head.

With her make up fixed, she followed Wyatt out of the building past the leering owner who, from the look he gave her, had been one of the people behind the walls. He held the door for her again to let her slip in before walking around and getting in his side. Once in the car, he started it up and pulled back out of the parking lot.

“Are we done,” Nikki asked, looking over at him curiously.

Wyatt didn’t answer her right away and instead just looked over at her, his eyes dark even in the light from the console. “It would appear so,” he said, turning to look at the road. “We can fix you up back at the motel and you should be fine to go home without worry.” There was something icy in his words that made Nikki shrink back, feeling like she’d disappointed him.

They drove in silence as Nikki fought within herself not sure she was ready to call it a night. Despite Nick’s protests, they had explored some of her most wicked fantasies so far but there xslot Giriş was one still remaining. As they pulled into the motel parking lot, she leaned over towards him and placed a hand on his upper thigh, rubbing the muscles through the fabric. When he killed the engine and looked over at him, she couldn’t meet his eyes but instead stared down at his chest. “I… I don’t want the night to end just yet. Would… would you make me a fully a sissy.”

Wyatt looked over at me with a growing smile on his lips, not a smirk but a genuine smile that made him look so handsome. Something showed in his eyes then as he quirked his lips up, obviously with something on his mind. They sat there in silence for a moment before he brought the thoughts to his lips. “Would you still say ask that if I gave you the video and pictures without it.”

Nikki looked over at him for a moment, slightly surprised, but the answers came quickly from her. “Yes,” she started. After a pause, she realized an explanation was in order. “Nikki… I want to know what it’s like to be taken. Someone who wants me as I am.”

“Then, you already know the answer is yes,” he said in reply to her first question. The interior lights came on as he opened his door and got out, running around to hers side of the vehicle to open her door. She took ahold of his arm and leaned against his shoulder suddenly feeling the world was good for at least this little time. He had understood her in a way no one else had and led her down the road of her darker fantasies to accepting what she was inside. It felt right and stoked a new need the plug inside of her couldn’t touch.

Soon enough, they were in the room and Wyatt locked the door behind him, removing his suit jacket and throwing it over a chair. He started to unbutton his shirt as he moved towards Nikki, a sensual smile on his face. “Take off the skirt and blouse so I can fully enjoy the sight, Nikki.”

Standings away from the bed, Nikki carefully undid the skirt until it flopped on the floor around her heel clad feet. The silky blouse soon followed to gather on the rug. It left her clad in her lacy black panties and falsie filled bra, matching garter belt holding up the pair of black thigh high stockings. The chastity device only left a small bulge in her pantied as she stepped out of the fallen clothes, feeling the plug in her more intensely. Standing there looking at the man, she felt more exposed than ever having chosen this instead of being threatened with exposure.

Wyatt surprised him when he suddenly stepped forward, reaching a hand out to caresses her neck, until his lips were crushing against hers. It was a rough but passionate kiss that took her breath away, feeling like his lips were branding her as his. Her own hands finally moving to brush along his sides and back. The warm, wet kiss left her body vibrating with anticipation, a light flush coming over her skin.

Nikki felt his strong hands moving down her sides until his hands curled around her hips, suddenly spinning her around to face the bed. His hands pushed at her back as his voice found her ear. “On your hands and knees, baby. So I can fully make you my bitch.”

Nikki easily compiled to his wishes by crawling onto the bed until she was on her hands and knees, ass up in the air. Her high heeled feet dangled over the edge as she looked over her shoulder to watch Wyatt finish removing his clothes.

He turned back to his bag and grabbed a little plastic bottle before coming up behind Nikki. His fingers slid under the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to expose her ass. Fingers played down the valley of her ass while another hand gripped and kneaded a cheek, delivering a sharp slap which caused her to yelp. The fingers grabbed the end of the plug just as he slapped the other cheek just as he pulled it from her, turning her cry into a grunt. She was left with a sudden empty feeling after having it in her all night though she didn’t feel empty for long.

The cool drops of lubricant dripped down her ass and pooled at her exposed anus just as she felt the head of his dick at her entrance. He pressed against her and the pressure built up until the ring of muscles gave and he was entering her. He stopped once the head was in and her ass burned as she was taken for the first time. As the pain subsidized, he began to press further into her, stopping when he felt resistance to pull back a little before shoving further into her. Centimeter by centimeter, he rocked himself into her making her feel fuller than she ever had, producing yelps and groans from her painted lips. It hurt but there was something beyond the pain she felt as his shaft slid in and out, the low moans coming from him adding to that strange sensation that started xslot Güncel Giriş in the pit of her stomach and spread through her.

She was lost in the new sensations he produced when she felt his balls against hers through the haze, his erection firmly embedded in her. His body draped along her back as he rested inside of her, his hot breath on his neck, as he reached around and slipped his fingers under the rubbery false breast in his bra. The pads teased around the areolas and his nipples producing sparks he’d never felt before, moaning as her body shivered. When her nubs hardened, he rolled the hard nipples between thumb and forefinger causing her to gasp. The feeling had made her ass clench around his shaft as her own erection pressed against the metal of chastity device, reminding her of her place.

Wyatt pulled out slowly and she felt every inch scrapping along her tight tunnel. He paused just as he was about to leave her and shifted his position before ramming himself deep into her. As he did, his dick glanced over his prostrate before angling deeper into him, making her cry out. It was a unique sensation as the ripples of pleasure undulated through her, feeling her own juices starting to leak from the tip of her confined cock. He moved in and out of her in a steady motion then, angling himself to hit her special spot every so often and make her weak in the knees.

After a while, he leaned up and his hands gripped her hips tightly while his thumbs pressed into his cheeks and spread them wider. His grip tightened on her as his arms pulled her back into him as he crashed forward into her, their bodies slapping together. The large cock began to pound more viciously into her depths as their bodies pressed against one another. The presses and grazes against her prostrate continued making her moan and groan, adding her own force to the action as she pressed back against him. Soon, his hands stopped pulling her back as she continued the job all on her own.

“That’s it, Nikki,” he moaned from behind her. “Pound that sissy pussy back against me. Make your Daddy cum inside of you like a good girl. You know you want it.”

“Yes,” she panted, her voice breathy and high pitched. “Fuck me, baby, make me a girl… oh god… make me your girl… fill me up, Daddy.” The rest of her words were lost as her chin fell to her chest as she cried out, fingers digging into the mattress beneath her.

The squishy sound of his cock relentlessly sliding in and out along with the slapping of their bodies filled the room. Nikki was moaning like a wanton whore as she felt sensations and pleasure she’d never felt, never knew was possible being fucked so well. Her eyes closed tightly as the pleasure kept building from each thrust and loud moan from the man behind her. She wanted to stay like this forever and lose herself in him, to be his sissy whore no matter what it meant. He’d opened up his eyes to what there was and had gladly taken her where she’d always wanted but was afraid to venture.

A loud cry rang out as Wyatt’s movements grew more intense and erratic, short, sharp thrust almost pushing her into the bed. The movement made him press more against the special spot as his cock seemed to grow larger inside her. Then, his member was in spasm in her tight hole and she could feel the warm, gooey cum shooting into her insides, coating her walls. Between the warm seed and the constant pressure, Nikki felt herself pushed over a new edge as her ass squeezed around his cock, milking out every last drop, as her own cock swelled in the metal confinements and dribbled out her sissy cum into her panties. It was an all-encompassing orgasm like he’d never felt as it was normally centered just around her cock but now he was coming without having even touched himself.

The two pressed against each other in the final throws of their orgasms, Nikki collapsing to the bed and Wyatt covering her. His cock remained firmly inside her as they lay gasping on the bed together, reminding her she was a true girl now. She knew there was no turning back after this and she was ok with it. Turning her head, she kissed at his lips and he pressed back firmly, their tongues wrestling for a moment. They lay there connected for a few more moments before he finally slipped from her and rolled over to lay at her side.

“We should get cleaned up,” he said, smiling at her. He gave her ass a small pat and Nikki could feel the cum already oozing from her, though she didn’t mind being a mess this time.

“Do we have to,” she asked, still feeling the strange afterglow of everything.

“Your mine now,” he said, his voice firm along with his gaze. “We will have plenty of time to get you out to play. And we can figure out what we’ll do about everything another night. You’ve had a busy night and you need to get some rest if you want to be ready for me whenever I want you.”

Nikki smiled and lifted up off the bed slightly, nodding her head. “Ok, Daddy,” she answered. “I am all yours anytime you want.”

“I know,” he said with a smirk.

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