The Ride

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I first met Nadia (N) in the lobby of an office building after answering a job advertisement for a startup tech company in a local paper. At that time the company was small, but growing. N had been brought in as a receptionist/administrator and anything else in a non technical area that needed doing. I had actually spoken to her on the phone a couple of days before and enjoyed her Eastern European accent.

The company had a realistic budget, but had been initialized by a board who really had no idea how to make it happen and we were left to make it work. We did in the end by sheer seat of the pants fact finding and building, but not without a lot of personnel changes (the original hiring of buddies and family just hadn’t panned out) and hard work.

After a few months things settled down and I saw N on a daily basis strictly on a professional level. She would sit in a small office along from my area and would only venture out for lunch and to ask questions or other business duties. We were two of around eight people in this satellite office and the atmosphere was reasonably casual. VPs and the like would visit every couple of weeks and we were always in touch online or by phone.

N, I learned, was from Ukraine. She had come over to the USA at the age of twenty two (twenty years ago) with her thirty year old husband. They had been married for three years at the time and had a year old son. I didn’t learn this from N, but from the office gossip Mary. Mary was what you might call homely, one hundred pounds overweight and didn’t carry it well. She was good at her job, let everyone know it and possessed that heir of a spiteful, unhappy woman. Mary confided (for no reason other than self satisfaction) that N and her husband ‘did not get on.’

I should fess up and say that I have been married to the same woman for twenty four years. We have two children in their early twenties, a boy and a girl. I have also slept with at least fifteen women (mainly escorts and mostly multiple times with each) in the last ten years. Why? Because I enjoy it. My wife’s sex drive has typically lowered and she seems to take pride in the fact. But this isn’t about her.

A few months later N, Mary and myself decided to go to lunch together, which was a fairly rare occurrence. Literally outside the restaurant Mary received a text about a family emergency and had to leave. Go ahead she told us both, and for some reason rather awkwardly, we continued to our lunch. Conversation was relaxed but a little stiff. What was evident was a sexual tension you could cut with a knife. I’m sure if either of us had blurted out “there are three hotels within a five minute walk” we would have been in a room in six.

Fast forward a couple of years and the office had moved as part of a cost cutting initiative to the Corporate HQ. N and I had moved too, her desk now on another floor. Nothing had come of our lunch date, though we had moved fully into into the ‘Friend Zone’ and enjoyed chatting and joking, often taking a mutual sideways look at the company.

As we were now centralized, company social activities were easier to be involved in. Something that came up was a charity bicycle ride for a nationally recognized organization. I had enjoyed bike riding as a kid and had continued on and off over the years, I wasn’t ready to do 80 KM though! N had already signed up and I thought, ‘”fuck yeah,” this could be fun in a couple of ways. We were in the Friend zone, but I fantasized about bending her tight ass over her desk every time I saw her.

As we had originally been in the office out of town we lived in the same general area in the Pacific North West. It was still winter, a depressingly cold and wet one, so spin classes were called for to start building endurance. N is quite plain looking, but attractive with high cheek bones under glasses she always wears. Her hair is long and mousy blonde. She has a wiry, athletic body with East European strong hands, a flattish stomach, small perky tits that I longed to nibble on and somewhat muscular legs topped by a tight ass that a twenty year old would be happy with. N wears thongs. Over the years there had been a good half dozen ‘whale tail’ moments that Antalya Travesti had me unconsciously stroking myself under my desk.

We decided to train together as comrades in arms. N was fitter than me, but I had the drive. At the first spin class she showed me around as I asked the right questions and subtly eyed her in lycra shorts and t-shirt. I’m a big fan of checking out panty lines and she showed none my experienced eye could see. I imagined her shaved pussy ( I was convinced she did) and tight ass hole just behind some thin, tight fabric.

I staggered out of that class after the hour was up and followed a sweating N across the gym to the locker rooms. Sweat was showing on her shirt, on her shorts crotch and ass, my mind was doing somersaults.

We trained for around four months, going to spin twice a week and a handful of bike rides. Secretly I liked riding alone as I would really go for it whereas N would be steady. She was good though and regularly showed me the way in hill training. However getting to ‘innocently’ see her in bike shorts with a healthy glow on was a weekly highlight. As the big day loomed training ended and after our last ride I sincerely thanked N for helping and inspiring me. She smiled in that mischievous way she has (the only thing about her that is a little naughty) and we did our customary fist touch and parted ways.

The day of the ride was sunny and not too hot, around 70 degrees. Our team numbering twelve (in a field of around three hundred) had set off on time and after a few KM had begun to string out as expected. We’d all agreed to set our own pace and meet up at rest stops if possible. I was around mid pack, with N and another woman (N’s friend) around a KM back. N and I could have kept together, but the other rider was a bit slower. I’d done well in training and although some parts were hard going, I won’t lie, I finished in around four hours including stops. I was really pleased with myself.

I waited, sweaty, aching and happy at the sparsely populated finish line (there were showers and a hospitality tent across the way) for N and her friend. After around 10 minutes they came into sight and crossed the line. I jogged to where they had stopped to greet them and we congratulated each other with big hugs. As N and I unlocked we, for the briefest of seconds, caught each other’s eye.

We wheeled our bikes towards our cars to stow them, dump our helmets and pick up our bags of clothes and shower gear we had all brought with us. N’s friend was just in front of us walking.

“Text me,” N whispered in my ear. I looked at her puzzled, but in the back of my mind I hardly dared to believe what I thought might be happening. We had all brought our phones on the ride for safety reasons, so this wouldn’t look weird. I texted N “Reply” after fishing my phone from my jersey pocket. The familiar chirp rang out. N’s friend slowed as we all did.

“Oh my God.” breathed N. “My brother just arrived out of the blue. He’s at my house.”

“Everything OK?” I said.

“Yes, he’s passing through from Germany, surprising us. Sorry, but his next flight is tonight I have to go.”

“That’s cool, have fun” we said, me playing along.

N’s friend piped up. “I’m going to leave too. I don’t like the look of the showers and I really want a proper bath.” She asked me if I minded.

“No, I’m fine. I’ll check and see who’s here and might leave myself.” We had a two hour drive home afterwards. I’d practically quit drinking and definitely wanted a clear head!

N had her bike on the rack and gave me a quick wink as she went to the driver’s side door. It was on. Fuck!

We said our goodbyes and I hung around in the parking lot having a blessed post ride cigarette, waiting with a semi stiff cock and hoping not to run into any of our team.

Was I reading this all wrong, had she wanted an excuse to leave which she’d explain and thank me for on Monday? I needn’t have worried. I’d just dogged out the butt when my phone buzzed with a text.

“HOJO Express, Highway 123 and 456. Wait 5 mins.”

I replied. “OK”. Don’t know if I was trying to be cool. It wasn’t the first time I’d fooled around after Konya Travesti all, but this was different.

I waited 5 minutes and set off. We’d passed the motel on the ride in, it was a decent enough looking place a couple of miles away. Sucking on a calming smoke, swigging from a luke warm drink bottle and chewing gum I arrived in the parking lot. N’s car was parked among the others, but surprisingly neither her or the bike were there. I texted her, “Here”. It flashed through my mind I’d sent the same text a hundred times to escorts.

“Room 555, bring your bike, it’s OK. Don’t want them stolen.”

Up I went, pushing a fucking bike into the elevator after nodding to the front desk.

I knocked on the door, a few rooms from the elevator.

The door opened and there stood N bare foot (first thing I noticed) but with her cycling jersey and shorts still on, her mussed up hair hanging untidily down her shoulders, her back and whisping over those small, firm tits. I walked myself and the bike in and closed the door.

I stood and looked at her, she’s fairly tall and just a couple of inches shorter than my 5′ 10″. Still holding that damn bike with my right hand I kissed her on the cheek. Then I finally lent the bike next to hers against the far wall.

I walked towards her, we we kissed on the lips. Soon our tongues were searching each others mouths as I ran my hands down her back. In a moment as satisfying as crossing the finishing line earlier I found her firm, sweaty lycra covered ass and squeezed and spread her cheeks. After months, years of anticipation, it was happening.

We didn’t say anything, didn’t need to. N had been bold enough to take the first step and now I had to not disappoint her. This was pure and basic.

We were sweating and smelly after hours in the saddle, which just made it hotter. I can be a slow riser, but my cock believed it was eighteen again and was already bulging towards the top of my shorts.

“No shower.” I breathed. “Not yet”.

“Yeah…” N whispered.

Standing behind N I held her, unzipping her jersey pulling it up and off with the muscle shirt she wore underneath. N had always been a sports bra girl, but maybe subconsciously, not today. I had always fantasized about those small, perky tits. Like her ass, a twenty five year old would have been proud. Nipples, hard now, pointing slightly up and firm. “34B” she told me later. “I know you’ve always wondered.”

I ground against N’s ass, cupping her breasts and kissing her hair and neck. She was was now reaching back with both hands rubbing the sides of my ass and pushing back. My hands moved down and my index and middle finger of my left hand pulsed the outside of her shorts between N’s legs. It felt hot and damp, like a fresh hot towel might feel. It was unbelievable. My right hand now moved inside her waist band and down. N was smooth down there, not a trace of hair. Her slick skin guided me down to her clit. I gave it a rub and she cried out,” Ohhhhhh”. Keeping my thumb on her clit I curved my middle finger up, into her pussy. N was soaked already with a mixture of sweat and juice, hardly any resistance, just a snug, silky wet tunnel. Suddenly she grabbed my right hand, yanked it from her shorts and stuck my middle finger in her mouth. For a split second as she grabbed my hand I thought she’d gotten cold feet, but the reality was quite the opposite.

This put me over the edge. I spun N round and pushed her onto the bed where she landed with a soft thump and that mischievous smile on her face. I knelt beside her, she pulled my shorts down so the waistband was just above my knees. I lifted a leg and pulled them off, commando no underwear as their padded and thick. I could smell myself as I removed them, “manly” might be the word! N didn’t give a fuck and took the entire length of my cock in one gulp. “I’m gonna cum in about 5 seconds,” something in my brain was saying. N knew what she was doing, took my cock out of her mouth, pushed my legs apart , turned on her back and started licking my balls and unbelievably tickling my ass hole with a finger. We STILL hadn’t showered, remember? I bent forward, ripped her shorts down and İzmir Travesti found her clit with my tongue, eased two fingers into her literally dripping pussy and then thought; “Fuck it”. I licked two fingers on my left hand, grabbed a pillow and stuck it under her ass.

I eased my index finger around N’s ass hole and then probed inside, all the time pulsing my other hand towards her belly button inside her squeezing and releasing pussy. Slipping a wet finger in her ass she gasped and began licking my shaft. I was now rhythmically fingering her ass and pussy whilst licking and sucking N’s clit like a Popsicle. N moved her head to one side. Suddenly she bucked like a mule. Creamy and clear cum squirted from inside her, hitting my face and even reaching her feet. I removed my fingers from her contracting ass and pussy and dove on that clit. N squirmed like a wounded snake as another wave soaked my face. It smelt like pre-cum and tasted like a hot sweaty pussy smells. N was whimpering as I climbed off her and looked at her face. She opened her eyes and whispered “Check the bottom of my purse.” Then it hit me. I checked her purse. Two condoms tucked under a change purse. “You dirty bitch”. I thought, unfairly in retrospect. Right now I wanted N to be a whore. She had a cool demeanor at work, very business like, if she doesn’t know you. Right now I wanted her to have fucked 100 guys before me. Pillow talk later on told me N was a virgin at marriage and had slept with six guys including her husband and me.

I rolled on the cover and knelt between her legs. Hoisting her ass up I pulled N towards me and sat her pussy on my cock.

“Yes,” she sighed.

I fucked her slowly and firmly, easing off after 30 seconds or so to let her ride me. I pinched her nipples to a responding groan and guided her hands to mine. “Go hard,” I whispered. N pinched and squeezed as I groaned loudly. After a couple of minutes of pinching and squeezing, our tongues in each others mouths and my cock buried deep in her wetness I felt that feeling inside me. We’d never have this first time again and I had to ride that ass.

Pulling out I flipped N over on her knees and slightly spread her legs. Temptation told me to fuck that ass, but the good angel took over. I entered her smooth, soaked pussy from behind and thrust firmly but quite slowly, I wanted to last more than a few seconds. N pushed back and dug her hands into the covers for traction. I playfully smacked her ass to test the waters. “Ow”, she yelped. “Not this time, just fuck me deep. We need it.”

Doing as I was told I gave it more with my hands on her shoulders.

“My hair, OK.” N spoke, almost in that business tone.

I took my left hand from her shoulder and ran it through her hair, pulling it slightly. N groaned. I wound a handful round my fist and pulled gently but firmly, raising her head up. “Yes” she sighed. I pulled a little more firmly raising her head so she looked straight ahead towards the grey leatherette headboard, steadying myself with my right hand on her shoulder. We bucked and fucked for a mere minute until I could hold no longer. “Oh yeah, Oh yeah.” I groaned and shot four loads into the condom. N’s hands slid forward and she rested her head on the rumpled sheet. Her ass stayed up in the air with her knees bent, intentionally I didn’t and don’t know.

I pulled out gently, removed the rubber and tossed it in the garbage. N hadn’t moved. I moved my face to her ass, gently spread her cheeks and tongued that tight butt hole. N groaned “Jeeeesus”. I don’t like to brag, but I got the feeling after-play wasn’t something she’d experienced much. The tongue is a strong muscle and I used mine like a finger to push into her ass and then relax it to softly lick the rim. After a couple of minutes N simply fell prone on the bed with a gasp. I hadn’t noticed she’d been rubbing her clit and eventually cum again.

Laying on our stomachs we both just looked at each other. “Hi,” I whispered.

“It took long enough.” N replied.

We stayed in the room for around three hours. Very shortly after our first time we showered separately (there’s showering and deep clean showering) and then together. Making our way out of the bathroom we noticed the fragrance we had left. Sweat. N’s cum. Musky, delicious ass smell. Stale perfume. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever smelt.

Back to bed we went, slower, softer this time.

That’s another story which will stay only with me.

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