The Ride Pt. 02

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The hullabaloo about the new cycle studio reached a crescendo a few weeks later when their doors opened and fitness enthusiasts from around the city vied for a place on one of the lists. In order to attend a class, participants had to reserve a bike in advance, once they got on the ‘list’ they were assured a seat in class. Sam thought the whole concept was a hassle. He was more of a last minute ‘lets go out there and get it’ kind of guy. The idea of having to schedule a workout made the whole experience even more unappealing. It must be the crowd he hangs out with, because lately, he felt like everyone was talking about this studio and to be frank, it was really starting to get on his nerves. With everything happening in the world, there wasn’t anything more exciting or riveting to discuss?

Sitting in his cubicle, working on a thoughtless project, he contemplated whether he should start branching out and finding some new friends when he got a text from Maggie. It had been about a week since he’d last seen her. He smiled at the thought of their last time together. They had gone for a run in Central Park, then hooked up at her place before having dinner together. The hook up was the best part – because Maggie was so uninhibited.

She’s does things like pull up her top to flash her tits when there’s an opportunity to having sex in the bathroom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – because Picasso made her horny. Their last night together, she answered the door stark naked – without a care about who may have been out in the hallway to see her. Part of him felt like she wanted someone to see her. Maybe to shock them Büyükesat Escort or turn them on. He wasn’t sure, but the thought of it was so fucking hot.

That night, they had incredible sex in the shower and he remembered how she would pull him deeper into her by tightening her legs around him. They ate dinner naked and midway through his chicken souvlaki, she climbed on top of him and began kissing him. She started at the pulse she found at the base his neck and worked her way up, slowly, to his ear. Kissing around the rim, nibbling and licking it gently. She whispered huskily about how much she wanted him; what an incredible lover her was.

?She kissed her way across his cheek finally finding his mouth, sucking and biting his tender lips with hers. Her big beautiful tits rubbed against his body, the pink tips brushing against his chest hair. His mind in a fog, he found himself lost in the moment, swept away with her ministrations when he realized that he was hard as a rock and needed to have her. She smiled at his realization because it meant she was going to get it good.

His hands moved to her waist and lifted her gently over him so she was positioned right over his cock – and he lowered her – with her help, onto his big, hard shaft. She didn’t take her eyes off of him as she felt his throbbing head at the opening to her sweet pussy. She could feel him spread her apart and enter her tightness, opening her gently and sliding inch by inch into her until she was fully impaled onto him. The feeling was absolute heaven.

Looking into his eyes, she Elvankent Escort began to ride him – very slowly at first. It was as if she were barely moving. She wanted to feel every vein, every throb, every inch of him slide into her, then out. Then back in again. Heaven.

She tightened her pussy around him, which elicited a small groan from deep in his throat. That made her smile, she loved pleasing him. Maggie then took both of her full, heavy breasts in her hands and lifted them upward to his face, offering them to him.

He appreciated the offering because, in truth, he loved her tits. He loved the look of them and the feel of them in his hands, in his mouth and against his body. He gladly took each of them into his mouth, kissing gently at first.

Sam licked around her nipples, teasing them. He liked to tease them. Honestly, he loved the thought of making her ache for him and that happened when her nipples were teased unmercifully and she needed them touched. Hers were more sensitive than any other woman he’d ever been with and it was a huge turn on. She could actually orgasm by having her nipples sucked.

He could tell that she was getting hot because they were stiff and longer than usual. It was as if they were reaching out to him for a good suck. He wasn’t ready yet though. He wanted to hear her beg.

He licked around each of them, touching the tips them gently with his fingers and teasing her. She was writhing in pleasure when he heard her say ‘please Sam, please…”

Sam flipped her over and laid her on the bed. Still inside Beşevler Escort her, he kissed her mouth, her neck, the top of each breast. He slowly made his way down to her delicious pink tips. They were hard and pointy. It was clear that she was turned on and her breath was quick. He licked around the right nipple again, gently grazing it with his tongue and the sound of her pleasure made him throb inside of her. He did the same to her left nipple. Then, pushing both breasts together, he took both nipples into his mouth at the same time. It was that moment that he could feel her come around him. Tightening her pussy and sucking and squeezing his cock until he filled her up with his cum. She kept coming, over and over again, and he kept sucking and pulling at her tits, knowing it was driving her crazy – he pushed deeper into her and they both came together again.

He loved the taste of her, so he started to kiss his way down her body when she shook her head and swung around the couch, under him. Taking his wet, cum filled cock in her mouth, she started to lick him off, moaning and groaning as she tasted him and felt him in the back of her throat. She loved the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth.

She felt his mouth against her clit and his fingers inside her pussy…”ohhh…”

Lost in thought and hard as a rock, Sam forgot that she had texted him. Checking his phone he saw her text:

“What ru up2 2nite?”

He smiled and texted back: “Nada, y?”

“Signed us up for Cycle City. 8 PM Class. Meet you in the lobby at 7:15”

FUCK. He didn’t want to go to Cycle City. That was the LAST place I the world he wanted to be tonight. It was going to be packed and hot, sweaty bodies everywhere and likely stink to holy hell.

BUT, Mags would be there and though he hated to admit it, he wanted to hang with her, so he’d go with a smile on his face. Plus, he really didn’t have anything else going on tonight. He responded with a resounding “K.”

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