The Ring

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I had always collected inexpensive jewelry, I picked it up at estate sales, auctions and pawn shops. I even have quite a bit that guys had given me. At 30, I was still an attractive woman and had my share of dates, but never really liked giving blow jobs and would in no way ever swallow it, it was so disgusting!

At my 30th birthday party, a friend of mine, Margaret, gave me an unusual ring as a present. It was 14 karat gold with black onyx and two gold L’s crested in it. It was a beautiful ring and I was so proud of it, but I didn’t wear it for a long time, afraid of losing it because it had to be sized. I had the ring sized and as I was going on a date that evening, I decided to wear it. I put on a slinky black dress, with matching black panties and bra, Jim was taking me to dinner and a show. I slipped the ring in my purse after I dressed and Jim picked me up and we left for a fancy restaurant downtown.

Verona’s was a posh restaurant, quiet and somewhat dark and catered to the romantics, offering quiet, secluded tables and after your meal, very little interruptions. I slid the ring on just as Jim reached over and kissed me and I began to feel warm all over, which I was attributing to the wine, but soon I found my hand roaming over Jim’s crotch, stroking his cock through his pants, feeling it grow against my hand and I unzipped his pants and reached in and brought it out and stroked it under the table. Jim couldn’t believe I was being so bold, I was always so reserved and never did anything at all in public, but he was not about to complain as I jacked his cock and it got so very hard and we kissed passionately as I did.

We broke our kiss, “Would you like a blow job Baby?” I asked him and he looked at me like I was crazy, I had always told him that I did not give blow jobs and he had accepted that, “Sure thing Baby,” he said and I disappeared under the table and pushed his cock between my lips. I could hear him moaning as I sucked his beautiful cock and tried to get more of it in my mouth, stroking it as my mouth would rise and rubbing his balls as my mouth would engulf it’s length.

I sucked Jim’s cock, delighting at it’s smoothness and it’s heat as I began to suck harder and faster, causing Jim’s moans to get slightly louder. His moaning seemed to spur me on, as I sucked him more rapidly, tasting his precum. His hands went under the table and found my head and speared my mouth with his wonderful cock, as my pussy felt like it would burst! His cock began to swell in my mouth and I buried it into my throat as his hot cum bathed my throat and my pussy exploded at the same time. I sucked his cock until there was no cum left and then licked up any that had escaped my lips and ran my tongue around his balls as best I could, I couldn’t seem to get enough! I came up to a very happy face, as he kept thanking me for a wonderful blow job and I just smiled and said, “Anytime Baby, I love cum,” and he just looked at me.

I told him I was going to the rest room to wash up and he settled back to close up his pants. As I got to the hall where the rest rooms were, I saw the one Marked Men and pushed it open, I needed more cock! There at the sink was a man in his 40’s and I moved behind him and reached around and stroked his cock, and he jumped.

“Want a blow job Baby?” I asked and he looked around to se if someone was playing a joke on him. Satisfied that I was for real, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and I dropped to my knees on the rest room floor and stroked him until he was hard and then pressed him between my lips. His cock was larger than Jim’s and that seemed to drive me wild as I pushed him back to my throat and sucked like some wanton slut. He placed his hands on my head and helped thrust his cock in and out of my mouth as I watched his face contort, knowing that I would soon get what I wanted. His cum spewed into my mouth, it was much more than Jim had and I drank it down greedily, working to capture every drop.

His hands slowly released my head and I still sucked, wanting even more. The door opened and another man came in and pretended that he didn’t see what was going on as he walked to the urinal and relieved himself. The cock I had just sucked was totally deflated now, and I set my sights on the newest cock in the room as he came over to wash his hands, “Want a blow job Baby?” I asked him and the guy I just sucked said, “She’s great. You won’t regret it,” and he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and I went to work on it, while the first guy got behind me and pulled my gown straps off my shoulders as well as my bra straps.

My mouth was filled with cock and my gown was around my waist as this man worked at unbuckling my bra and playing with my tits. This sensation caused me to moan as I sucked this hot cock in my mouth and I began to deep throat this guy as he rolled his head back and moaned as well. The first guy took hold of my hand and guided it to his cock and I began to jack it off, feeling it get hard in my hand and he rubbed my hard nipples.

With his cock once again hard, gaziantep rus escort he pulled me to my hands and knees and flipped my gown up on my back and peeled my panties down to my knees and spread my legs and eased his cock into my pussy. I was sucking and getting fucked all at once, and it had a profound effect on my mind as I put my energy into both ends at once, trying to suck in as much cock as I could, while trying to also spear myself with as much cock as I could. The guy in my mouth began to cum and I worked his cock with my mouth, trying to keep it spurting, not wanting it to stop as I swallowed it all.

The guy in my pussy was now coming and I tried to bury his cock inside of me, to capture all of his cum as well. Just then, the door opened and it was Jim, he just stood there, not believing the sight before him as his date was having a fuckfest on the restroom floor, the men’s restroom at that. “Miranda!!” He yelled out and the two guys stopped and pulled out and worked to straighten their clothes and leave, “Thanks fellas,” I told them as they left. Jim just stood there staring at me, cum running down my chin and my legs, he shook his head and left me there.

The other guys must have made some comments, because soon, there were two more guys there, pulling out their cocks and I serviced them also as they both shot into my mouth and my pussy. I got up after they left and pulled my panties up and could feel the cum soaking them, and put my bra back on and straightened my gown. I looked in the mirror, seeing the cum around my mouth, and snaked my tongue out, pulling it into my mouth as I relished the salty taste. I fixed my hair and then washed my hands, taking off my ring as I did, and all of the sudden a man walked in and I noticed that I was in the men’s restroom and bolted out, my ring in hand and went into the ladies restroom to clean up.

I felt something squishy between my legs and pulled up my gown and saw cum running from my pussy and down my leg, ‘when did I get fucked?’ I asked myself. I had a really salty taste in my mouth and ran some water and rinsed my mouth out, ‘I didn’t think the food was that salty.’ I said to myself and grabbed my ring and left. ‘Where the fuck is Jim?’ I asked myself as I saw that the table had been cleaned off and he was nowhere to be found. Here I was, downtown and no way home, a fine mess I was in and you just wait until I see Jim’s sorry ass. I headed for the bus stop and as I waited, slipped my ring back on, and immediately felt weird, like I was hungry. I got on the bus and settled down towards the back, I had a long trip home.

This guy in a business suit was seated next to me and my hand went to his thigh and towards his cock, as he looked at me like I was strange. I fumbled with his zipper and got it down and pulled his semi erect cock and bent over, taking it in my mouth. He didn’t make even the slightest protest as I sucked him and he was enjoying it as his cock grew in my mouth. He jammed my head down on him as his cock erupted in my mouth and I sucked him like a straw, trying to get every drop as I swallowed it down.

I kept sucking him, still wanting more, when I noticed this young kid in the next seat, stroking his cock as he watched me and I moved on to him and he had his cock out before I even got there and I swallowed it into my mouth and sucked it, still hungry. His cock was a lot harder than the other guys, I mean this guy must never get sex! I was thrilled at it’s size, tightening my throat around it every time I took it in and he blew in no time, bathing my mouth with his cum and as I kept sucking, he got hard again!

Hooray for the young guys! It took a little longer before he came for the second time, but I enjoyed all of the sucking to get him there, as he erupted again in my mouth and I swallowed it down, but I couldn’t suck him hard for a third time, so I moved to another guy in front of him and soon, the whole damn bus full of guys was wagging their cocks at me! I had eight cocks staring at me, my mouth couldn’t suck them fast enough and then the bus driver pulled into a parking lot and joined them, which gave me nine.

They had me on all fours in the bus aisle, as someone pulled my gown up and threw it on my back and then tore my panties off as he jammed a nice hard cock inside of me, increasing the pleasure I was receiving from the cock I was sucking and the two I was jacking, as someone held me up off the floor and I felt my dress top and bra come down and so many hands on my hard tits! I was in heaven, having all of these cocks to pleasure, but my mouth just couldn’t seem to get enough cum, as one by one they squirted into my mouth and I feverishly swallowed it.

As soon as one stopped, another would take it’s place, in my mouth and my pussy. And someone even fucked my ass, I’d never had that before, and it felt pretty good, though now my ass was a little sore. One guy set his coffee cup under me and as the cum ran out of me, it caught it and I would drink it between cocks, gaziantep rus escort bayan I just had to eat cum!! They all came in me at least twice before they began to tire and I was left once again, without what I desperately wanted and needed- CUM.

They left me there, on my hands and knees in the aisle, my only clothing being my gown gathered around my waist as the bus began to move again and I waited for the cup to get full enough to drink again and then sat in a seat. I tipped the cup up, trying to get every drop out of it as the bus rumbled along and soon, I saw my stop come up and I pulled my gown up over my tits and shoulders and got up and slid it over my pussy, my bra and panties nowhere to be found. I noticed cum on the hard plastic seat where I had sat and bent over and licked it up before I left, still hungry.

I didn’t pass anyone as I made my way to my condo, so I didn’t get anymore cum before I got home. I went into the bathroom and pulled my gown off and saw my battered body, my hips had hand prints all over them as well as my tits and there was dried cum all over my mouth. I turned on the shower and got in and let the warm water run over me, wishing I had another cock to suck, then I showered and got out, walking to my bedroom. I took the ring off and laid it on the nightstand and suddenly wondered how I had gotten home and why I was nude and my hair was wet.

So many things seemed to draw a blank lately. Then I realized that my ass hurt, why? I thought about it for a long time and finally just decided to go to sleep, unable to explain it, and pulled the blankets up, feeling how cool they were on my naked skin. I woke up quite refreshed, but was puzzled at the small puddle between my legs, did I get fucked? I didn’t remember it, and surely you would remember that!

I got dressed for work, putting on a thigh length skirt and matching top and my pantyhose. I scooped down to pick up my gown from last night and couldn’t find my underwear anywhere, what is going on here? I still had a dull pain in my ass too and I just couldn’t figure it out and got tired of trying, blaming it all on Jim. ‘Wait until I see him,’ I thought and left for work. It was a usual day at work and I couldn’t wait for it to end. I got home and opened the door and heard noises from my bedroom and remembered the cleaning company was scheduled for today and thought no more about it as I went through my mail.

The noises turned into slurps and moans and I decided I had better check it out, stopping at the door, I saw Marina on her knees as a guy fed his cock into her mouth and another guy pumped her from behind, her little maid’s outfit resting on her back and her panties around her ankles. I don’t suck cock, but the fucking was making me hot, as I watched them and pulled my skirt up and sent my hand under the panty hose to stroke my wet pussy. I pushed a finger inside myself as I watched the actions on my bedroom floor. He came in her mouth and I could see her swallowing it as some escaped from the corners of her mouth and then the other guy filled her from behind and they traded positions and began again.

My finger worked furiously on my clit as I bit my lip and came myself, and slowly removed my hand and straightened my skirt, and then I saw my ring on her finger as she pushed his cock in her mouth. “Hey!!” I said as the guys stopped and looked at me but she continued her sucking, “Why do you have my ring?” I asked and she never slowed down or noticed I was there. I went over and grabbed her hand and pulled my ring off and her sucking stopped and she asked me what was going on as she wondered how this had all happened.

The guys pulled their clothes on and left quickly as I sat on the bed and asked her to explain herself. She had no explanation, just that she was cleaning and saw my ring and tried it on, next thing she knew I was standing there. My mind was in awe, how could a simple ring cause this? I decided to try my theory and had her put the ring back on, and just after she did, she crawled to me and spread my legs as her hands went under my skirt and tugged at my pantyhose, drawing them down my legs and she moved her head in to replace them as her tongue darted against my swollen pussy lips. I am not a lesbian, but thought that I should test the theory, and besides, she was doing such a good job of relieving the ache I had acquired watching her and the two guys. She reached up and opened my top and grabbed my braless tits, pinching and kneading them as I was wracked with an earth shattering orgasm.

She pushed me back on the bed and got up, pushing my skirt around my hips and pulling my panty hose the rest of the way off and then she mounted my face. I had never eaten a woman before, but was delighted at being eaten, so I nervously pushed my tongue into her. I tasted the salty cum there, oozing from her slit, and it began to taste pretty good as I darted my tongue in to capture more and she attacked my clit with ferocity. I came again, as I sucked on her escort rus gaziantep hot Latina pussy and she sucked on my clit. My tongue soon had her spasming as her orgasm overtook her and then she got up and moved to kiss me and we shared each other’s mouths. I reached down and pulled the ring from her finger and she immediately withdrew her tongue from my mouth and asked me what the hell had happened. After I told her, she couldn’t believe it and just sat there staring at me. “I have never been with a woman before,” she nervously said as she hung her head in shame. I brought her head up and gave her a small peck on the lips, “Neither have I.” Marina dressed and left and I lay there, skirt around my waist and tits exposed and wondered how a simple ring could cause such feelings to emerge.

I called Margaret, who had given me the ring, “Where did you get this ring?” I asked her, “At an auction of celebrity items,” she said and I asked her if she knew anything about it’s history. “No, Why? Is it stolen or something?” And I laughed to myself as I listened to her and decided to let her experience it’s power firsthand. I invited her over for drinks and to just visit and then called three guys from work and invited them too. The guys from work were all handsome and I had thought about sleeping with them, but was worried about causing trouble at work, but tonight, they would have me and Margaret too.

They all showed up and I fixed them a drink and we made small talk and then Margaret knocked on the door. I fixed her a drink and introduced her to the guys and we made small talk as everyone finished their drinks and I brought the ring out to show to them, “That’s really nice,” Henry said as he passed it on and I told them all that Margaret had given it to me for my birthday. “Put it on Margaret, and let’s see how it looks,” I smiled as she slipped it on her finger and stared at it. A few minutes later, I could tell she was getting frisky as I saw her hand move to Henry’s thigh.

He didn’t know what to think as she inched towards the growing bulge in his pants. She unzipped his pants and the noise of the zipper got everyone’s attention and the others looked to see her fish Henry’s cock out and begin to stroke it. She got on her knees between his legs and took him in her mouth as he moaned and she took him inside her hot mouth. I could see the other guys getting all excited as they watched her work on his cock and I took Ralph’s cock out and stroked it as well and he smiled at me as I did.

Ralph and I had done some touchy, feely at work and I knew he wanted me and I wanted him too. I stroked him until he was hard and then saw poor Kevin sitting there, so frustrated. I let go of Ralph’s cock and moved and pulled Margaret’s pants down over her hips and raised her legs and pulled them off and then did the same with her panties and spread her legs and motioned for Kevin to fuck her. His eyes lit up as he tore his clothes off and moved between her legs and she let out a huge moan as his cock entered her and he fucked her as she sucked Henry.

Waves of pleasure came over Margaret as both ends of her body were filled at once and I heard Henry moan and fill her mouth as I pulled Ralph’s clothes off and mounted his cock. Kevin soon exploded into Margaret’s cunt as I was riding Ralph’s big tool to ecstasy myself. I looked to see Henry ripping his clothes off as Margaret now took Kevin in her mouth and Henry moved behind her to pierce her pussy with his hard cock. I screamed as my orgasm soaked Ralph’s cock and he soon joined me filling my pussy with his hot fuck juice. I got on the floor on all fours and Ralph jacked his cock as he moved behind me and pushed it into me and I yelped at the pleasures taking over my body.

I watched my friend being attacked from both ends as I felt myself being taken and Ralph’s hands moved to my chest as he fucked me, ripping at my nipples. The boys had soon cum twice each and sat back relaxing, but Margaret was nowhere near finished as she begged for their cocks and I pulled her head to my pussy and she ate me, trying to suck Ralph’s cum out of me. I lay back on the floor on my back and pulled at Margaret’s body until I had her straddling my face and dove into her dripping pussy, tasting the cum again, mixed with her juices.

We both shook as our orgasms overtook us and I could see the guys were at attention again, watching our session. Margaret moved quickly to consume Kevin’s cock and then reached out and jacked the other two guys. I got my Polaroid, knowing she would never believe me and snapped pictures of her sucking and jacking and swallowing each of them as they came. They got dressed after that and I rushed them out the door and ran back and pulled the ring off of Margaret’s finger and she sat there dazed. “What happened?” She asked as she looked at her naked body and licked the salty taste on her lips.

I showed her the pictures and she fell silent, not believing what her eyes were seeing. “And you and I ate each other while the guys recuperated,” I told her and she really couldn’t believe that. We vowed to find out the origin of the ring as we sat there, staring at each other’s naked bodies. I slipped the ring on and immediately ravaged Margaret’s pussy as she screamed out in ecstasy, not believing the feelings I brought out in her. After I had ate her and sucked her ample chest, she pulled the ring off my finger and we cuddled, stroking each other lightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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