The Rite of Passage

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Well, my two sons and two daughters finally participated in their rite of passage and are now adults.

I guess I better explain.

This event started years and years ago in our family and continues to this day. Our fore fathers thought it was a good idea for children to begin their sexual activities within the family. So, they started the rite of passage where young adults would have sex with family members first and become adults.

We still continue the tradition but updated the requirements to only allow children 18 and over to participate.

The concept of the event is for those who just turned 18 or 19 to have sex with their parents in front of everyone. Once that is done, they are then required to have sex with everyone else at the event, making them adults.

This year the event took place in my house.

My name is Tom and my wife’s name is Tina. Our two twin sons, Michael and Danny, are just 19. Our two twin daughters, Laci and Cathy, just turned 18. All four just went through their rite of passage.

Tina is 5’6″, 120, auburn hair, blue eyes, 36c tits, big nipples and smooth. I am 5’8″, 170, brown hair, brown eyes and have a 7″ cock.

Michael and Danny are both pendik escort 5’9″, appx. 180, blonde hair, blue eyes.

Laci and Cathy look pretty much like their mom. They are 5’6″, 125, brown hair, brown eyes, 36c tits.

Now, let me give you all the details of the event.

Our kids rite of passage was held on a Saturday in June. It ran from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

There were twenty family members in attendance, including two sets of grandparents, a few uncles and aunts and a bunch of kids, over 18 who had already had their rite of passage years earlier.

After everyone ate and were enjoying themselves, my four kids came out to greet the family. The kids were all naked. The first thing that happened was their cleansing.

They went into the pool and dunked themselves and then came out. The boys walked over to their mother and the girls walked over to me and stood in front of us.

My wife and I started to shave off all their pubic hair as a cleansing and freeing them of their physical confines.

Once they were all smooth, they walked around to each guest to let them feel their new smoothness and freedom.

When they were finished letting maltepe escort everyone feel them, they came back to me and their mother. The boys cocks were hard and ready.

A blanket was laid on the ground and my wife stood in front of it and removed her clothes. She laid on her back on the blanket and summoned Michael. He knelt before her and she told him to mount her. He got on top and placed his cock at her slit. She then told him to slide his cock in her and to start fucking her.

He did as he was told and soon announced that he was going to cum. His mother held him tight as we could see his body going into spasms indicating he was shooting his cum into his mother’s cunt. Everyone applauded. When he finished cumming, his brother took his place and started fucking his mother. In no time at all, we saw him cumming in her cunt. When he finished, he let his cock slip out and he got up, cum dripping from his cock head.

Tina stood up and everyone could see their cum oozing out Tina’s cunt and down her thighs.

She walked around letting the guests see the work her sons performed on her.

Next up were the girls. Laci stood in front of the blanket. I asked her if she kartal escort had any preference on how she wanted me to take her. She said she preferred to be on all fours. She then got on the blanket on all fours.

I stood up and removed my clothes. My cock was already hard as I lined up my cock to Laci’s cunt. I slipped my cock in her and started fucking my daughter. It didn’t take long for me to cum in her tight cunt. My cock exploded and my cum filled her tight cunt quickly. I kept pumping her as my cum oozed out and down her legs.

As soon as my limp cock slipped out, she fell on the blanket spent.

My daughter got up and walked around for everyone to see my cum oozing out her cunt.

Within the next hour, my other daughter, Cathy, said she wanted to lay on her back to get fucked.

After she laid on her back on the blanket, I quickly mounted her and my now hard cock started sliding into her tight cunt. When I was finally deep inside her, I started fucking her.

It wasn’t long before I shot my cum into her cunt. As soon as I finished cumming, she got up and showed everyone my cum dripping from her cunt.

My children were now adults. We watched as they made their rounds having sex with all the family members.

Even the grandparents took their turns with their grandkids.

The highlight of the event when our two sons fucked their sisters in front of everyone.

It was really a great rite of passage.

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