The Road Trip

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Lynn came running back to the car, her face red with excitement.

“What’s your hurry?” I asked her as she plopped down into the backseat.

“No hurry. I was afraid I’d miss you.”

“You mother hasn’t even come out of the bathroom yet. She’ll be a few more minutes.”

I went back to checking the map. Lynn sat in the back seat, panting a little from her run. I kept an eye open for my wife to return and after about twenty minutes, I saw her emerge from the bathroom and head in our direction. As I watched her, I noticed her face was flushed and she had a funny look on her face. After she got into the car, I kept looking at her as she settled into the seat, wrapping the seatbelt around her. She didn’t look at me or say anything.

“You alright?” I asked.

“Sure. It just took longer than I thought it would,’ she said, looking back at the bathroom door. I leaned over and looked in the direction of the bathroom.

“Did you forget something?”


“You’re sure you’re alright?” I asked her again.

“Sure. Let’s get going,” she smiled at me as she patted my hand.

I started the car and drove out of the parking lot. A few miles down the highway, I looked at my wife again. She was squirming a little and was pressing her thighs together. Her eyes were closed and the look on her face was one of contentment. We drove for a couple of hours and then stopped at another rest area. While Lynn and I waited for her, my wife went into the bathroom. Lynn and I got out of the car and wandered around a little, checking out the area and getting some stretching in. We walked over by the bathrooms and as we passed the women’s side, I thought I heard some moaning coming from inside.

I motioned Lynn away from the bathrooms and we sat down at one of the picnic tables. Finally, my wife came out and again her face was flushed and she had that funny look in her eyes. I watched her walking towards us and marveled at the way her hips moved and her breasts swayed slightly as she walked. I have always thought she was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen and watching her walking towards us, only confirmed my feelings. If I could have, I would have made love to her right there on the table she looked so wanting and lusty.

“That didn’t take long,” I said to her as she sat down beside me.

“What did you expect. I’d be in there all day?” she answered, smiling at me.

“No, its just that I heard something a few minutes ago when we walked past the bathroom and I just thought you would be a little longer, that’s all.”

She looked at me but didn’t say anything. She then looked towards the bathroom and then back at me.

“What did you hear?” she asked.

“I thought I heard a woman moaning.”

After a short pause, she answered.

“You did.”

I looked at her and she had that funny look still on her face.

“Really. What was going on?”

Again she paused before answering.

“Oh, it’s just one of those women things, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

She stood up and grabbing my arm, she led me away from Lynn and the table, telling Lynn to get into the car, that we would be right back.

“You’re right, you did hear moaning and that was me,” she said quietly, not looking at me.

I stopped and turned her to face me.

“I’m sorry, honey,” she said, looking directly into my eyes. “I should have told you about this earlier but I was having so much fun, I didn’t want to spoil it.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“At the last two rest areas, I’ve have my pussy eaten by a woman,” she said, not taking her eyes off of me. “It wasn’t the same woman and I have never come like that in my life.”

All I could do was stare at her. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know my wife had lesbian tendencies or even thought about having sex with another woman.

“Don’t be mad at me. It’s something that just happened. I never had any intention of doing that when I went in the bathroom,” she said, watching me very closely. “After the first time, I was so horny, I could hardly wait until we stopped again, I wanted it that badly. When I went in there,” she said, motioning towards the bathroom, “I was hoping that I would meet someone but there was only a young girl, maybe eighteen, nineteen, in there and I thought to myself, ok, not this time. Boy was I wrong.”

I just stared at her as she continued, a smile coming across her face.

“After I did my business, I opened the stall door and the young girl was standing right in front of me. The look on her face was intoxicating and she just walked into the stall and closed the door, locking it. She turned to me and kissed me like I have never been kissed before. Her lips were so soft and she parted mine with her tongue as she reached down and fondled my breast. That’s when you must have heard me moaning. She then slowly reached down and undid my jeans, pulling the zipper down and then my jeans. She pulled my panties down to my ankles and then had me sit on the toilet seat and spread my legs. She went down between my legs and started to lick and suck on my clit. It was driving me wild and I held her head against me, wanting her to get further inside me.”

She stopped and looked towards the car waving at Lynn, before continuing.

“I wrapped my legs around her head and she licked and sucked me until I came. Then, she stood up and pulled her jeans down. Her cunt was right at eyes level and I couldn’t help myself. I pulled her to me and started to eat her. She tasted so sweet and her juices wet my whole face when she came. We slowly got dressed again and after a long, sensual kiss, she left and I fixed myself up before coming out to meet you two.”

I could see that she was getting hot again just by telling me the story.

“You know, I never would have thought you were interested in women before this,” I said, holding her hands.

“I didn’t think I was either but the first woman made me want more.”

“Why this young girl?”

“Maybe that’s just it, she was so young and I wanted her so badly.”

I didn’t know what to say. I stood rooted to the spot, looking at my horny wife as she grinned back at me. After a minute, I suggested we get back into the car and head out. We still had a long way to go. She followed me back to the car and when she looked at Lynn in the back seat, there was a kind of wanton look in her eyes but I didn’t say anything, just started the car and drove.

About half an hour later, my wife asked me to stop the car. She then turned to Lynn and asked her if she would mind if she got in the back seat with her and had a rest.

“Sure mom,” she said. “I’ll get in the front seat with Dad,” as she reached for the door handle.

“No, I want you to stay in the back seat with me,” she said, quickly looking at me with a lusty look. “I’d like to use your lap for a pillow,” she said, getting out of the car and into the back.

Lynn moved over and mad room for my wife. I watched them arrange themselves so my wife had her head on Lynn’s lap, facing her. I could only see the back of her head. I turned around and started driving again. I kept glancing into the back seat every now and then, as I drove. The two girls were talking quietly with each other as they rested in the back seat. I couldn’t hear what they were saying all the time, only a word here and there. Suddenly, my wife sat up and moved closer to Lynn, putting her hands against the seat, pinning Lynn in place. She then leaned over and lightly kissed Lynn on her lips. It was not a motherly kiss. It was sensual and warm. My wife then leaned back away from Lynn and said something to her, I couldn’t hear.

“I’d like that,” Lynn said, pulling her mother closer to her.

Again they kissed, only this time it was longer and I could see their open mouths, tongues exploring each other. My wife reached down and started to fondle Lynn’s small breasts as they continued kissing. I was having trouble keeping my eyes on the road as I watched the two of them in the back seat. My wife leaned down and gently kissed Lynn’s breasts, moving from one to the other. I could see the wet marks she left from sucking on them and I saw Lynn close her eyes and moan softly.

My wife then moved completely away from in front of Lynn and started to undo her jeans, pulling them down and off of her. She had a small, bikini style panty on and my wife reached in and pulled it down off her too. She then helped Lynn out of her top. My 18 year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat, completely naked.

“That’s not fair,” I heard Lynn say. “I’m nude and you still have all your clothes on, Mom.”

“Do you want me to take off my clothes?” my wife asked in a soft, quiet voice.

“Oh yes. I want to see your breasts and your cunt.”

I watched my wife take off her clothes quickly and now the two of them were nude.

“Wait a minute,” I said, interrupting them. “She’s only eighteen. She’s too young.”

“Oh Dad,” Lynn said, admonishing me with her tone of voice. “I’m not a virgin, you know.”

I had the typical father’s reaction to that statement. I started to get mad and was going to yell at her but my wife interceded and said, “It’s ok honey. I’ve known for a long time that Lynn has had sex before.”

I looked astonished at the two of them as they started kissing again.

“Don’t you think we should maybe go somewhere where there’s no one around?” I asked as Lynn moaned into her mother’s mouth.

“Whatever you think, dear,” my wife said, lifting her lips away from Lynn.

“That might be a good idea. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone else watching us, would we,” she said, looking back at Lynn making her smile.

“Yeah, Dad. We wouldn’t want that, would we?” Lynn said. “Just pull off the highway anywhere you think is good.”

The two women started kissing again as I looked for a quick exit off the highway. I saw ahead, a dirt road leading off into some trees so I slowed and turned onto it. I drove up the road for a minute or two and then pulled over at a small clearing. I stopped the car and turned towards the two women in the back. My wife was between Lynn’s legs and was eating her cunt, lapping at her. I could see her tongue circling Lynn’s clit and Lynn was moaning louder and louder.

I watched them for a minute and then got out of the car, moving around to the other side and opening the door. I heard Lynn groan loudly as I opened the door. My wife quickly looked up at me with her face wet from Lynn’s juices.

“She tastes so sweet,” she said, leaning back down between Lynn’s legs and lapping at her cunt again. Lynn held her mother’s head against her and moaned over and over. As I watched them I realized that my cock was hard and I pulled my pants down, letting my straining cock out of their constraint. Lynn looked over at me just as my cock sprang out in the open.

“Oh Dad. I love the look of your cock when it’ hard. I’ve watched you fuck Mom many times and have always wondered what it would be like to have that big fuck stick inside me.”

As I pulled my shirt off, I said, “Well, there’s no time like the present to find out,” holding my cock in my hand, pointing it at her.

Lynn pulled her mother’s head away from her cunt and looked at her.

“I want Dad to fuck me Mom. Is that alright?”

My wife looked at me and then my hard cock and just smiled.

“It’s ok honey,” she said, moving out of Lynn’s way. “You’ll love that big cock deep inside you.”

Lynn looked at me and asked, “Where do you want me Dad. In the car or out of it?”

I looked around and the ground was warm and sandy. I motioned to Lynn to come over to me and she got out of the car and walked over, grabbing a hold of my cock.

“Right here?” she asked, pointing to the ground.

“Yeah, right here,” I said, following her to the ground.

She got on her back and raised her legs, wide apart as I moved between them.

“Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard,” she pleaded as I aimed my hard cock at her cunt and thrust into her.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” she screamed as I stopped, my cock buried deep inside her. “Your cock is so big. It feels like it is going to split me wide open.”

I slowly slide my cock out of her while I spread her legs a little wider and higher.

“I’m going to fuck you as hard as I can, baby. I’m going to fill you with my hot come.”

“Yes daddy. Fill me up. I want all your hot come inside me.”

As I slowly thrust back up into her, my wife came over and straddled Lynn’s head, lowering herself over her mouth.

“Oh Mommy. Let me eat you while Daddy is fucking me,” she said, pulling her mother’s cunt down to her lips. I watched her tongue come out and flick against my wife’ clit. My wife moaned loudly when she felt Lynn’s tongue against her. Lynn pulled her down until all I could see was her chin, the rest of her was covered by my wife’s cunt and as I started to speed up my thrusts, Lynn started moaning and groaning louder and louder. I thrust in and out of her cunt faster and faster and our skin smacked every time I entered her fully. I reached forward and fondled her breasts as I fucked her and then my wife’s ass. My wife groaned loudly just then and came all over Lynn’s face, her juices filling Lynn’s mouth. I came right after my wife and my warm come started spurting up into Lynn’s cunt, deep inside her. The two women were groaning louder and louder as Lynn came too.

We stayed together for a few minutes and then rolled away from each other.

“Oh Daddy,” Lynn said, panting. “Your cock felt so good inside me. I want you to fuck me again.”

My wife sat up quickly.

“Oh no you don’t. I get the next cock fest. I want to be fucked too,” she said smiling at the two of us.

We lay on our backs, watching the sky and the clouds slowly filter across the sky for a few more minutes. Lynn then stood up and walked over to her mother and stood in front of her.

“Eat Dad’s come out of me, Mom,” she said, thrusting her hips forward towards my wife. My wife was still laying on the ground and Lynn lowered herself onto her face and I could see my wife’s tongue circling Lynn’s clit and could hear her sucking my come out of her cunt. Lynn was moaning slightly and her knees started shaking as my wife ate her. She ground her cunt down on her mother’s face as hard as she could and start humping it, moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her cunt against her mother’s lips. As I watched the two of them, I started to get hard again. I moved between my wife’s legs and spread them apart. She pushed Lynn up off her face and said, “No, wait a minute. I want you to fuck me in the ass as I eat Lynn.”

Lynn got up and let her mother get on her hands and knees, raising her ass high in the air. Lynn moved underneath her and positioned her cunt so my wife could reach it with her tongue. I pointed my cock at her back hole and thrust forward. It took a few jabs for me to enter her but finally, my head was inside her. She groaned loudly as she felt the head of my cock enter her hole, stretching it.

” Fuck me,” she yelled, her voice muffled by Lynn’s cunt. “Fuck me hard. Fill my ass with your big hard fucking cock.”

I moved up and straddled her back, pointing my cock down at her hole. I pushed myself deeper and deeper inside her as she groaned into Lynn. Finally, I was all the way inside her, my balls resting against her ass. She wiggled her ass at me and I started to pull out of her.

“Oh yes,” she yelled. “Fuck me.”

I started thrusting in and out of her ass, our skin slapping every time I entered her fully. She was pushing back against my thrusts and I pounded her as hard as I could, wanting to fill her with my hot come. When she felt the first spurt of my come inside her, she lifted her head away from Lynn and yelled out. I spewed my come into her as I came over and over again, each time, she yelled out when I spurted into her. When I finished, I held myself inside her, not wanting the hot feeling of her ass caressing my cock, to end. When I did finally pull my cock out of her, some of my come leaked out and started running down her legs. Lynn jumped up and moved behind her mother and started lapping at the come on her legs. She cleaned up her legs and started sucking on her ass, trying to get as much come out of her as she could. The two women came again and my wife slumped forward onto her arms. Lynn sat back on her haunches and smiled at me.

“Daddy? Will you fuck me in my ass too?” she asked, reaching over to my soft cock.

I looked at her smiling face and said, “Not right now sweetheart. I’m a little tired. Maybe later.”

“You promise?” Lynn asked.

“I promise.”

We all rested for a little while longer and then got dressed and back into the car. My wife got in the back seat with Lynn again and put her head on her lap, falling asleep almost immediately. I watched them as I drove and the two of them slept soundly until I stopped at a small motel. I went in and registered and when the woman saw Lynn, she asked if she wanted a separate room.

“No, she’ll sleep with us,” I said, smiling at her. If she only knew why I was smiling, I thought.

Lynn couldn’t wait. By the time I had all the bags in the room, she was naked and on the bed, her ass raised in the air.

“Come on Daddy,” she said, wiggling her ass at me. “Fuck me in the ass.”

What’s a father to do? Throwing down the last bag and I quickly shed my clothes, getting on the bed between Lynn’s legs. I pointed my cock at her hole and thrust forward. I entered her easily, filling her entire hole with my hard cock in one thrust.

“Fuck me Daddy,” she said loudly. “Fuck me hard.”

I started to thrust in and out of her as she groaned loudly. My wife was now on the bed with us, naked and was fondling Lynn’s breasts as I plowed in and out of her.

“Oh yes, yes, yes. Fuck meeee!”

I filled her hole with my come soon after and held myself against her until I was finished. As I slowly pulled myself out of her, a movement caught my eye. I looked towards the window and the woman form the office was watching us. I quickly got off the bed and opened the door, catching the woman before she could get away.

“You liked what you saw?” I asked.

Her face reddened and she stammered, “I loved it. That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.”

“Would you like to join us?” I asked as I pulled her towards the open door. “Come on in and join us.”

“Yes, come in,” my wife said to the woman as I closed the door. The woman looked at the two women and then at me.

“She’s so young,” she said, motioning towards Lynn.

“Yes, but she loves to fuck,” my wife said. “And she loves to eat cunt too.”

The woman smiled.

“I love to eat cunt too. Can I eat your sweet young cunt, dear?” she asked Lynn.

Lynn just lay back on the bed and spread her legs apart as wife as she could, reaching down to fondle her clit with her finger.

“Help yourself,” she said to the smiling woman.The Road TripThe Road Trip 2

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