The Salesgirl

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The mall was fairly empty having only been open a few minutes. Phillip browsed the mall directory to get his bearings then decided to go exploring. He had come to town for a computer convention and had skipped out on the morning lectures. The convention had been a good excuse for him to get a day off from work, but he was hardly into it. There were far too many companies trying to push their wares and very little information on technologies that mattered.

Phillip spent some time looking around and after making a few purchases was ready to head back to his hotel. A jacket in the window of one of the stores caught his eye and he decided to check it out. The shop turned out to be alternative in design and seemed to primarily cater to the under-twenty crowd. It was filled with t-shirts and grunge clothing, along with the dark and gloomy Goth-wear that was pretty popular.

At thirty-three years old, Phillip wasn’t a prude and he was not behind on the times. He didn’t classify himself as any one thing and simply followed the rule of liking what he liked. He enjoyed the gothic styled clothing and had a few pieces in his wardrobe that he was really proud of. His wife Cynthia was of a like mind and he knew she would love it if he brought her back something from the shop.

The jacket turned out to be less impressive up close, but he found a few items to make up for it. It was when he began to browse the woman’s section that he encountered the sales-girl. Phillip saw her coming toward him out the corner of his eye and it would have been hard for him to miss her. She was dressed in full store fashion. She wore a small t-shirt and a red plaid skirt that not only was fastened closed with safety pins, but also was also barely long enough to be called legal. Her legs were encased in red and black fishnet stockings that attached to the skirt, and she was given a height boost by what had to be at least four-inch platform heels.

“If you need help with anything, just let me know.” She chirped to Phillip as she began straightening the merchandise.

“Will do.” Phillip responded and kept shopping. He tried to keep from looking too obvious as he checked the girl out. His eyes were drawn to her short black hair that was streaked with chunks of florescent pink and blue. Her body was fairly petite and it was apparent from the way her apple sized breasts bounced that she was not wearing a bra. She caught him looking at one point and Phillip was unable to break away quick enough. Her face was nice, but it was her full, pouting lips that drew his attention, and the thick silver hoop that pierced her bottom lip kept him there.

“Did you need any help?” She asked him with a smile.

It took Phillip a few seconds to get his mind clear. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something.” He faked. Phillip pointed to a skirt on the wall. “I only see a small and a large for this skirt. Do you have a medium?” He asked.

“I think I have one hanging a bit higher. Let me get a ladder and I will check.” The girl responded as she looked up at the merchandise positioned higher on the wall. She retrieved a ladder and brought it over to the wall. She began climbing but stopped after the first two steps.

“Could you stand near the ladder and hold it steady. I really hate heights and I don’t trust this old thing?” She asked.

Phillip was all too happy to help and steadied the ladder as she continued to climb. After she took a few steps, he was treated with a perfect view under her skirt, and it was stunning. The girl wasn’t wearing any panties and the lights made her entire pussy viewable. Phillip was given a clear shot of her shaven pink cunt. He didn’t want to get caught again, so he kept quickly shipping his gaze from her crotch to her face as she looked through the skirts. His timing wasn’t perfect, and she caught him as he returned to looking at her face.

The girl didn’t say a word, but kept rifling through the skirts. It was Phillips turn to catch her. There were only about six skirts and there was no way it could have taken her as long as she was taking to find the right size. Phillip decided to call her bluff. He stared up her skirt while keeping her face just inside his field of vision. He knew he was right when he caught her sneak a peek down while continuing to idly move the skirts.

“I think I found what you’re looking for.” The girl called down as she pulled a skirt from its rack. She handed it down to Phillip who nodded his head in approval.

“Yeah, that’s the right size.” He said. “My wife loves these kinds of skirts, but I don’t know how she manages to stay warm. This is pretty close to the one your wearing and I know you must be cold in it.” Phillip said as he stared up at her.

The girl smiled and slowly descended the ladder. She stopped and smiled when she reached the floor. “Well I find ways to stay warm, I’m quite sure she does the same.” Ağrı Escort She said while taking the skirt and other items that Phillip had picked out. “I’ll bring these up to the register so that you can get anything that you want.” She offered.

Phillip almost turned away to shop some more but was glad that he didn’t. The girl dropped a pair of stocking from his pile and bent over to pick them up. She unashamedly bent over at the waist, and exposed herself fully to him. Phillips mouth watered at the sight of her pink pussy lips and for the first time he could see a silver bar that pierced her clit.

The girl took her time picking up the stockings and then made her way to the sales counter. Phillips mind was no longer on shopping but he didn’t know how far things were going. The girl stayed at the counter and leafed through a magazine while Phillip pondered what to do. He finally approached the counter and began to check through the items he had picked out.

“You’ve got a pretty good eye. Most guys can’t put a good woman’s outfit together.” The girl told him.

“You really think it’s that good of a match? Would you wear it?” Phillip asked.

“Sure thing. It’s not much different than what I’m wearing now.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty close except for the panties.” He said while pointing to the small black thong he had picked out.

“Well that’s true, since I’m not wearing any. But I’m pretty sure you already knew that.” She said with a laugh.

Phillip nodded his head and smiled. “Yeah I did notice. I think your doing just fine with what you have on right now although I don’t see any nametag.”

“My name’s Corinne and the name tag just don’t go with the outfit.” She explained.

Well Corinne, my name’s Phillip. I just hope you don’t catch a cold with so much southern exposure. It’s got to be hard to keep warm.”

Corinne moved backwards and hopped up onto the back counter. She glanced at the front of the store to make sure that no one was coming in the store before she ran her hand under her skirt and over her pussy. “I masturbate a lot. It keeps me very warm.” She said in a low throaty voice.

“Really? So how many times have you got off today?” Phillip asked and he leaned over the counter.

“I’ve gotten off twice so far and I’m due for another session soon.” Corinne said as she stroked her fingers against her slit. “I’m pretty warm already but I hate to cool down.”

Phillip could see her fingers as they glided between her wet folds and licked his lips in anticipation. “So, do you ever accept a little help with that?” he asked

Corinne looked at the door and slid her free hand under the counter. The button she pushed slowly lowered a gate over the store entrance and provided more privacy. Phillip didn’t waste any time getting around the counter. He moved to kiss Corrine, but she stopped him with a hand to his chest. She tugged downward on his shirt while lifting her legs up and spreading them open.

Phillip let her push him to his knees and found himself staring at her wet pussy. She hadn’t been lying about how many times she had already gotten off. He could smell the strong musky scent and see the wetness that glazed her cunt. Corrine pushed two fingers deep inside and withdrew them. She ran the sticky digits over her cunt, making her even wetter. She held out the two fingers and Phillip took them into his mouth, savoring the salty taste of her juice.

Phillip’s heart was pounding in his chest. It wasn’t everyday that he was kneeling in front of a strange woman with her pussy mere inches from his face. He didn’t have much time to contemplate his luck, as Corrine removed her fingers from his mouth and pulled his head forward. Phillip pressed his mouth to her sticky slit and thrust his tongue deep inside. His tongue returned to his mouth with a thick coating of her cream, and there was no doubt to her claims of frequent masturbation. Her cunt was swamped with juice and her taste was heavy and musky.

Corrine looped her hands underneath her thighs and pulled them back, giving Phillip unrestricted access to her drooling cunt. It had been a few days since she had been properly fucked and she was churning out cunt-cream in overdrive. Phillip concentrated on slurping down her juices, but soon realized that she was producing more than he could handle. He pulled back after a few minutes and laughed as a thick rope of her sticky juice connected his chin with her cunt.

“You always get this wet?” He said with a grin that let her know that he was more than pleased.

“Only when I really need to get fucked.” Corrine panted in response.

Phillip dipped his head and captured the string of juice on his tongue before continuing to lick her cunt. His cock jumped in his pants as he gave a quick glance at his meal. Her cunt was smooth as silk, with not a drop of hair and her clit bulged out from beneath the Ağrı Escort Bayan metal bar that pierced its hood. Phillip began to tease the bar with his tongue and the more Corrine squirmed, the more pressure he used. He soon settled into a steady rhythm of rolling his tongue down the bar and lapping upward on her clit.

Every stroke of his Phillip’s tongue elicited a grunt from Corrine, and she was soon pumping her hips to meet his mouth. Phillip slid two fingers into her cunt and allowed pushed them deeper with every thrust of her hips. Her canal was tight and her muscles gripped his fingers like a python.

“Oh shit.” Corrine groaned softly. She was doing the best she could to keep her voice down. Even though she had closed the gate, anyone who took the interest could spy through the wide links and see exactly what she was going on.

Phillip knew she was close, so he began to twist his fingers inside of her. He timed his movements with the contractions of her cunt and increased his movement when the muscles clenched. The tugging of his fingers on her muscles and the constant lapping of her clit pushed Corrine over the edge. She bit her lip to keep silent as her body was wracked with a powerful seizure. Phillip almost gasped from the intense pressure on his fingers and he began to hope she didn’t actually break one of them. His fingers were locked inside of her but he kept licking her clit until she finally slumped backward on the counter and her hips stopped moving.

“That was fantastic.” Corrine said breathlessly as she struggled pull up into a better sitting position. She had released her legs during her climax, and was now lying with them draped over Phillip’s shoulders. Phillip for his part didn’t mind and showed it by sliding his tongue back inside her cunt. He was greeted by a fresh flow of cream and a shiver from Corrine.

Corrine took a few seconds to catch her breath and enjoy his tongue before she stopped him. She pulled her legs from his shoulders and began to slide down to her feet, giving Phillip the sign to back away.

“Stand up.” She told him. Phillip stood and it was now Corrine’s turn to slide down to her knees on the floor. Phillip leaned back against the counter as she quickly unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans. His cock was already hard and waiting for her as she tugged it free.

Phillip sucked in breath through clenched teeth as her cool hand wrapped around his shaft. His skin had a bit of a tan, and her pale hand was an arousing contrast against the color of his cock. Corrine didn’t waste any time as she began to lick up and down the shaft, sending sparks up his spine. Phillip kept his eyes open and watched as she leaned forward and slid the head into her mouth. He could barely keep himself still as she began to work more and more of his shaft into her mouth. He had always loved his wife’s oral technique, but was sure that this girl could give her a run for the money.

Corrine alternated between long licks with her soft tongue and sliding her wet mouth down his cock. Phillip was on the edge of shooting down her throat when she backed away. His hands clenched into tight fist for the few seconds that it took Corrine to stand up. She turned away from him and bent over at the waist, laying her upper body on the back counter.

“I like it hard. Fuck me the way you’ve always wanted to fuck a woman but was afraid to.” Corrine growled.

He had seen dozen’s of porn movie where the guy fucked the woman with no regard for what she wanted. They just hammered her cunt or ass as hard and as savagely as possible. Most men would never do this to their wife or girlfriend, fearing that they would be upset or hurt. Phillip’s wife on the other hand loved rough sex, so he knew exactly what Corrine wanted.

Phillip reached down and took Corrine’s ass in his hands. He kneaded each like bread dough before giving each cheek a firm pinch. The pinches caused Corrine to jump but Phillip pinched her again. He placed one hand at the curve of her back and kept her still as he slapped each cheek. Phillip alternated between pinches and slaps until her ass cheeks were glowing a bright red. Corrine was wiggling like a worm on a hook when Phillip pressed his cock between her legs. He found the slick entrance to her cunt and thrust forward with one relentless push.

Corrine’s ass jerked as his cock slammed into her cunt. Paper and pens scattered to the floor as her hands scrambled to get a grip on the edge of the counter. She found the counter, gripped it and thrust her ass back as Phillip began to pound into her. Phillip knew that Corrine meant business. Her cunt was even tighter on his cock than it had been on his fingers. If not for her pussy being totally drenched, he would not have been able to move inside of her. Corrine’s cunt was made to milk a man dry, but Phillip was not ready to be beaten.

Phillip Escort Ağrı yanked his pants down as far as they could go, which gave him a bit of room to spread his legs. With a stance that allowed him to use his legs, he began to slam his cock into her with long, deep strokes. Corrine could stifle a gasp as Phillip grabbed her hips and dug his fingers into her flesh. He steadied himself and continued to pound her cunt with everything he had. He grinned when her cunt loosened its hold on him. Corrine new how to work her muscles, but she could not keep up with the brutal fucking her cunt was receiving. Even though she had stopped squeezing, her pussy was still very tight and Phillip reveled in the feeling of her hot cunt sliding down his shaft.

Phillip hooked his thumbs between her ass cheeks and pried them apart. He was greeted with the wonderful sight of his cock pistoning into her red slit. Her cunt juice had been whipped into frothy goo that coated his shaft and dripped down his balls. Every thrust forced more juice from her cunt and the sight was driving Phillip crazy. He tested the water by letting his thumb graze against her cherry red asshole and Corrine groaned her approval. Phillip continued by sinking the thumb into her ass. It was sweaty and wet from her dripping juices and he quickly sank the digit in up to the knuckle.

Phillip was trying desperately to hold out, but he knew he couldn’t last much longer. He wedged his other thumb alongside the first one and began to pump with hard, brutal thrusts. The muscles in his stomach tightened and his legs locked, signaling the point of no return. Phillip felt the first twinge deep in his groin and jerked his fingers out of her ass. He pulled his cock from her cunt with one swift motion and forced into her ass before the hole had time to close.

Corrine bit her lip so hard that she tasted blood as Phillip fed his cock into her ass. He was buried in one stroke, and his cock began spurting deep in her bowels as he stroked his cock forcefully in her ass. Phillip gripped her hips as he fired volley after volley into her ass. He finally stopped, and lay over her back, his heart hammering against her. His cock was still hard when he eventually caught his breath and slowly withdrew. He fell back against the counter and watched as Corrine shivered. He heard her ass give a long wet burp, and saw his semen drip heavily to the floor.

Corrine turned around and gave him a wicked smile. Her face was flushed red, and her hair was matte to her forehead with sweat. She made a halfhearted attempt to straighten herself as Phillip pulled his pants up and fixed his clothes. They were done just in time, as the mall security knocked on the gate.

Corrine made up an excuse about closing the gate to get something from the stockroom. The guy didn’t look like he believed her, but let it slide. Corrine began to ring up Phillip’s purchase as the mall cop slowly left the store.

“Are you hoping for your wife to wear this tonight?” Corrine asked.

Phillip nodded his head. “I’m thinking about it. We’ll probably go out for dinner and maybe hit a club. I know she’ll want to wear it as soon as possible. What are you doing tonight?”

Corrine bagged the items and gave him the total “I don’t have any plans.” She said

“Why don’t I give you my hotel room number? Come by when you get off of work and I can help you out again. I’m sure my wife would like to help too.” Phillip said. He was looking down and writing his Hotel number on one of the stores business cards. He wasn’t sure if she was in to women, but it was worth a shot.

Corrine was watching him as he wrote, and smiled as she took the card. Her smile deepened as she put the card in her skirt pocket. “I get off at five. If you want me to come, you’ll have to do something for me.” She said.

“What?” Phillip asked. He was intrigued by her attitude.

“I’m going to keep what’s in me. I don’t want you to wash your cock, and I want it up my ass as soon as I come through your door. I want a dirty, nasty, hard fucking night. Tell your wife to get ready.” She hissed in a low voice a woman entered the store.

Phillip nodded and took his bag. “Thanks for the help. I’ll do exactly as you said.” He said as the new customer wandered near the counter.

“You have a good day sir.” Corrine added.

Phillip left the store and was heading up the escalator before he realized that his cock was hard again. It wasn’t even noon yet and it seemed that he had a very long day ahead of him. He sent his wife a quick text message, only telling her that they would have a guest for the evening, and that the guest wanted to play. He laughed when received her response. A grumpy faced picture preceded her message. She was excited, wet and couldn’t wait until the evening. The grumpy face was because, even though she was all of these things, she was also in a seminar that would not break for another two hours. There was no relief in sight.

Phillip laughed at her predicament. It was worse for her than him. He felt bad for her, but it didn’t stop him from sending her numerous messages describing what the night would have in store for her.

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