The Science Teacher Ch. 4

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Jim Walker had just completed another difficult day at school and football practice. As he drove home, he savored the thick, fat cigar that he clinched in his teeth. He inhaled deeply, letting the fragrant smoke collect in his lungs before he exhaled through his nose and mouth. He was glad that his dad encouraged him to smoke. Jim had started with cigarettes, but soon he had graduated to cigars like his dad. He smiled to himself as he recalled that his dad had said that real men smoked cigars, and that real cigar smokers had to be able to suck a man’s cock.

He shut the engine off and sat quietly in his car for a moment in the driveway of his parent’s home. His football coach had made him work really hard today, and he was sore. Especially his cock! Coach Gilstrap had left teeth marks all up and down his thick cock shaft. His coach couldn’t get enough of his donkey dick, and begged the boy almost every day to fuck him with his thick, hairy cock. Jim liked grabbing the 50 year old coach’s ass and forcing the stud man to take his pulsating 10 inch cock.

Slowly exiting the car, he tossed the big cigar butt out into the street. He had taken only a few steps when he heard the unmistakable sound of his father’s pickup. He knew it was his dad’s simply by the sound. The two of them had worked together on it for over a year.

“Hiya, dick for brains! Been getting any?” his dad Bud asked jokingly.

“Not as much as you old man, but I do OK!” Jim answered, waiting for his dad to catch up with him. Jim watched him saunter toward him slowly. They were alike in so many ways, he thought. Both over six feet tall, both with hard, tight bodies. He had inherited his dad’s brown hair and eyes too. They both worked out, often together. Bud Walker was 46, but looked younger. There was a sparkle in his eye as he approached his son. His dad stepped next to him and put his arm over his son’s shoulder as the two walked side by side to the front door.

“How was practice today? Did coach talk you into fucking him again?”

“Practice was hard today dad, and I made him suck me off for a change, made the old fart gobble my stringy cum too!”

“No shit! By the looks of your prick, practice didn’t completely wear you out today!” Bud remarked lewdly. His hand grazed his boy’s prick and he squeezed firmly. Immediately the boy’s cock began to respond. He could feel it getting thicker and longer as he squeezed.

“What would the neighbors say if they saw a big stud daddy like you feeling of his boy’s prick right here on the front porch?” Jim asked as he leaned into his dad’s meaty hand, making it easier for him to feel the thickening slab of man meat.

“You know me. I’d say fuck ‘em, but I’d really rather fuck you right about now!” Bud moaned, feeling his own 14 inch cock swelling as he made long strokes across his boy’s manhood. Bud had to give Coach Gilstrap credit, the man knew a hot cock when he saw one!

Jim watched in amazement as he watched his dad’s cock swell. Now there was a fucking machine! Fourteen inches long and almost six inches thick! Jim swallowed hard with lust at the thought of this he-man dad fucking him to glory land with that log!

“Fuck dad! You’re making me crazy! Let me rim that stinky asshole of yours first for a little while and you can throw me across the kitchen table and fuck the shit out of me!”

“Oh, I intend to son, believe me, but not on the kitchen table! Your mom might get pissed about that! Let’s get inside before I throw the meat to you right here in broad daylight!” his dad chuckled, giving the boy one last hard squeeze.

“Honey, we’re home!” Bud announced, using his best Ozzie Nelson impression, as he and his boy entered into the living room.

Jim’s mom Mattie smiled to herself at the announcement. Her men were safely home, and she could stop worrying. She knew it was silly, but she was always relieved to hear them come in after work and school. She hummed to herself softly as she stood at the stove beginning the meal. Bud always liked to have dinner about an hour after he got home, that gave him time to rest and fuck someone in the family before eating.

Mattie looked at her daughter Kelley and smiled again. What a beautiful family she had! She knew she was very lucky. Kelley’s smooth, soft skin was her daughter’s best asset, that and her perky titties that is! Bud always loved sucking his daughter’s nipples when he had sex with her, and so did Mattie. She loved to feel Kelley’s nipples grow hard and long like a small cock when they were sucked properly. Mattie could feel her hairy cunt lips beginning to swell as her juicy pussy began to get enflamed. Both mother and daughter stared at each other in anticipation of the announcement they all knew would be coming soon. Bud would announce who the lucky person to get to have sex with him was at any moment, and each one hoped to be the one called.

“Dinner in about 45 minutes sweetheart,” Mattie announced happily.

Bud dropped off his briefcase and walked quickly into the kitchen to his wife and güvenilir bahis daughter.
“Great honey! I’ve missed you two all day!” He said honestly, approaching his. He leaned down to kiss her as his right hand slid under her dress and in to her now dripping pussy. Bud didn’t allow her to wear underwear in the house, that way she was always ready.

His tongue snaked into her mouth as they kissed passionately. Kelley watched the scene and smiled. There was no doubt that her mom and dad loved each other desperately. She shuddered as she watched her dad’s thick fingers sliding in and out of her mom’s fuck hole. Mattie moaned as her husband brought her to the brink several times. Suddenly Bud withdrew his cum coated fingers and licked them off. Turning to his right, he next embraced his beautiful daughter.

“Oh, daddy! I’ve missed you too!” she purred, rushing to his side.

“How’s my favorite daughter?” he joked. Opening his arms to her embrace.

“Daddy! I’m the only daughter you have!” she whimpered, pouting.

“With titties like yours honey, what dad would want another girl! Let’s see how much they’ve grown today sweetheart!” he instructed her, his gaze falling to her perfectly shaped breasts.

Kelley blushed at her daddy’s compliment. She knew her tits were the almost perfect shape and size, enough people had told her so many times. She loved to have her dad suck and slurp on her nipples, he was even better than her mom, but she had never told her mom that.

“Don’t be a slut and tease daddy sweetheart, get that fucking blouse off and show dad your prize tit meat!”

Instantly obeying, Kelley quickly removed her blouse. She stood naked from the waist up as her dad leered at her wickedly. She loved that look, it made her hot to know that she could have that affect on men. Turning to his wife, Bud told Mattie to go to the den.

“Get one of my 60 ring Magnum’s out, cut it for me, and bring it to daddy,” he told her.

As Mattie quickly left the kitchen, Bud snaked his tongue out slowly, licking and slurping everywhere around each breast, but never touching the pouty nipples themselves. Soon he would have her on fire, her whole body trembling with sexual tension. Kelley moaned and trembled as the passion for her dad built to a crescendo. Still he kept her waiting, his long tongue bathing each breast in a small river of spit.
“OOOHHH, DDDAAADDDYYY!! Suck my slutty nipples! Bite them, pinch them, ohhh shit daddy, MMMAAKKEEE MMMEEE CCUUUUMMMMM!!!

Finally having her at exactly the right point, Bud lowered his mouth to surround each nipple. Flicking his tongue quickly, he massaged each nipple as he felt them grow to almost a full inch long. He bit down, making his sex pot daughter scream and moan at the same time. Pain and pleasure – Bud was a master, and he was teaching Jim all his secrets for making a sex partner their slave.

Mattie returned to the kitchen and watched silently as she saw her stud husband have his way with their daughter. What a lucky girl she was, Mattie thought to herself, a little jealous of the special treatment Kelley was getting.

Mattie grinned lewdly as she watched her husband work the young girl over. Suddenly Kelley stiffened and then spasmed, her whole body shaking violently as her orgasm coursed through her body like blood itself. Sensing that someone was behind him, Bud turned to see his smiling wife.

“Back already? Good! Now get it wet the way daddy likes it!”

Again, Mattie quickly obeyed. She always obeyed, that was her job in this family. She couldn’t imagine not being in the family, and most of all, she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be deprived of the two huge cocks her husband and son possessed. She pulled out a chair from around the table, and quickly lifted her left foot up onto the seat. Gathering her dress above her hem, she held it in place with her left elbow as her hand reached down to her throbbing cunt. Spreading the lust engorged pussy lips apart with her left hand, her right hand quickly and easily inserted the 8 inch long cigar into her now sopping cunt. Bud grinned as he watched his cock crazed wife obey every command. He was beginning his training of his daughter also, she had to be taught how to make a man happy and fulfilled.

“That’s it mamma! Fuck daddy’s big cigar! Squirt pussy juice all over it and get it good and slimy for daddy!!”

Daughter and father watched in awe as Mattie slid the cigar in and out of her hairy red gash. Cunt juice slithered down the inside of her right leg as she thrust the stogie in and out. Moaning openly now, Mattie loved that they were watching her degrade herself this way.

“Get your ass over there and help her baby!” Bud said, “Suck that cunt juice off and deep throat that sonofabitch!”

Kelley giggled at her dad’s crude remarks, but quickly slid over to her mom. Getting down on her knees quickly, she slowly replaced her mom’s hand for hers just as the cigar had reached maximum depth. She slowly retrieved the symbol of her father’s türkçe bahis hard, thick cock gently and reverently. Mattie shuddered as her daughter finally pulled the cum coated cigar from her pussy and sighed as the last of her passion swept over her.

Bud rubbed his swollen fuck stick slowly through his pants as he watched his daughter run her tongue over the expensive cigar. She slowly inserted the cigar into her mouth as if she was going to smoke it, and held it in place for just a moment. The sight was almost comical, a small girl with a big fat cigar stuck in her mouth. The proportions were all wrong! He could just imagine what it looked like from this angle when he or his boy had their hard dicks stuffed down her throat, or each other’s! Maybe that digital camera that Jim was always talking about might not be such a bad idea!

Suddenly, but slowly, the cigar began to disappear down his slutty daughter’s throat. Finally, all but the first inch had disappeared. He never let her go past this point, no matter the length of the cigar, after all it did have to be dry enough to light!

“That’s fucking perfect baby! You’re making your daddy real proud of you! See that Mattie? She’ll be as good at sucking cocks as you are before too long!”

“I know dear! Just look at her sweet face! All she needs is more practice to be better. When you and Jim are gone, we get the dildos out and fuck each other and then I make her practice for at least 15 minutes!”

“Damn good idea!” Bud remarked, lewdly tugging his now fully swollen cock. “Bring daddy his cigar and then get back down there and eat your mother’s cunt. Don’t forget to really work over her clit too!”

Bud accepted the perfectly seasoned cigar from his daughter’s tiny hand and brought to his mouth. Using the matches that he always carried around for his cigars, the kitchen was soon permeated with the thick cloud of a fresh cigar. When he was sure that he had it perfectly lit, he shook out the match and watched as Kelley was burying her tongue deep into the slimy cavern of her mother’s snatch. Kelley’s face glistened in the light as her mother coated her face with the slick juices of her passion. Kelley alternately licked, flicked, and slurped, drawing her mom deeper into her depravity. Mattie swooned as her daughter licked and slurped on her most private parts as the heat was building inside her again.

“That’s it baby! Really eat her out! Yeh, cunt, how do you like your slutty daughter slurping out your love juices?” Bud asked, puffing on his cigar vigorously.

“Oh, daddy it’s so wonderful!! Tell her to make me cum!” Mattie pleaded.

“You heard your mamma! I’m gonna be in the living room fucking Jim with this big dick of mine, and I want to hear a hell of a lot of slurping, moaning and groaning going on in here! Is that understood by both of you?!!”

“Yes, daddy!” They answered in unison.

Bud Walker took his hand off his throbbing cock long enough to begin taking off his clothes. He walked slowly past the incestuous scene in the kitchen as his belt was removed. He kicked his loafers off as he entered the living room, and soon his dress pants were around his knees.

“What the hell is taking so long boy? You’re jacking that long prick without permission aren’t you?! Get in here pronto if you wanna eat my ass son! By the way, I took two shits today and didn’t wipe either time, so I’m gonna be real raunchy!”

Now naked, Bud stood with his hands on his hips staring toward his son’s room down the hall. He heard the door to the bedroom open, and a smiling Jim walked toward his dad. He too was naked, and his cock bounced as he entered the living room to be with his dad. Bud smiled as Jim spread out the plastic sheeting they used for their sex. The kid is really hung, Bud thought to himself. Eighteen years old, and he already had more than 9 inches of solid meat!

Jim now stood directly in front of his dad and slowly tweaked his father’s hairy nipples. He took the cigar from his dad’s mouth and inserted it into his own and inhaled deeply. He leaned into his dad as their mouths locked around each other’s lips. Slowly he exhaled the richly flavored Dominican smoke into his father’s mouth as their tongues danced together. Bud’s cock witched violently as they tongue wrestled for control. Finally breaking off the smoky kiss, Jim lowered his mouth onto his dad’s left nipple and sucked voraciously. Bud’s legs wavered for a moment under the expert and delightful attack from his son.

“Holy shit son, you’re one hot pussy boy tonight!”

“Damn right dad! I was hoping all day that you would choose me tonight!”

“Well, hell, son, maybe we better spend more time together!”

“Could we dad? I’d really like that!”

Bud stood contentedly smoking his cigar as his son resumed the assault on his nipples. Jim loved the smell and taste of his dad. He could smell the mix of aftershave, cologne, and cigar smoke as he worked each nipple to a hard nubbin. The slightly salty taste only increased the effect as his güvenilir bahis siteleri dad began to slowly moan.

“Remember dad, you said I could rim your ass!”

“Be my guest son. Just let an old man smoke his cigar while you eat his shitty ass!” Bud said as he casually walked over to the sofa and climbed onto the seat cushions with his hairy ass pointed out to his boy.

Jim shuddered at the thought that his dad might have really left him some crunchy little turd drops! Usually all he got was just a thick coat of unwiped, crusty cream! Bud spread his legs wide and grabbed the back cushions and held on for the attack he knew was only moments away. He drew in on his cigar and let the smoke escape from his nose slowly and evenly.

“Alright you little stink pig, make your daddy proud!”

On his knees, Jim leaned in to the hairy ass of his father. The stink was astounding! Using both hands he spread his dad’s ass cheeks apart and nearly shot his wad right then.

“Holy fuck dad, you weren’t kidding were you! There’s big chunks all over!”

“Damn straight son! I know how much you like turds so I made sure to leave you some!” Bud boasted, taking another deep draw on his cigar.

“You gonna take pictues of my ass, or are you gonna slurp out those tasty morsels I made just for you!” Bud smiled broadly as he felt his son’s hot tongue slam into his rosebud. The boy was a maniac now, slurping, chewing, and swallowing the thick, dark cream he had left for his boy to enjoy. From the kitchen he heard his wife moaning louder and louder.

“You little pussy eating bitch, slurp on my cunt! Oh, baby you’re making momma so hot! That’s it honey, bite momma’s clitty!”

Kelley must really be working Mattie over, he thought to himself, because he could actually hear her tongue and mouth slurping on her mother’s gushing pussy! He knew she wouldn’t last long now! Both parents were moaning, their lust had taken voice.

Tears streamed down Mattie’s face as she watched her only daughter chew on her grossly swollen clit. Soon she would flood her daughter’s face with her love juices and it would be something both special and wonderful. Mattie closed her eyes as the first of the shattering spasms racked her body. Nearly fainting, she regained enough of her senses to feel her cunt juices being forced out and onto her precious daughter.

Kelley too shuddered as her mouth was suddenly filled with the musky, creamy liquid. She lapped the wonderful elixir much like a dog takes water on a hot, summer day. Long swipes of her tongue pulled nearly every drop into her lust crazed mouth as wave after wave poured in. Finally the flood stopped and Kelley took a few final swipes with her tongue through the supersensitive swollen red gash.

“That was wonderful darling, thank you so much!” Mattie cooed, taking her daughter’s face into her hands. They stared into each others eyes for a moment before Kelley could speak.

“You’re welcome mommy! Now I need you to do something for me!!” Kelley cooed, mischief in her voice.

“Of course I’ll eat your cunny baby! Momma would do anything for you!”

“Stand up then mom, and stand between my legs!” Kelley purred, laying out full length on the cool vinyl kitchen floor.

Surprised, Mattie did as her daughter requested while Kelley quickly stripped off her short skirt and underwear so that she too was naked.

“Honey, I don’t understand! I can’t eat your beautiful pussy from up here!”

“I know mom. That’s not what I want!”

“Then tell me sweetheart, tell me what you want me to do!” Mattie said softly to her daughter.

“Piss on me momma, piss all over me! Make me take your yellow piss in my face and mouth!!!”

In the living room Jim was still slurping the raunchy, thick layer of shit, saving the crunchy small turds for last. He nearly passed out twice as his gag reflex engaged and waves of nausea swept over him. Calling on all his reserves, Jim gobbled the cream into his mouth and swallowed each time it filled. How could something that smelled so bad taste this good?, he wondered. He stopped for a moment to let his lungs fill with fresh air. He watched his dad’s meaty prick literally dripping onto the sofa cushion. Diving back in, his tongue sought out the tasty treats. He slipped each small nugget shaped piece into his mouth and savored both the taste and the texture. Jim’s cock throbbed as he slowly chewed and swallowed each piece. He wasn’t really in to this that much, but he put up with it to get what he really wanted from his dad. He wanted his dad’s piss! On him, or in him, it really didn’t matter! Without even realizing it, he had begun to jack his now pulsing boner.

“Not so damn fast!,” Bud said as he quickly turned around, sat on the couch, and now faced his boy. “I’m gonna squeeze your cum filled balls while you jack that big thing off, and make damn sure you spray my feet and legs good!”

Jim laughed as he stood up so that he was mere inches away from his seated stud dad. He could see the lust in his dad’s eyes and knew he was in for a treat. His dad had always been good at milking a huge load out of him and he knew tonight would be no different. Bud took a final drag from the cigar and passed it up to his son.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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